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  1. Here is a video that I took last month with my phone, I didn't see anything at the time but when I saw it played back on a larger screen I noticed this UFO in the background...look in front of the propeller where the white cloud meets the blue sky and you will see it. ! Private video
  2. BBB

    Caddy One

    ...fixed (sorry) Philip how did you know that was the pic I intended to put up?!
  3. BBB

    Caddy One

    20 things you (probably) didn't know about Caddy One: 1 - Power comes from a 6.5-litre diesel engine that's fitted with a supercharger to help haul this beast around.. Yet despite this mammoth power plant, the top speed is only 60 mph and it takes around 15 seconds to reach this. 2 - It is based on a GM truck chassis and weighs a staggering 6,350 kg. To put that in context, theRolls-Royce Phantom, one of the biggest cars on the road, weighs a paltry 2,550 kg in comparison. This is why it only averages 8 mpg. 3 - A lot of the weight comes from the armour protection. The body is made up of steel, aluminium, titanium and ceramic. 4 - The glass is five-inches thick and only the windscreen opens, to allow the driver to talk to secret service running alongside or to pay a toll. It is also hermetically sealed to secure it from chemical attack. 5 - Should the worst happen, the Beast has its own oxygen supply 6 - The military-grade armor means the doors are eight-inches thick and weigh as much as a Boeing 747's. 7 - The doors are so thick that the president can't hear any outside noise, so speakers are built in to play the ambient sound of the crowd. 8 - The underside is reinforced with a Kevlar mat to protect Caddy One from bomb attacks. 9 - The fuel tank is leak proof and filled with special foam that prevents it from exploding, even in a direct hit. 10 - There are two holes in the front bumper that can emit tear gas and fire smoke grenades. 11 - There is also an infrared video system for the driver to drive through smoke and night vision cameras for driving in darkness without lights. 12 - Cadillac One normally flies two flags, the American flag and the Presidential Standard, which are lit up at night with LEDs. When President is on a state visit, the Presidential Standard is replaced by the flag of the country he is visiting. 13 - The Beast has a fire fighting system located in the trunk. 14 -Also in the trunk is a bank of the president's blood that is carried at all times and when he goes out an ambulance always follows close behind. 15 -President gets a presidential limo built to this specification every four years and the old ones are handed down to vice presidents and visiting heads of state.. 16 - The Obamobile can seat seven, with two seats up front, three rear-facing ones in the middle, and two at the back, one for the president and the other for a guest. 17 - Inside, President isn't deprived of his creature comforts; a 10-disc CD player is among the features, as well as sophisticated electronic communications with direct phones to the White House and internal Internet. 18 - Defense systems include a pump-action shotgun in a compartment beside the driver. 19 - The tires are reinforced with Kevlar and can run when flat. If the tires are missing, the steel rims have been designed to allow the car to keep on driving at speed. 20 - Caddy One has no specific model name, but is called “The Beast” by the Secret Service.
  4. http://marcbrecy.perso.neuf.fr/history.html This is a link to a pretty interesting video, couldn't help but think of Chani when I saw the end (literally).
  5. Here is the original thread: http://thechaniproject.com/forum/index.php/topic,4065.msg31067.html#msg31067
  6. BBB

    Wisdom from a 18 year old!!!!

    Hello Frank, nice to meet you! It would seem that you are far more in tune with your surroundings than I was at 18, I am glad to see some more youthful members here at Chani...welcome!
  7. BBB

    What happened to 2 pac

    If it wasn't the illuminati then it would have been a devoted fan of Christopher Wallace...I agree Tupac's passing was most likely staged.
  8. Since we are on the topic: When I look at the symbol I also see a lovely lady and a (very) lucky guy...hint hint
  9. Would one expect to see changes in Jupitors orbit during this transition and if so is there evidence of it happening now?
  10. BBB


    One day after my 30th birthday! Could it be a coincidenceÉ (stupid keyboard is all screwed up...question mark = É...ruined my post!)
  11. BBB

    Cult Leader Thinks He's Jesus

    I remember hearing about this guy a while back...I wonder what would happen if the Russian Jebus and the Australian Jebus met each other??? Scenario: There can only be one Jebus - A fight to the death! (sound familiar?)
  12. Latest and greatest pictures from Mars!