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    • PANX

      Started jogging again, 7 minutes done today. Aiming for 20 minutes a day. Soon there!
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    • Prismatic Eye

      Was there a yellow vest on the ground vid posted here somewhere recently narrated by an english guy with video of a french guy driving around empty roads? I think I saw it here! I need to find it! 
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    • Orion

      Wishing all of you a Happy 2019! May it be filled with lots of love, light, and laughter
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    • Orion

      You can say "Have a nice day!" with no problem but you can't say "Enjoy the next 24 hours." without sounding mildly threatening.
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    • Orion

      Sometimes I think I need to be in a mental institution, then I look around and think that maybe I already am.
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    • Spotted this on Trump twitter account - RED CASTLE Logo on wall time lapse.     
    • Linda Moulton Howe Live 02/20/2019 (Antarctica Whistleblower) - Part 2    
    • RUSSIAN Satellite Just Saw WHAT Above EARTH??.    
    • Virgin Flight Reaches 801 MPH as Furious Jet Stream Propels Plane Faster Than Speed of Sound Feb. 19, 2019           Sam Blum   It only broke the sound barrier in terms of ground speed, mind you. snip  image   "A Virgin Atlantic flight from Los Angeles to London broke an unlikely milestone (and nearly the sound barrier) when it reached a screaming ground speed of 801 mph while traversing the skies some 35,000 feet above central Pennsylvania. No, this wasn't the rebirth of the Concorde or the dawn of a new era of supersonic jets: The aircraft merely flew into a furious jet stream that propelled its flight way faster than usual on Monday night. Peter James, a corporate pilot with 25 years of experience per his Twitter bio, remarked at the plane's pace in astonishment on Twitter:     Jet streams are essentially rivers or currents of air that travel west to east across the planet. They exist high up in the atmosphere, often where commercial airliners reach their cruising altitudes. The jet stream is currently raging, the Washington Post reports, because of the convergence of abnormally hot air in the southern U.S. with frigid temperatures in the North. Climate scientist Matthew Barlow explained on Twitter:" snip https://www.popularmechanics.com/flight/airlines/a26413613/jet-stream-virgin-flight-801-mph/  
    • David Icke Fights Back the MSM Stupidity: .......Just In Case You Care To Listen To I don't particularly follow David Icke. I don't particularly like the guy either. But I hate the Stupid Media's super ignorant stance towards the Reality we already know at our hands. How stupid of them to be against the Humanity. If they ever come to think about believing in the freedom of speech, friggin use the brain further to learn we are in slavery. Plain ignorant dead stupid attitude they carry on.   Below is the link to a part of a morning show, an Oz production called Studio 10 interviewing David.....    
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