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    • PANX

      Started jogging again, 7 minutes done today. Aiming for 20 minutes a day. Soon there!
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    • Prismatic Eye

      Was there a yellow vest on the ground vid posted here somewhere recently narrated by an english guy with video of a french guy driving around empty roads? I think I saw it here! I need to find it! 
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    • Orion

      Wishing all of you a Happy 2019! May it be filled with lots of love, light, and laughter
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    • Orion

      You can say "Have a nice day!" with no problem but you can't say "Enjoy the next 24 hours." without sounding mildly threatening.
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    • Orion

      Sometimes I think I need to be in a mental institution, then I look around and think that maybe I already am.
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    • As of right now, today, iow, there is no way anyone can sue the vaccine maker for anything!  Big pharma has protected themselves against being held responsible for any adverse effects of their product.  The gov't insists you give your kids a/any vaccine they determine is necessary, yet you have NO recourse to sue the manufacturer of that product if anything goes wrong, and it harms your child.  Big pharma and the gov't work hand in hand and the doctors get a kickback for prescribing medications, vaccines big pharma produces. You raise a very good question. IF there are no antigens in the vaccine, of those diseases the vaccine is supposed to protect against, then it is fraud, period!  So now just give a thought as to what it would require for you to prove that the particular batch of vaccine your child was given, was in fact, useless and not only that, dangerous.  Someone, somewhere would have to have/keep a sterile sample of each and every batch of vaccine produced, by each and every lab, where and to what pharmacy, dispensary, hospital, doctor or country the vaccine was  sent, worldwide, and to what patients a/any/that particular batch was given, and when.  A daunting task, to say the least, and I'd venture to say, quite dangerous for anyone trying to do so.  How many holistic, naturopathic doctors/and researchers, have died mysteriously in the last few years?  Big pharma has a cash cow going for themselves and they're not going to give that up easily.  Nor are they going to put up with anyone seeking to put strict/stricter laws on the books regarding their products. I'm sure that every batch is numbered and there are also ways to track it, but there needs to be much more detailed records made available.  After all, things like anthrax, and uranium can be tracked right back to their original source/creator, so I'm sure vaccines could be also, but is the producer going to give up that information without a fight?  We're talking possibly trillions of dollars and literally years in court.  Then consider the lobbyists, the money changing hands in the background all the while you're suing them.   Were you aware that one of the major pushers for the TPP was big pharma? You can take it to the bank that there was good reason for that! Italy has the right idea, standing up for their people, doing their own study, and exposing the fraud being perpetrated on them.  It IS going to take countries, not individuals, to stop big pharma.  Many more countries will have to get on board in order to change any of it.   Countries who are determined to protect their people and refuse to import or force their people to use these vaccines/medications, that are harmful.  Until that happens, there will continue to be horror stories like the one about the triplets DAR posted above.   Big pharma's vaccines, in the past,  have actually harmed whole countries of people, by using them as guinea pigs, by giving them tainted/faulty vaccines. Currently, that's what all of our children, and adults who buy into, because my doctor said I/we need it, are.  Nothing but guinea pigs, while big pharma is banking on your doctor convincing you..  rant off!
    • Full Detailed Testimony:Freemason SRA Survivor Karly Franz   (c)Karly Noel 2019       uploaded on 2019/02/11
    • A faux-FF or real FF in the making averted? - https://apnews.com/e919eb94af514cfc9a43982fc7e2e617  
    • Some interesting points raised in this about factions and deals being done. If I am not wrong, Q drops indicted "no deals" possibly more than once - Bill Barr is still an X for many considering his past master and connections.    
    • The Rise of Fentanyl: Drug Addiction On The I-95 – Two Years On   This was probably the hardest and most disturbing videos I've ever watched.  We all need to be aware of this and how it's killing our people, especially our young, and it's everywhere. 
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