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  1. Happy Birthday Breezy--
  2. Hi Chanites--------Merry and A Happy to all of you--I walked through something like this today -with bare feet for a while too--WOW did that feel good-
  3. triton


    Anybody seen this???
  4. Yep---you are not the only ones----------------although its smoothing out a bit now--lets see what this planetary alignment does-
  5. HHhhmmm--yep!--some fuckers have lost it--here where I am-last night a dickhead was doing burn outs and lost control-smashed his car(maybe he stole it?) into some yard somewhere in town---another bloke comes along just after and says to himself-wow someones just had an accident--think I"ll go and see if I can help--WELL--he goes up to the crashed car and the fucking nutter inside leaps out and punches the bloke in the face--pins him down and BITES a chunk out of BOTH ears--- the good guy gets away from him in total shock and the cops come along--then the nutter has a good ole go at the cops as well---------fuck that--I wont be helping any one of these dick heads---I LIKE MY EARS THE WAY THEY ARE THANK YOU VERY MUCH ---- Oh buy the way--one of the coppers found a bit of ear at the scene--but the hospital says that due to human(I think not) contamination they cant stitch it back on---- SO---is it just a dumb ass not coping with the booze and a split with the misses---or do we have to worry about bath salts being spread around the local druggies???
  6. triton


    Never mind Kandy----its not so bad being on your own---dont have to put up with anybody else's shit--I've been on my own for nearly 14 years---which make me think of all the bad habits I have LOL
  7. I feel the same----the sun set here last night way over to the south-not west---
  8. Hi Bryan---------yes I get it too----seem to get ummm out of sorts/ altered states/not well feelings a couple of days before the flares. Wish I had some stuff to smoke so I could settle down-send some over to me LOL----------day before yesterday I felt shite--sneezing/felt a little like I might vom--but somehow I realized what it all was that I was feeling----------so I put up with it for about 4-5-hours and then I felt better. I have been sending good thoughts out about all the weather and now flares---what if it is planned this way to shut down the ai---even felt the test in NK was distroying the last reppie base???---have been watching the moon too Kandy---I get the bino"s out and see where the bunny ears are pointing to-well thats what I call them anyway---where I am (southern hem) they usually point to the top of the clock--like 10-12 -o'clock--but recently have seen them point to 6 o'clock (upside down?) anyway feeling much better today(8-sept) might shut down the electric stuff and unplug everything soon--just incase-
  9. With you all on those sentiments ---------------
  10. Hi Breezy-- please disregard the contact message I sent you earlier---I managed to get the bloody cookies activated and could finally log in to Chani---
  11. Hi Breezy-yes have gone right through the health thread-(really good info)---and thanks Kmria-will look into it--------I do not drink alcohol at all---I do not drink any sweet lollywater drinks at all--- I drink rain water or coffee/green tea-made with rainwater--------or dandelion tea---------or skim milk---------BUT I do smoke tobacco---YES YES I KNOW !. Am thinking about that---I actually like smoking--if I give that up I feel like I have nothing left to enjoy---I don't go anywhere--I don't have money to do anything I would enjoy--My mind is sharp but the body cant keep up---I do the best I can with my diet (money is tight---) I thankyou all for your help---------
  12. Hi Kandy------well apparently the South Australian Goobernent doesn't care that the federal Gooberment has past a law to make medical cannabis legal----plus where I live there is a bad ice problem--so I recon that there is pressure from local authorities to stop all drugs of NON pharmacy--you know-like they can push all their shit onto us but Mother Nature is not good--has an effect on their profit margins-----
  13. Yep-Kmria--going to get back into eating avacados----and the honey cinnamon milk thing sounds real good-will try that tonight-- Just back from the Dr's--my back has even more probs than last time pics and scans were taken in 2014---------------Osteo and things I cant pronounce have really gone aggressive--but I was very surprised to see that there is no osteo in my left knee---it is a severe fracture in my patella(Knee cap)--should see the x-ray--1 third of it is almost broken away--so is the reason for all the pain---spine has narrowing of spinal junctions and nerve openings caused by osteo and restricting signals -discs have deteriated to point of disappearing altogether and one is bulging so bad it presses on nerves-----and he is putting pressure on me to have my hip replaced------I said no-don't want false parts in my body--he can not understand why--tried to explain why but he disagreed .
  14. Thanks Unity--I drink a lot of Dandelion tea---------but it does taste sweet--which makes me wonder if it is contributing to my high sugars-------and I know we have weeds that would be good--but don't trust the ones in this caravan park coz the &^^%%$# bloke that owns the park keeps spraying roundup all over the place-- I spoke to him once about how bad it is and he said he doesn't care----------ignorant ex farmer---------------