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  1. NexusEditor

    Flat as a pancake (Earth)

    I have not found one piece of info or evidence that convinces me that the Earth is flat. All I see is people who do not have a good grasp of science - being tricked into believing stuff they refuse to investigate properly. 99% of the flat earth stuff I get - is prefaced by a variation of - "now I am not a science person, but ..." To learn that because 'we cannot feel' the rotational speed of the Earth it is part of the pool of 'evidence' - suggests not just ignorance, but laziness and no desire to actually learn or understand anything. This is not 'questioning' reality - this is spreading ignorance and encouraging laziness.
  2. NexusEditor

    1954 -1955 Deal For Control Of Humanity

    maybe nobody has non distorted clear information. If you are human, you will distort information based on your beliefs and perceptions. I'm sure ETs do the same, but with less emotional components attached. Cooper got his info from other sources - some of whom were reliable, some who weren't. My point is that Cooper didn't care and didn't even believe what he was ranting - he was just being opportunistic and feeding the hungry minds with what he thought they WANTED to hear. I have strong feelings on the matter of 'humans' being invaded or taken over or enslaved by some incoming or existing ET race. I believe that we are ALREADY the created, upgraded, maintained, protected and PROPERTY of non-human creators - in terms of the PHYSICAL body/biosuit. I also believe that 'we' are really immortal beings of spirit who experience consciousness via the USE of the human body suits in which we reside. As I've said before, we are 'blanked' upon entry into the suit, and by using/occupying/inhabiting the body/suit, we emit LOOSH as a natural byproduct of every experience and thought and emotion. This LOOSH is what our biosuit bodies were created for in the first place. They have been upgraded, with permission, several times, mostly ending up with us emitting more loosh than before. We are the prized farm animals to our creators. They appointed overseers and managers to ensure the ongoing production of Loosh from their self-perpetuating bio-factory. We would call these guys ETs. Our original forms were hailed with great excitement, and 'we' were transplanted across the space-time continuums a very long long time ago. I believe Earth WAS the first petrie dish where this human loosh producing form first came from. The upgrades inserted many more ET genetic frequencies into our existing template - meaning we are even more valuable to even more races. We are compatible to a vast number of 'ET' races in terms of genetics. So when any human-ET compatable civilisations get 'stuck' or in a mess, they can always come back to some human time and put our genetic frequency into their genetic frequency (as a race/species). Blue_ET's case is just one such example of this happening, but there are many others. There is NO plan to invade and enslave, save those being pushed into the ufo-conspiracy world by the military industrial intelligence complex - and they ONLY want people believing in 'goodies' and 'baddies' so that we are controllable in a time of crisis. I'm talking about them playing the 'fear card' as described by insiders like Dr Carol Rosin and others. Cooper served the elite by spreading fear about ETs working with the govt - simple as that. Obviously ETs do interact with some govts, but whether fear is the best reaction is doubtful. Do people now see why 'disclosure' is so complicated to the powers that be? Our self-identity as a species is the issue of concern, not whether we believe we are alone or not. It would like being told you were adopted, but just when you were 'secure' in yourself about everything. Sigh, I miss Acolyte so much.
  3. NexusEditor

    Black Goo & Programmable matter

    From memory, didn't the RRRs say that the organism's excrement was a type of pure gold? I guess I'll have to find it and check.
  4. NexusEditor

    1954 -1955 Deal For Control Of Humanity

    Bill Cooper, aka Milton William Cooper - turned out to be a total fraud and fake. We found ZERO evidence of ANY of his intel - most of which he stole from other researchers anyway. After the UFO and Conspiracy movement realised that he was nothing but a drunken liar who changed his story at almost every conference, Cooper turned to the Christian movement and announced he was born again. Plus he had 'evidence' that UFOs were all to do with Satan - blah blah blah - the christians loved it - until they also realised that Cooper was nothing but a liar and a fraud. Cooper's drunken death threats are still remembered by us researchers from back then. Don Ecker has one of them up on the net somewhere. After everyone ditched him, he took his token Asian wife into seclusion and regularly beat her up when drunk. It was around this time that he started his internet radio programs. He was simply a good con-man and a passionate orator. If you questioned ANY of his 'facts' or sources, you would be denounced as a CIA agent at his next lecture or radio show. Anyone here who has Cooper pegged as some sort of hero - needs a wake-up call and a reality check.
  5. NexusEditor


    It was all bogus info at that site, (haarpstatusnetwork.com) and it relied on people being aware of the rumours about HAARP, but ignorant of any real facts. At no time did it ever reveal whether the IRI at Gakona was active or not. It was a freak show, a con job, and it was aimed at gullible noobs. Thankfully the 'haarpstatusnetwork project' was shut down - but not before revealing how much of the 'conspiracy' movement are just lazy and ignorant.
  6. I think the flat earth theory is just that. A theory. And I don't agree that what you cite as 'evidence' proves the Earth is flat either. I think it is far more important to realise that the biblical narrative of Jesus Christ is a total pile of fabricated crap, than it is to believe the Earth is flat, and not a spheroid.
  7. NexusEditor

    Acolyte Information

    Um, from what I can see, I am the ONLY one getting the hate mail and anger from all this. Nobody is angry at you for anything Breezy.
  8. I consider Linda a good solid investigator - but there are a few cases where others involved question her conclusions. She is a woman of high integrity and honesty, and she does NOT EVER chase or do things just for the dollar. Can't say the same about Colin and others who criticise her though. Otherwise, my big picture assessment stands as follows: - Earth was terraformed to achieve a desired life-form that emits high quality LOOSH. Human beings are that lifeform, and we have a part of our creator's essence inside our own. - Earth was a paradise planet for ages - but we were stagnating in our spiritual evolution (even though we were still emitting great LOOSH) - along came something we call 'negativity' and then along came something called 'unconditional love' some time close by - to counter balance things - Earth became literally 'infected' with negativity - in our very essence and spiritual bodies. - This infection was considered by our neighbours to be so dangerous, that we were put under a type of quarantine to stop it spreading to both physical and non-physical neighbouring civilisations - The quarantine ESPECIALLY included that our souls could NOT LEAVE UPON DEATH. - What we call reincarnation is part of this 'quarantine' - ie our very souls cannot leave this realm UNTIL we have evolved a resistance to negativity. Fast forward lots of millennia - with lots of civilisations coming and going. Lots of LOOSH. LOTS of learning going on for the immortal beings of spirit that we are. - Mankind has now got a type of inbuilt immunity to negativity - well at least LOTS more than we had a long time ago. - Lots of non-human genes were put into our gene pool at the start, and at other intervals, so that one day our IMMUNISED genes/DNA frequencies can be used to vaccinate or immunise other civilisations - The fact that humans HAVE built up this immunity, has helped with us still being here. (Too long to go into here) - Our human genetic 'frequency' by virtue of the other ET genes in our makeup, is a harvestable commodity. If you want to look at it like a long-term vaccine culture on a planet instead of a petrie-dish, then do so, but remember, it is still not the full picture. - So right now, ETs with a genetic connection are coming and starting to get our 'frequency' into their own. Remember that with 'hive' or 'telepathic' civilisations, it is 'ideas', 'concepts' and 'beliefs' which are the most feared and dangerous threats (viruses) to their very existence. Some ET civilisations have never experienced 'individuality', and the very concept would destroy them. All this stuff about good ETs, bad ETs, and invasions that we need to fear and resist - ALL OF THAT comes via duped 'channellers' or from 'insiders' with secret society or intel connections. It is all total bullshit. The ONLY thing you have to fear, is fear itself. Mankind does not even recognise the sovereignty of the lifeforms that we share THIS planet with. Whether they are cuddly koalas, majestic trees, or killer bacteria - LIFEFORMS are LIFEFORMS and size, shape or even physical density is NOT relevant. Mankind will NOT be invited to join the neighbours 'out there' until we demonstrate how we treat our 'neighbours' down here. Right now, there are still an uncomfortable number of humans that ENJOY killing lifeforms for sport or pleasure. That HAS to change in its own good time, but change it will. Always remember - what you focus your attention and energy on - is exactly what you will bring closer into your sphere of experience. Choose wisely!
  9. All interesting stuff indeed. I guess my only comment here, is the bit about 'NAZI infiltration'. My assessment about that is as follows: - in the late 1920s/early 30s, German scientists acting upon channelling/clairvoyant scientific info, successfully achieved primitive antigravity, via rotating liquid mercury in a charged field. - This lead to a cascade of ripple effect discoveries, not least of which was the A-bomb, which I firmly believe the Germans had developed well before the allies, and which was indeed tested/used on the Russian front. The rotating liquid mercury caused the magnetic lines of force in the local vicinity to 'separate' - and and negative magnetic buoyancy, or antigravity was achieved. - according to classified sources, once the Germans achieved antigravity, they were 'visited' by a humanoid ET race, who gave them instructions on what to do and what not to do when using antigravity (apparently it can affect other civilisations in all sorts of ways if used wrongly). This source indicated that this new level of technology discussed with the Germans was conditional - it could never be used for offence, only defence! (Obviously it didn't include the abomb side of the technology) - all this research and development heavily inolved IG Farben - the German directors of which was done for war crimes, but the US directors of which were given a slap on the wrist. Those IG Farben execs on the USA side were in my opinion, the forerunners to the Bush power faction. - in the 1930s the Nazis took their antigravity technology to Antarctica which they had scouted out, claimed and accessed via uboats. There, they further researched and developed this technology to a fantastic degree. - after WW2 both Russia and the USA went down to Antarctica to try to mop up the German bases down there. They got their hides kicked in Operation Highjump. - then we enter a phase of UFO 'hostility' where US and Russian airforce engagements meant they got blown out of the sky. - then in the early 50s we had huge fleets of UFOs hovering over the Whitehouse, several times, for hours at a time. - it is believed a 'deal' was cut for peace in exchange for technology. The classified source says the Marshall Plan (rebuild Germany) was part of that deal! - Either way, this seems to be the point where he secret space programme diverged from the likes of petty Earth-bound national politics. It is likely by or at this point, that we got more and more 'ET' help with using our new found technology - most of which can have catastrophic consequences if mishandled. That being the case, it is not a case of 'infiltration' because from the very inception, that 'NAZI faction' from WWII under the polar ice was involved. It is a recent case of a parallel civilisation emerging from its host, but without the host officially knowing about it.
  10. NexusEditor

    CoEvolution - Nexus extracts thread

    Time to revisit what Antarctican said in that GLP thread. He mentioned that they were aware of a planetary defense network designed to shoot down asteroids that threaten Earth. In fact he said a lot of things that I have come to realise are true too. Worth a re-read imo. Have attached the picture files referred to during the text. Antarctican01c.pdf
  11. NexusEditor

    CoEvolution - Nexus extracts thread

    The Tunguska and Valley of Death article in Nexus Magazine, published starting in December 2003, by Valery Uvarov, who conducted most of the investigation and many interviews personally. That website http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net- (which has HUNDREDS of Nexus articles available for free and it would have been nice if they at least asked my permission first) was created as part of an operation being conducted by a certain Think Tank we all know. But anyway I digress, and I risk going off topic if I don't explain the connection. I saw Triton's Shout griping about the articles from Nexus at that site, and figured I could help out by uploading them here. They are quite amazing, and only more recently has the 'Valley of Death' been receiving more publicity. So for Triton, and anyone else, here are pdf's of the original Nexus articles. Enjoy! PS: I'm sure whatever that installation is, it has and will continue to play a role in Earth's future. 1101.ValleyOfDeath1.pdf 1201.ValleyOfDeath2.pdf 1202.ValleyOfDeath3.pdf 1203.ValleyOfDeath4.pdf
  12. been watching this same old same old for 30 years not a single contactee or insider has ever got it 'right' so far we are but 'cattle' to them - and we cannot comprehend their 'reasons' and motives any more than an ant could fathom what and why humans do what they do. BUT - there is MASSIVE vested interest in having your emotional and belief output focussed on aspects of this 'topic'. Some lifeforms are more able to interact with us by virtue of the fact that we believe in them, and/or fear/love them. People would do well to always remember - every lifeform out there is loyal to its own and its own needs. If any ETs out there are friendly to humans, it is done for THEIR self-interests, not ours. Conversely no ETs are 'hostile' to humans - in the same way that farmers are NOT hostile to their cattle or crops (well most aren't, there aint much point is there?) Eating humans is NOT what I call a hostile act. It is a hungry act - yes, but hungry don't equal hostile.
  13. NexusEditor

    The Alternative News Project (ANP)

    “We live in an era where the rulers fight to control what you believe, using technology that would have made Goebbels drool. We live in an era where independent thought is now a radical act in itself.” — Duncan Roads, NEXUS Magazine, 2014 It is fair to say, in this day and age, that the disconnect between mainstream media “reality” and what is really going on is getting to the point where many people in society are not being told the full story—about almost everything and anything. In geopolitics, we see media organisations such as Al Jazeera willing to totally fabricate events and broadcast them via BBC, CNN, ABC and other licensees. In what is needlessly called “alternative health”, we see the might of transnational drug companies steering government health policies as well as affecting personal sovereignty in the form of forced vaccinations, freedom of choice in the treatment of serious disease, and the right to be able to purchase health products of our choosing. In explorations of “fringe sciences”, including subjects such as the Expanding Earth theory or the Electric Universe theory, we see the unexplained anomalies regarding energy, gravity, electricity and biology, either ignored, suppressed or ridiculed. I believe that it is in the open-minded exploration of such anomalies, that we actually further our scientific understanding of our universe. In discussion of consciousness and the paranormal, we again see mainstream media reporting distorted versions of events, mis-reporting factual data, not reporting it at all, and again, outright ridicule (snigger factor). The fact of the matter is that people want to know more about who we are as spiritual beings, about the role of consciousness in determining how we experience life, and the role our inherent beliefs have on how we live and treat other people. As more and more people are waking up to the idea that we are immortal beings of spirit having a human experience, we are finding that more and more people are seeking out ways to live in harmony with each other, and with their ecosystem. This is again ignored, obstructed or ridiculed by governments and mainstream media. I believe that the vast majority of people on this planet want to live in peace and harmony with each other, and I also believe that there are forces at work, including the military-intelligence-industrial complex, that desire and profit from manufactured conflict. We live in an era where the State is seeking to take control of our lives—but it is also an era where the State is not representative of the people, or the will of the people. It is an era of a controlled paradigm debate in the form of having to align with either left- or right-wing political directions. We live in an era where more and more people are stepping up to blow the whistle on illegal and suppressed information. Information they believe is in everyone’s interests to be made public. Unfortunately, despite the assurances of protection to whistleblowers from world leaders, we actually see the opposite—the suppression and persecution of such people. And finally, we live on a planet, where the way in which we live is dramatically affecting the entire ecosystem. Forget, for the moment, the distraction of the climate change debate and whether CO2 is the culprit we are told it is and consider the vastly more important changes we are causing to every living creature via chemical pollutants. Measurable levels of chemicals are found in the air over the entire planet—in the ground water of every continent, and in the oceans everywhere. Why is it noble to focus on CO2 and energy saving, while ignoring the death, disease and destruction of our habit and life forms, including our own? I have created the Alternative News Project (ANP), not as a vehicle to fight the current mainstream-manufactured reality, but instead to provide a vehicle for like-minded, independent thinkers, to help create something new. Something better. The ANP will be the first time that the independent thinkers of the world (i.e. you) will have a centralised location to both send alternative news and information, and to have the opportunity see more of what is going on in their world than they would have before. This is literally the world’s first real alternative news agency, a project by the people, for the people. I welcome your participation on all levels of interest, and I ask for your patience with our learning curve as we expand and grow across the globe. You are hereby invited to join in with the ANP, and to be part of the adventure. www.AlternativeNewsProject.org
  14. My five cents worth: Replace 'aliens' with 'lifeforms' - because 'aliens' is an emo subjective Earth label of lifeforms anyway Replace 'fighting' with competing and/or cooperating for resources All this talk of fights, factions and govts is soooooo old school - and it does NOT reflect the reality. However, we do have HUMAN lifeforms, that will happily promote distorted views, because other humans will jump and react to this - and are manipulated. This is the hierarchical structure: 1. The creators of the original Earth 'humans' had already experimented with many other dominant lifeforms in their search for the optimal loosh producers. They found that the prototype which had a bit of themselves (the creators) inside - gave out the purest and best loosh. It needed no refining or distilling. 2. Once they had perfected their biological loosh factory or garden (Earth) - they installed OVERSEERS - who were tasked to maintain and explore ways to increase loosh production. 3. Opportunistic scavengers, pirates and thieves have regularly poached from this garden, and have transplanted 'us' elsewhere - along with modifications 4. Sometimes visiting lifeforms, who had need of our gold, water, salt, carbon, or whatever - would cut 'deals' with the overseers. Some of these, such as those we call the Annunaki, were given permission to further modify the existing 'humans' so as to suit their needs. As long as the newly modified form emitted loosh, there was no problem. In the case of the Annunaki and a couple of others, they proposed an upgrade to loosh production - in a win-win situation - called 'civilisation'. ie a centralised mass of humans, who were continually faced with joys and pains - religion, economies, wars, enslavement, bloodlined rulership - all these come with civilisation - but are not present in 'non civilised' cultures. 5. Nothing has changed since then - except on one level, the newly modified humans - they were going to be erased until it was realised they were a new race and potentially worthy of self-determination. We are a cosmic baby - born of parents with many differing non-human genes already in their makeup. We are a new hybrid race - cosmically speaking - and we have been given the 'nod' in terms of our continued survival as a species. 6. Our continued survival has many implications. To some lifeforms we are a dangerous threat - we have mental ideas and concepts (individuality) that act as viruses in telepathic/hive-mind societies; we have the potential to change our form to any one of a million physical forms; our physical forms house a non-physical entity which exists on several planes of existence simultaneously (that REALLY bugs some races - because they want what we've got on that level). Just like in your garden, or in the bush - all there is - is lifeforms. Most have no idea about the others and how they all work together. Humans are just ONE more lifeform in a chain or garden of lifeforms, and just like ants have NO idea about why humans do things, so humans are NEVER going to be able to comprehend why other lifeforms do what they do. Accept and understand this - and you will not be manipulated by those who wish to enslave you in the beliefs of epic battles between 'goodies' and 'baddies'. Better still, understand that death is not the end, and actually FEEL and KNOW that - and you are not enslaveable to anyone or anything.
  15. NexusEditor


    So why call another sovereign lifeform 'scum'? Is it because they feed off other lifeforms? If so, why aren't you and I 'scum'? Can we please just grow up out of this silly immature 'western' outlook of 'baddies' and 'goodies', where it is assumed WE are somehow the 'goodies' in the equation. There are NO 'goodies' or 'baddies'. There are no lifeforms which deserve your fear and insults, including humans. If you want mankind to evolve, STOP with this juvenile labelling of lifeforms as 'scum' or somehow as if they are the only and total problem around. HUMANS act WORSE than dracos on a daily basis. The worst of the dracos only come here to Earth BECAUSE of people like you who broadcast hate because of your FEAR. YOU feed those you profess to loathe by having your attitude. ALL lifeforms have a right to exist - just get over it and grow up. If you don't like some of them, then don't attract them into your life. Don't be 'visible' to them. This is achieved by not giving a shit about them, one way or another. ie NEUTRAL. Making comments that they are scum is guaranteed to align your consciousness to their frequency range.