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  1. RiderontheStorm


    According to this Feb 16th, 2013 report they are actually being steered here http://www.eutimes.net/2013/02/russia-puts-nuclear-bombers-on-high-alert-over-american-ufo-attack/
  2. RiderontheStorm

    Asteroid 2012 DA14

    Thanks KMRIA and phillipbbg
  3. RiderontheStorm

    may 15, random thought

    G'day flyingnikes Perhaps, in regard to your question of not understanding seasons, it's because with no moon you would have no seasons Just another random thought Cheers
  4. RiderontheStorm

    Suggest a caption for the pic of the week

    NOW YOUR ON MY SIDE..... Hmmm ... OK, now you're here, let's get HIGH!
  5. RiderontheStorm

    Suggest a caption for the pic of the week

    "Go on ... I dare you ... cross that line" >
  6. RiderontheStorm

    Damn, everyday I wake up in the same reality

    Aco, is your reality the same as my reality? Do any of us share the same reality? Would you want another reality? I believe the reason you wake every day to the same reality is because it's yours! It doesn't matter how much that reality varies or remains the same from your perspective, its still the only one you will ever have and it will always be the same reality. Everyday I too wake up in the same reality, mine Cheers Mate
  7. RiderontheStorm

    Thread to follow if interested in Time Travellers.

    Apparently Obama has
  8. RiderontheStorm

    Thread to follow if interested in Time Travellers.

    You most certainly are Sisss 8) and it is a wonderful journey! I was here yesterday, today and I am more than likely going to make an appearance tomorrow In fact I am travelling in time at this very moment Cheers
  9. RiderontheStorm


    The moon and antenna
  10. RiderontheStorm


    Thank you narnug, I've said it before and I'll say it again ..."you have a beautiful mind" It doesn't matter if your thoughts/interpretations are right or wrong in the eyes of others, the fact that you are provoking thought is the main thing Personally I can connect with what you are saying, especially alluding to fractals, and I look forward to what I'm sure is to come Cheers
  11. Thanks Aco To check if you are infected go to http://dns-ok.gov.au/ (before tomorrow preferably ) It's an Aussie link, but I guess it would suit all over
  12. RiderontheStorm

    PAN - ALL

    Thanks T ... for everything past, present and future Cheers
  13. RiderontheStorm

    CoEvolution - Nexus extracts thread

    WOW thanks for sharing that Bluey ( ) Had a similar experience back in December ... caught it all on video, dont know how to upload to here though ...