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  1. OceanBreeze

    CoEvolution - Nexus extracts thread

    I read Alec Newald´s story a while back and that´s one of my favourite cases in Ufology. Thanks a lot for this thread, especially for newer material!
  2. I appologise if I was repeating myself, I just get carried away if I face unjustice (and this announcement in this form sounds painfully unjust to me). I actually think, that Bluecoat´s announcement is partially true and we might have open contact soon with ET´s, but it might be just my naive wish of course . Maybe non of us have got it really, many announcements lately are controversial, but they all have something in common too. I think we have very interesting months ahead in either way. But I also think, that friendly and intelligent arguments are different things than shouting BS. Non of us knows 100% surely who´s right and who´s wrong, it´s an internet.
  3. I think Vajra said it well and I want to make clear, that just because I can´t agree with everyone doesn´t mean I ridiccule their ideas. I really feel, that Bluecoat´s announcenet is not related to anything OP told at the beginning and I think they´re not same prson. I could be wrong, I just say what I feel and think. I like this forum, but I hope that open mind doesn´t mean, that I have to agree with everything, especially when I feel it´s not right. I love crazy ideas and I have got riddiculed by expressing some of them too in other forums. I think, that as long as the conversation stays intelligent and peaceful, we don´t have to agree with everything :D
  4. Well put, I agree. But it´s everyone´s choice what to believe and what resonates with them of course.
  5. I´m quite positive now, that this person, who returned and said, that he´s OP and Bluecoat2 is imposter was right. The announcement has nothing to do with the things he told, it just contradicts with everything he said in past and with my own intuition in so many ways! Or someone is just having fun right now making up crazy stories
  6. To me it contradicts the first "interviw" with original poster, who told about their secret space program, but didn´t mention any cooperation with alien speaces. I feel it´s disinformation, again to make people afraid of aliens. Maybe there´s open contact coming soon and many people with power must be very much afraid of it so they try to make people afraid of aliens as much as they can.
  7. Same here. It´s a pity, that there´s so much pointless insulting and riddiculing in ATS lately, I used to like the place, but now several OP´s have just stoped updating their threads because of abuse from other members. There are many good people too and lot of work has been put in this site, I hope negativity is not fully getting over it. But Chany forum really seems more mature place. Anyway, I´m glad that Bluecoat is back, I´m getting exited now :P
  8. Hi, I´m new here too! I foud this forum because of this thread, it´s quite interesting (though I´ve read about Chani project some time ago). I was looking forward to tomorrows event and announcement, but now we don´t know anymore who´s the original poster. Someone said, that Captain S doesn´t write like OP, so I still hope something interesting is going to happen tomorrow . You know, tomorrow is the last day of Mayan Fift Night if you follow Calleman´s calculations. Might bring something, who knows.