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  1. quendil


    I would be shocked if I hadn’t read it here first! Just heard it on the radio and read about it in local news site... http://www.iefimerida.gr/news/368340/anihneytikan-posotites-radienergeias-stin-ellada-mi-anamenomeno-eyrima Thank you T!
  2. quendil

    Schumann Resonance Increasing

    Interesting topic. Thanks all for your contributions. Maybe a silly question but i will shoot anyway! If I want to use such a frequency in the office during working hours, I will probably have to "cover" it with some music playing simultaneously. Will this decrease the efficiency of the tone or maybe null it's effects?
  3. quendil


    Even though I dont understand T's last message (and many other as well...) I understand that we wont see any other messages from him, which really really saddens me... Love and peace Takis! PS: if anyone can elaborate more even in a PM, i would really appreciate it!
  4. quendil


    this phrase made my day! thank you T
  5. quendil

    Earthquakes and Earthshakes

    This reminds me of a movie with a volcano disaster, where 2 kids died while diving in a hot spring pool prior to the volcano's eruption... o.O
  6. quendil


    I hope this trread continues, as the Meditation For Adults is very interesting!
  7. The name is Greek (Papantoniou), the colors are greek (blue and white) and the shield is like the byzantine flag... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Byzantine_flags_and_insignia ---EDIT--- lol T beat me to it!
  8. quendil

    Acolyte Information

    Very sad news! Rest in peace Aco and be proud for your legacy that you have left behind.
  9. quendil


    Always interested in what you're saying T so i'd like access to that specific thread as well. Thanks in advance!
  10. There goes Thatcher... "Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has died following a stroke, a spokesman for the family said." http://live.reuters.com/Event/Former_British_PM_Margaret_Thatcher_dies
  11. quendil


    This video has me both excited and dissapointed... I'm excited because i like what the message says and i definitely like that whatever happens, will happen soon. To be honest, sometimes i lose my faith to humanity. Egoism, hatred, jealousy and the hunt for power, control and money... everyone and everything is only interested about these three things. But i'm also dissapointed... I never liked saviors. Saviors and their promises can generate apathy. If the Andromedians were coming as leaders, as teachers, as guardians or mentors... that would really be something! I always thought that we have to fight for all values and all that we hold dear. Honor, love, faith, justice. I also believe that we have to fight and earn our place in the universe as equals. Nothing is and nothing should be free and effortless. We should all make our stand here and act like heroes. Not act like... BE real heroes. But the video only talks about surviving and dealing with these agents... survive what? And who are these agents? How can we identify them and how can we deal with them? I really hope that T will shed some light on the this. Thanks for everything T. I really appreciate all your work and effort.
  12. quendil

    Has The Greek Bank Run Started?

    That's good news then!!! I'm a huge PIIGS supporter and I have to pay and use them all anyway!!!
  13. quendil

    Has The Greek Bank Run Started?

    Most of the euro notes that i got in my hands are coded S and V. What code Y are you talking about T? I think that we really need to keep calm now.
  14. quendil

    Remind you of anything??

    It's greek goddess Athena depicted on something that looks like a coin. It doesnt really surprise me if it was found in Afghanistan, since Alexander's army reached India and there are direct descendants till now. EDIT: tried to write the name in greek but failed epically! :D
  15. He also said that he would defend the country against FYROM's claims on ancient macedonian culture... It wouldnt be the first time he's lieing right? Furthermore the first 15bilion euros gained form the HELIOS programs are already binded by our lenders. So what could stop him from giving the oil and gas fields for free as well? :S