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  1. I tried to change my password to 'beef stew', but it wasnt stroganoff......


  2. BREAKING NEWS >> Archaeologists in Egypt have unearthed a tomb containing a mummy covered in chocolate and nuts. They believe it is the remains of the long lost Pharaoh Rocher. (boom tish)
  3. JammerAAP

    Shouts---Posting SHORT for HEADS UP ONLY

    ** didnt see this was already covered by Breezy Isnt this an interesting tidbit in regards timing, and Assange.... "The International Monetary Fund and other development banks will bail out Ecuador as the South American nation struggles with weak economic growth and deficits. The government led by President Lenรญn Moreno will receive $10.2 billion, including a $4.2 billion loan from the IMF, the IMF said Thursday. Mr. Moreno said $6 billion will come from multilateral agencies including the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and the Latin American Development Bank. The money, he said, would ensure the development of new infrastructure projects, including schools, houses and bridges, as well as social programs like a state pension for the elderly. He said the government also reached a deal with the United Nations to monitor state resources and spending on social programs. "We've lived through difficult times, but the fact that the world believes in us shows that we are on the right path," Mr. Moreno said in a video posted on Twitter. "While I'm president, with this money, every young person will have employment opportunities." LINK - https://www.marketscreener.com/news/IMF-Development-Banks-Agree-to-10-2-Billion-Bailout-for-Ecuador--28046503/ They sold Assange out. Not quite forgiving debt, but selling him out in order to have 'the right people' green light funding. - and to add "Ecuador has also borrowed from China, including taking out a $900 million loan in December, according to Fitch Ratings. Mr. Moreno has been trying to renegotiate the Chinese loans, which are repaid with oil shipments. But the country has had to pay up to persuade other international investors to lend it money, in part because the Correa government defaulted on $3.2 billion in bonds in 2008 and later bought most of them back at 35 cents on the dollar. Mr. Moreno was Mr. Correa's vice president, but broke with his leftist predecessor".
  4. Here's another one for you Unity. Yeah blue beam should be out of beta testing by now surely!!!! LOL. If VonBraun is to be believed, they will be projecting UFO images all over our skies soon.
  5. Hey U'. Super interesting vid! Even though the fella stresses she is outside, and she may well be, could she be recording a reflection in a double glazed window of something? Like an outdoor light with a sensor? The (4) objects could well be (2) objects, an upper and a lower,, reflected in each window pane, reflections separated by about an inch. The upper/lowers are almost identical. Maybe the window was wound inwards making what ever reflection was in them appear to disappear? Cool vid none the less.
  6. JammerAAP

    Shouts---Posting SHORT for HEADS UP ONLY

    I think it's the re-writing of history Unity. We sometimes talk about Mandella effect, and I believe that it is a thing, but when it's so specific, like BeePee's vids, and his dedication to recording them ALL and commenting, especially with regards morphing and things growing...... he entered a whole new level of surveillance. And need to delete, eventually, what he recorded, and commented on. Personally, the vids when he talked about a giant moving creature on the bottom, is in my understanding, the beginning of the time when they started pumping CoRexit down there to create an artificial barrier, sub surface, at a depth unseen by the media and even workers. The idea of layering in the waters was widely discussed, including some very cool discussion on Humpback whales, and how they used the layers to bounce their conversations around the world! But I digress. But the CoRexit layer made the spewing oil sink to the sea bed, and the nano bacterial element of it began munching away, and after processing in their bodies, was expelled as methane and other similar gasses, which at that depth, and pressure, linked with water molecules and became a methyl hydrate. This is now heavier than water, so sinks to the sea floor. The M/H can link together, and forms a blanket, which over a massive area, and continuous oil input, and continuous CoRexit input, with continual nano bacterial processing, ends up creating a false sea floor.. At the point where it has thickness to it, the oil, still spewing forth, is trapped beneath it. It's still there, but no longer visible. The violent spewing forth of the oil creates huge waves/ripples under the M/H blanket which BeePeeGuy saw as a giant undulating monster/creature. In a way it was! The video feeds showed that in the area of the first leak, thing got under control. Seemed under control, even though most of us understood the BOP would never work. In my opinion it never did,, nor did they try to stop the other leaks in near by areas. They just used sleight of hand, and fooled us with a blurry video picture. (how many times have they done that!! 911, moon landings...) No more oil on the surface means they must have fixed it? Once Obama's moratorium on new drilling was over, the really interesting thing for me was not so much who was doing the drilling, but more where and what kind was employed. If you look at the GoM, it is a big, deep place, full of major currents, and minor (*still bloody big!) currents. All these eddies feed the Gulf loop, both in the water, and in the air. At certasin places within the GoM you have intersecting eddies that create a vortex. These are commonly known as the GoM gyres. It's where stuff pools, and is dragged by all the currents, and they reside in basins mainly. So my theory is that we have all this free flowing oil, hidden from view, laying under an ever growing (in thickness) false sea floor, pooling in these gyres. Evidence of which is that new leases are IN these regions, and the drilling rig type is sub surface based. Not a conventional rig like DWH, but one that lays on the sea bed, and is remotely controlled, and pumps up to the surface with flexible pipelines, or to existing pipelines scattered all over the GoM floor already. I think they're tapping into the 'easy' oil hidden away from view. Which then brings us back to MIHOP or LIHOP? or a bit of both, with concurrent operations in play? Funding for BEZERK control/maintenance may have come from the oil industry itself. We know Venter and BP were in bed, so it shows the genetic interests of the oil company. But then a whole can-o-worms is opened after that, eh. It divided the BEZERK community, or rather polarised it.. But maybe that was all part of the plan too? Been slim pickins for a long time, but every now and then a player's name pops up related to something seemingly unrelated, and you get a glimpse into the cogs behind the curtain... Creating and controlling artificial life forms would seem to be the topic. With the centre piece being WHO is controlling and using them, to what end. BLUET's mob were talking about this also. PS - sorry this bee so long!
  7. JammerAAP


    Damn you're good Bree. xx
  8. Haha, well I'm perma-banned at the other joint, so I may as well hang here for a while! Howdy folks. Hope you're all doin well.๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™‰๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ––

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      It should go w/o saying, that you are welcome here all the time.ย 


  9. JammerAAP

    Shouts---Posting SHORT for HEADS UP ONLY

    Don Peterson, AKA " BeePeeOilDisasterGuy" died back in 2013. He died of cancer, which was diagnosed long before the BP oil disaster. (just in case you think there might be foul play at work....mmmm, maybe there was, who knows?) I keep getting shivers down my back when I read your post Unity. Creeps me out to think of all the folks being replaced.
  10. JammerAAP

    Shouts---Posting SHORT for HEADS UP ONLY

    "The UK has no sovereignty, the UK has no sovereignty" "The UK must resist, the UK must resist" He held Gore Vidal's 'The History of the National Security State'. He also made (7) hand gestures. --------------------------------------------- More than 13,000 people skip bail each year in the UK. Do they have this level of surveillance or round the clock swat teams waiting in the wings? Do they have this level of planning and behind the scenes negotiations and deals? The 24/7 surveillance inside the Embassy, which I believe is illegal, and showings of him sitting on the toilet and naked in his room is also at the least a breach of privacy, and I heard the shit smeering on the walls was an attempt to cover/block all the pin hole cameras trained on Mendax. Ha, maybe he was inferring it will all be a shit smeer in the media. They knew this was coming, and only last week Ecuador denied this was in play. Cant trust them. The deal made by Ecuador and the US/UK must be big. All debts forgiven? Likely something along those lines. Ecuador will be a convenient staging ground for US/UK troops don't you think? when the Venezuelan conflict becomes a reality. China and Russia already there. Side note : Bonjour Madamouselle Breezy, one of the contributors to the book Julian held in his hand was a regular in the Evony meets. A tie in to BEZERK's greater reach? Part of the bigger puzzle? Well, back to Assange, this truly is a sad time. The inner-anarchist in me says open the flood gates, release the lot. Nothing to hide - nothing to fear!? As you have stated above, there will be plenty of folks with plenty to fear. But this 'act' is only the opening act and likely part of a much bigger show. The horse has bolted. It's an unstoppable force now, and will play out with much behind the scenes deal making no doubt. I truly hope nothing untoward happens. Panicked people do dumb things. But JULIAN ASSANGE as an MSM topic is off the radar now. It's dead, drying up, non event. Even those pricks at GLP are dumbing it down. Trinity is a sell out. Up to plain folk to keep his name out there, in any form, on any site to keep the google algorithms running red hot. He's one of us, and needs our help, even in small ways. PS - I'll try to decipher more of what Julian Paul Hawkins was saying
  11. JammerAAP

    Shouts---Posting SHORT for HEADS UP ONLY

    Was one of my favorite shows. I love what the writers tried to do, and the back story is amazing regarding all the white boards etc that they tried to interconnect pretty much every conspiracy there is! Makes you wonder Unity about all the other shows that got too close, or shone a light on something 'they' didn't want exposed. Defying Gravity comes to mind.
  12. Breezy.. (3) sided pyramid. Power source, once they shoot it down or reverse engineer it? Actually, from memory, the quote is just that a 3 sided pyramid (tetrahedron) will enable a new power. Something to that effect.
  13. JammerAAP

    Circuit Boards of the Gods...

    Maybe designed to illicit a response from the right folk? A trigger.
  14. JammerAAP

    Circuit Boards of the Gods...

    I wonder RS if we are being shown a past, current or future veil? Maybe its a rub between zones? Fascinating stuff.