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  1. Weed is now legal in Canada. In other news, Taco Bell announces 697 new stores in Canada.


    1. breezy


      So then everyone is happy?

    2. PANX


      I’ve seen old photographs, when you could get cannabis oil in small tubes from your pharmacist. I don’t see why people want to smoke it when oil was the common practice of medicine prior to the prohibition and hyper-industrial pills. 

  2. You know you're getting old when bending over is a one-way trip.


  3. Hello Chani family, I hope you are all well. As some of you have already noticed, big changes are ramping up in the world. To quote one of my favorite movies "I feel a disturbance in the force". I know I am not the one here that feels this sense of darkness coming. Stay safe all, be careful and keep your eyes open. Its always darkest before the dawn right?

    1. Foopengerkle


      Feel it too, so I'm sending out positive vibes, thoughts, love, and hope and pray that disturbs the dark!  love to all.

    2. triton


      Good to hear from you--hope everything is ok-- yep--have been feeling it for quite a while now.

    3. breezy


      Yes Orion, big big changes take care, be safe!

  4. Hello my friends, hope you are all well.

    1. NewWorld


      Hi Orion  Hope you and yours are doing well and life is going OK.  Good to hear from you and we miss you so try to call in again soon.

    2. Orion


      I will. I promise

  5. Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend. Peace, Love, and light to you all

    1. breezy


      Thank You Orion, and certainly the best to you and yours this Easter Sunday and every day.

    2. unity


      Hello Orion, thank you for the message! Sending you the seasonal greetings with hope for our future with gusto. With an air bear hug. :hug:

    3. deekin
  6. If the Earth were flat, cats would have pushed everything off it by now.

    1. breezy
    2. KMRIA


      As usual I pinched one of your witticisms Orion and posted it on Fakebook. 4 likes so far.

  7. If whores, witches, ghosts and hobo's show up on my doorstep, I can only assume it's Halloween because our family reunion was in July....

  8. is there any way to increase the amount of recipients for an outgoing mail message?

    1. breezy


      Orion, PM me about this please.

  9. Not sure what my spirit animal is, but I am pretty sure it has rabies

  10. So how long before GoFundMe is America's leading health care provider?

  11. Sometimes I think I need to be in a mental institution, then I look around and think that maybe I already am.

  12. To the lady at Costco with her son on a leash. I'm sorry that I asked if he was a rescue.

    1. unity
    2. breezy


      If I had known that was you, Orion, I'd have bought you a coffee !

    3. breezy


      BTW, Orion nice to see you.

  13. Wishing all of you a Happy 2019! May it be filled with lots of love, light, and laughter

    1. breezy


      Thank You Orion, same to you.

    2. Reddwolf


      Happy New Year Orion!

  14. You can say "Have a nice day!" with no problem but you can't say "Enjoy the next 24 hours." without sounding mildly threatening.

  15. Tempus Fugit

    1. luk3


      I hear you Orion. Nothing makes me realize this more then seeing my daughter grow older. Glad to see you back.

    2. Bryan


      "What the fuck does tempest fuckit mean?"

      -Ricky of Sunnyvale Trailer Park