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  1. Thanks for that deekin, I had forgotten alot of the Seth material. I will have to peruse over it again and see if it helps make since of all this. Would like to add that the Mandela thing does not scare me it is just that coming face to face with some of the concepts we have all read about is a shock to the system. It seems we always expect something to happen that is .....well....more conventional. This Mandela thing was not an expected thing in my thoughts of what might happen in the future. I suppose this is a lesson I should take to heart. Beard
  2. OK, this “Mandela effect” thing has boggled my mind. I am going to refer to this timeline we are on now as Timeline “A” and the one I grew up on as timeline “B”. In my timeline (B) there were only 4 people in the Kennedy car. In my timeline C3PO was all gold and dammit all to hell in the Bible it was the Lion shall lay down with the lamb!!! The ramifications of these changes in history (the way I remember it) are beyond my comprehension. For instance, what if we from time line B wake up one day and it is in a world where the Nazi’s won the war? What if we wake up one morning and martial law is the norm? What if we wake up one day and the Bible is all about worshipping Satan? The ramifications are so profound that I feel like I am in the “Time after Time” TV show. If our history is changing right before our eyes who can say that our laws are not changing also? I swear I feel like I am in a weird Twilight Zone show. Has anyone here actually found any laws that have been changed? Does anyone here know enough of the laws on the books to notice if they have changed? My point is simple. If our history is being changed in front of our very eyes, who is to say that our world won’t be completely changed to something very different in the near future? If you were to go sit in the back yard and truly think of the ramifications of all this it will leave you truly mind blown. I know I am. Beard
  3. Beard


    After watching this video I was profoundly effected. I have been an on and off fan of Icke for years. Sometimes he makes total sense and other time seems crazy. Now, this video made too much sense. The questions came pouring into my head as I was listening and I am left with the most Important question: What can we do about it? It occurs to me that the “controllers” are letting more and more of us know the truth of them just to let us know we are totally controlled and there is nothing we can do about it. It tends to leave you feeling so helpless and the knowledge increases our misery. This awakening we seem to be going through is what? Are we truly awakening or are we just being set up for more misery and pain? Are they allowing this awakening? Is it divine intervention? How can we find the truth? I am truly confounded. Does raising our vibration really help or is it just an upgrade to the control system? The questions are endless and the truth is not yet available. So, the question remains: What can we do about it? Beard
  4. Beard

    2016 US Presidential Election

    I think it is important to remember that the political system in America is broken! It is my opinion that you cannot fix a broken system by using a broken system. Beard
  5. Beard


    Some awesome dot connecting in this one! One of the top interviews I have heard. Beard
  6. I truly think this is a very important interview that all should check out. It resonated deeply with me and may with you too. The interview is great all the way through so listen when you have the spare time to pay attention. Beard
  7. Beard

    UMA/Cryptozoology thread

    OH NO!!! it looks like Augie's Spawn!!!
  8. Questions….always questions! As I go further down the rabbit hole it is quite obvious that as a species we have been lead in certain directions. It has surfaced many times that we are products of “something”(won’t name it) that has completely hijacked our race. As we wake up further it appears to have been here since the beginning of humankind. Therefore the question arises: How can we know anything? All of our history, knowledge, religions you name it, was given to us by those with an agenda. Even our channeled knowledge and other means of gathering data have been done so with a certain agenda. So, how can any of us believe in anything we have been taught? Even occulted knowledge was handed down to us by someone with an agenda. To what end is yet to be seen. Mind control techniques even makes our own intuition and gut feelings suspect. Is there any way we can trust any knowledge at all? This is a tuff one but must be asked in order to try and make since of anything/everything. The only answer I have found to have any credence at all is….Faith. After a life such as mine faith is the hardest thing of all for me to accept but what else is there? Beard
  9. Suuzzaannee144 I can sure sympathize with you. The only answer I have found to all our musings is we can never know the truth of anything while here on Earth. I think some or many of us would disagree but it is the only truth I have ever found. How can we ever know for certain? I too want to know but alas no thing is absolute. I am not religious but do study some of the old religions. In the dead sea scrolls was found a copy of “The gospel of Thomas” where he pretty much wrote down the actual words of the Christed one (maybe even verbatim) It hints at the idea we may be dead and in a hell of sorts and Christ was teaching a way of waking up and finding life again. When I think of this it almost sounds like a truth or at least plausible. At least that is the only thing that makes much sense of this world and the going’s on in it. Of course, I don’t know and cannot ever know unless I try his method of awakening. Beard P.S. Will let everyone here know if it works
  10. Beard

    Space Watch

    From what I understand, as matter crosses the event horizon the atoms are ripped apart and give off light from the distruction.
  11. Bravo unity! That is exactly how I feel about our history/truth. How can we ever know the truth? Beard
  12. Beard


    hiraa said: “Nowadays I dont really "want" anthing in/with this life , everything is just "is" , I am someone watching a very interesting movie unfold and yes I have my popcorn and a Beer...” Wow hiraa, I too have everything I need but I have no “wants” anymore. I am watching this interesting movie also but have been watching it for a long time and am ready for the final scene! Beard
  13. Beard


    T said: “i am also a firm believer that thought emanates outwards and reaches the bounds of our cosmos instantaneously, like a ripple in a pond that hits the shores at the instant a pebble is dropped” That is the same as like atoms reacting to each other no matter the distance correct? If so, it sure beats the hell out of the “light” speed limit huh? Sorry if my musings seem somewhat naïve T. I see where you turned 44 and are well on your mission of understanding. I on the other hand spent my first 44 as an alcoholic and drug addict. I have been dry/clean for the past 16 years and have spent these last years in a desperate attempt to catch up and turn a lifetime of neglect and avoiding many questions into a “save” if you will. So thanks to you and all on here for that matter. I may yet pull off the “save” Beard
  14. Hello T, this is awesome of you! Thank you. Q. Can you lay to rest once and for all the question of Nibiru? Is it near and what effects will it have on Earth? I have heard claims that Human and Alien forces are working on several ideas to stop or at least lessen the passing. Thanks again my friend! Beard
  15. Beard


    hiraa, do you practice quantum field psychology? Have you found it to truly work? Is your life what you want it to be? Thanks for that link! Beard