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  1. Hot off the Press... Conspiracy Researcher David Icke Banned From Speaking In Australia https://www.activistpost.com/2019/02/conpiracy-researcher-david-icke-banned-australia.html There is a petition at change.org... https://www.change.org/p/the-australian-government-let-david-icke-into-australia?fbclid=IwAR1MTwkMT_7rUeenuguBYbUDLwbWL3MxduEdKKp3CWhV0Vw6k6hPa8JwTuA And I thought we lived in a Democracy! What is Canberra afraid of? Quoted from... https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-02-21/doomsday-preppers-head-underground-bunker-economy-mainstream/10815984 Mr Icke ended his statement with a warning. "Electing to deny my entry into the country only confirms to the general public that my contentions is truly correct; freedom is in the process of being demolished in Australia," he said. "Once gone — it won't be coming back."
  2. FYI about Kevin Long... Kevin has been a keen observer of meteorological data and weather forecasting systems throughout his life. He has published quarterly seasonal weather predictions for Central Victoria since 2004, based on his study of sea surface temperature patterns and other climate indicators. These forecasts have been consistently close to the mark, without the “positive spin” so often put by government agencies and commercial businesses. https://www.investmentwatchblog.com/australia-is-entering-a-mega-drought-the-repercussions-kevin-long/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kcoMDFHbro His website... http://thelongview.com.au/ and his report... http://thelongview.com.au/documents/NEW-CLIMATE-CYCLE-2010-TO-2028-Kevin-Long-v1.pdf Also another video showing that the Grand Solar Minimum is the Real National Emergency... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmBCY8XCrxc
  3. Only a few good images to be found this week...
  4. Cartoons to enjoy if you like to think... And sourced from... https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-01-28/technology-distracting-disturbing-deceiving-deluding-ourselves-death#comment_stream
  5. G'day I have regularly read that The Baltic Dry Index is the "Canary in the Cage" for forecasting future world economic activity. In light of that, this is an interesting story... https://www.investmentwatchblog.com/ocean-shipping-rates-plunge-just-a-blip-or-the-end-of-globalization/
  6. G'day. I am finding that time is fleeting. Another week gone. Cartoons I found this week that I liked...
  7. My weekly finds... I loved the spider one!
  8. MungamineBoy

    Tensor Rings

    At that point I wondered if using a different metal might have an effect on the ring of solid copper. Apparently Silver Solder is OK, anything lead based is not. So then when you get the Aquacure, you will melt the ends together and the rings will be entirely copper. It will be a weld, using thin copper wire as a filler rod. Expensive piece of equip that is, but useful. Browns Gas is another big thing I am playing with. Actually the air freight was the killer, but I want the aquacure for another project involving other people and did not consider a home made unit would be appropriate. A couple of YT videos that show the making of Rings... and...
  9. MungamineBoy

    Tensor Rings

  10. MungamineBoy

    Tensor Rings

    G'day I have had a busy morning making 8 rings. The 2 big ones are Royal Cubit length and one of them sits nicely under the water cooler bottle in my house. Using the forked clamp makes for neat joints. Regards
  11. MungamineBoy

    Fuel Magnets – Fact or Fake?

    An update on the magnets installed in my work van... As I mentioned when the van was newer, I could easily get 400km before looking for a servo. Recently that has been only 370kms. The manufacturer rated fuel economy is 7.5 l/100kms for mixed town/country driving. I carry a fair amount of tools and spare parts, so will not normally get that sort of economy. Since putting the magnets in I traveled 402kms on 30.1 litres of fuel. The fuel gauge was just under a quarter!!! That is very close to 7.5 l/100kms and is excellent for a vehicle that has traveled 240,000kms. The other improvement is low end torque. 60kms/hour is 2000rpm in 5th gear and I could travel at that speed in top gear. Most suburban streets are 50kms/hour and I could not travel at that in 5th gear without the the van stalling. Well now I can drive around at 50 in top gear and that is very significant. I am happy with the add-on of the magnets!!!
  12. MungamineBoy

    Tensor Rings

    I have been enlightened about Tensor Rings by a mate who is experimenting with them. He has had some amazing results. I watched a lot of online videos and articles. Then I made a 144Mhz and a 177Mhz half rings on the weekend. I put the 177Mhz ring under my pillow to see what would happen. I have had the best night sleeps that I can remember. I wake up like I am 20 years younger and apparently I have not been snoring as I usually do. I will be making more rings!!! and experimenting more!!! A good first video to watch... An interesting experiment on flowers in a glass of water over 18 days... An excellent reference book is... Slim Spurling's Universe By Cal Garrison. The Light-Life Technology: Ancient Science Rediscovered to Restore the Health of the Environment and Mankind
  13. I am a Garage Sale tragic. It started 24 years ago when our house burnt down and the Insurance Company would not honour the replacement policy. I learnt to buy at 5c in the Dollar and have been ever since. I have kept a database of local Garage Sales that shows the changes I have seen in media. I used to look to the local newspapers and radio station to compile the weekly list but Social Media has taken over. As many of my friends are not on FB etc, I started sharing my list until now it is eagerly awaited by over 500 people. I also post my list on FB and have a large following. I then started attaching cartoons that I found funny, scary, thought provoking, cryptic or just artistic. So I am sharing my weekly selections with you as well. Sources include... http://snippits-and-slappits.blogspot.com/ https://twitter.com/leahycartoons http://yourdemocracy.net.au/drupal/?q= https://twitter.com/broelman http://www.leunig.com.au/works/recent-cartoons Regards