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    music foremost health being sovereign
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  1. P's

    2016 US Presidential Election

    TPTB nowadays i believe "they" or we more humans ....... it is spelled TPTW (the powers that were)
  2. P's

    Simon Parkes Interview

    heads up for some information
  3. P's

    2016 US Presidential Election

    have any of you seen this ? i know that everything fluctuates and it depends on which reality one goes into and experience but interesting information
  4. anyone here knows about the difference between carbon based foods and silica based ones ? ? ?
  5. P's

    NIBURU the topic is hotting up!

    some may say a thing or two about this topic religion belief systems are indeed vying some planetry bodies that are coming and there are even those who are saying the saviors are coming some are saying there is a opportunity to create a world based on humans needs or the inhuman ways
  6. perhaps to some impending scenarios(!) oh i love such tunes mind you it is a very short one
  7. P's

    is the earth flat

    maybe the energies are flattened' (from life) or taken out or sold out re-edited a bit here i may be a bit far out but excuse me on that ' i thought maybe we (humans) are put on a new earth type landscape and the old one is gone taken out somewhere else to colonise other planets but our (huge) emotions can vitalize the new earth or the other way around or blended (and nature does ever judge yeah?) because i can feel mother earth does wants us here, those who are kind lovin' and aware and those who are not are perhaps not their time and they will have oportunity in other time loops
  8. P's

    How to Heal Cavities Naturally

    thank you dear breezy i've watched some David Wilcock stuff and he mentioned a some kind of a led light laser teeth stimulator to grow teeth any one here knows about it? i have been some blogs about how to do's but some times they can get a bit fanatical and like everything else there is a sort of a balance if there are toxic stuff and then there is more hidden more healing substance that is needed what i did find out was comfrey root should be beneficial and there is this site that claims 1.) Use chicken eggshells (organic). grind them up in a herbal/spice potter, drink with water, or blend them with bananas as a smoothie. drink once a day. (As an alternative and probable upgrade – this is my idea from reading Dr. West’s outstanding Health Alert newsletter: a person could take two products by Standard Process, called Calcifood Powder, and Biost.) 2.) Find or buy (good quality) wild comfrey. Clean and mash the fresh root and chew for 20 minutes a day (watch your favorite tv show/read a book/surf the net/exercise while doing so) and spit out, rinse (or brush) with hydrogen peroxide/baking soda mix (not necessary but it helps and cleans teeth. I brush with these and get very little plaque build-up, but it doesn’t whiten. To whiten, mix mashed up fresh strawberry with baking soda. Put the paste on your teeth and leave it on for two minutes! I have tried just brushing my front teeth with fresh strawberry after brushing with peroxide and baking soda and I was surprised that my teeth whitened very quickly!) 3.) Do 1.) and 2.) for several weeks/a couple of months. Your cavities will fill in, cusps will rebuild, cracked teeth will heal and rotted teeth will; while not be top tier, will fill in and heal athttps://icliks.wordpress.com/bhealthy/2736-2/ and at curejoy dot com there is page that provides info http://www.curezone.org/forums/am.asp?i=1948746
  9. i don't if this is posted but i wanted to share what has been moving around my aura lately
  10. P's

    Max Spiers' Untimely Death

    i don't know if this has to do something with this thread i had a dream near the 15th july and it was a big ship that were very similar to that i've seen in star wars and some people were taken or they wanted to get on board did anyone had similar perceptions ?