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  1. Botanic


    Hi T, Never doubted you for a moment my friend, you inspired my work on the Ellenic Theatres along with many other of my pursuits. There is an email on the way mate, and just to remind everyone on one of the many incredible insights you gave us, see below. My vibrations will be directed to you all Monday EU time mate. Best wishes Strength and honour Bot updated 3/15/2012 1:38:43 PM ET For the first time, scientists have used neutrinos – the exotic fundamental particles that routinely pass right through Earth – to send a message through the ground. Researchers have long been intrigued by the communication possibilities of neutrinos, because these particles can easily travel through matter, including a planet, without stopping, slowing down or being misdirected. Neutrinos are extremely tiny particles with almost zero mass and neutral charge. Thus they are impervious to electromagnetic forces and respond very weakly to gravity. They almost never collide with other particles, generally passing straight through the atoms that make up matter. Now, scientists have successfully harnessed neutrinos to send a message from one place to another, spelling out the word "neutrino" in a particle binary code. Particle telephone The researchers used the NuMI particle accelerator at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Ill., to create beams of neutrinos, which result when speeding protons collide into a wall of carbon atoms. (NuMI stands for "Neutrinos at the Main Injector.") The scientists then sent this beam toward a neutrino detector about 1 kilometer (0.6 miles) away, buried in a cavern. http://www.nbcnews.com/id/46748654/ns/technology_and_science-science/t/first-neutrino-message-sent-through-ground/#.WxqrBC9L3GI
  2. Best wishes to you Triton Happy Birthday mate
  3. Belated Birthday wishes to you Neo, all the best mate
  4. There are universal constants and laws, it has nothing to do with science, unfortunately, the modern world rediscovered some of them a few decades ago, and weaponised them....again.
  5. Rose, I have watched the first vid you posted above and there are only a couple of things I disagree with, for I am a proponent of an artificial moon. Search for threads titled "Our Mysterious Spaceship Earth", and "The 144,000 Conundrum" . The so-called overlap or between the blue and red line shown during the eclipse in the video is not the Sun, if so it would be lit up. I have witnessed two total eclipses (one not so good) and can assure you there was TOTAL coverage from where I stood, 1978 in Melbourne, 2012 in the tropics of Oz. If you are not in the Path of Totality (POT, the 144,000 metre wide shadow of the moon casts over earth during an eclipse), ie: way south or way north on the planet, then the sun won't be totally eclipsed from your perspective. Also, I'm into mapping or GIS to be more precise and one of the biggest issues I have is with projections. Anytime you try to project details from a spheroid, or sphere onto a flat surface, details get lost in translation. You will always have distortions no matter what coordinate system or projection you try to use. I have literally hundreds of projections inbuilt to my GIS s/ware. It depends on what you are trying to do as to what projection or coordinate system you use on your mapping project. Rose, I am not trying to alter your beliefs, you are welcome to them. The viewing of non-spheroid planets and what would happen on these planets during an eclipse came to mind first when thinking of your posts, that's all. Will watch a couple more vids you put up and get back to you. Might take a few days.
  6. Nice one Kandy, these two comments have done my head in the last few hours and have been searching for answers. This evening I am to have a meeting with a committee to try and persuade them to incorporate large scale geometric glyphs into a new large scale public facility, the most prominent being, "The Golden Section", and how it shapes and provides proportion to all living organisms in the natural world, and hence, no straight lines. I could throw a heap of philosophical approaches to the question "are there straight lines in nature", but from what I've discovered is that only inorganic crystals in nature have an atomic structure that allows parallel or straight lines to grow, all organic life produces randomly mutated fractals that do not form straight lines due to external forces. A tree could possibly grow truly straight if there were no other outside influences, ie; wind, other plants competing, insects etc. Two questions Rose. If the planets were flat discs, there would be regular times when theses planets would totally disappear from view when viewing a planet from the same elliptical plane you are on, would they not? Also, how do you explain the distance, "The Path of Totality" ("POT", approx 144,000 mtrs wide), travels around the world during an eclipse if travelling across a flat disc?
  7. Botanic

    Acolyte Information

    I have been having trouble coming up with the appropriate words to post here Chani has been the source of so much of my education for the last four years. I used to be embarrassed by my lack of education, but thanks to so many of you, I have been able to find more truth on subjects than schools ever knew about. It was due only to the strength and determination of Acolyte, under duress at times no doubt, that provided a platform for the advancement of knowledge and truth to come into fruition, so that anyone can now come here and expand their minds, for that I am extremely grateful. I would also like to thanks all members here for sharing their wisdom here over the last few years, and a special thanks to all Moderators, NexusEditor and anyone else who are working behind the scenes to keep Chani up and running. Aco, wherever you may be, you will always travel with my love and great respect. I cherish the memory of our last conversations on TS. Thank you mate. Love to you all Bot
  8. OMG mate, I think you had better get that Zionist shit off this thread before T comes after the both of us You're a legend when it comes to finding long lost books in pdf form for me, but this one, I must have name wrong. It definitely was not based on Jewish/Hebrew religious stuff, but thanks anyway. I feel more than a little silly for bringing up St Germain in the first place, as, after posting, I realised the words on the page T posted was an address in France and no reference to the "Count Du St Germain", merde!! The book I had years ago was full of wonderful words and chapters, Alchemy, and ancient sciences, mysterious people in history, and so much more. Although I loved it at the time, I never had an address for years, so never hung onto books like I can now, but I am sorry I didn't keep this one. I'm sure it was one of above names. T, apologies for soiling your thread mate, thanks for your efforts Phil Btw, the last couple of days I have been looking for stuff on St Germain, and he sounds Draco anyway, so Kumo, I would be looking at his contemporary "Voltaire", who practiced freedom of religion, hated RC Church, was a naturalist, very spiritual for his day, and thought St Germain was a show-off loud-mouthed moron.
  9. I found these vids on the OceanX Team's site, but doesn't look it's made by them. Please let me know if it has any news on the object, I need to be a bit stingy with my d/loads so haven't watched them yet. They have a new ROV and the attached image shows a right angle in one of the "corridors" on the object. Other than the following, there is little news on the object on their site. http://www.mojvideo.com/video-the-unexplained-files-peruvian-alien-skull-and-baltic-sea-ufo/943914cfff734b0b53df http://www.oceanexplorer.se/
  10. Great Imelda, been there myself many many times. In fact in last few weeks I have been getting some locations together for an upcoming series to be shot up here, but they are filming down south as well. The brief I was given was an "organic" (different) type of dwelling hidden in the jungle of "West Papua". It is about a major conspiracy involving Oz and West Papua, same maybe, it's an ABC production, so not huge budget? Filming commences next month here, one hundred crew members. And, if I may offer some advice. If filming is going on for a few days, try not to get too much "muggage" the first couple of days if you are in group scenes, that way, you won't be overused too early. I'm sorry I didn't ask for your autograph when I stayed with you Have fun
  11. Sorry Kumo, I don't think I have any books referencing St Germain these days. From memory, one book I had many tears ago was titled either "The Book Of Zohar" (or Zolar), or "The Lost Book of Zohar"Zolar. Would like to have it again. I think many books on Alchemy would mention him.
  12. Got lucky mate, very interested in Ellenistic version of the scarab beetle if you have the time, or could you point me to any English language info on scarab beetles with ancient Ellene history please Scarab beetle one of the most important symbols of universal law on Earth I'm starting to think.
  13. Good to see you posting mate. I have read quite a bit about St Germain years ago, he was amongst others who turned up without any history, had a lot of wealth in the way of gold and incredible jewels, impressed royalty and all, quite an alchemist and a total mystery in his day, but we know false his-stories have been written about many. Does "35" show he is at the highest level of masonry? Above 33 1/3°, if so, Draco? Ouroboros obvious, could make double "E"s out of one "N" if diagonal line put horizontal I can see in the diagonal line in one of the "N" there are "stylised" double "E"s or have I totally lost the plot ? Right hand image interesting, as it shows Egyptian Scarabaceae beetles= antigravity, levitation.
  14. Botanic

    Harry Oldfield

    No, NEV needs to be hooked up to laptop with camera or a Video camera, see earlier post/vid when Harry was interviewed on national TV. And I don't think Harry has chromatic charts either as I'm not sure if Harry even understands what's happening with the lens. But please watch vid as you will see Harry's camera "seeing" and communicating with a spectre in a cemetery. Also check out Harry diagnosing peeps in audience with vid camera scanning them all from metres away, it's great. Every doctor should be trained in this wonderful diagnostic tool, just wish there was someone in my part of the world with the s/ware. Thanks cma, please keep-em coming, not sure I agree with the CT statement, from the type of clouds in the image, the atmospheric conditions on the day looks favourable to vapour trails anyway. I will be sending you PM soon regarding NEV and where you're at in Oz. WIll also post on apparatus I have in mind to remove human energy interference from Oldfield lens produced images, still working on it, but if you have a threaded hole on bottom side of camera where tripod screws in, you only need a light/thin piece of right angle steel/alloy/plastic, the same length as camera lens, so when you screw camera onto tripod, the piece of angle will hold Oldfield lens with alligator clip. This way you can set timer of camera and walk away eliminating any energy interference, but the camera itself could affect images me thinks, at a macro level perhaps. Best to you all, Bot P.S. I have a couple of Chanites that want Oldfield lenses, but I hope to line up an Australian distributor soon.
  15. Botanic

    Harry Oldfield

    Nice to hear from you cma, I would love to see any other images, from both NEV and filter shots you would be happy to share with us. Sam looks like an Australian dog, sitting on Australian grass, does this mean you are in Australia