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    Truth, Video games, reading and asking questions. :P
  1. Happy new year fellow companions! May our wishes become reality!
  2. Tetragramatron


    Love those days! Thank you guys for the awesome posts!
  3. Tetragramatron

    Creating reality with your mind

    Bump! Noticing lately that people that I'm close to are starting to 'see' or invision their future. Also trying to lure them into understanding that you can be happy at any point of life, you only need to look at the solutions and go for it!
  4. Wow guys! Thank you for sharing all that hapiness! I wish you all the happiness ever!
  5. Tetragramatron

    Hidden Agenda to Share Earth with ETs - AFRICA

    Thank you Nex for the post, and sorry for the 'wave' stuff I've been posting lately.
  6. That has been in my mind for months, thank you for sharing!
  7. Tetragramatron

    The Inspiration and Food for the Soul Thread.

    Hello my friends! Thank you for the video Jessica! I was watching the video and I had to pause at 13 min. Must share what I wrote down a few days ago concerning the cosmosonicboom(if it ever happens), At first, I was imaginating something big you know? Like, expecting something from the sky/space. But then it flashed me, we are living in a matrix that fools our vision and the way to see how the universe truly is. What if this 'wave' came from within? Could the sun be our consciousness? Also had a feeling of déja vu from the first minutes of the video. I feel some of you already know this. Hope I'm not saying crap here haha. Maybe it's wrong, opinions will be appreciated! Please share your view! Sincerely, Tetra Quick edit : Amazing video! Pretty much explains how I was feeling lately, wow.
  8. Tetragramatron

    Comet ISON

    And me from Gloop. Wonder why..
  9. Love it unity, love it. Love to play, love to live, love to see others happy while they live.
  10. Tetragramatron

    First Exomoon Maybe Found

    Incoming rant (not directed at you unity) : I hate the way they discribe the universe and planets. Feels that nothing is connected and everything is ALONE, rogue planet, bah. Everything has reasons, everything!
  11. Tetragramatron

    Holyoak mindbodyspirit

    Oh man! Can't wait to read your and everyones view on these subjects!