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  1. luci


    I read that both parties will melt because of their evil deeds and this election promises to be the most chaotic of all time. "Party" affiliation will be akin to the mark of a beast. On all fronts.. it's time to get very very real about where humanity is going and the last f'ng thing we need is politicians and psychopaths being re-entrenched. It just will not be allowed. No parties.. no sides... we haven't even begun to understand our own history to determine who might be a Leader.
  2. luci

    Cyber-security 101 Information thread

    5/02/2014 @ 8:30AM |210,053 views Microsoft Saves Windows XP In An Act Of Utter Stupidity 5/02/2014 @ 8:30AM |210,053 views http://www.forbes.com/sites/gordonkelly/2014/05/02/microsoft-saves-windows-xp-in-an-act-of-utter-stupidity/ ~snip~
  3. Would have liked to see if some weed woul've helped my mom... She was a smoker, but that's not what took her.. That said, smokin' some weed might've have made it easier for her, in the least. And better or well, at most. But the suffering of all would not have served the beast and their studies.
  4. THAT, is some good. ^5. I could sing backup to that.. bet you all could too.. ; )
  5. It's finally warming up here.. maybe we'll get a couple days of 80 degrees this year.. !!! woot! This is good house cleaning yard work music..... I finally stopped worrying about dancing and singin' outloud in publiK.... Gads I'm glad to be gone from the corporate stiff wool heels big hair and shoulder pad days... What the hell were we thinking??
  6. Exactly. Healthy people are happy and reduces the misery food for the psycho effers. And, it has the extra payoff of the misery fear quotient from all that worry and care. Misery has a shared 'crackhead' buzz for the wallet vampires and satanists alike. But I'm being kind.
  7. Remake of Love Song by The Cure.... Adele.. Original... for old pharts:
  8. A little this from the old 'big hair rocker chick' days... for those who are now 'gray hair rocker chicks'.... LOLOL! Okay... 'processed' hair porch rocker chicks in comfortable but sexy slingback wedgie sandals... (with bling) hehehe
  9. IDK... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJsr7Yo34tk
  10. luci


    ..... http://dinartruthmatrix.net/why-did-the-fed-hold-an-emergency-meeting-yesterday/ Why Did The Fed Hold An Emergency Meeting Yesterday? Financial Reset, Governance, The Cabal, World News Everyone knows that the FOMC announcement, due today at 2 pm, will be the culmination of an orderly, traditional 2-day meeting which started yesterday, April 29. What few know, however, is that in addition to the generic FOMC meeting which started yesterday at 10:30 am, at about the same time, the Fed also held an “expedited” emergency meeting between the four board governors Yellen, Tarullo, Stein, and Powell. As the WSJ adds, “The four members of the board met to discuss “medium-term monetary policy issues,” according to a meeting notice posted on the Fed’s website…. A Fed spokesman declined to say if the two meetings were combined, or how long the board meeting lasted.” The WSJ also notes that the “last time the Fed board met to discuss “medium-term monetary policy issues” was on April 26, 2011, according to analysts at BNP Paribas.” The notice: go to link
  11. luci


    (I keep trying to understand the doubletalk here, but as far as I can figure, you need to hold on to your dong understanding that this is an exploratory experiment. and with that, I suppose, a dong in the hand is worth two in the bush. And dont screw with Reno.) ==================================== http://whitehatauxiliaries.wordpress.com/ FACT CHECK #120 Posted on April 30, 2014• 140 Comments Found At One World of Nations The following is an initiative brought to us from those that have the steam to make it happen. PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY. This is just in the exploratory phase right now and is not a guaranteed project or offer. Follow the directions carefully and let’s see if we can get some help to those who need it. Thank you. WHA Special Dinar Group Policy Test Initiative We are dealing with the daily realities of the true difficulties of an Iraqi currency release and RV. There will probably need to be tiered phases between the big guns of Reno with the need to fast track tiers one and two if a partial new RV is the route chosen. Those are pre-funded and pre-set. However, having been watching and reading the desperate needs of so many people between the OWoN and WHA sites, it becomes ever more clear that major Infrastructure Projects apart, there is a parallel reality of real need between so many people for whom participating in a partial Dinar exit may be their last chance to get clear of historical issues, and who, if empowered, can assist delivering the social project needs beyond just the big battalions. We need to think outside the box here. Society has vast needs – so do economies. Why not combine the evidenced wish of so many speculating investors now emerging, seeking a chance to participate in putting something back, by conceiving a strategy to test whether it will be possible to create a collective Dinar / Dong pool initiative to phase perhaps a block of up to c$1T, or whatever may be allowed, to enable and re empower so many lives from the two sites, to be allowed to enrich the lives of so many communities and make our world a better place? Battling alone as c$1M to $50M holders, Dinarians may find it hard to compete. If we can test out response from the sites to ascertain how many would like to come in as part of a focused group, we can assess if it’s viable and then, if so, we can seek possible support from Reno to create a special Patriotic Initiative for inclusive help to many. This is an exploratory gesture of goodwill to the two sites, not for commercial opportunism by us. We already have several vast positions as Trustees and need no one. This is only a helping hand for many. But, let us be very clear here. There is no way the Regulators or our groups are going to ask for any special dispensations for an open end grab and spend release of up to $1T. It has to be a structured approach or nothing. The IMF will not throw $1T on the street. It needs a case to sell it. Only a few percent of each holding will probably be allowed out as free cash subject to Regulatory guidelines. The rest may have to be allocated as Project Credits you can draw down as stage releases with real projects, which then help the nations and humanity. You can own the projects and be involved with development and installation delivery – at least if following normal MTN and BG trading platform rules. Responsible use. There will be no $1T cash free for all. Get Real! It’s NOT YOUR money, its Global funds with rules. This concept may gain support. Handled right, it can get millions back to work and generate many regional projects which otherwise would be missed. It will also stabilize and recover many lives. The current strategy in Reno is that for block funds traded the group deducts 10% of margins for Military charity aid. Helping the wounded plus caring thoughts for others. We would seek to apply the same. You put something back for our help. A better world. This is too big an initiative to open up globally and needs to be explored for just the two sites initially as a goodwill gesture to all. If the response is adequate we will then need to create administration support teams between the sites, as a collective effort and to bring in Audit and Professional regulatory support. There will be a primary right of discretionary screening approval to participate. Basic diligence. The only way this can succeed is for the OWoN team, working in conjunction with WHA, to reach out to Reno and beyond, if the volume of demand is there, and Lobby hard to assist you all as a gesture of goodwill to help accelerate regional aid and recovery. We seek no commercial benefit. It is only an initial exploratory move to assess demand and to help regional recovery. If interested please email either site with a brief overview of your Dinar and Dong holdings ONLY at this stage to enable us to ascertain if viable volume interest is there first for us to approach Reno for you. No, No, No, we are not getting into other esoteric holdings. Just the TWO currencies only. Be under no illusion here, Reno has no need for any of this, or even current interest, and the only chance you have is for the group to go out and Lobby hard on YOUR behalf to try to get support for you. A minimum 10% goes to Help the Heroes, NO FREE RIDES. We all put something back! This is to try to help a lot of good causes if the demand justifies it. OWoN is putting a vast amount back worldwide. The markets may move fast now after the Iraqi Election. Who wants to be included? Email in please, your approximate holdings. At this time there is NO requirement of any further information. We are NOT asking for your currency. Just register interest and your approximate holdings. This is ONLY a fast track exploratory assessment to ascertain the volume of interest if viable. If so, it may all move very quickly. ONLY the TWO sites will be considered. Then, if the demand is there we will try to sell a case to include you. You may get lucky, they may give you all cash, who knows until its tried out? ===================================================================================== Please email your dinar/dong amount to: Whitehatauxiliaries@frontier.com. NO OTHER INFORMATION IS NEEDED. Once you email your amounts here, you do NOT have to copy OWoN on it. You can email WHA OR OWoN with your holdings. NOT BOTH!! We will forward the information to them. Remember, this is just an exploratory project right now. If they proceed, the sign up procedures will be given at that time. Thank you. WHA