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  1. Im not gonna babble on here, but yeah.. - The Smithsonian Institute. - Mirror Mirror on the Wall. - Fruit Loops. This is plain and simple - A Clear Memory. I also know for a fact that there were 2 days of March(03) the Second(02) 2014. I have the records and emails to prove it. Also I made a post here with CHANI about this near that timeline, although it might have been in the shout box. (Can someone check?) [03, 02, 2014] or [02, 03, 2014] ( ..for you cosmic math people!) I'm just an emphatic receiver, so I dunno.. I was lucky during those two days, as I was in the deep fields of North Dakota for work, way away from most wireless transmission radiation fields except for directed satellite comm's and escaped this general shift. I think this: These..'waves'.. aren't Global, there is some form/sort of resonance to them as they wash over areas.. like the harmonic of a string whilst being tuned around a ball. I think that's why there is a variance of remembrance. I have 2 theories about how they are being transmitted at present. But Ill wait a small bit before sharing them. 'Alone, Where I am supposed to be.' is the only clue I can say aside from the above, yet. Thank You CHANI We are getting close now, my waters are finally calming amidst the fucking radical turmoil. Ive been mostly Numb for a while against my wishes, ..darker dreams, -but no longer... it feels close now. -Kii
  2. Kii

    2016 US Presidential Election

    Man I'm not sure Cheetah, have more? This is a down the drain type deal as I currently see it. V. Putin is far far smarter. Can you imagine either HRC, or TK or D. Trump intelligently talking to V.Putin about the missile shield??? OMFG
  3. Kii

    2016 US Presidential Election

    Breezy, I hear ya. Ive been reviewing some video footage at her rallies, and she is CLEARLY not of good health. She spaces out, twitches, has short bursts of what appear to be some form of seizures, has to be coached and more. It is obvious and clear. Rumor has it that she has been diagnosed with Complex Partial Seizures and a form of Subcortical Vascular Dementia.. both are brain issues. Perhaps some form of Epilepsy. Ive seen seizures in folks before, and while hers are not as severe, yet, the simple fact is that if they are present at all in a Presidential Candidate, is as big a red flag as can be borne, even if it is Epilepsy. I do have university education in medicine and I no longer have any doubt here that she has a serious condition. So yes, this bring up Tim Kaine, who, if Hillary somehow lives long enough to get elected, will be the US President shortly thereafter, because I personally don't think she is going to be stable for much longer. Breezy asked: "WHY do they want her as President?? WHAT is the motivation?" Is the answer, that 'they' want Tim Kaine elected? We all know these guys always play several steps ahead in the game. I don't know much about the guy yet. A Lieutenant Governor and then junior Senator from Virginia, runs to the left as a Roman Catholic, seems to be a type that is more eager to please and generally progressive, who obviously has no Military experience and is often termed a 'go with the flow policy wonk', who doesn't seem to like to make hard decisions on his own. (These are my observations, its way cool to disagree! Especially since Im just starting my research). So yeeaaaaahh..... /sigh.... So what is the motivation? Obviously he is the other side of the Donald, who frankly hits me like a way loose cannon who cant even stay on message. Perhaps because he will be able to be handled much, much more easily than Trump? A person who doesn't have vast resources and contacts to blab too when 'They' put the screws to him to step in line and march to the drum if the SHTF? That's my bet at the moment. I'm genuinely troubled by this election more so than I ever have been in this life. Again, these are my observations only. It really does feel like we are being steered towards something, more than ever. Peace CHANI <3
  4. Kii

    2016 US Presidential Election

    This is a 4 Chan forum capture, in images so it cannot be parsed by crawlers. FBI insider is talking. Looks like the iceberg is about to breach. I can say that this is both Bad, and Good, and that it is far, far larger than I ever wanted. But here it is. What I cant say is that I don't think we haven't smelled this. Posts and responses have been numbered for reference. Someone knows something. https://imgur.com/a/lFHx3 I miss Duncan.
  5. Oppps! Sorry I missed this, but a very happy birthday to you both Lia and Deela!
  6. Wow.. best Burpyday thread ever! Happy Birthday, Monatom, and Thank You for you )
  7. Kii


    Yeah I agree 12:12, Seems like we're all gathering now to some focus point or something, things are moving faster every single day. Im hoping we can just solembly solemnly breathe thru this. [Edited for 'grammer']
  8. Kii


    Wow Triton... Yeah Dude, I think we are all starting to understand.. Well, we already did but are now able to speak to each other on this level now without that ol' hesitation, dang dude, this is SOOoooo nice to finally be there!! Oh man... ...We are so lucky here on CHANI, we are all already intuiting this now, ..its not like it seems like we do anymore, ..we are already there. Its so nice At the moment It's just a natural plateau of course, but thats just the small period of being on level ground before the we do the next climb. CHANI-- Im sorry I was so harsh above, there are so many bright lights here, That was totally my bad, ..I'm just chomping on the bit again... and speaking out of turn as a result of it, as the Brits say, but hah! lol, but this is all going down right now, there is some focal point or something or other that is coming up. I have a feeling that things are going to start to move quickly now. Any one else feeling a focusing of something or other? Cheers folks, -Kii
  9. Kii


    I should have mentioned something in the above post that I didnt, even though it was already in the back of my mind moving forward... In my post, #1868 just a bit above, I realize I did come off a tad excited. I'd like to clarify that. My excitement, which was indeed tangible, was due to the advancement of data, and not, its prospect. The entry of that Craft is not something I look forward to in many ways. But yet it has to happen, or something comparable in light of it. Quite frankly, in the opposite direction, the sooner, the friggin' better. We are in the dying throws now anyway, daily going thru the motions of everything aside from those that may engage us near our heart-level (our 4th Chakras) and our 7th Chakra, knowingness. ...with almost all folks that have developed their knowingness being already aware of this anyway.. I no longer generally care; in view of our current base-level human frame of mind, if billions of people do a knee jerk twerp-out and then chimp-freak-the-fuck-out, then vomiting and pooping their fearful realities all over everything, what did anyone expect from them, anyway? It may be an ugly and totally horrible thing to witness, but Im not going to downplay this anymore here, not on this advanced forum. They were doing vacation lives to fill space, and chose to be sheeple. Those that do, (and there is no judgement in this), will be removed from our current physical space quickly enough and their Spirit will learn alongside the rest, as it has always been. They provided a great depth and gradient for all, so truly Thank You. Everyone will have to decide, to make The Choice we spoke about here on CHANI, just a few years ago. The answer is in how it unfolds. How it unfolds, for each of us, is actually our choice, even if the contribution is singular. So yeah man,, I completely agree, T. Our answer is how we conduct ourselves. [Edit for syntax]
  10. Kii


    Aye, I hear you. If that object is indeed what it appears to be, and makes itself even marginally known, most earth folk are going to crap their brain-pans. It wont be pretty, likely with history repeating itself... yet again. Time to own our knowingness on a whole new level, me thinks.
  11. Kii

    Free Energy Device Implemented

    WOW!! Thanks Suu!
  12. Kii


    Ahhh, I remember that, the black box in the sky map. I wonder where that craft is now! Thanks T
  13. Kii


    T, Not entirely sure what Im looking at here, but is that a proverbial Winged Disk in the center of the frame?