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  1. As I spend a lot of time travelling, I always have my Kindle with me. And since I read a lot, I often run out of books to read. It is not easy to find good books as many terms that we might use to describe something interesting have been highjacked by pop culture. Please post names and authors of books of whichever genre that you've found interesting and/or enjoyable. Preferably something out of the ordinary. I'll start by posting a few that I can recall at the moment: Novels that contain truth: 1.) Canopus in Argus series by Doris Lessing - initially recommended by NexusEd I found these books truly remarkable. The series contains 5 books that are loosely related. Book 1 (Shikasta) and book 3 (The Sirian Experiments) I've found to be the most relevant and interesting. 2.) The Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu. A sci-fi series containing 3 books. In short it is about an alien race that discovers humanity's radio signal and decides to invade Earth. Although the book presents ideas that are alien (pun intended) to me, I have found it so interesting precisely because I disagree with it. Regardless of one's interest, the books are a delight for sci fi fans. 3.) The Red Lion by Maria Szepes - spiritual/occult novel about a person who has been 'cursed' to remember his past lives. 4.) the Thread of Infinity by Jon Whistler - similar to Red Lion, about one soul's journey through multiple incarnations on Earth. 5.) The Education of Oversoul Seven trilogy by Jane Roberts - combining many key themes from Seth material this book reveals much hidden truths while being easy to read. 6.) Three Sevens - an occult novel about initiation 7.) The Brother of the Third Degree - another phenomenal occult novel 8.) Zanoni by Edward Lytton - a story about a magician Spirituality/Theurgy 1.) Anything by Alan Wallace. He is a remarkable meditation teacher, who has on countless occasions demonstrated that he is indeed a very spiritually advanced man. I have learned a lot from him personally and from his books. I strongly recommend The Attention Revolution, Genuine Happiness, Stilling the Mind. And for more scientifically inclined - Hidden Dimensions. Although he draws his teaching from Buddhist traditions, mainly Dzog Chen, the practical application of his teachings is beyond words. 2.) Books by Franz Bardon. He has written 3 books of practical instructions, the first one is named Initiation into Hermetics. He leaves a lot of room for the reader to complete the missing pieces, but most certainly the path he presents is a solid path to gaining control of various latent higher faculty abilities in each of us. 3.) Occult Science in India and Among the Ancients by Louis Jacolliot. A comprehensive overview of oriental theurgic practices. 4.) Healing with Form, Energy and Light. - drawing from the ancient teachings of Bon tradition this books presents a solid framework for continuous development in various spiritual areas. 5.) Rober Monroe - Ultimate Journey. A story that I resonated with. 6.) Writing by Jiddu Krishnamurti. Very suitable for someone who is just discovering this inner self. UFOs/Aliens 1.) Earth: An Alien Enterprise by Timothy Good - a collection of accounts by credible people 2.) Passport to Magonia by JAcques Vallee - a super well researched book from mid 20th century These are just some books that I can recall now. I don't agree with any of these books 100%, I read with an open mind and not so rarely do I come across a book that is not interesting or truthful but contains a nugget of information that is very important to me. Waiting for lists from all of you and hope to compile a reading list for month to come
  2. kumo


    NASA has never and would never release an actual photo of this meteor to the public. So, I have found it and am releasing it today. This is the first time anyone in the world has ever seen the actual photo of 3200 Phaethon also known as 1983TB. This meteor is said to be over three miles across This massive meteor was named after a Greek god that almost destroyed earth in Greek mythology. NASA says the meteor was 3.17 miles by .12 miles across, but apparently thats not true. You see, from visual observations in these screenshots as it passed our sun, if this meteor is truly 3.17 miles wide...assuming NASA didn't lower this estimate to lower public worry...I think its more about 5 miles wide. Assuming 3.17 to be true, then its true width would be closer to half that or more...1.585 miles wide at least. This means the .12 miles wide estimate that NASA gives the public is actually 13.208 X smaller than it should be. So, lets assume I'm wrong and this is not even Meteor 1983TB, then thats leaves us with an unknown, and according to the Helioviewer...this dark unknown object passing our sun is three times the size of Earth itself...according to the photo of earth that Helioviewer has on its overlay to compare size. If that is true, how can the world not know about something that size? And what the hell is it then? Consider also that this UFO remains dark, because its not even hot, yet so close to the sun that it should be burning red hot? Perhaps a giant alien craft? I'll leave it up to you to decide, Scott C. Waring-UFO Sightings Daily http://www.ufosightingsdaily.com/2017/12/first-ever-photos-of-meteor-3200.html
  3. kumo


    @T what parts of the interview do you agree and disagree about?
  4. kumo


    Vahagn is a deity that was worshipped in Armenia during the period prior to the coming of Christianity. Vahagn was revered as a fire god. The name Vahagn is derived from a combination of two Sanskrit words – vah and agni. The former is said to mean ‘to bring’, whilst the latter, ‘fire’. According to this interpretation, therefore, the name of this ancient deity may be translated as ‘the bringer of fire’. Vahagn was also worshipped as a god of volcanoes, a solar deity, and a warrior god. Alternative Origins of Vahagn Name: An alternative explanation for the origin of Vahagn’s name is that it was derived from the Persian Veretrana / Veretranga / Verethranga. In this case, it was not only the name of the deity, but the god himself that was brought into Armenia from a foreign land. The deity known as Artagnes is a Hellenized version of Vahagn, as the former has been identified as Veretrana / Veretranga / Verethranga. The deity Artagnes, by the way, is best known as one of the composite gods (Artagnes-Herakles-Ares) depicted on Mount Nemrud, the tomb-sanctuary built by Antiochus I Theos, the most famous ruler of the Kingdom of Commagene. Vahagn was commonly worshipped as part of a triad, alongside the deities Aramazd and Anahit. Whilst these two deities are Armenian, it is quite possible that they were adopted from Persia. Aramazd is derived from the Zoroastrian Ahura Mazda, whilst Anahit from the Old Persian Anahita. This may be regarded as further evidence supporting the claim that Vahagn is the Armenian version of the Persian Veretrana / Veretranga / Verethranga. Still, there are also those who argue that Vahagn was not a Persian import, but a native Armenian deity whose origins can perhaps be found in the country’s remote past. The Birth of a Dragon Reaper: Although worshipped as part of a triad, Vahagn was a significant god in his own right. For example, this deity is commonly known by his epithet ‘Vishapakagh’, which means ‘the Dragon Reaper’. This title is self-explanatory, i.e. that Vahagn fought and conquered dragons, thus making him a sort of warrior god. This story is found in an ancient song written by a 5th century AD Armenian historian by the name of Moses Khorenatsi / Moses of Khoren. Unfortunately, the part about battling dragons is said to be now lost. In spite of this, the story of Vahagn’s birth has been preserved, and may shed some light on this deity. In this song, Vahagn is depicted to have been born out of a hollow reed stalk in the sea: “In travail were heaven and earth, In travail, too, the purple sea! The travail held in the sea the small red reed. Through the hollow of the stalk came forth smoke, Through the hollow of the stalk came forth flame, And out of the flame a youth ran!”
  5. kumo


    Wow, @T, just wow. I cannot emphasise enough how unique your insights, information and posts are. Thank you and please keep us updated as regularly as you can.
  6. kumo


    So it is about to begin for real Even these guys are now publicly shorting the market. Icahn Enterprises, from a modest net 25% short - his recent negative bias on the market was hardly a secret - to a practically apocalyptic, 149% net short which is about as close to betting on a market crash as one could get. Stanley Druckenmiller warned that “the bull market is exhausting itself” and in a presentation titled "The Endgame", he explained why he too is dumping equities and buying gold. George Soros returned to trading, "lured by opportunities to profit from what he sees as coming economic troubles", but that he has personally directed "a series of big, bearish investments", meant to profit from the coming economic turmoil . http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-06-08/soros-returns-trading-big-bearish-bets-economic-turmoil
  7. kumo


    I too have tried to help some inventors in this field. The problems are manifold. 1.) Greed and egotism. Probably the main issue, that stems from inability to comprehend that inventing something truly novel is one thing (there are many great, potentially life changing invention around the globe that are not widely known) but to actually bring it to the world required an enormous amount of effort and resources! To quote one of the self-taught inventors that I used to personally know "It is my cake and I will keep the most of it" That being said people should be rewarded for creating true value. 2.) Fear + arrogance. Inventors fear that someone will steal their inventions and thus tend not to share the know how, even to such an extent that there are no tools to evaluate the invention. Arrogance = 'you will not understand it, it is beyond the comprehension of modern science' 3.) Lack of strategy. There is a lot of opposition when it comes to revolutionary inventions. A very sophisticated strategy is required to make the opposition irrelevant. And of course many many other issues as well. Then again with the advent of modern and affordable tech, like 3D printers and (more importantly) 3D electronics printers (Voxel8) it won't be long before the independent thinking folks will be able to build revolutionary machinery themselves. Ultimately if you can grow your own food and produce your own energy you are already more free and independent than 99% of people.
  8. I have visited all three Cleopatra's needles. Interestingly, apart from the Paris one, the other two are placed in odd locations. The NYC is behind Metropolitan Museum of Art, you literally need to know where to look to find it, it is unlikely that you would find it simply taking a stroll in the central park. Similar situation in London but a bit different - it is placed in a busy place filled with commuters who tend not to look around. I've lived in London for 8+ years and passed that spot hundreds if not thousands of times but never paid attention before I actually had an intention to visit it. The Paris one is in a very prominent location but is severely overshadowed by the presence of the Eiffel Tower (another occult symbol). So that is an interesting aspect. I spent quite a bit of time around each of them and it is as if there is something magical about them that makes them almost invisible to people. It is truly bizarre to observe people around it and almost no one even looks at them! Even when I was touching and climbing the one in NYC no one was looking. Odd.
  9. My studies in the realm of magic and all things related have led me to conclude, at least for now, that the following two faculties are key to all different kinds of magic, ESP and superpowers: focus (attention) and visualisation (imagination). Naturally, these are also pivotal in mundane everyday tasks. 'Their' efforts to make sure people do not develop these faculties are immense. Modern way of life ensures that our minds are fragmented as much as possible, while things like TV make sure our imagination withers. Another aspect is that in the process of popularisation of ancient schools of wisdom the key truths have been lost. Take meditation and mindfulness, for example. In many modern adaptation the teachings have been oversimplified to an extreme extent, leading many to believe that nirvana or vipassana are states that are characterised by absence of thoughts. A real, first hand, inquiry into ancient wisdom schools, from gnosticism and hermetics to the oriental schools, reveals that before one can begin to achieve real results the faculties of focus and visualisation (in that order) have to be well developed. Shamatha before Vipassanā. Magic in itself is neutral. How one uses it determines its shade, be it white, black, grey or rainbow coloured A sincere and zealous 'praxis' in the magical arts leads to an enormous expansion of consciousness and dispersion of the mist that clouds your true self. What you do from there is up to you. And remember - we are all expressing ourselves in a physical body. Therefore take a holistic approach, develop different aspects of you simultaneously - mental, spiritual and physical - all different aspects of you.
  10. I wholeheartedly agree, there are plenty of other threads for whatever anyone else would like to say.
  11. T, what is your take on the Vedic civilisation? When did it actually exist? How does it fit into your knowledge? Was this culture started by descendants of a now sunken continent? For some reason I am not a big fan of the Vedic scriptures. I find them rather dogmatic and... draconian, for lack of better word.
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    As I understand all contracts only lasted for one season, so very likely they will not make a new season any time soon. Episodes 1 and 6 raise a lot of questions, as to why 'they' chose to put this information into a show. Lots of information, disinformation and information veiled in jokes.
  13. What a majestic thread. T, thanks for all what you do and write. Let's use this chance to express my curiosity. Your contact with the Andromedian alliance/forces - is it direct? Do you possess or have access to netrino-based devices and is that how you get updates on the situation? Have you been off this planet during this physical lifetime either physically or with other parts of your being?
  14. kumo


    The whole Standard Model is nothing but a fucking joke. I was still in school in the UK when I asked my teacher about dark energy and dark matter. Namely that these concepts were derived by the process of mental masturbation, whereas the existing models were at odds with actual observations so these shitty pointless concepts were invented. I guess they never hear of Occam razor, because if in your model you need imaginary concepts that account for the majority of observed phenomena, chances are, you are wrong. The very idea that you can understand how universe works by a reductionist approach when you just collide and break shit and hope to figure out how it works (Cern and the like) is again a sign of a toddler stuck in a anal satisfaction stage of development (I side with the argument that the official use of CERN is a veil to conceal its true purpose, I am using this analogy for argument's sake) Moreover, electromagnetic force is so much stronger than gravity that one could say it is infinitely stronger. And the role of electromagnetism is, on purpose, underplayed to an unimaginable extent. Electric Universe theory is a good place to start in order to really start questioning stuff. Another aspect which has been raised in various threads is the Russian-doll-like nature of most of the natural forces and phenomena. Electromagnetism is no exception. One can easily prove existence of non-classical EM fields by cancelling force fields and still having very solid effect on matter (in 1960, using self-cancelling coils, phase of electron has been changed without the presence of classical EM fields). Using simple and undeniable empirical experiments backed by alternative, simple, practical models one can understand that electromagnetism has different expressions, classical/ non-classical (non-Hertzian, transverse, scalar, radiating)/ quantum etc etc. ad infinitum. All subtly interconnected, all expression of the Aether. I could go into hundreds of different aspects. The point is this: the holes in the modern mainstream science are so glaring that it is like an elementary test to see if a person can think independently. Because if one can there is no one one would 'beLIEve' mainstream science.
  15. Another thought that has arisen while looking at Zuckerberg's Chinese wife. The real men in power are always in relative shadow, look at the 'advisers' to presidents or shareholders of the world's largest companies. It doesn't get any more convenient than exerting influence to greater or lesser extent through somebody wife, especially since in the current order of the world many of the positions of power in the world are occupied by men. Especially non-mainstream kind of influence, be it mind-Kontrol or occult magicK. This idea has also been expressed in a great, albeit truly low profile movie Ghost Writer. I highly recommend it.