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  1. phillipbbg

    Current Events from Around the World

  2. phillipbbg

    Current Events from Around the World

    Mean while in Australia ....................... MEGA River forms visible from SPACE - Ground Spontaneous Combusting - Now a Cyclone Off Shore!
  3. phillipbbg

    Current Events from Around the World

    Breakdown of *WHY US Sanctions the *PEOPLE of Venezuela! Both sides of the argument....
  4. phillipbbg

    Current Events from Around the World

    Starting to get a little real now Schumer Shames McConnell To His Face For Refusing To Open The Government
  5. phillipbbg


    Vaccine shot killed famed cancer doctor in mere minutes from “total organ failure” … state-run media desperately tries to cover it up https://www.naturalnews.com/2019-01-11-vaccine-shot-killed-famed-cancer-doctor-in-mere-minutes-total-organ-failure.html?fbclid=IwAR1ZCCB8GJ-j4tYcrcgbjM9JTWfVmCBNB-xyxwwHk1icM0W7d7IRTnPpuWE
  6. phillipbbg

    Modern Medicine Exposed

    [SNIP] Besides introducing foreign proteins and even live viruses into the bloodstream, each vaccine has its own preservative, neutralizer and carrying agent, none of which are indigenous to the body. For instance, the triple antigen, DPT, which is the Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus vaccine, contains the following poisons: Formaldehyde, Mercury, and aluminum phosphate, and that's from the Physician's Desk Reference, 1980. The packet insert accompanying the vaccine, lists the following poisons: aluminum potassium sulfate, a mercury derivative called Thimersol and sodium phosphate. The packet insert for the polio vaccine lists monkey kidney cell culture, lactalbumin hydrozylate, antibiotics and calf serum. The packet insert for the MMR vaccine produced by Merck Sharp and Dhome which is for measles, mumps and rubella lists chick embryo and neomycin, which is a mixture of antibiotics. Now chick embryo, monkey kidney cells and calf serum are all foreign proteins which are biological substances composed of animal cells which because they enter directly into the bloodstream can become part of our genetic material. They can become part of our genetic material, folks, remember that, it's going to be important later. These foreign proteins, as well as other carriers and reaction products of a vaccine are potential allergens and can produce anaphylactic shock. Folks, anaphylactic shock is a nice word for brain damage. Reading on... Another problem with vaccines is that they go directly into the bloodstream without filtering by the liver. Dr. William Albrecht tells us the following, "If you take water into your system as a drink, it goes into your bloodstream directly from the stomach, but if you take in fats, they move in through your lymphatic system. When you take other substances like carbohydrates and proteins, they go into the intestines and from there are passed into the liver as the body's chemical filter. Before they go out into the blood and circulate in the body. Most of your vaccination serums and proteins are not filtered by the liver, consequently vaccinations can be a terrific shock to the system. Injections of foreign substances like viruses, toxins and foreign proteins into the blood stream via vaccinations, have been associated with diseases and disorders to the blood, brain, nervous system and skin. Rare diseases such as atypical measles and monkey fever as well as such well- known disorders as premature aging, allergies, etc. have been associated with vaccines. Also linked to immunizations are such well-known diseases as cancer, leukemia, paralysis, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and sudden infant death syndrome." Folks, I'm not making this up. This is mostly out of Physician's Desk Reference, 1980, and Organic Consumer Reports of 1977. [SNIP] http://www.gval.com/loglia.htm
  7. phillipbbg

    Modern Medicine Exposed

    Credit to the late Bill Cooper Hour Of the Time for having Alex Logia on his program. This information is an excellent starter for those wanting to know more of the medical/science fraud perpetrated humanity.
  8. phillipbbg

    Proof giants once walked the Earth

    In this video, Real Giant Footage, we will explore a video of a giant in Japan. The video is from the late 1800’s and the giant was said to be from a race of wiped out people called the Cha Cha. The island the the giants occupied is not far from Japan and is said to have been called Hahajima. From what I can tell there is no mention of this in our false historical narrative. In recent times the video has surfaced again and was used in a trailer for a movie called Big Man Japan. Even though the trailer and movie have nothing to do with the original real giant footage, most have concluded the real giant footage is fake due to the association with this movie. I believe the movie was created only to discredit and cast doubt over this amazing piece of footage. I originally made this video with an intro showcasing the shape of our realm. After publishing it, I realized the intro was distracting from the main point of the video being the “real giant footage”.
  9. What have you just watched ...lol well it may be the oddest thing I have seen this Christmas.. have a safe and uneventful holiday one and all
  10. Northerner terrifies Londoners by saying "Hello"