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  1. Kai

    near death experiences

    altho I have not personally had an nde, I've been fortunate to experience several fully conscious out-of-body states since last june (2012). to follow is an excerpt from my own written account describing my very first obe... "The following account will describe as clearly as possible, my own experiences as I began my journey into the subtle realms of conscious reality. This account is also being shared in order to give those who are considering, or currently attempting to have their own non-physical experiences, the inspiration to continue - THIS IS REAL, PEOPLE. I was driven to find out for myself what others had done before me, and to bring this state of non-physicality from being strictly a belief, into an actual knowing. For this to happen, I knew it was imperative that it come from an experiential level - nothing less would do." more at link under 'getting there': http://healinginthenewmillenium.blogspot.ca/p/blog-page_1.html
  2. here's just a short description of what the Gateway Program is about (for those who may be unfamiliar with it): "“Gateway Voyage” is the world famous six-day residential program created by The Monroe Institute, a global pioneer in consciousness research. Having successfully developed a revolutionary technology enabling the safe and controlled alteration of human brain waves, the Institute has helped thousands of people around the world access profound states of relaxation and expanded awareness. This patented process known as Hemispheric Synchronization or Hemi-Sync®, makes possible the coherent balancing of both hemispheres of the brain into a synchronized harmony of whole-brain thinking."
  3. hey everyone - thought i'd include a short video clip i've recently created on my youtube channel to inform those of you who may not be aware, that The Monroe Institute is offering their Gateway & Guidelines Programs on Vancouver Island, Canada - Yahoo! so, for any of you fellow canucks who have been considering attending TMI's Gateway but would prefer not to leave the country, here you go! and for the rest of you non-physical reality explorers, come and participate, and experience the beauty of Canada's west coast. TMI Provides Experiential Education Programs Facilitating the Personal Exploration of Human Consciousness Link to video clip with additional details on description section: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olIFc1h0k2s More info on the Gateway Voyage Program: http://www.monroeinstitute.org/programs/gateway-voyage here's a link to the venue where the program will be taking place - Honeymoon Bay Lodge & Retreat (http://www.honeymoonbayretreat.com/)
  4. Kai

    Message from James Gilliland

    nex, i so appreciated your statements above which are so inline with my own way of thinking in regards to who we are and what our 'purpose' is really all about, that i took the liberty to add it as the most recent post on my blog site. pls let me know if you're ok with this, otherwise i can remove it just as quickly. here's the link to the blog page: http://healinginthenewmillenium.blogspot.ca/
  5. Kai

    Predicted East coast tragic shooting

    in case anyone was wondering whether mind control/hypnosis was possible, to the degree that a regular person (albeit highly suggestible) would indeed actually be capable of 'pulling the trigger', check this out ~ Derren Brown - The Experiments: The Assassin (Full)
  6. Kai

    A Case for Reincarnation?

    when my son was approximately 6 yrs old (he's 22 now), we were having dinner at a japanese restaurant with the man i was seeing at the time who was originally from wales (this particular event happened in canada). very nonchalantly, my son suddenly commented on how this was reminding him of the time when he would sit on the river bank and eat platas (he pronounced it platyas). i looked at my boyfriend who had the strangest look on his face (i should mention that he happened to be a forensics specialist in linguistics with our municipal police force at the time). as i hadn't a clue of what my son was talking about, i asked him what he meant by this strange comment. busily stuffing his face, he casually explained of living on his farm a long time ago when he would pick platas which his family grew on their farm, and sit by the river to eat them, and how much he enjoyed doing this. my boyfriend, very calmly, asked my son how he knew about platas - had he heard of them in school? my son looked at him with some irritation as though we should know what he was talking about and said no - it was something he remembered. at this point, i was utterly confused and asked my boyfriend what platas were. he proceeded to tell me that it was an ancient gaelic term for potato. as you can imagine, i was absolutely floored. in the meantime, my son had carried on with his eating and didn't discuss it further. although i was familiar with the concept of reincarnation and felt it made sense in the overall scheme of things, this was still a very bizarre incident to be confronted with on such a personal basis if indeed it was evidence of my son spontaneously recalling a previous life.
  7. this is my son's band at one of several summer festivals they played at this year (he's the lead singer wearing the cut-off jeans and white/grey? shirt). this song is called 'life on tap' which he wrote and composed the music for ~ enjoy! Redwood Green Live Duncan 2012 Part 7
  8. Kai

    ARE animals conscious?

    the following borrowed from peter dzubian's book - Consciousness Is All - volume I "Consciousness Itself is incapable of having been produced by a universe, a planet earth, a chemical or biological process, or any other thing you appear to be conscious of. Why? If Consciousness were produced by any thing, the thing would have to be before there was Consciousness. But if there were no Consciousness, there would be no Consciousness to even say the thing itself existed! The thing itself could not honestly be said to exist, thus would not exist to do any producing! Traditional thinking implies the universe still would exist if there were no Consciousness. How could one be certain, if there were absolutely no Consciousness to verify such a thing? Who would vouch for a universe still existing?" 3790_.pdf
  9. Sansum Narrows - Vancouver Island (taken from our boat - such a beautiful summer evening - the ocean was like soup!)
  10. thanks dorris - hope you enjoyed it!
  11. my son's band at one of several summer festivals they played at this year (he's the one singing wearing the cut-off jeans and white? shirt). this is the song he wrote and composed the music to called 'faith & war' ~ enjoy! Redwood Green Live Duncan 2012 Part 4
  12. thanks for posting the pic, phil - shoulda thought to have done that myself - just too excited to share it already - haha!) :P cheers!