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  1. narnug


    Want to add. I have thought a lot about the reason for the 10 digit system. DOS, for example, functions on 2 digit system. You can create a system to describe our world with math with any number of digits from 2 and above. One of the main reasons I have found is that we have ten fingers. But, I can argue that we have two sets of 1 plus 4 fingers. That adds up to 2 plus 8 fingers. Both numbers (2 and 8 ) are more aligned to our nature then 10 is. We don't, in any case, add up into an odd number apart from the number 1. And the fibbonachi starts with two sets of 1. The rest of us adds up as even numbers. And that we have only 1 of is completed by nature with additions. Like a couple that finds love. They join two heads. Two sexual organs. And the rest that they join adds up in even numbers if you divide them. Just to look at the possibility for another system of numbers is almost impossible since we are taught all our lives the system we use and we use it all day long probably hundreds of times a day without noticing it. I have tried to kind of meditate to free the mind of what is there before and create a foundation of something else. Like trying to learn a new language. I have realised that it will take huge effort, and some time, but is possible. amb narnug
  2. narnug


    Yes Eagle Wings, I agree. Not perfect though, but closer to our "nature". The latest exemplar that can be pointed out is the Babylonian clay tablet. It proves that there was great knowledge long before our written and taught history starts. https://www.theguardian.com/science/2017/aug/24/mathematical-secrets-of-ancient-tablet-unlocked-after-nearly-a-century-of-study I have some months left to get my project of many years finished. But dear god how many ideas and discoveries are waiting attention. Looking forward to the time to come. amb narnug
  3. narnug


    I have been working on a project. Well many. But want to share the foundation of one of them with you. At least one to start with. It regards our number system. 1 to 9 with 0 It is not natural. Dozen, or the inches, are more natural. Just like a circle is 360 degrees but not 400. (it was suggested to change the degrees from 360 to 400 but mathematically it was just so wrong so it was not done). The reason is waves. Everything in nature goes in waves. Imagine a line. A wave dances around it. It goes under and over for ever. Light travels like this, as does sound. And we are made from these things. Light and vibration. Phi is based on this. It goes over and under perfection but never reaches the perfection. That is why it is an endless number and contains all knowledge there is. For a wave to finish a cycle it needs 4 steps. A 9 or 10 does not finish a cycle. 4 does. As does 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 and so on. Note that the half of all these numbers is an even number. Half of 10 or 9 is not even. Our number system is one of the things that is guiding us from our origin. We are taught it and use it every single day. It is not natural so it makes us grow from our nature. My opinion is that such an magical number as Phi is would never be an "ugly" number in nature. 1,618....... is not beautiful to look at. 4 is. And 2, so is 3. The basic building block can not be explained to its fullest and in all its beauty in a 9 digit number system with a zero to define new heights reached. And the basic building block would never be 1. With only 1 you get nothing. You need at least 2. With 2 you can start something. Just some thoughts. They are more mature in my mind Sometimes hard to transfer "feelings" in words since words have limitations, but feelings don't. Among the other things I have been working on is the pyramids. I am not kidding. I think I have found out what the original ones were made for. It is so ridiculously simple it makes you laugh. They are power stations. And not with some hocus pocus function of gathering cosmic energy or some other bullshit. They function on a basic law described for example by Kelvin with his "Kelvins Thunderstorm". But it only applies for the original pyramids. There are many replicas made through out history. What got me on the track was the "Disc of Zabu". I got an idea of what it could be made to do. From there the path was obvious. Well. I hope I have time soon to test some of these things out and share with Chani. I am and have been working on a huge project for 4 years now and it seems that it is finally starting to deliver results. Some hard work remaining though. But when I reach goal there I will be able to focus on these things I mention here and more. Things dear to me and which I love to attend and focus on. AMB narnug
  4. narnug


    Time is treating me well. I get: Good times. Times to love Time to work Times with joy There are those hard times. They are only the time between time. All those seconds one has to wait while traveling between the moments that matter. If one can master the skill to control the time between moments it must be a blizz. amb narnug
  5. Put a smile out there. Cant see it my self. So. It was just a smile :)


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      Smiling back at ya narnug! :rolleyes:

    2. breezy
  6. Hey friends. Narnug here.

    Know I have been away. Have my reasons, all of good nature.

    If I would ask you to help me to spread out a letter would you?

    You would be able to read it before helping me spread it, so no unwanted participation asked for.

    So, any chance to ask you for help?

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    2. NewWorld


      Hey Narnug.  Good to hear from you and hope you and yours are doing well.  Happy to help in any way I can but not sure what you actually need or what its about from your shout.  I am sure Kmria can help but if you guys need more than one person just PM me.


    3. unity


      Howdy! Great to see you, Narnug!:hug:

      I wish I could chip in to help you but you know I'm not native speaker. LOL If you need to translate anything into emoji, let me know. ROFL

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      Hope you are well my friend

  7. narnug


    Off topic. My thread so my rules The most impressive thing I have ever read is the only time God answered when asked about his/hers/it°s name. I AM That was the answer, a simple "I AM". And that is the only answer ever given on the topic. Tells you more then you might understand. It says it all with only 3 letters. Named my youngest Mia.
  8. narnug


    Am right here kumo. The time that separates us is just experienced in different ways I was busy trying to explain to 3D Mario Bros that his world is only a tiny chip and all he experiences is some kind of a reflection all created from a code made of only two numbers, 0 and 1. It should not surprise anyone that I was not able to convince him. So now I am back to business A question if I should try to explain this to Luigi, or if I should just go my way?
  9. I was sure David Attenborough died som ?? 2 ?? years ago. Is he alive or dead??
  10. narnug


    I search through thought. I did not know this before I started this post but it told me where to search: "Xi'an, area of the majority of pyramids in China" The result through thought told me where to look: This has been a painfully slow process But it has been an enlightening one and one I would not want to be without. Stay with me and ask me to explain if I go to fast because I need to get the message to you. Will continue soon amb narnug
  11. narnug


    Post 2 of 2 See the post above (due to too many pictures in one post) Here are the last two pictures: Now I see some interesting places there. PLEASE help me identify places there and share. Remember that the paths are in the neighbourhood of correct/accurate position. These are the 12 paths. The 12 moves of the "creation". amb narnug
  12. narnug


    Post 1 of 2 (due to too many pictures) Now, lets say that the first circle (the center circle) of the flower moves. I will call the directions it moves in paths. I will show them with lines. To illustrate this is a picture of a circle moving the half of its size in one direction indicated with a line: If the flower is in 3D it moves into 12 positions outside of the center. These are the paths it leaves. I put a sphere into the picture of the paths to show the dimension: If I take these lines and put them to the center of Earth, aligning one axis with N-S and place one of the paths at the Great Pyramid it looks like following pictures: NOTE that this is done by hand on a data. The paths are in the neighbourhood of where they would be if this would be done by a professional. Only space for 4 of 6 pictures so I continue in post 2/2
  13. narnug

    Waffle Rock

    Hey JammerAAP Suddenly thought about you when I was into some pattern. This is kind of a 3D version of the Flower Of Life. Am drawing it for another thread. The pictures I will post are the basic start. They are all of the same thing. It is a 3D "path" of the movement of the center (like in flower of life) but this time in 3D but not 2D. Along the finishing points of the lines of direction I draw lines. They become Hexagons. 3 of them in total. When I look at this from different angles I get the following patterns: Here I put a sphere into the 3D picture to try to show you the dimension of it: And here are the patterns it gives from different angles. Note that you can rotate it 30 degrees when comparing to patterns, not more. (I drew it this way because it was easier, hard enough like this. You should tilt it 30 d.) Wish you luck with your search. amb narnug
  14. narnug


    Here you have the same 3D picture from another angle. And you have the Torus. I have, in both pictures, chosen to show them in "parallel projection" but not "perspective" (they are drawn in a 3D program). In perspective modus you have to have the 3D world the drawing is in and be able to turn it all ways to understand it and see it. Anyhow, the flower with the Torus in it: What I want to share is not just the flower of life drawings. Just have to start at some starting point. And I want and will ask the Chani collective to help me fill in the gaps. This, what I want to share, opens endless of connection possibilities and I dont even know where to begin or the knowledge to follow up on most of the possibilities. Amb narnug