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  1. Apparently the movie is available for purchase now on DVD. http://www.cropcirclemovie.com/ Anyone know when it was made? There are other crop circle movies around as well: Also an author I like, Daniel Pinchbeck, writes about the crop circles in this book: http://www.2012thebook.com/index.html Peace
  2. The "I am a extra terrestrial" thread of GLP that has gone on for almost 6 years now with over a million and half views and over 35,000 responses. Is the information given true? Has anyone debunked it? I have not read the whole thing but am amazed at its longevity and consistency.
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    Thanks Acolyte, You have my attention and interest. I hope this forum provides true information without having to wade through al the BS and egoism present on other forums. Peace.