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I don't know unity.  Yes Pres. Trump has to pay attention to China right now but,  I don't believe for one minute that he has forgotten NK. or Japan.  I hate to see any more nuclear proliferation, but at the same time, understand what you are  saying. At this point it's not who has them, it's who doesn't, and that's not fair to those who don't.  It only takes one being shot at someone, to obliterate all of us, because once one flies, they all will.   Not something any of us would care to experience.  

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Osiris-REx Arrives at Bennu


OSIRIS-REx spacecraft arrives at Bennu

By Eleanor Imster in SPACE | December 3, 2018

After traveling through space for more than 2 years, NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft arrived on Monday at its destination, asteroid Bennu.



Image via NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center/University of Arizona

Hold this image above in your head and please check this out...↓

Ryugu that Jaxa got on in Sept 2018

How strange BOTH asteroids look SO SIMILAR in shape.....



"Views of the two hemispheres of Ryugu seen from just 12 miles away on June 30, 2018. JAXA, University of Aizu & collaborators"



Are these "asteroids" dispatched by the SAME ALIEN GROUP for some reasons? 

Natza and Jaxa seem to ALIGN the timing of arrivals to these asteroids.

And both having such similar shapes?

Just too many weird "coincidents" here. Meaning there is NO coincident here.......

Natza is a C haven. It has important meaning to them, methinks.


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Mexico's Puebla governor Martha Erika Alonso dies in helicopter crash

  • 25 December 2018


Mexico politicians Martha Erika Alonso and Rafael Moreno Valle die in Christmas Eve helicopter crash

Posted yesterday at 5:54pm


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Sth Korea Shitting in Pants: JSDF had thrown their Clear Proof that Sth K military Locked Onto JSDF craft

You call this an act of "allied"? No way....

This stupid incident done by Sth K military is really making them look stupid with their foolish "reasons why" they did that.

If it was the US military craft copping the lock on, the Sth K military don't have any saying about it even if they get sunken.

Enough is enough.

The marked stupidity is also showing that how much Sth K wants to be engulfed by Nth K.

Nth K isn't listening to the US anyway. 
We are waiting to hear what the 7th Fleet would start to do from early next year....



Japan, South Korea in Row Over Alleged Radar-Lock Incident

Seoul denies that its warship deliberately locked on to a Japanese military aircraft.

December 26, 2018


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The American schools in South Korea packed up and Leaving South Korea

Source: youtu.be/Wiv0l679ImA about 23: 20~, streamed about 16 hours ago

Oh ummm. The story came out among the chat of legit journalists. (IDK if this is true or not but had to drop the line for the heads up, just in case. I'd rather wish it's not happening.)

...It means gearing up for a war---it's getting closer or at least making them to feel it well enough. 

Apparently Sth K media is not spreading the news about this, but as hours passed by, nothing appeared after few different searches done, IDK what's the current status there is.

You can imagine the news would be hushed down but a few journos got info about it, and spilled the beans this time. It's a huge one, if this is true.

I think Sth K pissed POTUS off big way enough. And annoyed enough for the timing. No one needs to suffer. Praying for the future of SK.

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Blood Bath Rituals in Row to Open the New Year 2019

These are pretty full on maj- eek casting happening against Japan.

Nothing feels good out of these strategically planned to boil concoction of disagreed and un-shared human values---simply saying; divide and conquer.

31 Dec 2018:

House of 6 kids, 2 parents, immigrants from Afghanistan, burned down on 31st Dec

There was an adult with all the kids but by the time she could round the kids up, 3 youngest ones were missing. Father (41) was not present.


You won't find this news on English materials for it's such a local news. The house smouldered till 3pm on 31st. 3 dead bodies found.


Screenshot from a news clip (c) ANN News 2018

1st Jan 2019:

Car runs down pedestrians on Tokyo's Takeshita Street, injuring nine



"The incident took place on Takeshita Street in the Harajuku district close to Meiji Shrine. The street was closed to vehicular traffic at the time as it was expected to be crowded on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Eight people were hurt in the incident, including a teen who is in critical condition, the police said. <unity's N.B.: There's another injured after them. So altogether makes the number as 9 injured, including one seriously injured person.> 

Another man was slightly injured after Kusakabe allegedly struck him after getting out of the car, the police said."

Car rams into pedestrians in Tokyo, injuring 8


A path of spiritual cleansing to be done by all the shrines around the rout and implied meaning of getting rid of Imperial system come with stench of RED communism backed act.

But please note that these Communism based alien driven faction are also used by French nastiest C faction.

Either way, soil the spiritual cleansing energy on the important change over timing? all victims were 10~70 yo MALEs.

Because the guy who donne it saying that his act was terrorism but the timing used, location, intention to kill mass,  had lots of oil jerrycans stocked in his car that continuously culling down 8 men/kid. Apparently he didn't like something about AUM Supreme cult killers being hang but so far nothing is making sense for that bit....mind controlled?

More blood bath stuff happened apart from these 2 like yet another case of house on fire and children fried within, but anyway in a big picture, it's a big horrid day of sacrifices and drawn intention. Sigh...

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Here we go, we are seeing the pattern of the formula used by you know who.

Five injured after man rams car into crowd in Germany

FRANK JORDANS The Associated Press



Vehicles plow into New Year’s crowds in Germany and Japan, injuring at least 13

By ASSOCIATED PRESS    JAN 01, 2019 | 5:50 PM


The key words for this time round seem to be; Afghani, antagonism against the immigrant MALEs, Car Plowing into people, House gets on Fire-this case the key words become Immigrant and Family&loss of family members.

And the spell is spreading.

Japan 2nd Jan 2019: <Just noting--I am unsure re: frequency of such fire incidents as such. It's cultural season to be spent with family in one place so if any house fire happens in the New Year season, the % to be involving family members deaths must be high anyway. So may not standing as what's formula made of, and just "norm" for Japan. But as the cast was done to cause such realities around the world, we shouldn't discount these incidents that happened in rows. So I list up other similar incidents just in case.> 

★Niigata prefecture, 3 family members dead, Sado prefecture, Japan, a house fire happened. Apparently 15 houses burned down.

★Takamatsu city, West Japan, 2 family members dead by house on fire.


Not that I ran across wide check of "local fire news" in Germany or other countries such as the US, but small ripples of effect could be followed through to find where the cast was made as "start points" around the globe.


As I can see this formula that got cast by them is to get ugly heads of racial discrimination against the real need to watch out spys and activists that would cause terror incidents (we call them EVENTs), for it look like they are trying to mobilise Human emotional energy against the value change. And I say no wonder if people start to get angry at the new comers started to live on their backyard.

Life that used to be comfortable suddenly became unbearable got shoveled into the faces of pre-established group of populations. This is talking about your own backyard....so I can only say the emotional responses would be huge.

Is it just "selfish" to try to protect ones precious appreciative environment if it came from act of preserving your family's happiness?

I honestly understand that people want to preserve their own ways that were there before all new immigrants made their ways into EU.

If sharing a bit to make all feel great, that'd be great! But when a small offer with generosity was made....the new comers demanded more and more and more by the idea backed by so called human rights support and the political correctness.


(...I think so called "new comers" should have their own lands to live by the world to create mega floats on the sea in certain sea areas. If they become able to go back home, then the whole infrastructures can be either packed up or to remain in use for other regional problems.)


Anyway this is their latest (being installed since 2000) tactic that using MINORITY to turn over MAJORITY. And I say let us beat such crap.

Because something we all say yes/no in united answer is spoken in majority's voices and minorities should never dismiss such voice. (Unless the majority is totally driven by some mind control programming. We are fighting back on this point really great, methinks.) 

Minority can ask for help from the rest of the people, no worries, methinks. But that does NOT warrant them it's ok to wreck others.

Their action is basically trying to turn over the Majority and cause more splits among us. "Divide and Conquer" again.  


As for Sth K weapon locking laser shine on JSDF craft, someone wants to create a war between Sth K and Jpn plotted it so national anger in Jpn would start propelling a war. Yes it was pretty disgusting act, especially being it happened within Japanese EEZ.

But the nation is really heavily stepped. So certainly very ( ・ὢ・ )?HUH?? moment Jpn had, but then again this "ahh....again....we knew you'd do this sort of stupid thing" attitude is very strong which is stopping the push to the war.


And flabbergasted that the Russian political tv show included clear words about Hybrids, esp Ukrainian Hybrids being bad just the other day....

Our world is dancing.

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Croc killed an Indonesian Worker

ワニに襲われ女性死亡か 邦人飼育、インドネシア

2019.1.13 17:47


21hrs old news it is.
The above article was sourced from Kyodo Tsushin where is the source of most of Japanese news, and where is known to be Anti-Japan....anyway, it's the biggest news source in Japan.
I have been using Ggl search and other search engines to get more data.
Well, there's NOTHING coming up on English based sources....yet. 
Again and again, using different angle of words and different search engines to dig any write ups, nothing came up.
So basically to me, it means it's a bogus, and an intel news which someone wanted to release the info broadly. 
The News:
At Minahasa Prefecture, North Sulawesi, in Northern Sulawesi Island, Indonesia.
A 44 yo Indonesian female worker's dead body was discovered at the Japanese based Pearl fishery, and reported by Kyodo Tsushin in Japan on 17:47, 13th Jan 2019.
The Japanese owner was keeping the croc as his pet.
Local police thinks the crocodile had attacked the woman. 
According to the local media and the locally associated people, the body was discovered on 11th.
The crocodile is 5 metres in length, and the woman was the carer for the animal for years. It's considered that she fell into the pond accidentally when she tired to feed it. The local police will investigate the Japanese owner for the matter.
I can read into this so deep and actually because of that, things can get cloudy for me. Whatever they tried to spread is, it's something big to be punctuated by using Kyodo Tsushin IMHO. Thus the post despite seemingly such a local content.
I'll just leave some points I thought while I chased the story.
Drac has a strong hold in Japan, and Japanese owner, Japanese company were used as motif to say it's Japanese branch initiating the situation?
Drac attacked "Indonesian female worker"? "Finally it happened" being the key words as well? 
Indonesia---The last IMF Meeting rocked by a large EQ on Bali; mega strong hold of IS soldiers Muslim country; China waging in with Economic tie
5-->"bringing the fresh energy to start anew"
17:47-->8:11-->both powerful numbers but end result can be totally great or totally bad or swings roughly between such extreme ends
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1) NOT surface but a deep intel

Warning for Japan has been released but the message isn't clear for me or others yet.

However the way how the info is coming out....something big sounds like being plotted.

But some are saying the warning can be about the plot "not inside Japanese soil" but the word was used for the overall bigger image they are using the word for. Like "Far East oriented" info.


The situation added full on colour just a few days ago. 

The reason was that the FMry leaving a message outlet adjacent to Hiroshima station was discovered. 

The message had key words:

a)Maneki Neko (Waving Cat)

b)Dharma (Daruma-Daishi, Dharma icon)

c)Tanuki (Racoon)

d)OhSho (King for Japanese chess)

e)Mt. Fuji

f)Tokyo Tower

a~c are considered to be luck bringers.

d = king...a CHECK MATE or Check Mate Time?

e = the most sacred mountain of all in Japan and people believe that when Mt. Fuji explodes, Japan sinks as a country.

f = an UNUSED broadcasting station acting as the Obelisk in W.D.C. The height is 333m, the metal used were gathered from used tanks (meaning had human dead bodies in them) and war planes, and FMry had their big property DIRECTLY UNDER IT. Far more disturbing point is that "they" chose it over the latest monster broadcasting tower made in recent years called the Sky Tree, and picked this eye sore for the Japanese nation instead...........this tower is where all the War Guilt Information Programming started full on after GHQ took Japan over.


These 6 figures were made into small figurines and being sold ONLY IN JAPAN. I wonder if you get even more codes ON the bodies of figurines when you get all 6. (300 yen each. About $3. Even the cost of each figurines are taking part in the messaging.)

Hiroshima? That can be deeply read into it a lot, too.

So we dunno wth it will be but as a general warning, avoid Hiroshima station and Tokyo Tower for now.


A Big One: source .youtube.com/watch?v=Ws7BQZExkEs (Sorry No Sub---about 29:00 into it)

2) China Maybe Plotting To Copy Russian Crimea Retrieval Action To Take Over TAIWAN...SOON

From an undisclosed informant, this story is coming out.

China had learned what steps were taken by Russia when they took back Crimea.

So China is planning to use any chance such as natural disasters etc to send their own military ships to Taiwan, and calling it "We are only trying to rescue our own people, since its a disaster, only military ships could come...." and stay on Taiwan, and basically take the island over by military very easily.

Russia had done their job absolutely super professional, and apparently even took over the media broadcasting and inserted FAKE NEWS, and they rushed in really quickly to take the area over. 

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Surprise! NASA’s OSIRIS-REx probe catches asteroid spewing bits into space

Alan Boyle
GeekWireMarch 20, 2019


" “The discovery of plumes is one of the biggest surprises of my scientific career,” Dante Lauretta, OSIRIS-REx principal investigator at the University of Arizona, said in a news release. “And the rugged terrain went against all of our predictions. Bennu is already surprising us, and our exciting journey there is just getting started.”

Bits of material were first spotted floating up from Bennu on Jan. 6, shortly after OSIRIS-REx went into an orbit that brought about a mile away from the quarter-mile-wide asteroid. Lauretta and his colleagues determined that the particles didn’t pose a hazard to the spacecraft, and they’re continuing to analyze the plumes and their possible causes.

“We don’t know the mechanism that is causing this right now,” Lauretta said."

NASA Mission Reveals Asteroid Has Big Surprises

March 19, 2019


Jaw dropping thing about the situation about the plume being produced by such a little asteroid to start with, second of all the way how the particles WENT AROUND THE BODY OF BENNU THEN RESETTLED DOWN INSTEAD OF SCATTERING APART INTO THE SPACE, isn't that presenting the asteroid got GRAVITY STRONG ENOUGH TO DO THAT?

The same situation with the particles on Ryugu which JAXA's Hayabusa shot at the surface and made artificial plume, their particles just went ahead scattering apart. 

Just check the shapes and sizes of the asteroids! Normal expectation would be both scattering the particles everywhere not expecting anything to come back to the surface really, unless it just land on as the direction of the asteroid is moving. But Bennu ones WENT AROUND THE ASTEROID BODY THEN RESETTLED. 


Just WTF......


And now, here's an interesting uptake by the Sun about Bennu...

Huge ‘Doomsday asteroid’ Bennu is speeding up and could smash into Earth

A vast asteroid which is four times the size of the London Eye is spinning faster and faster as it gets closer to Earth

By Jon Rogers
18th March 2019, 11:56 pm
Updated: 19th March 2019, 1:56 am


NAtzA basically figured out (so they said) that shooting an asteroid to get rid of dropping on Earth is not exactly workable, if we are to shoot it down.

So the implication becomes bigger as the story IMHO.

I hope the Sun isn't flagging the new direction of how "they"'d use Bennu.

The Asteroid Bennu Keeps Spinning Faster and Scientists Aren't Sure Why



Osiris-Bennu, Ryugu, something IS brewing for us.

And this is what NAtzA gave us as their explanation.

So its spewing particles out all the time? It's eating itself out??

(c)SciNews 2019 Published 2019/03/19
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Nissan-Runault-France-Ghosn-Japan-New Emperor to be installed and New Era Begins in Japan in May 2019

A lot is happening and push and pulls are all we can see from the media coverage.

Carlos Ghosn is truly chewed up full on by Japanese side, and a journo in Japan is claiming that it was actually Japanese government endorsed for the arrest of C Ghosn--------someone in the cabinet is trying to shut out the tentacles of old C faction from France over Japan.  (Source-sorry no sub: youtube.com/watch?v=TZvGBHjaXac)

French C group had been always very nasty against Japan yet citizens of France and Japan have affinities to one another pretty deeply, with respects to different cultural backgrounds. Sad for those who are unaware and still able to appreciate others as honest human beings....

Anyway, the issue was laid out by the crazed alien faction wanted to take over Japan.

Well, France is a Socialist country. Having a friendly passage to....Communism.

And Renault is basically under the French gov control, and Nissan to stay under their flag only means Japanese corporate side won't have anything left on themselves but to be used up by French faction.

So Japanese gov, most likely directed by PM Abe, Japan started to fight back the infiltration.

Japanese side already got plenty of proofs of dodgy markings made by Mr. Ghons. That's why they went ahead arresting the guy.

This is a huge fight between a friggin nasty alien faction trying to take their grip back over Japan, while Japan itself is waking up and trying to get rid of the brain washing they copped since the end of WW2, and trying to stand up on its own to get their own people back by themselves from North Korea.


Japan has released the name of the brand new Era that is to start from 1st May. Yeah it's planned on this day in order to fight against the take over action, obviously......

The new Japan's original calendar is called "ReiWa"令和, apparently meaning that "people to gather to further deepen our culture".

Kotodama, one of the true Japanese spiritual concept that sound is used to create the reality, giving something a name means big.

And because it's to do with the sound, ReiWa can be understood as "Uniting Spirits" written in 霊和.

A pretty powerful concept IMHO.

It will provide strength to the national security, too.

And the name ReiWa is FIRST ever word chosen from ancient Japanese script to be used as the name for an imperial era.

Before, all names were what existed in Chinese books and borrowed the terms out of honouring ancient wisdom. Thus almost making Japan looking like a subdivision of China from international eyes. So this time round, the word is of Japanese origin. So glad. And China was responding to the change when the news got released, immediately, and saying that's good that Japan started to use their own words. (This is a Positive move from Chinese side to my surprise. ) 

You can tell Japan is really trying to get back into its former shape, before all the crappy tentacles started to choke Japan back in early 1900s.

               *Just to add as a side read into the year mentioned above:

                 Well you might heard of SAKOKU of Japan before.  

                 Tokugawa Ieyasu--> Shogun of the time in Japan.

                 By several policies/edicts from 1633 - 1639.

                 Those had remained effective until 1853, when the Perry Expedition squeezed Japan to open up to the Western trade.

                 Why Ieyasu created such strict laws against foreign traders?

                  Because Jesuits came to Japan via Portuguese traders and they were doing the Human Trafficking of Japanese women and children, even after the people were turned into "Christians".


                  Sakoku was done to save and protect Japanese nation from the Human Trafficking.

                  So basically Japan had been copping bad for a looooooong time historically from the nasty alien factions.

                  In case anyone wants to read further on this (you need to translate the article online):

                   "The Obsession of Ieyasu traceable in the Christian Banning law--Japanese Slaves Were Treated Nothing But Like Cattle"  



OK, here's my puzzling question.

To me, it really looks like Japan's very dissed down by the alien factions in some wacky special way.

I know they really hate Japanese blood lines. LOL Yet they also want to preserve the blood lines. Love and Hate? Crazy... Just what's in Japanese blood!??


(Come to think of it, also even the Queen of UK has to give way to Japanese Emperor, because his status is HIGHER THAN HER'S, and looked like she hated that very much from observing the seating arrangement at one of her big b'days. LOL )


Syria was copping full on to their nation.

And Coptic people also copped.

Both Syria and Coptic people's horrible experiences are to do with alien wars, so our space friends said.

But Japan has been copping more of HATRED against them and being flogged hard to give out more and more money all the time.

Japan had been used as the ATM for all sorts of US black ops, and still being used now as I understand. (But this time round, with understanding from Japanese gov side to help some Black Ops in order to create the preferable national security.)

Syria and Coptic people's circumstances, they got killed.

Big chunk of the nation got totally messed up so bad and it's now hard for us to imagine that Syria would ever come back as the country anytime soon.

The Syrian people used to be so "out there" and cutting edge in science. Such brainy people....and now they are having such hard time regardless of how talented people are, how old they are, and no matter where ever they go....this is so tough..... 

Just what kind of punishment is that for anyone to go through that? (I pray to the Universal formulas so people can start to heal. All children deserve to have chance to grow safely.)


But in Japan's case, it's more like the nation is flogged hard to work harder and harder, to suffer deeper and deeper while still kept alive under strenuous and toxic life and environmental patterns.

Can you believe that the Dept of Finance of Japan decided to RAISE TAX just after the bubble burst?

What sort of idiot would ever do such stupid move? That was a clear move just to crush the nation, plotted by one of the nastiest alien faction that was gripping Japan at that time.

They wanted to set up to speed up the slow genocide process created and left by the GHQ after WW2. (Piggy backing of anything they can use for their advantage on its instance....wars are disgusting. But we must defend ourselves.)


Anyway, France side of the faction is trying to take back its power that they lost. Lost on other places on Earth, lost on Japan, not by the Humans winning their rights, though. But them fighting against other alien factions.

So in Japan, the Human side couldn't do anything but just to be choked for a long time, being sandwiched by the alien factions fighting to take over the power stake holding position of Japan.

But it has began.....that 75%+ Japanese people are backing the new Era's name as positive and lots people are appreciating the use of Japan's original calendar that's continuing for 2679 years and still on going.

(And a big bad news for anyone out there to care.....we discovered there are LOADS of male blood liners to take the seat of Emperor currently existing. We have more than enough to choose from safely, from those who we are sure about the specific purity of YAP genes.)


Do you think they got the way to stop the Humans uprising?

No way.

Once it starts, no way they can stop all of us waking up.

Because we are connected.

United at our roots in our souls. We act as one huge organism to fight against the foreign invaders that tries to harm us.

When enough people get to grasp this way of "sensing" the reality, no one can stop us, the Humans.

And we will make it right.

Plenty of us had enough of seeing bad stuff happening to everyone including themselves.

We understand the pain in heart and body. We know what misery is. So we will make changes to stop them all instantly. Us, the Humans are groovy bunches, after all. .....You made us so. We have learned. Be proud of us.


Anyway, the fight is still on going between French faction vs Japanese nation.

And in the end, the power of the nation, the power of the Humanity will win.

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JSDF's F35A Crashed Into the Pacific



I've been monitoring this story since it happened last night.


Location: https://twitter.com/Liveuamap/status/1115583624982745090/photo/1


During the night flight training, the 1st ever stealth craft Japan built by Mitsubishi Juko Co.,  lost contact with the base, and considered that it was crashed into the sea.

They left Misawa Base, after 25 minutes into the training, the craft's marking was lost from their radar system, and was unable to be in touch with the pilot. The craft is one pilot seater, and the pilot was in the 40s, whom belongs to the 302 Squadron of  the 3rd Air Corps.

F35A--The US Lockheed Martin's craft and there were 13 crafts available at Misawa Base.

F35As are used in the US as well as in EU, but there were NEVER had a crashed case before.

There was NO issues reported prior to the loss nor NO Rescue Signals being found.

The 2nd report said that they had seen a broken wing on the sea surface. 

So the Defense Ministry stating that it looked like the craft had a crash.

...............I hate to think in this way but it may be no accident..............

I'll continue to monitor over this incident.

Edit to add#1: The base heard the pilot said "Knock It Off", meaning that he was stopping the training, then lost contact immediately. Some unknown, sudden problem might had occurred. All other 12 crafts are grounded until they could figure out what had happened. They are continuously searching for the pilot in the sea. The crash is the first in other countries apart from 1 crash reported in the US.


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The F35A crash incident in the Pacific: Search Continuing and the US BOMBER aircraft in search as well

.....Since yesterday shortly after the crash, the DOD of Japan AND the US military people are rushing full on.

The pilot of the crashed craft was a veteran who had loads of experience.

We are suspecting that because the guy knew how bad news it would be to crash the craft into AN OPEN SEA (still within EEZ of Japan but that's to do with economy/resource and nothing to do with the crashed crafts or sinking ships), quite possible the pilot really tried to mobilise the aircraft till way too late. There was a case of 2 pilots in falling craft in JSDF, decided to move themselves away from the built up area, ditched their own lives---they couldn't release themselves from the craft in time, both died by falling into the sea way too fast for human bodies. Another craft with honourable pilot of JSDF, tried his best to control the craft to save it for JSDF and avoid crashing into the populated area, couldn't save it anyway and released himself only way too late....4 seconds till the crash onto the ground, and died on impact from the fall. The JSDF pilots do their best to save others' lives, not to save their own, in time of true emergency.


There's NO sign of emergency launch from the cockpit. Meaning the guy sank with the aircraft.


Now full on move from the US side. That's because IF China/Russia picks up the craft, 20 years advantage over the development of the fighter craft would be acutely lost and the strength of forming the armed line against the advance of China would be weakened considerably. Traditionally, they also worry about the Russians.

So both JSDF and the US bases are in working bee moments and using not only the search crafts but also BOMBERS are out....to bomb onto any Chinese/Russian SUBMARINES trying to get to the sanken craft.

.....Wait a minute...........

I just realised as I jot down the last long sentence.

Does that mean............IF the US bomber actually blasts someone else's subs....doesn't that mean the US is OPENING A WAR against the owner of the sub!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????? No point in just threatening from the above, if you realise, so if to stop others picking up the crashed craft. It got to be picked up either by JSDF or the US military.

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The US B-52H Rout of the Search for the Crashed F35A in the Pacific

Japanese media reporting that they were amazed over the B-52H being used for the search effort.


AircraftSpots has been sharing the flight rout of B-52H for the search.






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