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Finally D. W. Dissociated From The G_ia TV

And apparently CG as well. Who cares. The one who knows his track record won't trust him ever again, I feel. IDK how he can change that..........

But saying that, I'm not just jumping onto what's been said in this vid and just settle for that either. Let's monitor what else is happening.

#GEM: D_vid W_lcock Resigns, G___ TV Abuses Confirmed #LUCIFER

From the Poster's Note:

"On July 1, 2018, D_vid W_ilcock purportedly resigned from G_ia TV according to Gaia Employee Movement insiders. The full transcript of his letter of resignation is read in this video. Again, the disclaimer of YAFTV is that this letter was confirmed by #GEM and appears to come directly from DW's email. "

(c)You Are Free TV 2018

Published on Jul 6, 2018

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Iron Sky 2 - The Coming Race (Official Trailer)

(´Д`) Starting with hand sign then to the reptilian eyes then Agartha and weird looking Dad....


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Simon Parkes and AO12 on different forms of political manipulation tactics.

Sandra did an interview of Simon. Only just found it now.

(c) Sandra Daroy 2018

Published on Jul 10, 2018

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Trying to Balance The Report on Both Sides: PRO TRUMP RALLY IN UK


(c) Susan Corbin 2018 Thank you, Susan! Glad to see this vid.

I haven't heard of this news on any MSM in Asia so far....

Basically "they" are succeeding to split the UK public just like how the US people are copping now.

But I am hoping that this rally was formed instead of just being controlled and public splitting, people are actually really choosing to show what they really felt in their heart, being objective on the moves made by POTUS and his group.

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On D. Wilcock: The News Was Shared Even By Mike Adam's NATURAL NEWS

OMG I never expected this (´゚д゚`)


And More On C Goode...

And below is from what Patty Greer, the award winning crop circle docco film maker, posted on 15th July 2018 on her FB page as a public post. I emphasized bits, not him or Patty.

"Tommy Williams wrote:
"That letter from Wilcock is pure self preservation, riddled with disclaimers and misdirects, when he knew all along.
He was warned by several people close to my group back in 2014, he chose to ignore it.
I exposed him and Corey Goode for the blue chicken cult back in June of 2015 as all a fabricated story, until Wilcock arranged a private call with my co-host of a show I was doing back then, and forced him to boot me off the show and group, this was in May 2016, I have all the evidence.
I, then went on and created my own group and show Truth, Honor & Integrity and continued to expose Wilcock and Goode for not only putting out bs and delaying disclosure with fake narratives, but I, along with Randy Maugans knew back in 2014 that Gaia TV is ran by coven members (dark magicians), and Wilcock and Goode were told this many times, but collected their blood money.
Goode works for the FBI, he also trained agencies into how to create and train trolls and shills for the alternative media, GoodETxSG is Goode TX (texas) SG (state guard) which is a former job of his and nothing to do with ET's.
Goode has or still is working for the SSp, no not secret space program, SS - Nazi space program who are part of the group who want to eliminate 90% of humanity, all the evidence of this has been contained within our shows, none of it was challenged and Corey admitted on air the fake name, train agency shills and the SSp.
I and Randy Maugans drafted a letter 18 months ago to both of them, to reach out a hand and come back into the community, by stepping down and admitting they have cheated the alt media for last 6 years and come forward and lets make the community as one again, both ignored it, and now they are paying the price, and fair dues.
They have made people seeking the truth pay a heavy price also, not only financially, but spiritually and ripped the alt. community apart, these people were not disclosing at all, they were paid to delay it, just like the cabal and covens wanted it.
In a high level meeting back in February 2016, the cabal were told Disclosure now in a drip fed fashion (those wanting Full Disclosure all in one go, need to be careful what they ask for - 99% dont have any idea of the full scope of it) cabal said they wanted 50 years, so everyone involved would be dead, and so no comeback, they were told to stick where the sun don't shine, and we told them it is happening now, whether you like it or not.""

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Decenternet - The Most Ambitious & Disruptive Blockchain Replacement For the Internet - Backed By The Web's Original Inventors? (And Sent To Us By Extra Terrestrials?)


It was an intriguing read. But please note this is from Steemit site.

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Now what would we call this?

 Apple/Google have pulled Q posts app  https://imgur.com/R2PCzRL   

Twitter has deleted 70 million accounts http://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/twitter-stock-price-sinks-after-says-deleted-70-million-suspicious-accounts-2018-7-1027351455   

PayPal has shut down 23 Alternative news sites, from using their payment system, including GLP and Red Ice


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I was under the attack from AIs, And it was CREEPY AS.....

It happened about 4 hours ago.

I'm posting this so no matter what happens later, you people know wth had happened to prep the way publicly.

I got a bloody AI/bot waging into the phone line.
I tried to call my mother.
She mentioned to me that she'd suffered a heat stroke 3 days ago. So I wanted to check on her.
No answer.
Though it was at around 2pm in Japan then, thinking maybe she went out to get something.
I tried to call her again, to see if any response comes back.
1st ring out happened, then suddenly from the 2nd ring out, the ringing sound changed, so I went HUH? straight away.
Then I heard she picked up the call with weak tone of voice.
Well, for about 10 minutes, I tried to make a conversation with "her".
But she was repeating the EXACT PHRASES AGAIN AND AGAIN.
That's including not responding to what I said, basically not even waiting the tern to speak, but continuously saying the exact same thing.
After hearing that for about 5 times, I told her what was going on. I started to think about Alexa and other weird AI speech recorded by others....started to wonder if it's a bloody BOT I'm trying to talk with.
After told her how strange she's keep on repeating herself exactly for so many times, her voice was still keep on repeating exactly the same phrases.......
I told her "you are keep on repeating yourself now for the 7th time. I'm going to cut you off now and gonna call back." then shut down on the line.
Then called back immediately after.
It was my father who picked the phone this time, and he told me my mother was saying that the phone got cut off while she was talking with me.....
I started to talk with her, this time, all conversation went no worries, she was herself as usual, though still suffering ill health from the heat stroke.
In my years of looking after elders and people with Alzheimer's disease etc, I had NEVER seen anyone who can repeat themselves absolutely the same for that many times with exactly the same speech manner. (I should have recorded that shit.....thought of it but was in emotional shock and after all didn't actually record the conversation at all.)
...So I came to the conclusion that I was talking with an AI trying to test me how long I'd take to realise what was going on.
The next time they may try the same thing would be more complicated, smoother talk, I take...........
It was incredibly freaky as it happened to me, I could notice the oddness, and I also wondered if my mother was also talking to a bot with my voice cut and pasted during that 10 minutes, not realising it wasn't me in human body.............

If they thought I'd just get down and roll over, WROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I may not have reached to my full potential yet and they may think I won't be able to do anything to fight back.

Well, I have upper hands that they won't be able to do anything towards it.

We will eradicate them off Earth and beyond.

The HELP is already on their way for all of us, the Humanity.

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As I posted elsewhere..

I remember to some of the things that Stan Deyo used to talk about - he was conscripted into the US Airforce after university, and put into 'Project Blue Book', where he told me he was case-manager on several contactee and abduction cases.

Then 'Project Blue Book' was taken over by the CIA. A long story, where Stan was sent to OZ, and later I got to know him in Perrth.

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Are "They" Trying  To Claim The OWNERSHIP of US, the Humans?

I had to stop and think hard about the info.

It's about the Human evolution.

The article points out that after a massive DNA data screenings were done, the conclusion about when the Humans and other animals appeared on Earth how and when had shuttered the Darwinism.

But the point of it all is; so how did we come to exist on Earth, without ANY bridging beings existed?

Then I'm sure lots of us start looking into the info we juggled in the past that the Humans are genetically modified hybrids, made by some aliens.

......If so, then the news is like a sort of DISCLOSURE we wanted to see. To prove the existence that we are not alone.


The info came out of these guys...... Mark Stoeckle from The Rockefeller University in New York and David Thaler at the University of Basel in Switzerland.

I went ping as I read the info there.....yeah this must be a sort of disclosure....


As a commodity.

As a stock to buy and sell.

To harvest and eat, do anything they want to do like bestiality humans do against animals.

Basically they might be stating that "Because it was us who made the Humans, we can do anything to them".........

They might go on saying to the Humans, "What's the difference? You choose to own cats and dogs, harvest and eat cattle and fish to plants that are alive. Are you saying that you can do that but we can't?"


....Yeah my multiple alien sources told me that the Humans were created by scientists.

But does that make us to kneel down and accept anything they tell us to do, because they think they OWN us?

I don't think so.

All of us would stand up and say we have consciousness, we want the freedom of choice, because we are thinking and feeling and have souls. We want to protect our children, and have rights to do so. Love wins.

.......It means, again, we gotta unite and voice our RIGHTS. When we do that collectively, the others in the Universes have to respect our choice. (It's a bit stupid indicator but in a simplified manner, that's what creates the right to be heard in this Universe.)



 Declaration of Human Sovereignty Regarding Contact with Extraterrestrial Nations and Forces

Site: http://humansovereignty.org/

PDF version: http://humansovereignty.org/pdf/declaration-of-HS-english-v6.0.pdf

Thank you mega heaps to Alfred L. Webre, for creating the base lines for us! How awesome that we have an international laywer who can nail in few languages, actively working towards the unified humanity.


And a side story I really want to inject here, now:

Remember there were 200 "fallen angels" bonked human females?

The story that appear in the banned books like Enoch and the stuff Gnosticism had been telling us about.

What I was told from an alien source was that "they did that in order to SAVE the HUMANS." They LOVED us so much and wanted to protect us all from the hardship we would face to.......but had to do it very secretively, because otherwise their employers would prosecute them

Those 200 brave people and the scientists who created the original humans wanted to secure the safety of Humanity in future to come. If genetically we are close to the ones who thought they created us, it becomes more difficult to justify to use us as commodity. (Well this doesn't really work to the crazed bunch we got on Earth. You know they use their own blood liners for sacrifices etc? But it should usually work...talk about how nuts they had become....ummmm.) It becomes more difficult for them, if our intelligence blooms and become some substantial level to come up with some fighting solutions by ourselves.

The scientists counted on that chance, so in future, we have the chance to stand up and protect ourselves from the wrath of the controllers. They loved us, and trusted us with their own genes.

The status to them as "Fallen Angels" were placed on them by their employer's side. 

Again, it is one of the "Winner's account on history" from the oppressor's side, NOT necessary the TRUTHS for us, the Humans.

(I was told of a completely different use of the exact term for the lost soldiers <for their own members> by an alien source.)

.....Finally stories are connecting in my head as a bigger picture.......  

Why did the overwhelming majority of species in existence today emerge at about the same time?

 MAY 29, 2018 9:28PM


New Genetic Study Seriously Challenges Darwin’s ‘Theory Of Evolution’

By Richard Enos         June 4, 2018


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Yes, I thought the same, too, breezy!

A new style for the cost effective assassination plots...?(´Д`)

I almost put this link to Daily Intel News thread but stopped myself. 

George HW Bush's former doctor shot dead while cycling in Houston


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So Something Huge Was In Front Of The Sun in Siberia?

THE flag ship of the Armada/Fleet came through to Russia? (Or something was to hide the Armada in totality when all of them were very closely positioned above Russia.)

I certainly heard that they were heading to our way when they were near Uranus, then near Jupiter, then I heard they arrived to Marsian region recently.

So I take they had arrived in the big way. The Cs should be freaking out.

(c) MrMBB333 2018

Published on Jul 24, 2018

And 31st July 2018 is the day Mars gets really close to Earth.

Symbolically.....the day and a few days sandwiching the date would be used for really nasty flagging by the Cs, so please be on guard. We all should flick out such nasty intention and oppression against the Humanity.

They are close to collapse. Let's flatten them clean.

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Reposting from the Mindcontrol, MilAb, and T.I.s thread.

And what's REALLY bothering me through out the reports made on MSMs around the world in English is that they are treating the substance as if that was absolutely Novichok while it has NOT been established so.

Image controlling war has been waged against Russia, methinks.

The Cs are directing us the Mind Control to believe still it's Russians done the crap. While I tend to think it's been done by the Brit Cs themselves in order to smear the bad image against Russia.


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POTUS' check mate against China

US dollar falls as Trump accuses 'China, European Union and others' of manipulating their currencies

  • President Donald Trump said in a tweet that China, the European Union and others are manipulating currencies and putting the U.S. at a disadvantage.
  • The comments come a day after the president rued during a CNBC interview that Federal Reserve interest rate hikes were making the U.S. less competitive.

Published 8:50 AM ET Fri, 20 July 2018  Updated 10:44 AM ET Fri, 20 July 2018CNBC.com


According to a Chinese origin intellect lives in Japan, Mr. Xi can't do anything about what POTUS is doing against them in the economy, and Chinese economy is facing its COLLAPSE, if the US puts up the tax against them as he was explaining in the vid embedded on the above link.

That's because China doesn't have as much trading to the US to balance out the same amount POTUS has been threatening at them with.

With a simple deduction of numbers, well....it's looking like China received a check mate and have to obey whatever POTUS tells them to do to survive.

Source: http://www.sankei.com/column/news/180726/clm1807260007-n1.html

At the same time, I want to point out how the US had been VERY AGGRESSIVE about trades, only intending to protect themselves, not really doing anything much to HELP other countries. There had been accusations made out of thin air and making very tough against the foreign companies, and no change in the trend for the image/mind controlling done to the US nations, people inside the US believing that what they do is rightful move always. 

Yes the individual countries must protect the interest of their own. But do you go out of your own way to make fake news to achieve that....? Well, that's how the Cs were doing within the US, against foreign countries. I'm counting on the American people's great attitude of believing in the honesty. 

That's because if you stop and think for a moment, I'm sure everyone agrees to this point....if we didn't have the financial slavery system and the fear based society we live in, do you think such horrible tactics ever to be retained in our heads? I doubt it. There'd be no need for such stupid actions that only causes hardships and split among the Humanity. 

It's the time for all of us to ditch the slavery system we were immersed in....all were set up by horribly nasty alien factions in order to control ALL OF US.


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A Taste of REAL LIFE ! Right Now!  Please everyone, send prayers and good vibes to all who are being affected!

Wildfires in California A view from Reddwolf's Son, Iceberg's Roof.  Everyone has to evacuate and the major route out is at a standstill!  I-5 8 lanes N-S.  



Please-no likes on this post-thanks.

Update: Redd's family has evacuated safely.

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A Warning: Maybe They Notched Up The Mobile Tower Emission

Honestly I'm dumbfounded.

I'm in so much pain for the last week but especially got really bad in the last 3 days, having hard time even just to stand up to walk.

The reason can be always looked into the space above us as well as electromagnetic changes happening to Earth itself, as well as in the planetary changes.

We got eclipse/red moon/Mars coming closest to Earth and all our brother/sister planets staying in only one side of the orbits to our Sun, truly weird situation is happening right now~soon. Even Shumann Resonance charts been showing massive change how busy and acute it turned out to be for the last few days, while before we had ultra smooth and quiet cycle for about 4 weeks...we got time to regenerate and be healed then, but now it's like we got thrown into hot water.

OK, so all these adds up.

But more over, I'm really wondering if we are copping MASS TARGETING in our local area.

My share mate to all people with disabilities who monitor their pain levels to emotional distress so closely are wailing out full on for the past week, and the mess got way too hard to deal with in the past 3 days like I was feeling.

I didn't go around to ask them these things. But they were all speaking up how bad it had become.

So I wondered........are we getting targeted as a mass using the mobile tower emission notched up while we didn't know?

The pain scale responds massively to any electromagnetic field changes. I have stuck of subjective data about how the pain level changes, though not objective monitoring used to calculate them---but I watch over it so closely daily because I suffer from Fibromyalgia badly.

In comparison to what I get as painful changes to the space weather by itself, the turn of friggin pain I'm enduring is something far more acute. 

I had to go out to do some essential stuff today, and noticed how painful it was for my body. 

I thought maybe it's only me but all those others are screaming out in pain all at the same time....this is NOT normal.

While IDK if the Cs actually doing it in all major towns in Oz, like KMRIA in NZ, I'm finding more and more tentacles being thrown at me by the Cs, now they are trying to lure me to attend a big function so I get preyed on by their planted workers. (´Д`)

Luckily, I have studied how they work, and able to think through about how these "big functions" can become some easy targeting place for us, such as injecting nasty chemicals into drinks to injecting essences for further attacks to our genes. We have learned enough to see them through.

What they don't realise is what sorta stench they had been leaving as their own markings. We can SMELL their crap miles away now.


Anyway, IDK if the mobile towers are used, for I don't have means to check any scientifically verifiable data on this issue.

But I want warn everyone here that this may become the latest easy-to-be-applied-tactic of the nasty factions, and please check if people are showing any acute symptoms in mass.

Intention makes our reality to change accordingly, so please help us by intending hard that we do not live in such oppressive world anymore. "They" are feeling the massive squeeze. Let's make it even harder for them. Enough is Enough!!

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Get well soon Unity!

Your presence is needed here on the planet.

I myself have experienced nasty attacks by the Cabal.

It's hard to describe the feeling, but it literally feels like they are frying your DNA!

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