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George Soros Reaps $73 Million From Las Vegas Sorrows

Oct. 15, 2017      Anthony Allen Anderson


"Once again, George Soros reaped a huge profit—this time to the tune of $73 MILLION–by betting against MGM just weeks before the Las Vegas Massacre.

 Did Soros have foreknowledge of this horrific mass killing
and did he exploit it for profit?

This pattern of profit-reaping bears similarity to what had happened right before the September 11, 2001 attacks. Individuals who had foreknowledge of the attacks were able to position themselves financially to make a fortune.

Serving as “puppetmaster” to the nefarious agencies he is attached, George Soros along with MGM CEO James Murren, who unloaded 80% of his shares, enriched themselves just weeks prior to MGM’s decline, triggered by the massacre.

In a recent Foreign Intelligence Service report circulating in the Kremlin, a segment regarding the “Pyramid Sacrifice” (what they call the Las Vegas Massacre) details George Soros’ massive stock manipulation deal in anticipation of the shooting. What gave Soros any indication in August 2017–8 weeks before the attack–that MGM stocks would fall? What compelled Soros Investments to buy PUTS on 1,350,000 shares of MGM stock?"



I don't know how I missed this one!  I was aware of James Murren's actions and how it was very suspicious, but stumbled across this one today.  I'm going to check Las Vegas thread, as I don't think this was noted on it.

Then this from CNN's Wolf Blitzer.  and still he walks free!!


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George Soros and his 'rented evangelicals' outed by Christian leaders

Cheryl K. Chumley    Oct. 22, 2018


"A new video from the American Association of Evangelicalsreveals how George Soros, through his many funding ventures, has been busily infiltrating the Christian base in America to divide, and ultimately conquer, the religious minded within the Republican Party.

Truly, with the left, political wars know no bounds. Nothing’s sacred; not when it comes to the leftists’ drive to succeed. 

Here’s what AAE put out in a press release: “Democrat ministers Rev. Jim Wallis and allies are now touring many states on ‘Vote Common Good’ buses to … split the evangelical vote before the mid-term elections. The AAE video features the newly released voice recording of [Jim] Wallis of Sojourners as he publicly denied that he was a recipient of Soros funding.”

But guess what?

His denial’s proven a bit — umm, wrong.

Soros-tied Open Society money and grant dollars have not only flowed by the hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Sojourners, AAE reported. But Soros-tied Open Society money and grant dollars have been flowing to the Sojourners for some time.



But isn’t truth a core concept of Christianity?

If there’s nothing to hide — if the Sojourners and the Vote Common Good bus tour and all this so-called Christian political activity is really aimed at doing Christian works — why not blare forth the sources of funding? Why not shed the light on the behind-scenes influencers?

The answer’s obvious. 

“Americans hate manipulation,” said AAE spokesperson Kelly Monroe Kullberg, in a statement. “Anti-American globalists like Soros are funding a growth industry of paid anarchists and political activists to divide and weaken America, including the Church.”

Indeed. Exactly.

Christians, beware. Patriots, be on guard.

Anyone can toss down a Christian card, even an atheist. But a clue to identify an anti-American enemy is the wolves always want Big Government, bigger government, a more powerful centralized system with weakened rights for the individual — and if it’s secret Soros dollars and Bible-thumping that gets them there, so be it."


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DID YOU KNOW that George Soros is providing pre-paid debit cards to illegal alien Muslim invaders from Africa and the Middle East to fund their trips into Europe?               Nov. 3, 2018

"This information all but confirms that the caravans from Central America to the United States are also being funded by George Soros."

"Voice of Europe  (h/t Maurice) How Muslim illegal aliens cope financially during their long journeys to and through Europe has been revealed by the Slovenian site Nova 24. 

According to the site, UNHCR and the EU, in cooperation with MasterCard and Soros, generously hand out prepaid debit cards to the illegal invaders.


The cards are equipped with both EU and UNHCR logos. No identity documents are required to obtain or use the cards – instead of the name of the cardholder, “UNHCR” and a number is printed on the card.

According to Nova24, the information comes from a source within the Croatian police, which states that the migrants are well-equipped with newly purchased, high-quality boots, hiking clothes, smartphones and even weapons."

The Logo on the man in the white shirt says ‘Doctors Without Borders,’ another George Soros-funded operation.

During the stopover in the Eastern European countries, they withdraw cash from ATMs to stock up on supplies. MasterCard announced in 2016 that they issued prepaid debit cards to “give refugees mobility, flexibility and dignity”.

In a press release last year, MasterCard also announced a cooperation with George Soros with the aim to “catalyse and accelerate economic and social development for vulnerable groups in the world, especially refugees and migrants”.


The press release further stated that George Soros had earmarked up to $500 million for private investment that will increase capacity to meet the challenges faced by migrants, including refugees, and their host communities across the world.

George Soros’ ‘Open Society Foundation’ is the major funder of the Muslim migrant invasion of Europe."




The following is from 2016, for those with time to figure it all out.


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