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Lotus Sutra: Translated From Sanskrit


This is the only version I could find so far which is in English but translated from the real original Sanskrit texts, nothing to do with Chinese or Japanese versions.

Saddharma Pundarika was compiled about 2000 years ago, apparently.

From the page that's introducing the translation: https://www.lotus-happiness.com/10-english-translators-lotus-sutra/

"Saddharma Pundarika or The Lotus of the True Law, 1884

Jan Hendrik Kern, a Dutchman, who did a translation from the Sanskrit version to English. It was published in 1884.

This is the only English translation from Sanskrit, instead of the Chinese version by Kumarajiva. The translation is available online: http://www.sacred-texts.com/bud/lotus/

This Sanskrit translation is not associated with any Buddhist organizations."

This is ultra important; Chinese/Japanese versions are containing shortfalls from mistranslated bits. No point in translating diluted, incorrect stuff as far as I consider. If to follow my logic, Japanese version would be the WORST. Because it's the translation of translated Sanskrit. 3rd time translated dodgy bits only make more dodgy IMHO. Mind you, the translator into Chinese did a beautiful job! It's just he really made the translation fancy in Chinese language that took away the true translation....the worst approach for translating anything.

So I was looking for the translation directly done from the original Sanskrit script, or the one that's closest to Sanskrit.


Why I'm looking for this Sutra?

Because there are bits of interesting depiction existing in the story....

Apparently in the 10th Chapter, there's this story about the residents of Middle-Earth beings who have flying technology, the residents of Agartha, appearing. I tried to read the translation but I fail full on because of the layout format and font choice with tiny size....when I have energy enough, I'd copy & paste it in different way so I can read them properly...holy moly.....so I still don't know if what's been said exist in the Ch.10 of this translation yet.

I'm also looking for more of the academic translated version, again from Sanskrit.

Snowden mentioned about the intellectual beings within Mantle of Earth. With ability to fly and park in mid air as described in the ancient text, the main city called Shambala, I think you get the gist why I chose the text to be left here....

And Sanskrit is one of the languages that no one knows where it came from...

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Artificial EQ Proof?:

The Real Press Conference By The Bureau of Meteorology of Japan---13th March 2011

The guy from the BMJ said that there were 3 EQs that happened one after another on 311 Mega Quake that threatened the entire world with Fukushima Nuke Plants going kaput.

Apparently there is NO natural EQs existing to behave as what was said by the BMJ guy----he said that it had 3 times of consecutive EQs. (Not talking about the "after shocks", but these are about the initial triggering EQs for the after shocks to follow.)

In nature, apparently only a SINGLE rattle is to happen. IDK for sure, but if this is correct, then the vid IS the proof of 311 being an intentional attack done by artificial EQs.

If I can track down the graph of EQ peaks being shown anywhere on the net of that time, I'll upload it here, too. You can read into the patterns and see unnatural peaking and reactions, apparently.

Some Truthers in Japan are saying this vid gets wiped out by YT again and again, but I found one that still standing since 2011 on YT, so I doubt what they say about this vid....

Anyway, here it is.

(c) Mavi Manji 2011       Published on 2011/05/23
And you think such planned EQ never happened before?
There have been a few. (From what we already learned but the number may exceed lots more.)
Japan had been copping such for a LONG TIME....the Cs used the tactic during WW2, too.
Another one is the Great Hanshin EQ on 17th Jan 1995---the same location got hit by 2 EQs. Twice in one go....
Note 10km depth is NOT written anywhere. That's due to them being the trigger-EQs of the main one, so these main EQs present deeper levels reported, I take. However, I still am not clear on how the mechanism works for the triggering smaller EQ blasts to call in the huge one then the other huge ones to follow that initial major EQ, whether there are any more 10km ones to lead the rest to be happening together so closely. All I can say is the damage is insanely huge, regardless.....
Below vid is NOT about direct info about those EQs in Japan, but a comparison of what Nth Korea with their NUKE TESTING had shown and that being compared to Natural EQs....for our reference to compare natural EQ vs artificial EQ made by nuke blasts. If we can grasp the patterns on this one, we can apply that knowledge for future effort in clarifying which EQs are the artificial EQs.
Again, officially told by the BMJ guy.
(c)KyodoNews 2016         Published on 2016/01/05
Apparently a new one PN7000----neutron bomb, is on it's way to the use against us, the Humanity.
Here's the real flyer used against Japanese nation during the WW2, dropped off by B29s....threatening warning of the use of ARTIFICIAL EQ written on it.
The said situation happened on 1:36pm local Japan time, 7th Dec 1944, flattening the factories where were building aircraft parts. It was M7.9. ↓The pattern of the waves are similar to that of Nuke Blast....
And here's the cover of the Top Secret then......the "Project Seal", the use of Artificial EQ and Tsunami as WEAPON.
(c) atomic tests channel 2017  Posted on 2017/03/03
God knows how many sea creatures and nature got damaged by that blast....and it IS still on going.
We must stop them using such WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION, don't we?
Below is the post about the Mysterious Fake Warning of M9.1 EQ hitting Tokyo Bay dispatched in Japan on 1st Aug 2016...not long ago in my memory. Including another important link to a pdf of US gov document.
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Julian Assange on Nano Tech Mind Control (& other stuff)

(c)RT 2018

Streamed live on Sep 20, 2018

Dot connecting with Sister Keri Burno on T.I.s & Mind Control thread and below thread with the vaccine revelation below. 

Targeting "Extremists" by using Vaccine against them to Tame them down 

(c) Innerstanding 2011


Which only means they can apply the same idea to the entire public for dumbing down us to assure all to be obedient, or THINK/BEHAVE IN PARTICULAR WAY.

....Like the persistent trend against POTUS in the US.......?

...Like the same weird persistent trend against PM Abe in Japan.....?

The list of suspicious weird behaviours around the globe goes on, methinks.

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Octopus Becomes Friendly On MDMA


"<Snipped off all the reference numbers. Please refer to the above link for the complete contents.>


Human and octopus lineages are separated by over 500 million years of evolution, 
and show divergent anatomical patterns of brain organization. Despite these differences, growing evidence suggests that ancient neurotransmitter systems are shared across vertebrate and invertebrate species and in many cases enable overlapping functions. Sociality is widespread across the animal kingdom, with numerous examples in both invertebrate (e.g., bees, ants, termites, and shrimps) and vertebrate (e.g., fishes, birds, rodents, and primates) lineages. Serotonin is an evolutionarily ancient molecule that has been implicated in regulating both invertebrate and vertebrate social behaviors, raising the possibility that this neurotransmitter’s prosocial functions may be conserved across evolution. Members of the order Octopoda are predominantly asocial and solitary. Although at this time it is unknown whether serotonergic signaling systems are functionally conserved in octopuses, ethological studies indicate that agonistic behaviors are suspended during mating , suggesting that neural mechanisms subserving social behaviors exist in octopuses but are suppressed outside the reproductive period. Here we provide evidence that, as in humans, the phenethylamine (+/−)-3,4-methylendioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) enhances acute prosocial behaviors in Octopus bimaculoides. This finding is paralleled by the evolutionary conservation of the serotonin transporter (SERT, encoded by the Slc6A4 gene) binding site of MDMA in the O. bimaculoides genome. Taken together, these data provide evidence that the neural mechanisms subserving social behaviors exist in O. bimaculoides and indicate that the role of serotonergic neurotransmission in regulating social behaviors is evolutionarily conserved."
Basically, when the Occy receives Ecstasy, they go into la-la-land mode and become friendly.
Occies are placed onto Earth by an alien faction, the Shape shifters.
Well.....maybe Earth Humans should take control of MDMA sales to other planets to get their valuable resources in return? ROFL 
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China: Military Shaking Hands With Aliens

World military groups are said to be shaking hands with aliens.

Not only the US, Russia, but China is also under the spot light.

They have been having loads of "ufo crashes" happened, but the information hardly come out in English source.

...Until one of our hero, NexEd, made a huge release of the news. It was about China.

But I noticed no matter what the intergalactic rules of trade applies and Chinese military was told to write down and study (this is claimed in the vid below---I take it's about the back engineering of the technologies shown by the aliens went to China) are not fruitful. (Mind you, hell a lot of Middle Range Missiles that reach Hawaii they already got. That's why POTUS had to scrap the treaty between Russia and the US over the Mid Range missiles. Info source is the Head of Crisis Management of Japan: youtube.com/watch?v=t6rOaEXz1tQ&feature)

They are still creating very flimsy warships that are like sitting ducks, way too loud subs, you name it. I am sorta baffled about it. Russians are acutely coming up with those alien based techs applied to weapons, freaked out the US military in 2014. Since then, the US has been in full steam ahead for developing weapons that can fight against those Russian ones, so where does China appear in the picture...? 
Despite such notion, there's something bothers me....one corner of worrisome field I'm concerned about is.....the BIO WEAPON. China is very aggressively developing DNA altering technologies. They don't report what comes out in China, under CCP totally controlling their media. We never know if they start spreading bio-weapons and send their own people off to other countries shipped by airplanes, and walla....we may face the Black Death like pandemic in 21st century.


All screenshots from the above link.




This article was from CCP organised News Paper on one of the major incident happened on 7th July 2010 (In Japanese. Please choose language from top left.): http://japanese.china.org.cn/life/txt/2010-07/26/content_20576225.htm



Below vid is a good vid to hear some stories from a Chinese woman in Sydney, Oz, about what it's like in China with Richard Dolan. 

I gotta say what she claims, Richard asked for the legitimacy, NOTHING CAN BE PROVEN, besides that I discovered she had memory glitch on the location and the timing with what happened. Please refer to further reading links I provided. Some you gotta translate online.

But it was interesting to hear her stating that Chinese ufologists are very into chatting with CCP gov about it.

Obviously they are never allowed to speak boo against their gov.

And by her speaking with Richard....I take Richard is under surveillance from CCP now. 

(c) Richard Dolan 2018          Published on 2018/10/20

Additional reading links re: ufo incidents in China:



<Alien origin of China-idea article>

By Alfred L. Webre's revelation that Sitchen's being a See... //aigh/.- Eigh operative and his translation turned out to be pretty directive and messed up far from academic version of the translation, we all need to be weary of just using Sitchin's materials as is. But still worth checking out what Chinese person thought about it. Here is one article that we can peep into such window.


<Dr. E. Mitchel's email to J. Podesta>

A supplementary additional info.


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The Roswell "Intentional" Crash Survivor

There was a vid on YT about the top secret material revealed that goes on and on for almost 4 1/2 hrs reading it with the actual typed material appearing on the vid.

It was a fascinating stuff, and horrifying from my point of view, because it was blatantly obvious that this pilot, "she" was arriving to Earth in order to TAKE OVER, RAPE THE EARTH, USE THE HUMANS AS SLAVES in her order....do you recall what we are used to hear now on Earth?

"Divide and Conquer".

Remember how the V hybrids work on Earth? "Invade, Ransack and Move On Continuously to Expand"....

This vid got removed just recently by YT saying copyright infringement. Well the vid was sitting there for MONTHS already. I'm sure loads of Truthers got the copy of the vid. It's too late for the Vs. We KNOW.

Here's the proof of it.

You need to see this. There's no concept or word of Preservation what so ever in the red lined phrase. In other words, THEY DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE LOCAL LIFE.

And please do take note of how they call themselves as the group. And watch out for such names used on Earth as corporates and other groups. Avoid them to the max. Please avoid spending your money on them. 

They are against us, the Humanity.


Screenshot Image: from the vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtwelK0KsgY&t=2409s Around 1:04:18 (c) to the rightful owner

And I think Airl was consciously lying to the interpreter, a female human nurse, so the woman starts to form trust to Airl.

Cunningly showing the vision of a bit of truth such as what's the key component of Humans are the souls, not physical bodies, and saying that's how they are, too, etc can be CREATED out of thin air even if the nurse was not exactly experiencing it, because of very high ability to mingle and tweak Human weak minds.

We got such a flimsy psychic protection and awareness of how they work to affect us via mind, and we get fooled very easily through pseudo-experiencing something. Lots were done to convince us to get us to think that they are there to be friendly with us through out the history, I suspect........

We must remember how sociopaths and psychopaths are incredible smooth talkers.

They are the same.

Please be on guard.

EBENS LIE. The V/M factions LIE.

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Jan. 29, 1934, LA Times:

Lizard Peolpe’s Catacomb City Hunted

Jan. 29, 1934: Liz­ard Peolpe’s Cata­comb City Hunted: En­gin­eer Sinks Shaft Un­der Fort Moore Hill to Find Maze of Tun­nels and Price­less Treas­ures of Le­gendary In­hab­it­ants

— Jean Bosquet



Throwback Thursday: Did Lizard People live under L.A. 5,000 years ago?

JAN 23, 2014 | 12:43 PM


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The Adam and Eve Story: The End Day Analysis of Earth

A Declassified paper.

This is a sanitised version.

Planetary changes mentioned. Use a VPN way to approach, if you want to be cautious.

It's a direct link to a place where I presume you don't want leave your footprint.


S0 giving out his review about this paper. 

(c) Suspicious0bservers 2918            Published on Dec 16, 2018
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Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, 60 Garden st., Cambridge, MA, 02138 Accepted for publication in the Astrophysical Journal Letters


Mysterious interstellar object could be 'lightsail' sent from another civilization


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The Living Planet Report 2018 shows that wildlife populations have declined by over half in less than 50 years. 


Humanity has wiped out 60% of animal populations since 1970, report finds

The huge loss is a tragedy in itself but also threatens the survival of civilisation, say the world’s leading scientists


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Dana Ashley's Account:    "New Age - Truther turned to Christ - My Testimony"

A very unusual entry I'm making here is the story of her own journey by Dana, a born-again Christian.

I used to just jump off straight away when I hear the word of "Born-Again" / "Christian", and I think lots of Truthers do that, especially NexEd was very full on about this point. Rightfully so!

But somehow, intuition told me to watch this vid.

And what I found was that she was one of us, and she has reason why she chose to change her positioning.

I appreciated about her grasp over how dodgy the New Age movement (Luciferianism in core) is in about the mid way of the vid. She IS a decent researcher IMHO for lots fields, and appreciated her research into 5G before, so I knew at least she's not a fibber of theories as such, but does her study, then come to her own conclusions.

I can tell you that I was VERY weary of the content right at the beginning. LOL

But hearing through her logic and reasons, I "got" it.

Though loads of us may not go along with her conclusion, but the process of getting away from the New Age movements was pretty informative, showing the Theosophical society's views then Zeitgeist movement etc, I actually had very similar understanding to her, as well, so I was glad to see someone else pumping out the research materials nice and short.

I just don't go along with "Jesus" path for I have different sets of awareness to her about how the Universe works.

I also don't denounce her conclusion at all---it's what she believes and she has all the rights to believe so. If it helps her to be a decent human being, all good.

(c)Dana Ashlie 2017                Published on Aug 18, 2017
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Irish UFO Mid Air Encounter---Pilots Reports

It happened on early morning of 9th Nov 2018.

UFO reported streaking across Irish skies on Friday morning

Pilots saw bright lights streaking across the sky at an ‘astronomical’ speed

Mon, Nov 12, 2018, 11:38 Updated: Mon, Nov 12, 2018, 11:52 Ronan McGreevy


Update: UFO seen off Irish coast 'in all probability, were meteorites'

Monday, November 12, 2018 - 06:37 PM




LISTEN: The moment pilots report UFO sightings over Co Kerry


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Utsuro Bune: Japanese UFO Case from Early 1800s

The episode was made by the anti-Japan broadcaster (though they are "national" broadcasting people using tax payers' money.....so the nation is furiously against them today).

They are taking side of Communists now but basically got messed up after the WW2 and tweaked badly by GHQ what not to broadcast then, and they became just a tool against Japanese nation, handled by the nasty alien faction governed foreign intelligence group. The CT heads in Japan don't trust them what so ever.

Putting that rat stench aside, they do have huge power to go and grub all info as much as they want, because of the money they carry.

In this case, the series that tries to debunk our CT field picked up the legendary, old Japanese UFO/alien visitor incident, and batted it full on trying to debunk it as a fake story.

But while they were gathering all the info they could get hands onto, the latest find about the Utsuro Bune written down by a Ninja intel person had shown the info s/he got as early as possible since the incident happened, and that had the actual location data written on it. None other prints ever had that.

While the weird letters (4 characters) mentioned on all the other papers were said as BS while the show was debunking them in the first half of the show, now with the latest find....the debunking story got flattened.

The beach where the woman was found was Shari Hama (Shari beach), and the undecipherable letters were found on the paper. Since this material was written by someone else, not Bakin, the famous story writer whom considered creating the early prints about Utusro Bune back in early 1800s, debunkers were horrified....

So in fact, the incident must had happened on Shari Beach, and the witnesses reported on the weird letters on the vehicle/ship. So the incident DID happen, and was reported to the government of the time.

The weird letters were found on LMH's research that other ships had shown the same or very similar characters on surface. So suddenly Utsuro Bune becomes very much of true account of a drifting UFO (not flying at least, though) arrived to a Japanese beach, only the woman and the ship got thrown out of Japanese water, pushed back and sent back to the sea again, because the locals got fearful about these weird things appearing there. They were afraid of something bad to happen by unfamiliar objects arriving to their land. (Crappy, but happened often long time ago.)

Though there's no English translation for the vid, visually you can grub the true info which I'm sure even LMH would appreciate to see is gathered in this 19 minutes episode.

Enjoy the views of the papers reporting about the incident.



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"Hello" from 2.5 Billion LY away Someone

And the same technological idea is getting into its testing on Earth...

Alien-hunting Breakthrough Listen project tracks strange series of 15 radio bursts

BY ALAN BOYLE on August 30, 2017 at 11:49 am


Set of 15 strange Fast Radio Bursts captured by alien-hunting project

BLACK holes? Exploding stars? Alien engine exhausts? Astronomers have detected 15 deep-space ‘fast radio bursts’ — all from the same place.

Jamie Seidel
News Corp Australia NetworkSEPTEMBER 2, 20179:55AM


Alien-hunting AI discovers dozens of mysterious fast radio bursts

By Deborah Byrd in HUMAN WORLD | SPACE | September 12, 2018

"Astronomers with the Breakthrough Listen program used AI (artificial intelligence) to find 72 repeating, short, unpredictable radio bursts, from a mysterious source 3 billion light years away."


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Alien-hunting AI discovers dozens of mysterious fast radio bursts

By Deborah Byrd in HUMAN WORLD  September 12, 2018


"Astronomers with the Breakthrough Listen program used AI (artificial intelligence) to find 72 repeating, short, unpredictable radio bursts, from a mysterious source 3 billion light years away."


I might had posted the earlier news from 2017 but possibly missed doing so about this Sept 2018 news. Friggin important anyway.

And according to the scientist who found the signals, it's NOT 3 billion LY away. It's closer to 2.5 billion LY away. And it's from around Rigel.

My flipping surprise was that there's this manga series created by a very famous cat loving artist named Hiroshi Masumura in Japan, and in the series, after the signal was sent out from the local place to contact extraterrestrial beings, a signal was returned from Rigel, and the being from Rigel starts to appear and doing trades and learning about the local life.

Now how the hell you think the artist picked up Rigel....??   

The series is called "Rabbit Town where Dreams Land". It was published back in 1990.


(c) Hiroshi Masumura

Set of 15 strange Fast Radio Bursts captured by alien-hunting project

BLACK holes? Exploding stars? Alien engine exhausts? Astronomers have detected 15 deep-space ‘fast radio bursts’ — all from the same place.

Jamie Seidel
News Corp Australia Network SEPTEMBER 2, 2017


Alien hunting Breakthrough project detects FIFTEEN 'repeater' fast radio bursts from a dwarf galaxy 3 billion light years from Earth

  • Breakthrough Listen detected 15 fast radio bursts from source dubbed 'repeater'
  • This source resides within a dwarf galaxy 3 billion light years from Earth
  • The new observations confirm the source is in a newly active state, experts say 
  • Discovery also marks first time FRBs have been detected at higher frequencies


PUBLISHED: 02:31 AEDT, 31 August 2017 | UPDATED: 04:14 AEDT, 31 August 2017


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Weird seismic event which shook the world for 20 minutes baffles experts

Published time: 29 Nov, 2018 17:35


"On November 11, the entire planet shook for roughly 20 minutes and yet not a single human being felt it. Though we know ‘it’ happened, we still have no idea what ‘it’ was."

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Cave paintings reveal use of complex astronomy


"The artworks, at sites across Europe, are not simply depictions of wild animals, as was previously thought.

Instead, the animal symbols represent star constellations in the night sky, and are used to represent dates and mark events such as comet strikes, analysis suggests.

They reveal that, perhaps as far back as 40,000 years ago, humans kept track of time using knowledge of how the position of the stars slowly changes over thousands of years."

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Was this Luftwaffe pilot reincarnated as a boy from Middlesbrough? How Carl Edon started sharing eerily accurate memories of flying a Second World War bomber as a young child

  • Carl Edon claimed he could remember a past life as a German pilot aged five 
  • His mother Val recognised his drawing of airplanes emblazoned with swastikas
  • Carl's recollection of his 'past life' drew interest from America and Germany 


PUBLISHED: 17:29 EST, 19 October 2018 | UPDATED: 06:30 EST, 23 October 2018


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Mars--Sound of Wind Blowing: Natza Data

Awesome to be able to listen to the sound of wind blowing from Mars unless we bilocate ourselves to be there. Appreciating the chance to listen to it. Below vid was made into audible, 2 octaves higher sound.

Raw Sounds from InSight's Seismometer on Mars

(c)NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Uploaded on 2018/12/07 
More Audible Sounds from InSight's Seismometer on Mars
(c)NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory  Uploaded on 2018/12/07
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Artificial EQ

Fracking and other way to dump large amount of liquid/gas via narrow pipes with huge pressure are known to cause EQs.

It's been known to be existed since 1935 and not only the US but Russia, China, and Japan are all doing research on Artificial EQs.

Apart from that from fracking, small nukes or dynamite lodged underground, large thumping to a surface location, etc etc are used to cause Artificial EQs.

Many are used for monitoring underground structures for industrial reasons, so not only what we already know as deeply dug up hole then inserting a small nuke to detonate 10km into the ground, we got loads of ways to create Artificial EQs, and have been in use for ages.

Currently in the UN,  120+ countries are agreeing to not to mess up Earth by using artificial EQ and Weather alteration as Weapons.

...Anyone listening to that? I doubt it....

And the world only ship that can barrow down to 2500~3000 metres under water, Chikyu-Go, which is suspected as the one planted nukes to blow up when 311 happened in Japan with huge tsunami followed because of Ee. // sra. \L people went on board few months prior to 311, that thing has been making digs right down on Nankai deep sea valleys. This is where has a huge concern for major EQ which is said to happen within anytime now to within 30 years, and when that happens, because 3 main fault lines to get activated at the same time, the EQ can possibly sink 1/2 of Japan all in one go. 

With the fact that fracking causes EQs, creating deep and narrow holes underwater in Nankai area only means basically fracking down there.

And apparently they had already dug up about 13 or so drill holes in the area.

I just feel that's pretty stupid, though the reason why that's been done is to analyze the sea floor conditions and research mineral availability etc so that study also can help deal with the major EQ, and help the future resource mapping, too. Ironic.

But for the CT heads, I think we all end up thinking "they are trying to cause EQ" than trying to do the right thing...

Here's a vid (sorry no subs) in Japanese, talking all about Artificial EQ.

 (c)この世のカラクリCh. 2018         Published on Oct 10, 2018

Interestingly, the vid is attracting 1.8k thumbs up, but 1k thumbs down.

Who and why thumbing down, I'd like to know. One can consider re: the people from industry trying to thumb it down.

But the vid also uses sources that uses ultra left material. Because there are so many anti-Japanese movements in the country, I need to be careful to shift out nasty influences, and try to be neutral as much as I can, seeing through the propaganda crap. While saying that, a data is a data and we shouldn't be judging the data being lefty or not....


How to Judge Artificial EQ or Not:

We need to see seismometre reports to be sure.

All the screenshots are from the above vid.

NATURAL EQ: Shows up with smaller P waves first then move onto large S waves.

P waves are up and down movements.

S waves are side way movements.


Artificial EQ: Virtually No P waves but suddenly starts with the large S wave.


Example of an Artificial EQ data:

Hokkaido EQ caused mega mountain slides and total black out of the island (this in itself is very suspicious and people stated that should never happen) happened on 6th Sept 2018, about 15:08. Yeah certainly no P waves!

There are PLENTY of reasons why such EQ could happen there. China is trying to get that island. Currently planting hellish number of Chinese immigrants to there. They want to secure way to get up to Arctic for resource gain as well as to secure the rout to get out to open sea using the northern rout, because taking it South takes huge effort. 

As the rout got open up by melting ice, they are trying to use the chance as much as Russia.

Russia doesn't want to have China going up and down the Northern rout for their own economical interest and security.

China also wants to see what Japanese gov would do in the course of emergency, so they are also gathering data of how fast, how many people moved to deal with the situation on the day, how infrastructures kept working etc etc....

Hokkaido is a sweet spot for Russia and China, which also makes the US military movement try to go there. A busy place indeed.

But to Japan, it has even bigger importance; that island still contains deep original spirit of Japan. The native Japanese Ainu people live there, and trying to maintain the old way. The island has very fertile soil and nature is deep.

The truly spiritual culture of Jomon people is still existing there. And Japan wants all the Northern islands which were taken by USSR UNLAWFULLY 2 days after the WW2 ended, back in their hands. All islands. The islanders are still waiting for the day that they can go back to live on their islands, 73 years on.  


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Debunking the Bower & Chorley Story: why Crop Circles aren't all Hoaxes

Great amount of research materials are found in this vid. Well done.

(c)Think Anomalous 2018

Published on Dec 12, 2018

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How to get papers to be Declassified : The Black Vould Guy tells 


(c) DarkJournalist 

Streamed online on 2018/01/26

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Stars are NOT what you think they are! Expectation vs. Reality

I had to put this vid in this thread instead of in the Interesting Vids thread.
This was so beautiful and explanations are decent to convey the idea IMHO. (Minus religious view, though. And I'm not a Christian.)
All Amateur astronomer's footage are insanely interesting I found. Way different from what Natza had given out to us to gulp down saying "Believe in what we say because we are the experts", and we used to believe their data are smashing truth....err...not really so in many aspects we learned by now.
We are made up with "Energy, Frequency and Vibration" as Nicola Tesla mentioned.
And we individually are like Stars. We are made up of particles that belong to Earth but when we are excited /excite ourselves at high level of energy, frequency and vibration, then we become stars ourselves. The one that illuminates by itself.
I could cry for the beauty presented here.
And when we resonate with music that makes us high, we shine out powerfully.
Interesting point was that vid said that the harmonious sounds create harmonious shapes (result of vibration through the matter as the mass accept the frequency hitting it) and with dis-harmonic sounds create aggravated and ugly (to whose eyes is another question, though!) shapes. 
I sometime enjoy listening very heavy stuff, as well as pretty and soothing stuff in different time, too.
I appreciate musicianship in both fields, and I enjoy them. So doesn't that actually state our possibility to be a FILTER, not merely accepting what comes out but by enjoying them, we are changing the value of the sounds?? (Mind you, what we do with that out-come-energy will create the reality whether it's "bad" or "good" for us, so we have the ultimate choice in our hands.....be careful what you wish, in other words.)
If so....we are magical. We really are the creators, I feel. The power of us can mutate humble earth rocks to gold.
We are the arch alchemists of the Universes.
(The Christian people might hate me conveying this vid to this way though! LOL Err time to go back to Nag Hammadi Library Gnosis materials.)

Published on Aug 24, 2018

P.S. yes I know the effects seen on the stars are due to Earth atmosphere interfering the sight. But that's a part of the whole picture. Great that someone in the comment section spatted it out.

By AMBEE 2772

"That's the whole point of this video. These effects need a medium in order to be observed, hence the atmosphere. Without it, all stars will just be a huge ball of plasma."
If I also add, whatever we see, it's happening because we gotta see them.....no coincident in this Universe per se, yeah? Isn't the vibration given off from the starts we are picking up by looking at them? Intent and focus would attract the vibe, methinks.
But anyway you gotta watch what water does. That's basically showing what happens when excited frequency hits it, right? 
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Beautiful, haunting and goosebump giving.  Thanks unity.  I recall a few years ago, I was outside late at night, and actually saw a "star" pulsing and changing colors.  I thought I'd lost the plot.

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National Intelligence Law of the People's Republic of China [Revised]
中华人民共和国国家情报法 [已被修订]


"Article 7 An organization or citizen shall support, assist in and cooperate in national intelligence work in accordance with the law and keep confidential the national intelligence work that it or he knows."


Basically anyone abroad or within China, if they are told to do so, they have to do the spying regardless of who you are, where you are, what you are doing.

Do you want to employ any Chinese person in your corporate? Anyone from the corporations in conjunction with military? 

It's a HUGE RISK now to employ anyone from China/Chinese origin.

China doesn't have "diplomacy". According to what their bodies of gov supposed to be, basically only United force against Foreign Affairs existing and....there's no concept of "let's do things together nicely" existing in China.

When the gov declares like above, what can we do?

Nothing, but just start rejecting all Chinese people regardless, because they are fatal for any self protection of any countries....this is crazy...

I feel so sorry for the people in China. I don't think anyone wants to be put in such position..... 

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