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World Health Organization

Fact Sheet  September 2016


Antimicrobial Resistance


Key facts
Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) threatens the effective prevention and treatment of an ever-increasing range of infections caused by bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi.
AMR is an increasingly serious threat to global public health that requires action across all government sectors and society.
Without effective antibiotics, the success of major surgery and cancer chemotherapy would be compromised.
The cost of health care for patients with resistant infections is higher than care for patients with non-resistant infections due to longer duration of illness, additional tests and use of more expensive drugs.


Globally, 480 000 people develop multi-drug resistant TB each year, and drug resistance is starting to complicate the fight against HIV and malaria, as well.
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King Tut’s DNA is Western European

© Copyright by AbundantHope.net 



"Despite the refusal of the Secretary General of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities, Zahi Hawass, to release any DNA results which might indicate the racial ancestry of Pharaoh Tutankhamen, the leaked results reveal that King Tut’s DNA is a 99.6 percent match with Western European Y chromosomes."


"These STR values for 17 markers visible in the video are as follows:

DYS 19 – 14 (? not clear)
DYS 385a – 11
DYS 385b – 14
DYS 389i – 13
DYS 389ii – 30
DYS 390 – 24
DYS 391 – 11
DYS 392 – 13
DYS 393 – 13
DYS 437 – 14 (? not clear)
DYS 438 – 12
DYS 439 – 10
DYS 448 – 19
DYS 456 – 15
DYS 458 – 16
DYS 635 – 23
YGATAH4 – 11"


"a haplotype is a combination of multiple specific locations of a gene or DNA sequence on a chromosome.

Haplogroups are assigned letters of the alphabet, and refinements consist of additional number and letter combinations, for example R1b or R1b1. Y-chromosome and mitochondrial DNA haplogroups have different haplogroup designations. In essence, haplogroups give an inisight into ancestral origins dating back thousands of years.

By entering all the STR data inadvertently shown on the Discovery video, a 99.6 percent fit with the R1b haplogroup is revealed.

The significance is, of course, that R1b is the most common Y-chromosome haplogroup in Europe reaching its highest concentrations in Ireland, Scotland, western England and the European Atlantic seaboard — in other words, European through and through."


"So much for the Afro-centrists and others who have derided the very obvious northwestern European appearance of a large number of the pharonic mummies."

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OMEGA towers. Supposedly an obsolete tech' now disused by military and letter agencies. But research shows these towers still exist and are in use. They may not take the form of the original massive towers (some do still exist) but the mechanism is still in operation.


ANY tall structure, deep well, mine shaft, oil well, even horizontal pipeline can be used as an omega facility.


Think about that in terms of say... the Gulf of Mexico... that would make Aracebo and the new Chinese dish look like a frypan lid.


And what is supposedly beneath the Gulf of Mexico?






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I have some OSS docs, declassified in 2004 about US plans to destabilise Japan before WW2 with the use of the EQ 'myth' and mechanisms to create EQs in and around Japan.


It's a fascinating read, and insight into the minds of the men behind the scenes back in the day.


Not a lot has changed....


The docs are PDFs and way too large. I will resize and repost.



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“…These programs exist and are known as Special Access Programs (SAP). From these, we have unacknowledged and waived SAPs. These programs do not exist publicly, but they do indeed exist. They are better known as ‘deep black programs.’ A 1997 US Senate report described them as “so sensitive that they are exempt from standard reporting requirements to the Congress…"

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Viking Brooch from Late 9th C~10th C: What Do You See On It...?

The item is in British Museum and in the Collection section, and if you type in Gotland, you will get to the page you can find this item. (Or see the details on the last image.)


After a while of pondering, I thought this piece maybe depicting ANU and IGIGI's relationship.

All images shared for education purpose only, not making any money out of the post: (c) British Museum

Viking ornament_Gotland_Sweden_10th century AD_1.jpg

Viking ornament_Gotland_Sweden_late 9th-10th century AD_1.jpgViking ornament_Gotland_Sweden_late 9th-10th century AD_3.jpgViking ornament_Gotland_Sweden_late 9th-10th century AD_4.jpg

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Kasa Gata-Haniwa(笠形埴輪): Depiction of UFO by sculpture?

At: Ichio Hakayama Kofun mound市尾墓山古墳(いちおはかやまこふん) Takatori-cho, Nara-Prefecture(奈良県高取町(たかとりちょう)) JAPAN

In ancient Japan, when someone important dies, they were buried in a huge mound structure per person. (There are lots of pyramids there, too.)

There are so called Kasa Gata-Haniwa, pointing to the earthen wares made into "Kasa"-shape.

"Kasa" in Japan look like these:

kasa_Japan_copyright-to-Kotobank_1.jpg kasa_Japan_copyright-to-Kotobank_2.jpg

Images: (c) Kotobank

Then back in 2005, at one of those mound excavation, some weird things were discovered...

The found objects were wood carvings, but had the shape found in the earthen wares shape/style was applied to the wood carvings.

Which look like.....UFOs.

Kofun_ships and the Bird_1.jpg 

(Image source: http://www1.kcn.ne.jp/~uehiro08/contents/parts/80.htm)

The above image---"bird structure" made out of wood carving.

With the bird, like how the illustration above shows, KASA Gata-Haniwa, which basically means Kasa-Shaped Earthenware but in this case it was wood carvings, were aligned, stuck all around the mound.

Those must be depicting the sightings of UFO/ships IMHO...

The bird is bird, people can say. Yeah? They fly, yeah?

But how do you explain the bloody weird Kasa-shaped things are following the birds?

...It means that they are AIREAL something, methinks.


(These were found from a different mound cluster called Miyake-Kofun-Gun(c)http://blog.livedoor.jp/myacyouen-hitorigoto/tag/三宅古墳群)

Especially when they were discovered with those poles stuck on their bottoms, meaning they were neatly elected around the mounds.

So the entire picture was showing the FLEET OF SHIPS....

....Err...which means, it may meant that the dead person in there was a very important someone who was watched by the Heavenly people....either came from Heaven/Space, OR a Hybrid person...........

Someone protected by the aliens, and who was important for the land in the ancient time.

The mound is from early 6th Century.

And yeah, there was someone special born in Japan around that time.

If you think of him as the Japanese version of "Jesus", basically you hit the nail....and he's one of the Japanese national heroes. His face was printed on all coins to the notes before.

He was born facing to a stable. And he was called Umayado-no-Ohji in youth, meaning that the Prince of the Stable. 574AD-622AD.

This was the original writer who made Japan to be known as The Land of Rising Sun internationally, by writing that phrase in a letter to the Chinese Emperor of that time.

He had some superhuman powers....bloody clever, chose to take control of national and international politics from entirely behind the scene, leaving the open job for a powerful woman to take the Empress seat.

Healed people. Did strange stuff like controlled weather. Read people's mind.

He was so powerful that he was absolutely FEARED by all who wanted to take the power from him.

After his death, people feared him to haunt everyone back badly, so they built Gojyu-No-To, a specially crafted tower of 5 levels only for his spirit to be comfortable to rest in it, but in fact, the building was made with no nails, and no windows, so his spirit could never leave the tower....they wanted to capture his entire being there imprisoned forever, so he never comes back out.

And he left a scary and accurate prediction book called "Mirai-Ki"....which only very few, very old historical temple owners had known what had been written in the book.

The predictions hit accurate over 1400 years, and now this year, 2017 and also 2030, are apparently written in that book.....but that's another story.




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Recorded in 1969: NWO insider reveals social engineering & depopulation plan!


This is sobering to listen to this content, knowing it was made back in 1969, and how much of their agenda had become true in today's society. The audio was made back in 1989, after 20 years sitting in the darkness.


Paved for decades only to be wiped out because we bread too many of us for their liking...? ( ̄д ̄)

Well....I want us, the Humans, to stand up to say NO for this kind of treatment against us and to Earth.

That would start the chain reaction as you could imagine, and it's already began. The Cabals are having hard time to control us, because we are starting to refuse to take the forced feeding of info to us.


When we really recall our true creative power within us, when we become the reality benders in full force, they can't force us anything anymore.

If we wanted, we can wipe them out from existence in instance. (But then by that time, we'd learned to try to include those stubborn souls to the process of moving on. Big heart!)

They are addicted to the low vibes too much and stuck in it, it is painful for them trying to get away from that addiction......but we won't wait for them. No.

It's us who are running the show now.


In mean while the stubborn souls are screaming with fear for the change to come, we can aim to generate the world that we all can agree and live happily together, by shifting our paradigm altogether.

We can stop playing politics with low blows to start with.

We can think from far higher level of attitude, aim to help one another to make happy world together, choosing WIN WIN ways.

There always would be differences in opinions. But that's all cool. That makes the whole better.

We don't need to fight about the differences, if we can learn to negotiate without greed and insecurity of being stubbed from behind.

Can you see our beautiful future? ....I can. Love you all out there. Finally, we are at the starting point of making the big change as a spiritual specie.


The ones who don't want to change, they will create their own demise unless they come to the term to change themselves. Like Simon Parkes has been warning about it.

It's not about anything personal but the evolution process of the soul capacity of beings are tested.

This is an important point of this grand experiment---to be able to expand and learn to grow.

I wish them good luck. They gotta help themselves now. We can't help while they refuse to take up the offer of help. 

And I believe we won the game already, as we do know how to change anything that presents disharmony in our reality.....it's in our core.


We are the flexible reality benders, and the creators of the bubble of our reality around us.

Check mate with LOVE.



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The footage used on this vid was better than lots others.

Sooooo right in your face...

LGBT theme to PedoCriminal theme, Reptilians haunting over humans....

If you look at the facial expressions in relation to the body positioning, and how babies and small kids are placed...I see very disturbing images. The statues look as if just before "they" commit crimes against Humanity.


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Checked to see when the sculptures in this park were done and it was between 1939 and1943.  He died before it was completed - no loss of this twisted individual to be sure.  Must have had some pretty powerful connections to be given the job of designing the Nobel Peace Prize Medal and we all know who gets those.

Gustav Vigeland

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Gustav Vigeland in 1929.

Gustav Vigeland (11 April 1869 – 12 March 1943), né Adolf Gustav Thorsen, was a Norwegian sculptor. Gustav Vigeland occupies a special position among Norwegian sculptors, both in the power of his creative imagination and in his productivity. He is most associated with the Vigeland installation (Vigelandsanlegget) in Frogner Park, Oslo.[1][2] He was also the designer of the Nobel Peace Prize medal.[3]

Source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gustav_Vigeland

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The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe




2013 – 043 The EU Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan – The Genocide Of The Caucasian People Of Europe and Agenda 21



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David Hudson | ORMUS Conference Enota 2011 

From the Poster's note:

"Published on 6 Aug 2012

David Hudson talks about his discoveries on newly patented material called ORBITALLY REARRANGED MONO-ATOMIC ELEMENTS (ORME). This is his first public statement in 12 years. It covers how his patent came about, the science behind it, and where it is headed. A very interesting video.

• Recorded in May 2011 at Enota Resort, Hiawassee, GA. 
• Video produced by Cherokee Gold. 
• Visit www.cherokeegold.net

Note: The first 10min is a little out of sync, the other 2hrs is all good."


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Lockheed Skunkworks employee speaks out "Technology from Extraterrestrials"

And the guy is with CSETI??

....Well, the latest trend of the informed CTs are trending to NOT TO BELIEVE in Dr. S. Greer anymore, by the look of it.

NOT ALL ALIENS ARE FRIENDLY, unlike what he was saying for years about it.

Though I truly appreciate the hopeful attitude of "wanting to believe" all are good (I wish it was really so!!!...we will achieve it in 5D world.), we need to learn to protect ourselves not to get FOOLED.

It'd be too late when all are cheerfully trying to wave hands at the ETs arriving and get blasted out instantly.

We know how the Archons work, yeah? They are NOT the only nasty ones we know of existing on Earth now, trying to do crappy stuff against us, Humans.

Anyway, sorry that's a rant about CSETI.

This vid is about the famous Skunkworks.


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Bob Lazar

**2015 International UFO Congress** A Few Short Clips

Bob Lazar of Area 51 - 25 Years Later

Bob Lazar Explains Alien Craft Propulsion is by Warping Gravity


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<Warning:GRAPHIC> Skip the Post if you don't want to see any Dead Humans and Animals' mutilated bodies

National Parks---Alien Eating Humans---Hidden Underground Facilities

*I know we got the posts about mutilated bodies before, but this post got a different aspect going into this issue.


The Black Voult: First pls go visit this source page where contains the LINK TO THE DOCUMENT for the respect of another Conspiracy Theorist who fished out the info for us to see.

The page contains the background story to the report made officially regarding an experiencer writing about what he encountered in the National Park in Arizona....where is a hot UFO spot. Also the loggers working in the same national park, abducted for 5 days then returned to Earth surface as was made into the film of "Fire In The Sky", and heck a lot of MISSING PEOPLE in very weird manner compiled by another CT is well know in our field. Together with Animal/Human mutilation cases, it becomes pretty much evident that everything ties together IMHO....


When you go to this page, you will find a link on the bottom of the article to jump to the direct source, written as:

" U.S. Forest Service Declassified UFO Files, released February 2017 [20 Pages, 3.8MB] " and you can Dounload the whole pages by yourself.

A related MOVIE of Missing People from National Parks:

Then here's more GRAPHIC surgery scene of implants and the Doctor who did the surgery....sorry about the still image...I couldn't find the same content in different image being used on top...so here it is. To be followed by Secureteam compi of heaps more GRAPHIC stuff on the bottom.

The thing is now it connects to the Supersoldiers' stories...told you everything is connected...

Supersoldiers connects to the Child Abuse for physical and mental tortures using FEAR, and it connects to PizzaGate and such as the Royal Commission inquiry made by Fiona, the brave woman stood against ex PMs and other rich and powerful people in Australia...more and more and more problems of the world connects to...The Alien Activities on Earth.

A compi of GRAPHIC images of Abducted Beings collected at the Secureteam vid:

Tyler has provided the direct links in the Poster's note section to arrive to the released documents on the YT page.

And one more vid....

It's here not really because I wanted to show you the lot but only what's shown towards the end from 3:33~. (Uncanny timing! LOL)

The reason I pointed it out to you is....that the engraved lines on her skin are very similar to what I got after the Mantid Docs operated on my body.

NOT the shapes. Mine are far larger, neat curves going in parallel to each other neatly, but spreading open a bit wider towards the front central line under the chin like wearing different necklaces on at the same time, but they are around just below my neck.

The lines are such weird scars, that are so neat compared to what we end up with scratch marks, distinctively dented compared to the surrounded tissues, and I showed them to a doctor in Oz. She couldn't tell WTF they were from, or why they appeared.

I have documented in detail of what happened with me and not that I intend to post them here, but I might write a book later. LOL Plenty of weird shit had happened to me....and still IS.

The doc told me that officially "Cause Unknown", and recorded into the system, so actual allied health sector got that left on record officially.

IDK if I want to believe in the most of the stuff compiled into the vid about the girl, BUT those scars SERIOUSLY DO PRESENT THE AFTERMATH OF ALIEN SURGERIES IMHO. Even if those were neatly recreated by Hollywood style good Special Effects with silicons etc, my point was that the alien surgery aftermath do leave the neat scars just like those got shown at the end of that vid.

...Maybe you have ones and not knowing about them there....??

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Blood Type of Rh(-) 



(↑The map from here: http://www.luxuryandglamor.com/blood-type-dna-might-just-alien/)

<My own Side Note>

OK, peeps, the above list got the individual country's blood type distribution with Rh(-) types.

And you see a further list written up for the individual indigenous people a bit.

I thought it's rather WEIRD why they picked Ainu people of Japan on the special list below that big list. 

The Basque, I understand.

But Japan does NOT have that many of Rh(-) population at all....I went ( ・ὢ・ )?HUH?

Then I realised.............these research people must be looking for YAP genes, too.

That's another genetic "specialty"....which Jewish people are searching for.

Why? Because Jewish people carry the YAP genes. (Looking for the Lost Tribes.)

So this site must be backed by the Jewish money to get such list happening on their pages.

Japanese blood line is from Hapro D...closest to Neanderthal people in the world.

But about 2000 years ago, hell a lot of (14,000 or more?...I kinda wonder if the number was 144,000...grin) immigrants through the Silk Road of Western Chinese region came to Japan to settle down, and these people may well be the REAL Jewish people. (But Japan had older culture there before those immigrants arrived there, obviously. Which was Shinto ideology based peaceful culture. No weapons found, no strategic buildings with the idea of war were never found for thousands of years while they cultivated food as well as went to hunting. That was taken over by the continental cultural invasion when those immigrants arrived. And Indigenous Japanese people had the culture  based on the Goddess belief as the main beliefs.)

The YAP gene in Japan was very well protected by the introduction of Paternal culture.

You see that in the males of Imperial family.....the implication is huge for what I'm suggesting here but I feel Japanese peeps would be ready to accept it now. Japan may see the day of not having the Emperor (because that's what the GHQ intended and slashed down the choice of males to take the seat of Emperor), but will regain our Female Shaman as our head figure, like they used to do so in their ancient time. A very psychic and powerful female with the power to foretell future, and lead the nation.


↓Check out Northern Ireland!! Massive % of O(-) people there!!


Just a supplementary audio-vid:

Nick Redfern speaks for the possibilities....


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"Class 2B: Possibly Carcinogenic to Humans" now Even Worse

---WiFi radiation all around us

This is an Australian docco about mobile phone usage and cancer.

We have known about this for some time, but here's a concise vid from ABC for us all...

WiFi Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields-Possibly Carcinogenic to Humans-ABC_2017 vid.jpg

The difference of absorbing pattern seen in adults and children below...kids are soaking up the radiation like sponge due to the amount of fluid in their heads.....and Oz is saturated by smart phones everywhere, now small children are exposed badly, the result may only be shown 40~ years on....are we doing the right thing by for them now? 

WiFi Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields-Possibly Carcinogenic to Humans-ABC_2017 vid-2.jpg

↑↓(c)ABC Materials shared only for Educational purpose. No money is made from the post. 



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The Old Testament was Nothing But A Translation From Sumerian Scripts: says an Ex Vatican Translator Mauro Biglino

This is a good short vid that states very important info Mauro points out in quite concise manner.

His materials available on YT are really long or hard to get to the point, sometime due to Italian language as well.....(Mind you, there are newer vids from 2016 workshop he held which I would love to watch after being translated into English but who knows when that'd be done..... LOL)


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43 billion + in foreign aid responsibilities!!!  I bet we here in Australia are also dishing out a lot of money to corrupt governments under the title Foreign Aid Foop.....

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In regard to Oswald.  3 men walking    3 men came out of the Dal-Tek building, (no not the book depository) one had a rifle, but they were let go, allowed to slink off, perhaps that is the 3 men he was speaking of.  Oswald did not kill Kennedy, he was the patsy, and "they" (those planning) spent a lot of time setting him up to take the fall.  "They" couldn't take a chance on him outing them after managing to finally succeed in their dastardly deed.  disclaimer: simply my opinion   Jackie Kennedy had an independent investigation done, results not to be released until 2029.  (Is possession of that info what got Jr. killed?) There are always questions, when there is little to no truth told.  There are still some alive who know the truth, not many, but some. 

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Manhattan DA’s Office probing death of reporter with possible JFK ties


Kilgallen, who wrote a widely syndicated column for the New York Journal-American, was the only reporter ever to interview Jack Ruby, who shot Oswald, and published Ruby’s closed-door testimony to the Warren Commission before its official release. Her enemies ranged from Frank Sinatra to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.

The morning after Kilgallen appeared on the hit TV game show, she was found dead in her Manhattan apartment, naked under a robe and still in make-up. The medical examiner ruled it an accidental mix of booze and sleeping pills.



“If the wrong people knew what I know about the JFK assassination, it would cost me my life,” she confided to hairdresser Charles Simpson, one of several witnesses who gave videotaped interviews unearthed by Shaw.



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Finally, finally, after all these years, someone is on the right track!  I missed this in January, and wonder how it;s going. Interesting that the author of the book on Kilgallen  carries the name Shaw. Only one word for that, ironic!  A  few words of caution for him and anyone else involved in this new investigation, don't advertise it, especially in the MSM, keep it close to your chest, carry big protection, and keep your eyes and ears open at all times.  Some are just as dangerous today as they were back then, if not moreso, and they have access to new technology for taking care of possible threats. They've managed to keep it quiet all these years, and they sure don't want their apple cart upset now. This is a very dangerous game, with deadly consequences for those who don't pay close attention to  details. Take nothing for granted, and trust no one, as lots of people, famous and not, have lost their lives because what they knew about JFK's murder,  presented a threat to others.

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