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Someone, please clarify this for me, if you know a lot on Dr. Steven Greer.




Did I hear "Rockefeller"??

(....It suddenly made me suspicious of him big time... :ph34r: )

Is Dr. Greer really on "our side", you think??

There are great things about what he does, but it would be good to have all aspects covered to prevent to be fooled, so to speak....


Oh, hey, mind you, I'm sure that there are group of people who are PROTECTED by powerful someone, so that they can continue their actions. I can imagine that Dr. Greer maybe protected by his Alien friends to be able to accomplish what he is doing, too. I'm not decided to be on which field but I just want to collect other peeps' idea on Dr. Greer so I can grasp about who he maybe better.


There are so many levels/layers of different intentions surrounding us and it's hard to see through wth we want after all.

OK, the question is, do we (as humanity on the Earth) want to make friends with other races and conscious beings out in the Space?

Humanity is known to possess the mode i.e. "Wanting to Belong" embedded into our nature. (Can't recall the scientific study's where abouts but I did read articles on it. The list also included "Wanting to Love", I thought. Not "wanting to be loved", but "wanting to love".)


We are looking for some others who are LIKE US, who have the same ground in understanding values.


....Hey, that's just like looking for great friends and partners.

Nothing different from what we usually do on the Earth daily.

And nothing is wrong with that!

It's just that there are really annoying peeps out there, and I guess that's the same in the community out there in the Space, too. Even more complicated than among the humanity as the situation involves heaps more different perspectives/evaluations on anything and everything.


...Our back bones are simple and beautiful, but when we decided to THINK, things started to get complicated, I guess...!  ;D



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CONTACT IN THE DESERT 2014 Linda Moulton Howe UFO ALIEN Documentary


Are you ready for the explosion of information that goes for 4 hours? (The actual length is about 5 and a half hours but after 4 hours, it repeats from the top for some reason...)


And the info is a quality one.

It's Linda M. Howe's presentation back in 2014.

I'm glad I watched this vid as Linda is approaching towards the same direction of thoughts about what WE, as the humanity, wants to go forward to, learning that we are created to do the job to sustain 1% of the population as slaves; also she goes onto that we all are carrying some alien genes and the star people have been on the Earth for a long long time. 


Gobekli Tepe, Crop Circle, Alien Anti-Gravity Software that makes it work automatically by only having certain SYMBOLS on another area and a certain field (which CARET tried to back engineer), the crop circles that have those symbols appearing as used in anti-gravity mechanism, and more and more and more and more.


At the end of the long 4 hours, she had Q&A, and a French guy was saying that they have difficulties in getting info as all are in English and unless there are transcripts of what she's saying, they can't even do volunteering work to put subs on her vids.

Another American woman was commenting straight after that that Linda speaks beyond of what was written on her books and thus uploading transcripts of her seminars and workshops would be a great idea.


But Linda was saying she couldn't possibly do it all by herself.

So basically she needs people to do volunteering work around her if the info is to be spread more effectively.

(That was HER question to the audience; how to go about to spread the news effectively, without copping stones thrown at her by doing so in public.)

...Yes transcription takes ages to do, and it's not easy. Dunno what else can be done if to avoid the transcriptions. Any idea?? 


...Not only a cuppa or two but grub your meal in between is probably a good idea. LOL

There are heck a lot to learn and absorb.


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Linda Howe 

Et Resurrection Anunnaki Interdimensional War 


<snip video> 


Astounding information!!  I'm looking forward to watching the next LMH's video belowmentioned by Unity.  Methinks things are progressing beneath the surface of everyday life. So good to be here at this time !!!  8)

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Astar Command Message in UK


It was transmitted on 26th Nov 1977 at 5:12 pm in UK.


Alien Warning Message Live on TV in UK-"We Come to Warn you About your Race and your Planet"


So, has anyone debunked this after all! ???





This message took over the BBC networks .. plural .. IT REALLY HAPPENED..  The station managers had no control

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A Brazilian Alien Skeleton of 200+ years old




I have no idea if any related vid was posted before in CHANI, but here you go...

A Brazilian Museum (unfortunately the name is unknown; the curator is called Wellington Estebanovic) holds this totally weird and wonderful specimen of skeltal remains of...something.

Few scientists looked at it. The Estebanovic family has collection of scientists in different field, and some are in the biology field, and done analysis on the skelton, got it published and accepted as a recognised paper by the country.






2 front teeth are sticking out independently....absolutely nothing like humans....




Sorry no English subs, but please keep on watching.

It gets on display only 1ce a week, according to the vid.

Whole bunch of school kids were there for excursion, and they are asked what are they seeing in the glass case. All kids said it's an ET.



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A Brazilian encounter 


So, has anyone debunked this yet?? :ph34r:

And I hate any emotional and physical abuse.

Abuse to kids, women, elders, to any humans.

Also I hate any disrespectful acts and abuse to any alien beings. 


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Just for the reference and archiving...


Sorry peeps, no English sub on the vid. :ph34r:


But Edger Mitchel is stating that he heard about (though he can't prove them, he said, I think. Heard to catch under the translated narration on top of his voice.) that:


(1) There are multiple kinds of aliens on the Earth


(2) There are hybridisation going on with some


(3) Some of them may be thinking of invading the Earth.


7:25~ of the vid, he speaks these stuff.


And the content is made in 2008. 

Our Edger Mitchel was interviewed obviously at least 6 months prior to the show went on air in Japan, if not longer. (Usually 8~12 months or so in making, isn't it? For TV productions involving foreign country visits for interviews.)

DS has been trying to spread the news of "multiple aliens on the Earth" issue for about 5 years, using his Youtube channels, I think. It means his releases started about 2 years since the show went on air in Japan.

DS isn't talking about something new. But when he got to KGB file source, it was a few years after Edger Mitchel openly spoken about it on Media.


...I'm trying to figure out a bit of conspiracy theory chronology here.

For how long have we been hearing there are lots different aliens are around, globally?

I guess it spread widely when the internet came upon, but even before that age, I'm sure we knew it's not singular type visiting the Earth.

But with DS's info from KGB files, lots people got intrigued, and hyped up about that there are so many aliens out there dealing with us.

The info was treated as rubbish by the peeps in CT world, but now it is treasured and ARB concept is picked up by the producers of The Ancient Alien series, which would bring out the materials DS and Petro dug up and organised, without giving them ANY recognition...in about 5 years or so.

...So the info "Aliens Galore happening on Earth" was obviously very deeply interesting/disturbing to the guys in the big media, too.


This is very odd---I felt the mass population was believing that we are dealing with a single type of alien race. For a long time? I can't even tell you...I dunno...


Were we led to believe so? Then when did it started? Far out...MK Ultra? LOL

Didn't we know we were meeting with many different kind of aliens? 

Seth material to the abductee stories, I thought we knew about it. Italian cases, Japanese cases, different beings seen historically....

Sorry bubbling on about it.

Somehow it doesn't settle with my gut feeling and something is questioning inside me.... maybe I'm just confused. If so, sorry, peeps!!



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Sometimes it's good to go back to the basics, me think.


This vid went a bit more from what I expected from the "basics"( •ω• )◞I appreciate that.



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Noorsyaidah: the mysterious Wire Woman from Indonesia


First time you look at the image of those wire width metal needles sticking out of her abdominal area, you might think she's self harming and stubbing her with those thick needles.


This is in Indonesia. She was a 40 yo kindergarten teacher there.

I think according to some sources it said started back in 1991.

She's suffering from the needles growing out like 10cm from the skin. 


Well, here are plenty of evidences by x-rays to doctors' diagnoses plus actual images of her weird metal growth, it'd be hard to dispute that one was not an act of self harm.


Her doctors are saying that these needles are "growing naturally" and grows in length daily.

Noorsyaidah's sister has cut off a bit before, apparently no pain present, and they just continued to grow.

Some parts sitting outside of the body are oxidised and rust like form are present.


While some may say this is a medical anomaly but I seriously wondered whether she has ever been "abducted" and experimented on before.


The reason?

It's just so weird.

But that weirdness was strikingly similar to the ones of those Morgellons growing out of someone's body.


And there's another aspect for you to freak out. ;D

There's been cases of peeps in Philippines complaining about needles appearing in the body...internally. 

Yup, out of thin air.

What they say about it was that the person was CURSED by some professional black magic artist.

The footage of needle removal by literally cutting skin open to pick each out (There were about 50 of them...on that day, if my memory is correct. But this poor person kept on getting the needles appearing many more days after that, apparently. Geez what a curse...no wonder counter cursing becomes good business.) was taken on film...not that I can recall the actual title of the film but anyway, that was filmed as a docco, doctors showing x-rays and actual needles they got rid of etc etc...


Indonesia also has their own black magic "Ilmu Hitam" and objects growing out of body were known to happen...


So maybe heaps of Philippians and Indonesians were historically abducted?

Both places do have some "magical" places alright...and hot UFO spots yeah?


...You be the judge anyhow, because I can't get more info on it yet.


Articles with more details on this case:

Jakarta Post: http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2008/07/28/039wire-woman039-claims-a-stomach-steel.html

A Blog Entry: http://albaline5.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/noorsyaidah-wire-woman.html


Original interview clip from an Indonesian news show:



Far better images on this vid:



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So very strange ... all these "strange"videos being copied, displayed and edited and accounts with videos of Dr. Steven Greer being closed due to copyright infringement..

Now what are the odds ...



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Woooow I found a treasure....!

I love Youtube for this kinda occasion!


For archiving reason, I post this vid here, even though there's no Eng sub.

But I don't think it matters if you understand what's been said. Just look at the state of Montauk Air Field back in 1993. Preston Nicoles, Duncan Cameron, Al Bierek etc appear...mmmm, they are over dubbed and you can't really hear what they are saying, unfortunately.


The tv show was made by Japanese UFO authority Junichi Yaoi.

They go right into the buildings despite the gates were closed.

(...Yes, it's looking like ramming into an officially closed field without telling it to the authority....naughty.)



They show they are approaching to the buildings. The state of the road, get over the gate, enter into the field...


Now, you may say it was because an MSM tv show, so maybe it was just "made up" to sell, but they ended up with a freaky ghostly image of something looks like an alien of sort on the glass on the small windows, as if it's approaching towards their cams,captured by the off-side camera, that was taping the crews using the big cam to tape the front view into the room, where was said to kept alien in there.

But there's no physical body of that alien like thing was captured on any cameras. What was that? 9:28~


Also they bump into a total weird freaky thing. 8:51~

This can be a real hoax; maybe someone broke into the site before they did, intentionally done that.

Anyway, the site was closed back in 1984.

They found a black board with schedules written down in those days....but they discovered a new entry of 1991...WTH...


Beyond that is also cherished with awesome footage but you would rather have subs to go along with that. Pity!

Another "anomaly" of the Montauk facility was that the crew discovered that brand new cables for telephones, new electricity poles with unusual tip having cross beams sticking out from the top, brand new huge transformer etc being installed on the facility when they went there in 1993.

If the place was ditched in 1984, WHY?


Mr. Yaoi's program is always high quality as in investigating work I found.

He's doing it because he likes the stuff, and the whole hour is filled with investigating from back doors, going and checking secret locations, being harassed by security peeps, all were filmed right on the time.


They really went for conspiracy theories and did their own investigations. What's so special is that they do have power as a tv show crew---far more stronger than just a public going there and doing research by him/herself.

So I actually found Japanese tv shows cover angles that English researchers can't cover.

As I said before somewhere in the sea of CHANI thread (´▽`*), Japanese conspiracy theorists are ruthless because they are nothing to do with major religions in the world, and they just go for their curiosity. Simple and pure and fearless (sometimes I wonder if "stupidity" fits better there, because they are risking their own lives big way...).

If you can bare watching it through, you may find something very interesting yourself.... 



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Jesuit, Vatican, Aliens, Lushifer (←Russian spelling)


This vid turned out to have a good over view of conspiracy connection of Vatican and aliens.


According to old KGB file from USSR which DS and Petro dug up, Lushifer became allied of Vlash, because of harsh treatment Anunnakine gave to him and his girlfriend. He was so pissed off that he declared to hunt Anunnakine wherever they are...that's why Lushifer comes to Earth even now.

This vid content kinda connected lots of back ground info into a bigger picture in my head, made it easy to see it all IMHO, though if you agree to what's been said or not is another matter.  :wink:


On 20:00~ mark, the guy is commenting that a native American person they met told them that Apache people didn't want Vatican to make the observatory on that particular mountain----they said it's where the STARGATE exists, which takes you to either above or below...



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BEAM OF LIGHTS: Activation? Something being transported?


Foopen posted this vid in the box earlier on. Thanks Foopen!




And I came across to a bit more filling vid on the footage, and another to compare with.



Connecting to this content...



Apart from alien interface possibility, I also wonder if the Earth itself with these transmitters on the grids are reacting to the hot particles that the entire Solar system is dipping through right at the moment.

Like light bulb got charged without connecting to a light source and lights up, something is helping all the grid point gears to accumulate huge amount of energy so they actually got activated visibly (being lit up for a short time, otherwise usually invisible to human eyes...something like that). 

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I couldn't remember where I posted the original web link when the images got out....(ノД`)・゜・。Sorry peeps, I wanted to add this vid to that post, but since I can't find it, I post it here.


Some awesome pics of the UFOs in Antarctica.

There are bits of images from MSM, not the real ones, but I'm sure that seasoned CTs at CHANI can tell them apart very easily, and see the beauty of the original ones....just amazing. Can you imagine what it would be like to see it with your own eyes right in front of you so up close, with that size and power in action? Coooooooooool....


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13th May 2015 UPDATE on:

Giovanna Podda---Sardinian woman in Italy gives birth to an Alien baby---2014 report


Poor lady is still tormented over the situation, tearing as she is reminded of the horrific incident.

She was visited by the Japanese tv crews, and then she came to Japan to get the full body CT and X ray scan, to see if she has any implants.

The result was all clear.


Then she received a regression therapy from a hypnotist.


During the session, she goes into the time when she was impregnated mechanically by the alien.




It didn't exist before the session, and the substance being smeared powder, with her clothes on top while in the session, it'd be difficult to retain it all in such good shape (as she was wiggling a lot in pain---poor thing!!!), if she was hiding it under her clothes to try to trick anyone. So I do think it popped up during/after the session.


See the pic of it:



TV crews took the shot of it, and the substance on her abdominal area, where was covered by some odd powder in the shape of the Alien Hand.


Giovanna was saying that while she was regressing and revealing what exactly happened to her, this Alien was pressing against her abdomin with its own hand, sending her message mentally that DON'T REVEAL IT ANY FURTHER then. 


The substance was then checked by a  scientist, who was claiming it to be TOO PURE TO EXIST IN SUCH FORMAT ON THE EARTH. The guy was totally baffled as he deals with all Police force required composition checks, and said he had NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS before. 


Below shows the test result of the powder substance found on the lady.




(The vid itself was a loose ended crap as a total show, but brought Mr. Mura in to do the UFO calling session as LIVE on the show, and Mr. Mura succeeded, got 2 UFOs at the same time while the tv crew was on top of a building. This guy is incredible. Almost 100% that he can pre-book UFO sightings as a contactee.)


BUT here I give you a piece of image to ponder with: Check out her Pendant Head



By the way, I don't think there's another forum that's cross spreading info from Japanese research works. If you happen to come across, please share with us of where abouts.


I realised because all the debunking and research works are happening globally and some research materials are talking about the same incident, but often written in different languages, in different time.

...Russian, Italian, South American, Japanese are apart from English based researches I figured being rather hot and filled with UFO related news.

It's really pity we can't cover all these language sites to monitor!

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