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Oceanic Anomaly off New Zealand Coast

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I'm still reading your stuff KMRIA, the odder it gets the more it fits. LOL

It's very odd Blue. LOL!

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It's very odd Blue. LOL!

it's just when you think you are getting a handle on all this stuff KMRIA that it takes a turn in another direction and you end up even more confused. At times I think it's not for us to know or understand, but that won't stop us from trying LOL :lol:

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synchronicity being what it is this is something I'd written up not long ago for my own thread but not posted it yet!

go figure :rolleyes:


 I let House rave on, not knowing how much to believe, if any. I knew I was not getting the full story, but just enough to get my attention. To be fair I never got the full story from the so called Blue ETs either, even if I was family. When you live on earth as a human you are never going to get the full story from outsiders with their own agendas to fore fill. Perhaps the whole story is just too complex to tell anyway, allowing for the fact those telling the story don’t know all the answers either!

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Hex waves?

Three sixes?

As an artist  I'm attuned to visual symbols, such as this.

Is the symbolism deliberate-or from an outside influence?

The Physics Dept at Canterbury  in my estimation is part of the local grid.

(This is just a bit of light entertainment, pardon the pun: but the image triggered something to do with the bigger Hex picture.)


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That poster does my head in. Are you going?

Not on your life!

Unless I get sucked into a hyperdimensional wormhole in which case there's going to be trouble....

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I guess these new things popping up also affecting the whole state of grid, too.


I'm sure you peeps have already looked into these positions long time ago, but just in case if there is anything I can add to the memory...

  List of new islands



Since the positions of newly formed islands would be like a point on the Earth's meridian system, so with its size and point, I'd look into the effects the islands are giving off.


It's not only about the land feature.

It encompasses the complication of international Strategic Water guidelines, so these islands can cause geopolitical issues.

Obviously that sort of disruption of harmony would cause big up and down in human emotion, thus affects our unified consciousness field in the end, blah blah blah...the rippling effects are in multiple aspects, I believe.


And more interesting point to look at would be; what died off to have it rise newly?

The newly formed islands can be the replacement of another older point.

With some artificial interventions (and natural occurrence after some artificial interventions) caused radical issue and someone wanted to fix it quickly, locally, then it's possible to use the physical mass like these newly formed mountains, I take.

And with the technologies of someone above, I'm guessing it's very possible to raise a mountain...

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That is a possibility Unity, but the Earth is also expanding in this process and that expansion could also cause land masses to rise. There are a couple I would like to see with my own eyes if they ever come up ;)

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Plus the fact that the earth isn't exactly a perfect  sphere...

With this image I had a Click moment a couple of nights ago.

My comment:

Angles don't play this Haarp using coords

it's supposed to be  angels playing this harp using chords.

Baghdad is one of the locations on the Sundial (1) and I found this image of the Golden Lyre of Ur dating back 4500 years, since destroyed in the invasion of Iraq.http://celticharpblog.com/lyre-of-ur/
My theory is that the map depicts a harmonic resonance between Giza and Galicia in the form of a harp or lyre, based on Pythagorean principles with the Bull marking the first and last chord.


The Bull tribe of the Gauls can be found in three locations relevant here: Galicia in the Crimea, Turin and Galicia in Spain (Torella etc)

This is a very complex,yet quite simple image, and I've been working on a very detailed level.

I've shrunk it but even so I've decided to deal with it piecemeal going into what I think is there region by region and how they all relate.



(Not sure about the exact location of that bit pinched from Tomorrowland..)

Edit: correction 2.198 should be 2.1958 etc.

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I think I've almost decoded the sundials.

I have my own ET experience to go with this....and I think I was involved in setting the Europe Grid up in the first place so maybe this is all Meant to Be?


First a Comment.

One of the flaws of modern scholarship is specialisation and consequent lack of cross referencing.

I've read in a scholastic book on Celtic linguistics that the Iberian Celtic language was in existence in 700BC (determined by linguistic drift) but a bit of a puzzle because the French  Gallic , Iberian Celtic and eastern Celtic areas had no contact


The P and Q Celtic variants of Ireland and Britain were basically inexplicable too.


The statement that the Hallstat Celts were an outside and foreign incursion into Europe, interacting with "proto Celts" is silly.

It was the same people, the same language (with local variations) and the same basic culture,

(Having worked with metals): bronze making on a large scale needs;

access to a lot of water 

access to the proper clay for casting

access to good quality copper and tin

the construction of very large bellows, in the Celtic context, constructed of ox hides operated by bellows made of ox hide at precise temperatures

A location where material and man power can be centralised  willl be found on a trading route: either overland ( a salt trail) or a river route (confluence of the Danube and Rhone).

The Celts aquired iron working, ultimately from the Hittites (1200BC) and combined it with their knowledge of bronzeworking to produce good quality iron tools and weapons (probably even an early damascene steel.

Bronze, previously taken by trader smiths to the loosely sprinkled tribes of Europe resulted in a cultural shift.

Warrior chieftains, who could afford bronze, created bands of warriors and a stratification of Copper Age society.

Iron, much more difficult to make and much more expensive (the Celtic economy was based on cattle) created elite bands of warriors on horseback, capable of using the classic leaf shape sword from above, rather than using a chariot as a base for foot battle.

Okay , I don't want to get into a rant here,trying to create a context.

The context is that the region shown above is central to the new Celtic culture of Europe.

I have an image of an  oldish Swiss map of the immediate  area and it shows only two specifically Roman sites in amongst Celtic tribal names and place names.

One is near Basel, one is on the site of Como, named Novum Como (new Como).

Given the common roots of Greek, Latin and Celtic and educated guess says this site was know as Como already (or close to) with the sense of 'comity' or friendship and partnership. something that fits very well with the title of The Friendship Case.

The image being sent from there meant something, as does the Sundial

I think it's Cern

Below is an analysis of the LHC area in terms of the Heraklian Line, which cuts from Alice to PA6 at the correct 57.57 angle.

The left purple line goes NE to Gex (genetrix?)


The image below depicts what I think was the original Bronze Age grid and its meaning as a Shape on the Earth.

The sundial has the phrase Differenzia f A and what I can best read as Avaloni.

Avalon I'm taking as Britain.

Differenzia is 'unlike' or 'different' to.

The first site on the top of the sundial is Parigi/Paris.

Hypothesis: the actual central merdian is based on Paris rather than London.

However the Barcelona-Lughdunum line doesn't pass through Paris at the Ile de Cite, supposed centre of Paris.

In fact that location is a Roman settlement, and I agree with Robb that  the most likely site of the ancient Lutetian capital, occupied by the Parisii was Mont St Valerian, just north of Nanterre (nemetoi duron-'sacred site of the oak') which is just adjacent to Garonne des Colombes (wood of the doves)

It's my belief that Lugh has two Birds; 

the Raven, which goes South on war

the Dove which goes North in peace,

"Negative" and "positive."

Later I'm going to dissect a Galician coat of arms in these terms.

The Tower and City  of London too are on the wrong location in Celtic terms.



This the Harp as I call it.

I've rounded the numbers , which has given some interesting results.

The two Phocaean sites are 22/7, the pi ratio?!

I've got some more examination of this to do before I can be more conclusive, but intuitively it fits

At some point soon I'll examine the two calendars involved

EDIT 4/20  I'm having a look at the Coligny (46°23′N 5°21′E) calendar in relation to this as I think calenders are being blended.

Zurich/Zurzach, and all the names in this area  are Celtic, not that difficult to decode.

Zurich for instance is derived from the Roman Turicum, derived from the earlier Turicon "which may be a personal name."

How about Tur (bull, tower, mountain or tor), as in Turin, Torinello, etc etc etc?

Garmish-Partenkirchen is at the confluence of the Lois-ach River, allegedly "water water" (cf uisce Irish): how about "light river"?

At Garmisch-Partenkirchen (actually two towns,German sector-Parten church, Parten being the "Roman" name-the PRiTaNni lived this area) the figures depicted are Elektra, one of the Plaeides sisters and Daphne, a wood nymph.

More Greek mythology: ATLAS at Cern appears in the Herakles myth  

"Atlas was guardian of the pillars which held earth and sky apart, and the god who turns the heaven on their axis, causing the stars to revolve. Herakles encountered the Titan during his quest for the Golden Apples of the Hesperides. He agreed to take the heavens upon his shoulders while Atlas fetched the apples. The hero also slew the Hesperian Drakon,  the Titan's tormentor, and built two great pillars at the ends of the earth,perhaps to relieve the Titan of his labour"

I'm going to illustrate the meaning of this soon.


Alice-my first thought  Alice in Wonderland, the Lewis Carroll tale.

Alice means 'noble' in Gaelic, and this morning I read that Their Royal Highness's child is probably going to be named Alice.


April has two meanings:

In the Roman/Etrsucan Sky God calendar : quite probably "virilis"  as in virility.

The Hellenic calendar: April is derived from Aphrodite, as this is spring and plants are shooting.

In reference to the Sundial: I think the two Aprils depicted show the timing of the split in Timelines

More to come with this once I've sliced into the details (aaarrgh!) of relating geographical and time locations.
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Looking at the La Hexagone/Herakles images I realised that other constellations were involved, like Corona Borealis/A  Corunna, as part of a Story on the Landscape.

When I had a look at what Vega meant: Harp or Lyre!

So I spent some time looking at the constellations in terms of location and meaning.

The Carthaginians/Draco attack the Greek colony of Sicily/the Harp in 550 BC.

But Herakles keeps his foot on the head of Draco from Mallorca.


There's more to come with this:


I think I've worked out the Europa story, as placed on the landscape.

Old sacred sites , if I'm right, represent specific stars and constellations.

Incidentally it is on record that Hannibal lit a 'faro' in Africa, which was aligned with a faro in Asia (ie modern Turkey or thereabouts) : the fires lit at the same time, but in different time zones.(Details later perhaps).

This can give a very accurate correlation between Time and Distance.

I'm hypothesizing, without direct evidence, that the staff, or'club' depicted could have been a facetted crystal or lense placed in a vertical rod which could have been placed at sites in alignment,forming a kind of long distance telescope

There are what are obviously ancient lenses found in the museums of Egypt and elsehwere

As a (ex?) librarian I'm aware of the history of the library of Alexandria.

Originally 500,000 documents it was destroyed in three events:

accidentally(???) by the Romans

deliberately by the Christians

and again deliberately by the Moslems.

In regard to the mapping of Europa and elsewher, it was the custom of the library to take the portolan or ship's chart, kept secret from other ship owners for commercial reasons, copy it and return it to the captain.

Portolans are  accurate for local  coasts, tides,etc. from observation by  sailors, and if correlated could easily give a very accurate detailed  map of the Mediterranean and beyond.

Especially considering that librarians are security conscious: some knowledge is best kept away from idiots and kept under lock and key.

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Bavarian ski resort Garmisch-Partenkirchen is applying to co-host the 2018 Winter Olympics, which it last hosted in 1936 under the Nazi regime.

Fascinating: the Ahnenerbe certainly knew what they were doing in terms of symbolism.

Stiil do I think:

1936 =1


with 72 years in between.

I've been puzzled by where Vienna fits in all this.

However the two great Father figures of the 20th century both lived there and Jung lived in Basel.

Hitler, Fraud and Fraud's "son" Jung (young)

All were assiduous collectors and interpreters of Classical, and "pagan" artefacts and myths.

In first century BC there were two tribes in eastern Italy, the Marsians and the Venusians ( I am not making that up), the Marsians being the staunchest allies the Romans had.

I suspect Vienna may derive from Vens or Venus.

Fraud invented the Oedipus Myth: the notion that every boy wants to kill his father and sleep with his mother (speak for yourself Sickmind)

He also invented the Elektra Myth:which is his version of the relationship between little girls and himself.

Elektra is electricity.

The old Celtic place names and tribes of Helvietia

The Cisapline Celts occupied  northern Italy "below the alps" and the Romans were wary of them: this area would have been even more difficult to broach. 

Edit: more to come!

After this I'm doing the southern hemisphere.




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An expanded map of Europe.

I've added a partial  image of Herakles holding Cerebus in his hand at the general location of what can be termed the Celtic Underworld (deja vu typing this!)


Some of this makes sense to me, some not.

The Loon Plage star is where Herakles Third Eye is depicted which fits.

But why is Delphinus near Krakow?

To the north of about Loon Plage the locations are slightly lower in terms of latitude-I'm juggling a lot on an ancient Photoshop prog, and wouldn't be surprised if this laptop blows up one day (I swear at it enough!)

It's a work in progress as I form a larger picture.





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Amazing stuff KMRIA! Please keep it coming, and take it easy on the old laptop ;)

Truly an example of as above so below..

I am seeing this applies all across the spectrum. It is an amazing world we live in!

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Thanks luk3.

"It's all connected" was going though my mind earlier. 

My notion that April in the Roman calendar has a completely different-but related- meaning to Aphrodite was borne out when I spotted a detail on a poster commemorating Anzac Day here.


Gallipoli=city of the Gauls.

Poppies=lest we remember.

Dardanelles=named after Dardanus, king of the Trojans.

The event kicking off on the Feast of St Mark=the feast of Mars/ Marduk.

Churchill threw NZ and Oz troops into an unwinnable battle essentially for no reason at all except wasting lives.

The cultural and epigenetic results of this are obvious even to day, especially here.

Spring is a time when plants are supposed to be shooting forth from the earth, not young boys shooting one another and being buried in it.

All for the benefit of arms dealers, bankers, politicians and deranged occultists.

My granddad was at the Somme (a very significant Celtic cluster) and possibly at Gallipoli too.

One day soon I hope "the boys come home".

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Sorry getting off track just a little here KMRIA, The latest 'New Dawn' magazine out of OZ, has a great article of the folly of Gallipoli campaign sad to say. 

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thank you KMRIA and all for your contributions to this fascinating thread

a Chani must read by my perception

the overall sense of cosmic unity focused on this planet is evident within the tells of this thread

the battle for Earth IS central for the battle of the cosmos in ridding it from the self inihilating intent of the very few

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Wow! fabulous research! Thank you KMRIA for your extremely thorough and interesting analysis. I'll concentrate on the French Meridian you draw crossing Paris,Toulouse to Gerona and Barcelona. Yes, France is an hexagon and that's the way French address their country. 


The meridian goes through The Cathar Mountains, and of course you know not only Rousseau (from the Enlightenment) but The Cathar Perfects inspired Adam Weishaupt (The Perfectibilists was the Illuminatis first name...at the time) - by the way the principles and values are still very alive in this area! (My mill is right on the meridian) 15 mn away from Rennes-le-Château (Saunière - appears in The Da VInci Code and Jules Verne 20000 Leagues under the Sea), Bugarach (UFO hot spot) with a sacred mountain, Canigou (another central Pyrenees Mountain) to Gerona and Barcelona. (please also read my posts about Sound).


Now in Rennes, there is a tower called the MAGDALA tower which is in direct connection to the same tower in Gerona and the leyline goes through the CANIGOU (Mountain in the Pyrenees). 








You might also like to look at GENESIS and GENESET


Tour Magdala : http://alalumieredunouveaumonde.blogspot.fr/2015/02/esoterisme-le-secret-des-tours-magdala.html





On the way you'll find Dali's Center of the World at Perpignan's Station where he felt a 'cosmogonic extasis'...and Dali's Museum in Figueres ... or around the world.




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One of the many ways we can evolve as Human Beings is in being challenged. Forgot to say this:


"you know KMRIA one of the reasons I'm a fan of your way of thinking is because you offer your Knowledge as a Librarian to your way of looking at Humanity...You don't look at Earth from crust or below crust which is also very interesting as micro life is expressed in below ground electromagnetism but because you have the ability to look at planet Earth from way above. You have relinquished your Knowledge to Nature. You quietly look at Earth as a WHOLE...from the Ionosphere's D, E, Es, F layers and way above from the layers of Constellations. Actually you dwell, fly, evolve just in between...But to look at the relationships between Constellations and Earth, you have to dwell way above that. Go above Constellations KMRIA...what do you see? (when you give you own answer to this question and click 'like' I'll give you my own sight of it!)   :)

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Thank you all very much for the complimentary remarks, they're really appreciated.

I'm Alone and Strategically Placed in one of the truly Negative Zones - I don't call it Cthulhuchurch for nothing.

It's really difficult to deal with a lot of the time.

There has been a New Church of the Great Old Ones here for about 30 or so years, and some of the true stories I've been close to have been boggling.

Just for unity I'm going to post one or two at some point.

Blue: don't worry about interrupting, I'm tempted to do the same on your Coevolution thread sometimes.

In fact your recent account of interacting with House triggered a memory which fits with all this.

When I saw the image of the Woman in the Cube, my first reaction was " I know you!".

Which is how I knew about her sense of humour (and this business too I think).

In 2004 or 2005 when I was working at the UTS library  in Sydney I saw  someone.

I'm 63 and 6'1" and for most of my life I've been taller than virtually everyone around me, which is genetic.

Rarely have I met a woman of my own height or taller, and if they are they tend to be lean.

One sunny day in the IT to Law section I saw a very tall woman.

She was about 6'4-5, maybe more.

She was perfectly proportioned-not overtly muscular, not lean., just everything scaled up.

What I sensed about her was something difficult to put into English.

Complete lack of anxiety and tension and warmth is closest.

She had blue eyes, an uunusual face and curly light brown reddish blonde hair which even at the time I thought odd.

A wig?

She was wearing a light  dress as I remember

I approached her and asked if she wanted any assistance.

"No thank you" and that was that or so I thought.

Although there were a lot of students around no one really took any notice of her.

Talking it through with my Heart Friend her response was " Sister". 

"What, you mean of the woman in the Chani photos?"

"Yes,I think so. I don't know."

T:I've always loved the Hellenic culture: I remember diverting myself at primary school by thinking through Zeno's Paradox, and Achille's and the tortoise and arrow rather than listen to the boring bullshit that was being presented.

And was the Cretan who claimed all Cretans were liars really a Cretan or was he lying?LOL.

Cinna:I'm going to have to think about your post.

(According to the angels Chani is my family... I think of you all often)

Todays Odd Image from Guggle (sometimes I wonder...)


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I'm not at all familiar with Dame Ngaio Marsh (born in Christchurch) who came up on our Goog too.  Personal message?

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Thanks for the hug deekin, here's one back!

I downloaded a page from Disclose yesterday about the connected temples of indonesia, Mexico and Giza and the "mystery" of the tryptich portal.

Considering I'm going back and forth between the east side and the west side, with the concept of Europa in the middle that seemed a little Coincidental.

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 The Eight Pillars or Wisdom-the Temple of Europe shall not fall.

Weird I saved changes, only to find they'd disappered. So again. This is a work in progress and provisional.


I think I've got this.

This image  in a basic form came to a couple nights ago.

It does relate to the sundial  in terms of location: next I'm doing a timeline analysis and basic Cathie grid (very basic-maths is not my strong suit).

1=Baghdad The Singing Bull.

12=the central panel of the architectural triptych, which is Cancer.

The use of Capricorn and Cancer are conventional and symbolic markers for the solstices, not being actual sun in constellation  positions.

11 Gates of Herakles.The tumulus and stone circle at Mezzoran "half hour", the Atlas mountains and Casablanca/Marrakesh.

10 Leon/lion/line of Herakles from Lisbon

9 The complex of Finisterre in northern France.of Isle de Sein (Senone tribal name has been translated as "the old who are already ancient")

The Pillars (and significance)

First: Giza complex to Kiev.(The Black House of Khem at Giza?)Connected through Cepheus/Crete to Third

Second: Bulgaria to Roumania...Crete through Greece, Macedonia,to Boroskl (sp?) region

Third:Crete through Greece, Macedonia,to Boroskl (sp?) region

Fourth:Misratah to Malta to Naples /east Italy to ()

Fifth:Constantine to Sardinia /Lyre to Milan and environs




oops cafe closing


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nice analysis KMRIA care to cross check with the Parthenon as reference;)

was going through my files and found this hope its usedul



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Amonio translated into English is Ammonium and that leads to Siwa Oasis - I'm still confused but that is because I am a dummy :wub:   We have a saying here that goes I don't understand, its all Greek to me.  Now I know what that saying means Goddamit...


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This article is about the cation. For the ancient city, see Siwa Oasis.

2-D skeletal version of the ammonium ion

Molecular shape Tetrahedral

Except where noted otherwise, data is given for materials in their standard state (at 25 °C (77 °F), 100 kPa)

The ammonium cation is a positively charged polyatomic ion with the chemical formula NH4+.[1] It is formed by the protonation of ammonia (NH3). Ammonium is also a general name for positively charged or protonated substituted amines and quaternary ammonium cations (NR4+), where one or more hydrogen atoms are replaced by organic radical groups (indicated by R).

Source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ammonium

Siwa Oasis
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Siwa Oasis has many mud-brick buildings
Siwa Oasis is located in Egypt
Coordinates: 29°11′N 25°33′ECoordinates: 29°11′N 25°33′E


Time zone

The Siwa Oasis (Siwi: Isiwan; Arabic: واحة سيوة‎ Wāḥat Sīwah, IPA: [ˈwæːħet ˈsiːwæ]) is an oasis in Egypt, between the Qattara Depression and the Egyptian Sand Sea in the Libyan Desert, nearly 50 km (30 mi) east of the Libyan border, and 560 km (348 mi) from Cairo.[1][2][3] About 80 km (50 mi) in length and 20 km (12 mi) wide,[1] Siwa Oasis is one of Egypt's most isolated settlements, with 23,000 people, mostly Berbers[1] who developed a unique culture and a distinct language of the Berber family called Siwi.

Its fame lies primarily in its ancient role as the home to an oracle of Amon, the ruins of which are a popular tourist attraction which gave the oasis its ancient name Ammonium. Historically, it is part of Ancient Libya.

Source  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siwa_Oasis

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