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It seems to me that iirc, during Bezerk, it was said that this exact thing had been done, into the GOM.  I also seem to recall seeing plumes coming from the edges of the ground around the GOM, in Louisiana, on google earth.

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I'm really REALLY hoping the drainage is happening due to some multiple boring through the underground area to let go of the build up, not magma causing that. Maybe the drained lake appeared in Mexico maybe something to do with that?

Obviously pouring water on top of magma doesn't do anything much except to create REDIRECTION of the magma flow.

Though the lowering of beach water around the world may indicate more to do with Earth expanding and water going down into where the new cracks appeared on sea floors and it's Earth's natural adjusting, but again, that water receding full on also could be used for redirection of magma somewhere in order to save most of the US land, I take.

Just a 2 cents dot connecting.

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