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Some one was asking a few days ago what is Dark Star or Nemesis?

This all makes a good read.

Is the idea of a solar companion to our Sun unprecedented? Not at all, in fact there have been numerous scientific publications examining the evidence for a “dark star”, literally speaking, to which our Sun could be gravitationally bound in a definite orbit [3]. This alternate dark star is known as Nemesis, and its proposition comes primarily from observed perturbations of orbiting objects such as the planet-sized Kuiper belt object named Sedna [4].

Who is our Sun’s twin?

Is there a candidate for binary revolution among the visible stars? Logically we could begin with the closest star to our own, which is Alpha Centauri. At a distance of 4.37 light years, it is the third brightest star and, as is common, it is itself a binary system.

Another star that shows evidence of being gravitationally bound within the system and is called Alpha Proxima. Alpha Proxima is 0.2 light years from Alpha Centauri AB, about 400 times the distance of Neptune’s orbit from the Sun. This shows that a dual or poly star system does not have to necessarily be in close orbital interaction. However Alpha Centauri lies at a declination of -60°, which is well out of the plane of the Solar System, and as such, has a near circumpolar motion in the sky.

A more suitable candidate would be a star closer to the plane of the Solar System, or celestial equator. Sirius meets this criteria, at a declination of -17°. It is also the brightest star in the night sky, three times brighter than Alpha Centauri and twice as bright as the next brightest star Canopus. Sirius is also the 5th closest system of stars to our own [6]. More significant is the fact that The Sirius Research Group has been recording the position of Sirius for approximately 20 years now and has not recorded any measurable alteration in its location relative to the precession [7].

Imagine that you are holding hands with a friend, face to face. If you both began to spin around in a circle, your friend would appear to be stationary, while everything around them would appear to be spinning very rapidly. Your joined hands would be the focal point of the revolving motion. While the surrounding environment would not be spinning around, it would appear to be from you perspective.

This illustrates how the perception of both you and your friend can be very illusionary — you see yourselves as relatively stationary while the background whirls around you. This is very similar to our situation with respect to observations of celestial motion between the Sun and its solar companions. Our observation of this phenomenon is more complex in that we must also factor in the orbital motion of the Earth and planets around the Sun.

Celestial bodies in our Solar System show harmonic resonance with the Sirius system. Pluto and Sedna are at an incline to the plane of the solar system of roughly 17°, the same as Sirius. Both have orbital periods of 250 years and 12,000 years, which are at 1:5 and 1:2 resonances with Sirius, respectively (12,000 years is roughly one half of the orbit of the Sun around Sirius, hence a 1:2 resonance).

Resonance is a criterion stipulated for any system of orbiting bodies, which is why planets and moons are often times tidally locked with their parent body, and is another reason why the hypothesis of a putative wobble is very unappealing. A wobble is indicative of dynamic instability, not harmonic resonance (think of a spinning top before it falls, it begins to wobble).

A Sirius Candidate

Sirius is a binary system. Sirius A is the highly visible star, but there is a companion known as Sirius B, first described in modern times by the Dogon tribe of Mali (Africa) and subsequently verified by the observational science of astronomers. The Dogon also described a third celestial body with characteristics of a neutron star. While a neutron wouldn’t be visible in the same manner as Sirius B, the combined gravitational attraction of a neutron star, a white giant star and a white dwarf would certainly provide the gravitational force needed to keep the Sun bound at a distance of 8.6 light years. In fact, the presence of a neutron star is by no means necessary for the gravitational interaction of the Sun with Sirius.

From Africa, where the Dogons live, the star Sirius disappears below the horizon and is out of sight for a couple of months; then it appears again on the morning of July 23, when it rises about one minute before the Sun. It appears bright ruby-red, just above the horizon, almost exactly due east. Sixty seconds later the Sun emerges. So you can see Sirius for just a moment, then it’s gone. This is called the helical rising of Sirius, which was a very important moment for most of the ancient world, not just for the Dogons and Egypt.This is the moment when Sirius and the Sun and the Earth are in a straight line across space. In Egypt, almost all the temples were aligned with this line, including the gaze of the Sphinx. Many of the temples had a tiny hole in the wall somewhere; then there would be another wall and another, going into some dim inner chamber. In that chamber there would be something like a cube or Golden Mean rectangle of granite sitting in the middle of the room with a little mark on it. At the moment of the heliacal rising of Sirius, a ruby-red light would strike the altar for a few seconds, which would begin their new year and the first day of the ancient Sothic calendar of Egypt. [12]

The term Nibiru is well known, and equally misunderstood. The Babylonians used it more as a descriptive term than a name representing a specific object. In Babylonian Astronomy it was used to describe a star — not a planet — as can be seen in the following examples from translations by Horowitz [14]: The Helical rising of Sirius as the Sun orbits it. Since the location of the solstices and the equinoxes are occurring at the same location within the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, the helical rising is switched when the Sun reaches the opposite point in its orbit.

* He [Marduk in context] set fast the position of Nibiru to fix their [the stars] bounds.”*”…let Nibiru be the holder of the crossing place of the heaven and of the earth.”

*…the red star which stands in the south after the gods of the night [the stars] have been finished, dividing the sky in half, this star is Nibiru, (i.e., Marduk).” (note it’s a red star, and this is often how the Ancients described Sirius)

* “Nibiru is his [marduk's in context] star, which he made appear in the heavens … The stars of heaven, let him [Nibiru] set their course; let him shepherd all the gods like sheep.”

What can be seen clearly here is that the term nibiru is being used to describe a star, that this star sets the course of the other stars, that is to say that it is the source of their precession, and that it is the crossing point.

It is my supposition that Nibiru is referred to as a “crossing point” because when the Sun passed apastron and began its opposite revolution, Sirius would cross the sky. Not only did this crossing of Sirius mark the turning point in the Sun’s orbit, but also the turning point in the Yuga cycles.

The new Sun-Sirius system model satisfies the observational behavior of Sirius and the constellations of the zodiac as they regress throughout the great cycle of 26,000 years. There is no need to introduce a “wobble” in the Earth’s axis, induced by the action of 9 other celestial bodies — a theory which is just a relic from a time when the motion of the Solar System was not yet conceived.

It would be sagacious not to place Sirius at the center of the Solar System, for in a fractal system there is no true center. The fractal nature of the Universe engenders its self-arrangement, or more apropos, the Universe is a holofractal graphic system [15]. Therefore there are many nested orbital interactions, going out as far as the local cluster of galaxies, which themselves have a focal point.

This is nothing new. Previous civilizations understood celestial mechanics at an advanced level, and the mathematical precision of their astronomical observations is a testament to this [16]. The reason why the Egyptians and many other civilizations of that era used Sirius as their marker for the passage of time is because they picked the most stable object as their reference point.

We choose the Sun as our reference point, and this is obviously highly inaccurate. Every 4 years a day has to be added to keep accurate time. But even Sirius was not accurate enough for the “Keeper’s of Time”, the Mayans. With their remarkably advanced astronomy they quickly detected the inaccuracies in using Sirius as a marker for the passage of time, and switched to an even more accurate cycle involving the Pleiades. There is however an even more stable reference point than the Pleiades and that is the Galactic center, which from the perspective of our galaxy is the ultimate center of rotation.

And indeed the Mayan’s chose the Galactic Center as a reference point to mark the passage of time, which is evident as the Mayan Long Count ends with the galactic alignment of the Solar System on December 21st 2012. Therefore, the idea that the Earth orbits the Sun, or that the Sun orbits Sirius, or that Sirius orbits Alcyone and that Alcyone orbits the Galactic Nucleus, is not revolutionary — it’s just a rediscovery of lost knowledge.

the full story here



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I guess I never gave it much thought but I always imagined Binary Stars/suns to be millions of klm or maybe a few Billion klm apart but not light years apart.  I guess that kind of thinking is just part of our makeup or the way we view it from the Earth. (we have small minds) lol

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recent correspondence with William Brown (like today)

I sent him the penny drops posting from above in this thread, his reply to this and another email follow.

Alec - thank you for sharing my work and for sharing in my enthusiasm for the perspective of DNA as a fractal antenna. I just gave a radio interview on Spectrum Radio in which I discussed how the DNA functions as a receiver and a transmitter for information - and how increasing the efficiency of the transduction of the polymer can increase our conscious awareness.

I would be very interested to hear more about your experience with the tech-bio light formations. I know that there are other beings and intelligences like that but I don't know anybody who has directly interacted with them and remembers it to tell the story.

Thank you and God bless.

In true service,

William Brown

second email

William I have copied a small section of one chapter of my book which relates to communication, no way I can put it all into words as I don't know the science behind it like you might especially from more than 20 years ago i don't think anyone was out there thinking like you, at least not people you could find in mainstream. Still you will get an overall idea of how they talked to me, if talked to me is indeed the right word to use.

Regards and thanks for replying and thankyou once again for your work in this area. Alec

Most of us may think of telepathy in terms of the spoken word, but

why should this be so? If, as I believe, most alien telepathy is a form

of communication used by beings who have largely dispensed with

the spoken word, why would they limit themselves to word-type

transferences? If, indeed, these alien forms of communication were

'light years' apart from ours (forgive the pun!), a different approach to

interactive transference might have to be adopted. It might well be


we would have to learn their form of expression!

I should imagine that they would have all sorts of technical

gimmicks to help us achieve this goal, from portable computers to,

as in my case, a wearable computer in the form of a bodysuit. I am

convinced that the human brain has vast reservoirs of untapped

potential in order to assimilate information transmitted by such

telepathic means. After my experience, I am equally sure that our

brain was designed with this form of communication in mind.

The telepathy I encountered was truly a dynamic means of

interaction, tenfold more precise than any language on Earth. You

will have heard the expression, "a picture is as good as a thousand

words". Well, therein lies the answer to the ultimate 'language'. With

the transference of a dozen pictures or diagrams in as many seconds,

bookloads of information can be passed on in a very short time.

We have only to look at the way modern computers work. Rather

than having to use complex scripts to give a command, with most

systems available now we have only to click on an icon. It seems we

have gone almost full circle. Are not icons very similar to ancient

hieroglyphs? If indeed some of Earth's more ancient and as-yetundeciphered

hieroglyphs originated from some unknown alien

computer-type icon language, then it is no wonder that modern

linguists have not been able to translate them.

This alien language has an extra dimension to it. By adding colour

codes and a corresponding, almost musical, resonance to match and

back up the pictures or icons, they prevent their communications

from being misread. It is worth mentioning here that this 'sound' has

a definite resemblance to some of ourmoremelodic languages of the


The six colours of

this number sequence are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and a

purplish indigo or violet.

Their alphabetic system uses a similar but more complex

technique, and I cannot do it justice here in black and white. The

colours are splitmanymore times and can have dark,mediumor light

shading. I'm not sure how many divisions there are in this sequence,

but there aremany. In turn, the resonance accompanying each colour

is indispensable.

It may sound complicated to you straight off, but this is really just

substituting colours for letters. Only with telepathy could this form

of communication be achieved without artificial help.

His reply.

That's amazing - I think you are exactly right, the brain was designed for telepathic communication. And we are actually evolving in such a way right now that those capacities are coming online. I hope to have a discussion about this on my website soon called the "Hidden Structures of the Brain", which shows the actual anatomical system involved in this sort of information transference. And how dormant coding sequences within the silenced portions of the DNA are slowly being activated by chromatin remodeling, with the resulting molecular machinery involved in increasing the sensitivity of biomolecular complexes like the Post-synaptic Density, which increases our ability for quantum-like communication and multidimensional awareness

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Guest BHD

Bluey, the idea of readying folks for telepathy makes sense when you see the amount of tech around us today.

Just one iPhone has more tech and computing power than most of NAZA did back in the 60's.

So, given how many of us conduct ourselves each day, relying on messaging, alerts, email, facebook, blogs, TV, cable, internet, radio, newspapers, tablets and no doubt many more sources, is it any wonder that we will be some what ready should the gene or brain area turn on all of a sudden.

And we have Nokia talking about tatoos that vibrate and display messaging. A palitable way of introducing tech and communication in to the body without any objections. It will no doubt catch on as a trend and become the norm. So a slow build up to what is just gonna be a natural thing.

It will just be wireless is all! - and screenless, and speakerless, and have infinate memory and computing power!

[ditch those Nokia shares methinks]  ;)

Thanks for the posts and the links. William is an interesting fella.

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For those interested in OOB (out of body) experiences here is a you tube clip featuring Bob Monroe from many years back, from this clip you can link to others, The Monroe Institute is now operating in Australia as well as the USA


One of the Australian Institutes


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Hey Blue

How cool, as I have said previously in this site, I read Robert Monroe's books back in the 80's from which I actually achieved OOB.  Fantastic stuff because I have not seen him talk before - truly amazing for me, it was great.

If people could just realise the truth of this, how they meet and decide what their next incarnation will be, where it will be and what they want to experience is ALL taken into account before they are conceived then people may realise they are living the life THEY themselves chose then people would get a better understanding of what the hell they are doing here.

Thank you for the post Blue, I hope some reading it here actually get it and try it for themselves.

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Yes thanks for the video Blue, I started watching the series on YouTube and so far have found #2 to be pretty interesting also:

If you want to start talking about ascension, maybe it is something that can only happen after you die...if this assumption and what Bob Monroe is saying in the video proves to be true then the only way for us to gauge our progress is to look at the worlds population and whether it is increasing (beings entering this realm) or decreasing (beings leaving this realm)...unfortunately this would also mean that in order for us all to escape we would need to be extinct!!!  :-\

EDIT: Ok so much for that theory, at the end of video 8 Bob explains that your "it" can have more than one existence present at the same time! (whew)

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Ok well I’m not religious in any way but tonight I had what could only be described as a supernatural experience. It was just before sun set those magical moments when the sun sits on the horizon and turns the world into something very special. 

It had been a great day, weather wise, just a few very high feather like clouds in the sky and very little wind. At the hour the sun lit up some slightly lower clouds in gold while the higher ones looked silver white and that ball of glowing gold that was the sun lit the whole horizon.

It was a truly stunning sight, it made me think of all of nature, the trees the plants flowers, the sky the sea and the sand, the stars, galaxies and nebular in the night sky and it almost brought tears to my eyes. It made me fell totally insignificant against that grandeur, but at the same time something inside said this is for you to see. And it almost made sense, what is the point of all this colossal beauty if no one can see or comprehend it?

It was telling me we are here to enjoy it, as if its designer wanted to show off to someone and it was us that are designed to see and comprehend this beauty. It cannot be by accident, nothing that stunning can happen by pure chance, like a rainbow, like the colours contained within white light, those reds those violets just to beautiful to describe in words.

Yes I felt like I was nothing before that beauty, it truly made me think about how unimportant I am in story of life but the secondary thought that all this would be wasted if not for me looking up and reviling in its grandeur.

I just had to share my feelings with you all.     

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Just working on a fictional novel, ha ha, well almost fictional.

Just wanted to share part of a chapter I'm working on, thought the people here would appreciate it.

Chapter Uxmal Mexico

Following Hugo over the grassed area between the trees we came to what is known as the Casa Del Adivino, the Magician’s House.

‘Listen to this” he said clapping his hands crisply several times.

I was astonished to hear the high-pitched bark of a dog as the returning echo. Almost like that of a ricocheting bullet. 

“How about that for an ancient trick of applied mathematics incorporating architectural acoustics” Hugo commented. “Do you think primitive ‘stone age’ peoples built this monster of temple, complete with smoke and mirrors sound effects by chance? It was all about control of the common folk, the workers, the food producers.” He continued.

“With a little trickery you can get almost anyone to believe you are a super being, especially if you make sure the masses don’t know your secret tricks. It’s all about education or the lack of it, same applies today.

People go to universities thinking they are getting a top level education but they are only getting half of it. The Magician’s who run the show make sure the good stuff is kept secret and only those destined to inherit the crowns are given true enlightenment, or a complete education.” He concluded. 

“Yep nothings changed” I replied. “I come from a working class family through and through, the bones they throw me at school almost made me feel sick, I don’t know how but I just knew what I was being shown, being taught, was a load of bullshit. Pointless garbage just good enough to make me an adequately functioning slave. And I know you’re right about the higher or secret level of education. An acquaintance of mine back home in New Zealand, a gifted amateur mathematician, fall across a harmonic grid system that seems to permeate the planet. Says he came across it studying the flight path of certain UFO’s go figure. Anyway after studying that for a time he worked out a formula for a harmonic form of higher maths, he said it makes university mathematics look like longhand writing compared to someone who is competent in shorthand. Claims he can do calculations in hours that might otherwise take days.

Started publishing his work, next thing you know some covert agency out of the USA comes knocking on his door and tries to buy him. Just to shut him up he says. He knows he has only just touched the tip of this harmonic or mathematic code but they wanted to buy his silence with a lifestyle and money offer but he didn’t go for it, surprised he’s still alive to tell the tale actually.” I concluded. 




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We are here to have a physical experience enjoy the next 4 min of human physical experiences, so what if you die trying these things why come here and hide in a back room all your life.

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WOW Blue ET thanks for this..... these sorts of vids make it all worth while in my book... ah Humans are capable of such greatness... 8)

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posting this here as well as other thread

Ok, guys and girls, about an hour ago I spend at least 15minutes watching the strangest thing in the sky, I live not far from the Auckland international airport here in New Zealand so I see a lot of aircraft in the sky at all times of the day and night, I’m not stupid so when I say this is strange I mean it.

I’m not going to call it a UFO, I’ll rest on the possibility it was an aircraft because of the following observations, then I’ll list all the things which could make it not an aircraft.

The sun was setting in a clear sky so it was low down which usually means the rays will reflect of shinny metal objects or glass very well.

One flight path out of Auckland toward Australia takes aircraft in a southwesterly direction which this object eventually appeared to travel in.

As you might know all aircraft have powerful landing lights facing forward of the aircraft. Navigation lights which can be white red or green always flash on and off, strobe like.

Ok so all the above if observed would suggest it was an aircraft.

So what did I see.

First it was a flash of light in the sky that caught my eye, we have windows in our lounge room that face south and west. The flash in the sky was in about the right place for it to be an aircraft climbing and turning from the airport to head southwest with the sun reflecting off its windows or body work.

Then the light disappeared for a few seconds, then it came back not so bright this time. That’s when I took more of an interest in it.

I have a good pair of binoculars so I got them out and focused on the by now steady light object. It was bright enough for me to think OK its landing lights the aircraft is coming toward me, Then I thought I could see an equally bright red light alongside the white light, but the red light was not blinking like it should have if it was a navigation light.

Then it became two white lights I re-adjusted the focus on my Binocs thinking the double image was only an out of focus problem. But still it remained as two lights, then it changed shape and became elongated, at this point I called out to my partner Mary  to come take a look, she saw it as a point of light and as two points of light it seemed to changing every minute or so, she also saw it as an elongated object.

All this time I was waiting for the object to get bigger because aircraft do not have bright landing lights on their tails so it had to be getting close not further away.

But it did not get close, it continued to slowly distance itself from us. This was as I say at least 15 minutes in that time an aircraft can travel almost 100k/m which would have taken it far over the horizon but I could still see it, less bright but still there until it finally disappeared behind a roof top of the back neighbor’s house.

You might remember I posted the above sighting of something stange last month, here is another eye witness report of a similar sighting 2 months earlier.

This is from the NZ UFO site


Date: Thursday 5 January 2012

Time: 5.50 pm

Location: Manukau (near Auckland airport), Auckland, North Island

Features/characteristics: hovering bright white solid object


Blue sky with some cumulus clouds. Duration of sighjting approx 5 seconds.

The two witnesses were driving along Puhinui Road, Manukau when they first sighted a very bright pure white object which they commented was whiter than the clouds surrounding it. The object was hovering over Manukau, and gave the appearance of a front end facing towards Auckland airport.

It was estimated to be at a height of approximately 2000 feet.

The object appeared to have an inverted cup shape on the top, with long thin wings much bigger than a 747 aircraft. It had no engines or tail, with no visible windows.

The witnesses lost sight of the object beyond tall trees for approximately 5 seconds as they turned a corner. Having negotiated the corner the object should have been clearly seen, but it had disappeared.

During the 5 minute period covering the sighting, the witnesses also observed 4 aircraft in the vicinity. One of the witnesses is an aircraft worker at Auckland airport and is very familiar with aircraft types. He is adamant the object sighted was not a conventional aircraft.

And how about these sightings from the same web site here in NZ

Saturday 14 April 2012:  We are investigating a sighting that occured on this date, involving the sighting of large orange lights, six identical objects - two landed, two hovering low over terrain, and two stationary in the sky, sighted by a group of hunters.  This investigation is on-going at present.

Friday 13 April 2012:  We are investigatng a sighting that occured on this date, involving a landed object and a non-human entity, sighted by a scientist who wishes to remain anonymous.  This investigation is on-going at present.  The description provided is identical to that provided by the witnesses to the above sighting, and to the witnesses of a sighting that occurred on Monday 12 December 2011.  All of these sightings occurred hundreds of kilometres apart.

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WOW thanks for sharing that  Bluey (  ;) )

Had a similar experience back in December ...

After reading Bluecoats post, I went outside to feed some possums and try to digest what was said. Also am in Australia.

Something caught my eye in the night sky, I looked up and saw something I had never seen before! An orange/reddish coloured glowing object, much larger than a plane, travelling across the sky and absolutely no sound, at all! I called out to my wife to "come quick!" which she did and saw it too. She raced back inside to get the camera. I hurriedly tried to film it (very basic digital camera) til a possum started to nibble on my toe, which scared the living crap out of me! lol At this point the object was just disappearing behind trees overhead. Then another object appeared (probably a third of the sky behind the first), following the exact same flight path as the first. I tried once again to film it, not very succesfully I might add :(

I have never seen anything that even resembles what I saw tonight and neither has my wife. Her first reaction, after they were gone, was "whatever that was it was massive" and that was my impression too.

Don't know what they were but WOW, kinda gets the juices flowing, especially the timing  :o

caught it all on video, dont know how to upload to here though ...

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just posted a few words on the NICT thread about feeling different over the past week or so, like steping into a new world a different world, friends of mine have often joked about my name sounding like A New World (A. Newald) but I have to say it feels like something new or different has just started on planet earth, I wish I could explain, it's a feeling that comes from way down deep, Like everyone else I guess its a wait and see.

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feel the same way Blue, we are crossing unchartered waters, im proud to be here at this time

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Guest BHD

+ 1.

Oh, T, my friend, you have a big wet kiss from Isis waiting for you, which I doubt you'll want from me.  :-*

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+ 1.

Oh, T, my friend, you have a big wet kiss from Isis waiting for you, which I doubt you'll want from me.  :-*


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Drinking the light

Getting to know our brothers and sisters

With more and more exposure of contactees threading their way through the internet, and the main theme of their announcements appearing to be the expectation of visitors  sharing the space upon our world very soon, I thought I would try and expand on what you might expect to find once this interaction starts up.

The value of gold has always been a wonder to me, ancient people native of the earth put little value on it, in our everyday lives it would appear to be just another metal, yet modern man has been obsessed with it since our written history began you just have to wonder does someone know something us common folk do not? 

Many of us call ourselves the children of the light, and often sign off with the words love and light. It’s a feel good expression meaning of course the greatest compassion and love to our friends. We might consider ourselves the enlightened ones because of our attempts to comprehend more than just mainstream information or dogma, but what is the deeper meaning of this light, is it just knowledge?

You might be aware that many people have suggested it is possible to live on sun light alone, perhaps they are correct but sun light is not quite the right place to get you fix of light power.

At a recent Nexus conference I talked briefly about the food or nutrients some inter-dimensional people consume, I would now like to go into a little more detail on that subject because I feel it is one aspect of enlightenment that has been deigned us. One could even call it an entitlement that has been hidden and used against us in many forms, for the food we eat is what makes us what we are, or could be. 

I talked of a liquid that was consumed, I did not have the time to go into any great detail during the talk but the detail is this, it glowed as if lit from within, it was golden in colour, and had a warm after taste not dissimilar to that experienced when drinking ginger beer. It was made in part I am sure using a similar procedure to that of the David Hudson ‘white-powder-of-gold’ of which there is ample information on the internet if you wish to look it up. But the science of this is what is so very interesting, for when the metal is crystallized 44% of it’s mass turns to pure white light, and then when it is refused back into a solid mass or turned into a liquid that light can be trapped within it and it is possible to drink the light. Sounds just to far out to be true does it not?

Ok lets do a little research into a similar, once very secret and still secret to many, science from the middle ages. The alchemists of the Knights Templars and the Omar Khayyam were responsible for making the amazingly luminous coloured glass of the Notre Dame cathedrals. The glass was made from metals, in the form of the same white power as above, other metals such as Iriduim, osmium and rhodium also work this way and give off different colours to the glass then used in these amazing windows which glow with the light trapped within them.

Taking a step back at least 5% of our brains are made of these exotic metals this is what connects or consciousness to our bodies, all these metals help form a super conducting agent within our DNA, in fact scientific experiments have proved that when one of the platinum metals ruthenium was used in conjunction and placed at the ends of the double-helix DNA it became 10,000 times more conductive. Could this then make us into super-humans? I think so, this science is known but kept very quiet and I wonder why?

Is it perhaps that some on this planet are using it to keep ahead of us “normal people” while we are deigned this advantage. These same metals in crystal form have been shown to help prevent cancers of all kinds and no doubt many more benefits. It also has anti-aging properties. What are we missing out on here?

So lets hope that when these visitors return to our shores these secrets will become common knowledge.   

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Interesting thoughts Blue ET!

They made me think of that 'likwid crystal' that CHANI referred to several times.  I've clipped a few of them below.  Sounds similar in some ways to that stuff you 'took' (you lucky bastard! LOL)


me ask question ok

why u eat ohter life beings

why u eat walking anamils

why u eat swiming anamils

why u eat flying anamils

when eat other life yor blood wil stay red u body demise fast

plants best food why u need eet animals

when u eat yor plants yor blood wil become crystal liwid

crystel likwid very good

with crystal liwid we never sick fix al organs

with crystal liwkid we live very long body demise very slow

we farm crystal oceon floor

we cruch crystal make likwid

u cee me look human same shape

me blood not same me blood crystal likwid

me not eat other life me drink crystal likwid

we make enough crystal likwid

we not need human pineal gland not good for me

u not use yor own pineal gland so why must we

me ask question now

why human not abel breath in water

u me have same organs but me can go under water also

maybe is becuase we have crystol likwid blood

me wil ask elders also why this

when underwater crystal likwid blood have much likwid oxygen

also we heart beat very slower then u

we only 2 heart beat every 1 breth

we can hold breath very long time your line time

me not know wordings 4 name me crystal use

yor kwarts crystal good

we crystal come from deep oceon farms

we make crystal dust we ad magnet coper

then heat become likwid then me can drink crystal likwid

me not know what other student stil need lern or do not know if come here

me need crystal likwid stay this dimension this line time ok

me come back soon 4 very important me tel u what gong hapen soon yor line time because u not revolt against yor pop[e] and leaders


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