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Yesterday I went to my fav alternative coffee shop and I was hoping that someone would know someone who knew a bit about numerology as I turn 55 this year and I wanted to know if it was a 1 or a 10 year for me, well I was introduced to this wiry little man who I couldnt be sure if we were actually on the same planet together, but he knew everything about numerology and more...I felt like I had asked for a ping pong ball and got hit with a cannon ball.

Be carfeul what you ask for ..lol

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This is such a local story---only makes sense to Australians.


But I was pleasantly surprised to hear what the guy gotta say about Adelaide in comparison to Sydney.

So I thought to share the vid here...


Yup, we still got Sea front and the Hills, both directions still only takes about 20-30 minutes to get to these places from the central Adelaide. But parking scarcity as well as starting to get daily traffic congestion which did not exist about 10 years ago...ummmmmmm....


I still love Adelaide for its slow pace, I gotta say.



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Let's have a fun...!


Are You Are a Highly Sensitive Person? Apparently 15~20% of us are.


http://hsperson.com/test/ The test contents are copyrighted, so please refrain from c&p somewhere else unless you ask the permission from Dr. Aron.


This questionnaire made me to puzzle why there are same Qs just re-phrased in different manner again and again. That's why I posted this in Chit Chat---sorry to say that maybe I'm not getting it right, but I felt I cannot agree the way the Qs are sitting, if these are the only measures she/they created for the scientific data collection. Maybe the Qs here are the superficial ones and she may have different sets if someone sees her as her client.


Dr. Elaine Aron's HP: http://hsperson.com/-----Explanation



Supplementary reading material to the vid: http://mirtv.kz/video/zXorHg3Bk8Y/Are%20You%20a%20Highly%20Sensitive%20Person?/


Another page: http://www.sheepdressedlikewolves.com/highly-sensitive-person/


And me? Yeah I scored bloody high.( ̄д ̄)

And I thought loads of peeps who got ear parts problems like Vertigo would hit high on these Qs. 

Migraine and loads of other illnesses could show the same symptom to fit into the criteria.

Ummmmm psychology is forever needing to define itself as something tangible to the society, hey...a hard yakka. 

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I wanted to let you all know that I've heard from Icanseeatoms/Firefly.  He wanted me to say Hi to everyone and to make me/us aware of a youtuber he's been following for over a year now.  Her name is Inessa S.  She is Russian I believe, and what she does is present "the other side".  I have looked her up and like her.  I and I'm sure a lot of you may feel as I do, that Russia/Putin get a bum wrap a lot of times, because we don't hear what they say, only what our MSM wants us to hear or believe. I will post one of her videos here. She doesn't speak on this one, but if you watch it, you will see she's presenting the Russian side to this recent poisoning in the UK. The Russian side put out some interesting points regarding the nerve agent the UK said was used.  Novichok.    Have a good one, all.  

Urgent: Britain stages Russia poisoning, drowns in lies



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Ready Player One: Latest from Steven Spielverg

Thank you for resurrecting the thread, breezy!! In timing with Good Friday in Oz...ヾ(≧▽≦)ノ

I forgot this thread which Aco gave to us to do the chit-chats....Great, as I had one post I wasn't sure where to drop.

It's about Steven Spielberg's latest movie, "Ready Player One".

I went to watch it as it opened in Oz yesterday.

Well, encompassing wide issue about the Cabals, SRA to the faction wars, we know SS got stuffed up huge by Child Abuse related stuff...though not sure how many of us heard of that.

Long time ago, his talk with others in the industry got revealed. And they were nudging their talk about child abuse case with "anticipation" in the air..............

So that was in SS's past.

I was closely monitoring the "symbols" appearing in this latest, which is SS's DIRECT doing, not actually being controlled by what became the biggest entity of Cabal-run corporate.

This was the first indication to me that this movie might be acutely punctuating something from SS's view for the future of us, the Humanity.

Well, what I found was something else.

He's trying to show he wants to swap the sides.

Maybe he's already done so, and that's why he made this movie all "by himself" maybe??

He wants to take the side that's helping the Humans.

The group SS wants to move is the Breakaway people from the old Cabals, now on the Human's side, fighting for the Humans to be freed from the oppression. (Especially directly pointing at the "birds"...for those who understand.)

And the movie was heavily using CGI so on the front of using actors got pretty much slashed down in size (cheaper to make movies that way), yet got huge number of people working at desks to achieve the graphic works for the movie. For that, though, SS used big corporates running under the Cabal $s, like Lucus Film.

Though story-wise, I didn't get moved when I compared it with the impact I felt from such as The Close Encounter of the 3rd kind.

But I was grinning for all amazing references to classic movies peppered through out the movie. 

(I think lots peeps go yeeeey over the omage made on Stanley Kublic's Shining done up really well. I cracked up laughing.)

His deep love to Japanese characters of Gozilla and Gundam serieses....yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!!!!( ゜∇゜)Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y(。△。 )))) (That scene must had gripped loads of Japanese Gundam and Godzilla fans. The choice of "bad one" was Mecha-Godzilla....the AI side. Against that was the "New Type" driven Gundam, the future Humans with telepathic ability piloting the Gundam robot, so not AI, but it's the Humans driving machine.)  

I am always amazed how deeply Japanese anime and old SiFi movies are deeply accepted by the "Western" culture, but the taste came from possibly SS's personal liking, methinks. More big grin for me!

He referenced and established the use of "Sector 7" in Hollywood surrounding productions. SS got the past history of showing deep respect to Japanese subculture.

Anyway, it's a little movie from SS.

For the movie fans, I think lots people would have good fun checking out all those old films mentioned and recreated by SS in this movie. And kids would have fun due to the CGIs, too.

And SS's final word to the world via this movie (IMHO) goes like this.......Make sure to get you even keeled by really living in Reality, enjoy it, not to live within a Virtual Reality only. Do not fear of seeing real people as real people. You can only make discoveries in reality, when you make your move in reality. Experience what you got around you. And believe in the souls of humans. We, the Humans, unite to fight against the oppression. (As Q posts were showing. Nothing is coincident. (・ω<)☆)

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In the below vid, Rex goes wondering about the Nutrino effect.

The arrival of the burst hitting the core of Earth causes huge range of eruptions of volcanoes to EQs and then....rapture of pretty nasty particles that just would do us all off the surface of Earth. 

He's connecting the dots his way, and he links up the thought with chemtrails and those newly discovered active volcanoes under the ice sheets of both poles etc, painting something that was different to my angles, so I appreciated learning how he connected the dots.

How would you connect these dots??

"Timeline, Antarctica, Next Pole Shift, Declassified CIA Docs Analyzed"

The waves are hitting us.....as was told so by our Entity buddy.

(BTW re: 2012, I think I know the person whose story line was sold to the production company and that movie got made. That was almost a sheer copy of an old Si-Fi comic....) 

(c)Leak Project 2018     Published on Apr 3, 2018


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