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Brazilian President Michel Temer moves out of official residence because of 'ghosts'

Politician and his family are returning to the vice-presidential Jaburu Palace because their official


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Mothman Sighting in April 2017, CICAGO

It was back in January 2017 when a huge winged humanoid figure with horns walking in a suburbia street image was released on FB, people mentioned about Mothman. (That was no Mothman figure then. But just because it was big and had wings, peeps just called that figure as "Mothman" for convenience, I guess.....)

Here's the latest back in May 2017 in Cicago, a report in MUFON appeared:


This incident also made it to Coast to Coast:


Hopefully it doesn't bring in some nasty big incident to happen there..........

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Strange Eyes of Kumari

Kumari=Living God(dess), an old belief of Nepal, and totally a part of gem of Nepalise culture IMHO.

The entire residence of Kumari is called Kumari Choke, and incredibly delicate hand carvings all the way through the building. It's mesmerizing to say the least.

Kumari is ONLY chosen out of Goldsmith families. Retaining the blood line that way, I guess. 

Every time the current K starts menstruation, the next K will be chosen from the girls to replace the current one.

The girls whom entered into womanhood are....apparently there's this horrible belief existed that it's considered as a bad luck to marry with the ex-kumaris. So they are left untouched, regardless of losing the title. But that was an old story. I sincerely hope that had changed in Nepal and the society would allow girls to fully enjoy their lives as "ordinary girls".... 

Now, here's the page links to an AFP vid of showing the ex-Kumari starting her fresh life as a student.

I couldn't help myself getting screenshots of the report as it included the footage when the ex-K was current-K....

All images are screenshotted from the AFP report shared on the linked page: https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20171010-00010000-afpbbnewsv-int Please note that this link is under "headlines" so it might get deleted suddenly....(´Д`)

Images: (c)AFP

The below pic shows the ex-K to the left, and K when she was current on the banner to the right, pre 12 yo.


Then here's a footage of when she was current, all in the glory.


Pls check out on her eyes...Her eyes seem to be really strangely glaring.

The white areas are so shiny and standing out although she's in shaded area.


I wondered if she wore gold on her eye lids to have that reflecting effect. But in comparison to the one when she was outside of the mount, also the one from the first image to the right which is showing her usual outlook, she does NOT wear any gold above or on her eye lids. 

The "3rd Eye" tikka is strangely shiny as well, strongly reflecting light.

I wondered if it's due to her large white areas on her eye, too, but that's kinda weak as reasoning, I felt.



And here's the weird to the max eyes...her face look like not that of human.... She's a Living God(dess) after all...meaning not exactly a human.

Mind you, more likely it's pixelation gone weird at encryption time etc affecting such sudden blitz of weirdness to the eyes.

So not completely satisfied as "paranormal" on this particular pic. But still weird on the glaring of her white eyes. Comparing to her current whiteness of her eyes, NOT THE SAME was my verdict. What'd be yours?? 



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Ohhhhhh BTW I discovered a Mothman sighting case in...Japan, when no one there ever heard of it or its description....back in the 70s.........

(But to my horror at later time, I totally lost my memory where I left the file....so I can't leave you the link. But it was a part of a Japanese CT show, filled with UMAs and UFO etc.)

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Not sure on this one Breezy.  It wouldn't be hard to set up the initial light flashes and contraptions to have all the other effects occur given the effects that Hollywood can create these days, this sort of stuff would be easy.  I may have been more convinced seeing an apparition of some kind but the jury is still out until then.  :hug: 

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The Ghost that Shakes Hand with and Hugged a Lady that YOU CAN SEE its movements

If that "ghost" was that character-some, wouldn't you think maybe we can communicate and have fun as well??

Mind you, more and more and more, I am feeling there are beings from slightly shifted Universe is right next to us, and as the veil has been thinning full on, we started to register them with more evidences.

Where we divide Ghosts to the residents of another dimension/universe, we will need to look closely sooner or later.

Where the DREAMING meets the "matrix reality".........it's getting very interesting indeed!

No wonder big movement of accepting Fayes are also happening deeply within the netizens recently. I guess kids are the first to know and let us know about them.....(・ω<)☆  

Though I cannot share the footage, I have come across to private footage of unbelievably clear "energy-balls" floating "decisively" as if they have their own mind....and because those lights were so clearly visible in the video, I just had to take off my CT goggles after done my stern check of the footage, and in the end, I had to accept that they really are there, not as any lens flare exhibitions.

....Are we gonna see the rainbow unicorn walking in suburbia soon....??ROFL

4:19~ is what I wanted to share in the below vid (it's a compilation of 3 stories)---another channel owner doing the summery of what happened. Maybe another good, concise coverage of the happening to listen to??


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Strange People

YT channel owner Beyond Creepy has been one of my favourite channels.

The guy is an Aussie, and a formidable researcher by absorbing wide range of weird stories of any paranormal fields to aliens and UFO sightings. Other researchers depend on his stock of stories. 

He receives hell a lot of stories from all over the world via his commentary section.

This vid was about the people encountering with very STRANGE beings, trying to mimic humans.

(c) Beyond Creepy


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Under river, outside time: The Woolwich Foot Tunnel Anomaly


This is a decent read about Glitch? Portal anomaly? Teleportation? Strange indeed.


And another ?? experience recently.....uploaded just yesterday.

Strange Vision at the Black Swan


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The Mansion built by a 33rd degree Freemason,

Now In Hands Of the High Priest at the new Church of Satan

Maybe for the Satanic thread, but I kind of feel this vid fits in here.

(c) Urbex Dane 2017

You'd get to see the rooms and I certainly saw stuff I wondered why they exist in a house, not at hospital, kind of weird instruments being left there. Was that used as a torture chamber? We never know....................

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3 hours ago, breezy said:

SILENT "Ghost Plane" Spooks UK Residents..



Years ago, I was told of a similar aircraft - but it was military...

The person telling me had been working on the runway of a military airfield one night, when they got the message to clear the runway as there was an incoming.

The plane landed - totally silent, apart from tyre noises, it was a C-130 Hercules painted totally black.

A couple of hours, they again had to clear the runway as the plane was taking off - it was totally silent, again apart from the tyre noise.

Where they were waiting on the side of the runway was only meters from where this plane went past.


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I spoke to a friend who is au fait with aircraft a couple of days ago about the plane shown in the video: Lockheed C130 Hercules is his opinion.

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Yeah C130 must had been the "tested" plane, meaning that possibly intentionally got lost while attending some experiment.

I kept on hearing C130 for the reappearing craft, too. But there were other cases of older aircraft appearing in the air, too, if my memory is correct. 

Wouldn't it be even more freaky, if ALL WERE THE SAME C130, the craft is keep on repeating the scene like a broken record.............?

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Pastor says security camera captured a miracle

Connor Hansen


Pastor says security camera captured a miracle


EAST JORDAN, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) - Do you believe in miracles?

A group of people in East Jordan believe they have come across one.

“I said ‘That’s an angel!’ And I was just blown away," said Glen Thorman, whose security camera captured the image. "I couldn’t wait to send it to my wife and send it to Deneille. And I said ‘I got an angel, and my camera took a picture of an angel.'"

The camera is only activated by a motion sensor



Possibility? or Wishful Thinking?

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A Stairway To Heaven in Japan: A Mass Sighting

Source: 32:00~  youtube.com/watch?v=ll8AtNng_tg

Yes I went wth, and everyone else listening to the woman speaking about this story including the channel owner went whaaaaat!??? at the same time when she disclosed this amazing story.

It sounds like the story goes back like 50 years ago or so.


It's about the experience of the woman's mother, grandfather and grandmother, travelling together.

It happened in a cold prefecture in Japan, somewhere in Northern part. A little mountain gets covered by cherry blossoms in season, and in winter the local kids play on the slope skiing.

The family went to the mountain to see the fireworks on a Summer night.

When the event finished and everyone tried to go home, somehow all cars were stuck and not moving anywhere from the car park exit onwards.

So the grandpa and someone else from another car got out to walk ahead to see what was happening.

In the end, lots people went up ahead gathering around anyway. By the time, everyone waiting in the cars near the car park also got out of the cars to go and check out what was happening.

They went closer to those people gathering around. These later bunch of people with grandpa thought maybe there was a big accident there.

What they saw was....


A White Staircase.

The one that goes straight up to somewhere in the sky, a bright fresh white staircase.

Someone was walking up that staircase and all on the ground were watching the back of the person slowly walking up.

As the person went up further AFTER FEW MINUTES, suddenly the staircase and the person vanished.

In the vid, the speaker doesn't use the word indicating the gender of this person going up the staircase.

So IDK if that was a man or a woman. No age range mentioned either.

The experiencor, the mother of the speaker, apparently told her that she would never forget this strange but spiritual experience because it was so special.

After the staircase vanished, everyone sorta like "woke up from a dream", and each went back to the car and went home from there....

The thing is NO MSM EVER REPORTED ON THIS CASE. But apparently it was a mass sighting of not small number of people.

.............Well, you might think of a mass abduction case. I thought about it for sure. LOL

The weird thing about it is; it's like Jacob's Ladder.... it happened in JAPAN, not a One God Religion country where does not share the same image of the ladder/staircase and its whiteness associated with the Western cultural image of Stairways to Heaven....

It's just so strange. Did the aliens messed with the programming and picked up the one should've been used for Westerners!??? ROFL

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Japanese Version of Skinwalker/Shaman Ranch 2018

For Ggl Earth:  Wadayamacho Asahi, Asago, Hyōgo Prefecture 669-5238, Japan

"朝日牧場" 兵庫県朝来市和田山町竹ノ内

All images on this post are (c) Ichiro Nakamura 2018, screenshots from the vid at the end of the post.



The first time ever Mr. Nakayama found the Ranch was back in 1982.

It's just keeps on getting WEIRDER and WEIRDER on the location.....

I watched 2018 version of the recall of what really happened around the Ranch.

Now the location is being swallowed down by a huge sized sink hole appeared, and basically gulping down the rotting buildings on the site.

The reason for the metal sheets of the roof tops were all gone from some buildings, I could imagine someone came in and took them away to sell them as scrap metals.

But then there was a "new" room was created on the end of the cow feeding building, and numerous same sized boxes were stacked up next to that newer room, looking as if the place was to get renovated despite the fact the entire site is falling down, but they could tell that no one had been there for a long time in any active use, anyway.

This Ranch related story involves too many weird items like someone literally gone missing after hearing the story of it, someone behaving like an intel agent turning up and asking the investigative researcher what sort of strange stuff he saw at the Ranch, JSDF practice field is in the vicinity and somehow a tank was located near by the Ranch though it was clearly not in the practice field, and a typical black magic formula establishing a triangle shaped field there, formed by a famous haunted place where a woman got killed, the Ranch, and another dodgy location, UFO sightings, etc etc....

Rows of metal bars for the cows to stick their heads through had been all removed (again, possible to be collected by someone stealing them for scrap metal) from the building.




Some die hard Japanese researchers did try to get there by themselves, and few people had managed to do so in the past 20 odd years, and they were reporting about what they had seen in their blogs and YT vids so we could compare the stories. And the verdict is....when people go there, often something weird had happened.

According to the guy who started out this whole saga about the Ranch, Mr. Ichiro Nakayama(中山市郎), was stating in the 2018 vid that when he went there 10 years ago again (the first time was like 40 years ago) with Funky Nakamura (a famous horror story teller), the path to get to that Ranch was so neglected, the trees and plants were overgrowing almost covering up the road and preventing people to get through. (They forced their car through that track anyway and managed to get to the Ranch.)

Mr. Nakayama went back to there in Sept 2017 with 3 other men to make a fresher footage of the Ranch.

Somehow the track to there got cleared and they could see the trails possibly made by 4x4 car, for they could see the bogged marks on the path with fresher tire marks on the road, so whether they were made by the researchers or not, someone had been there in recent time before Mr. Nakayama and 3 other guys went there.

Anyway, the trail got inaccessible after a while, so they had to stop and abandon the car on the single lane trail, because there was no space to shift the car on the side. They had to leave their car on the middle of the trail when they walked out of the car. One side is mountain, the other side was cliff, shown in below screenshot.


Pretty weird stuff kept on happening....when they got to the Ranch after walking up the trail, suddenly they heard a car coming up their trail.

They did not get the permission to be there (the owner couldn't be found to start with...no straight forward story available from the local council re: ownership of the Ranch), and decided to get down to their car to make apology in case it's locals came up there to tell them off being unknown car in secluded area away from any housings....

When the car owner hurried down to the car, the others were still up the trail and watching the situation while walking down slower than the car owner.

The guys saw this light utility truck with nothing loaded on the pan at the back, they also could see there were 2 people in the truck.

As soon as the ute got to the hair pin curve then saw the car sitting on the middle of the road, they stopped, then in FULL SPEED, reversing the car down that hair pin curve!!!!! As if they saw something they shouldn't. The guys at the higher point of the trail could see that the 2 men in the ute looked shocked.

And the MC of the show (1 of the guys who went to the Ranch with Nakayama in 2017) said there was no way he could do the same; the speed of the ute going reversing down the trail was way too fast. There's no space to turn your car around on the narrow track, so the ute just went into reverse and dashed off the site.

OK, that's weird in it self.

But the same thing happened 10 years ago with F. Nakamura when they revisited the site.

It was a different car that came up after them, then went back very quickly as if they saw something shouldn't exist....

Twice that happened to these researchers.

There are just too many weird thing going on with the site. Perhaps Mr. Bieglow might be interested in sending Delta Force out there.

With numerous UFO sightings and weird thing happening, as well as the housings that has no access to the upstairs (there are NO outside staircase or staircase inside the building, but upstairs exist in 2 of the buildings standing next to each other, and the smaller building contained the huge megalith/boulder that was clearly respected as a GOD <cuz it was surrounded by shrine made special prayer papers, with items given to it to pay respect in Shinto-style>, sitting on the ground floor in the middle of the room, and a room upstairs <no access available to get into that room from outside or from the first floor as there were no staircases...how on the hell a woman was living in there!?? No toilet, too!!! And apparently loads of Shinto Prayer papers to WARD OFF EVIL SPIRITS were scattering in the building all over the place, which I saw the footage before, too....freaky as....you usually see the same things in the haunted housings> where seemed to be used by female....there are just way too many weirdness to the location.  

<I will post the image of that building in the following post....can't attach more pics here due to exceeding allowance of MB.>

And the weird stuff ups keep on happening in the vid.

Suddenly Nakayama lost the plot, forgot what he was talking about in the middle of the story----he's well known to have very smooth talk, and never had such situation before in his long career dealing with media up front. It happened as he was talking about the first time when he went to Ranch to use the location for the film making for the Uni presentation of final year, and it involved his grandmother being a ghost and doing lots of weird stuff in his parents' home where grandparents also shared when they were alive.

...BTW that's well known thing to happen to T.I.s when they are speaking up about something "the controller" doesn't want to be spoken about, they take control of the T.I. and they forget what they were talking about....According to Harald on Morgellons, it's the snake/spider consciousness-invaders do that using the components of Morgellons. (Everything is connected.) I shall post the vid in the Important Docco thread later. I highly recommend the vid....but anyway....back about the grandma's story.

The vid gets stuffed up during LIVE show while Nakayama and MC are talking about Nakayama's experience with his grandma's ghost in his parents place, when he went to the Ranch the first time.

Suddenly everything stopped with the audio file was making weird blitz noises, however the chat was rolling as normal. So some viewer was complaining at them "if this keeps on happening every time the LIVE show is on, I don't want to pay for them anymore!" and others screaming out in fear not knowing wth was going on. In mean while, occult junkies would say "I'll pay to experience such occasion." ROFL


The noise recorded in process was like the noise Nakayama was just making before it started, as he was explaining the weird noises they experienced in the first time when they went to the Ranch and stayed at his parents' place....and as if recreating the same noise, electronic noise happened, and the show went complete stop with no image changing, yet the chat was still alive and on going.

Starts at 57:23, the image stops rolling, but the audio and the chat are still on going.

  • 1:00:54~tick tick tick tack noise starts...and the chat is still rolling and people are screaming in there.
  • 1:04:32~the image gets lost and becomes black...the chat is still rolling, and the viewers are totally baffled...
  • 1:05:14~GE image returns but nothing is moving, with the noise, and the chat is on going.
  • 1:06:50~ Finally Nakayama and MC came back on LIVE. They are totally baffled, too.
  • 1:09:10~Sound interfering starts again. Audio stops, then the tick tack noise starts again. Image got stuck and started again in a while, but no audio except tick tack noise. The chat was still alive.
  • 1:09:26~the image stops rolling a bit then restarted. The same weird tick tack noise continued. The chat was still alive.
  • 1:09:40~the image stops rolling. No audio what so ever. The chat still alive.
  • 1:10:36~Audio and Visual both comes back alive, the chat was ok all the way.

Then the rest of the vid were ok.....but both Nakayama and MC were freaking out.

And after the segment, Nakayama inserted a new bit into the vid, saying that when he tried to talk the same story about his grandma again later, the same sort of things happened, and the audio file failed on them. His crew couldn't find any cause of the failure at all. So both cases, causes unknown. 

Something weird always happens to Nakayama whenever the Ranch is involved in, anyway.

Well...that's parallel to the situation you get with Mothman stuff. When you do any research on it....I warn you.....strange things start to happen around you. Mostly very creepy stuff.....so be ware. No, it's not a past story. It still happens today...................

Mothman with UFO sighting cases, and the Ranch in Japan is also known with UFO sightings, and even multiple Mothman sightings was recorded in Japan around the same time, there are just way too many similar incidents kept on happening.


The vid with that weird footage as LIVE show compiled by Mr. Nakayama's channel:

(c) 中山市朗 2018

Published on Jul 2, 2018

Here is some die hard Japanese researcher's report on the site, amalgamating whole lot of other posts from other researchers: https://haikyo.info/s/1641.html

And below vid actually shows the state of Ranch in 2011 is this one. You get to see the trail as the car goes up to the Ranch and they walk through the sight, explaining what bits got changed around. 

And they also discover the boulder that was treated as a GOD was removed from the original place, where it was impossible to bring the boulder because the rock was BIGGER THAN THE DOOR SIZE. It looked like the building was created around the boulder. Why do you do such weird thing?

They discovered what seemed to be the boulder being ditched on the slope of sink hole....what had happened, and why it happened, no one knows....mystery deepens....

(c) Kaidan Channel 2018

Published on Jul 24, 2018

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<More images belong to the above post>

I just wonder if an ALIEN UNDERGROUND BASE locates there.....

The Asahi Ranch in full view on GE:




All images of above and this posts are from the linked video. (c) Ichiro Nakamura 2018

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Linda M Howe's Office Incident: Interdimensional Critter? Or.....

Please check the vid out from 22:55~ initially.

There's a looping B&W footage of some weird whitish cloudy line was recorded in her show.


Screenshot from the vid

Few people did look into the "thing" and a guy cleaned up the footage after getting up close to it.

Going before the time, you will hear the story how she got the weird thing appear, and you can see the original footage as well.

Well.....to me, that moving thing got legs like that of insects.

First thing I thought of was.....IS THAT AN AR ★CORN APPEARING in mid air!??

But after gazing at it for some time, I thought that it can be interdementional critters like ar★ corns, but not them specifically.

However, when I watched the B&W footage, and thought there are LEGS moving fast under a shelled, rounded body....woooooooow.....

Streamed live on Feb 27, 2019

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