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Thanks for a great thread Korvex.

I have some very rare and beautiful pics in a box in a garage in my country of origin. Hard to reach at the moment.

You tickle every nerve in my body with the pics from the wilderness. I share that passion with you. Nothing like it to wake up to the call of nature, lol.

I have on the other hand a pic I took about 2 weeks ago in Greece that I was going to send to T but could not till now because it was stuck in cyberspace. Since you started this thread I thought "why not just put it here".

Korvex, dont forget to relax in-between. And I want to add that the glass was emptied as soon as I laid down the camera, so nice it was. These memories will warm me up for 10 hard winters, no doubt about it.




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Oh man, that looks very enjoyable Narnug! I'll be doing something like that in about an hour....have to enjoy the nice weather while it lasts lol

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Ha! narnug I can match that pic.

decisions, decisions, which one first?

Yucatan Peninsula on a caribbean beach.

edit to add, did someone say something about Harp operating in the area?



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Peregian Beach, Queensland, Australia  2011...in the dead of winter...yeah..70+degrees and sun shine.  I can take that kind of weather anytime...and a couple pictures of the resort..as I refused to insult Australians with my driving, I didn't get too far away from home base, but should have taken pictures of "my" corner where the computers were..LOL...The flag on the beach....is where the heart in my avatar was deposited at my feet as I stood there....I figured Australia loved me, as I loved Australia...

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Sansum Narrows - Vancouver Island (taken from our boat - such a beautiful summer evening - the ocean was like soup!) 8)


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Where I live .. trying to post photos

We have it all here, beautiful coastal cliffs and Indian ocean on our doorstep.  Murchison River mouth meeting ocean.  Inland gorges thousands of years old.  Kindergarden for baby humpback whales whose mothers stop off here so the little ones can learn their tricks in our warm shallow waters before heading south.

Paradise really.








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How to post photos compliments of instructions sent to me by Skion - thanks Skion will post here for info of others

First you have to sign in and create an account to a image hosting website.

I use http://imageshack.us/ for my uploading to forums etc.

But there are more like http://photobucket.com/.

The directions below are for ImageShack:

1.Sign in, create account.

2.On the top left hit the Media Upload.

3. Then Browse and direct the the image file of you choice.

4.On the "image resize" you may choose to change the image size.

(That is not necessary for CHANI from what I seen so far).

5.Hit the Upload Now button and wait till is finished.

6.When it's finished, the page will refresh, with your image and a bunch of links underneath it.

7.Copy the Direct Link and when replay on threads on Chani, press first the "Insert image" button above the  :) guy, and paste the link between the brackets in the middle.

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