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Another Dinosaurs Depiction With Humans: Amazon in Peru

I just got to this info via a Jpnse Alternative Media. The original news source was written up in Spanish.

It's too difficult to try to read what's the content, but it was written by the famous "UFO hunter" in Japan, Shinichiro Namiki.

Just check out the pics......I screenshot them at 125% of what I could get cleanly.

I can't read it for I don't get the copies of the magazine. 

I'm guessing if you search Peruvian/Spanish articles, might find the ones with similar images, then to translate the article into English.

(c) Mu/ Gakushu Kenkyusha Publishing Co 2018


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27000 years ago's Stone Age Japanese Guy Had Blue Eyes


Using 3D printer, Japan resurrected the face of a man from about 27000 years ago, found on Ishigaki island, far South of Japan.

He was 165cm, not so tall. There are 19+ bodies found in one place on the island. One of the biggest number of bodies gathered in one place being found from that time.


↑Screenshot from the article. There is a much bigger close up pic on the link.

Check out the Hazel coloured eyes! They were not just fibbed to shove them in for a good look.

Genetically Jomon indigenous people of Japan were originally Caucasians with Blue Eyes.

It takes 4000 years from the state of darken skin to become "white" was analyzed via British remains of stone age people.

27000 years ago, Japan still had Blue Eyed genes prominent then. 

And under the brown colour of eyes, BLUE colour is in tact....that's today's us with brown eyes....

Somehow the image of the guy from 27000 years ago reminded me of him...


(c) Lord of the Rings 2001


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5000 yo Ancient Star map in Scotland: The Ancient Cochno Stone

The channel owner copped from YT and lost his most viewed channel dealing with our turf.
Skip to 1:48 for the actual story. Awesome pics.
And how amazing to learn neolithic people shared core ART awareness.
I'm sure Aussies notice similarities of symbols used in Scotland very similar to that of Aboriginal maps in Oz.
(c)The Lost History Channel TKTC 2017
Published on Dec 21, 2017
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The Curious Case of the Explorer Who Met a 1,000-Year-Old Mayan Priest Inside a Cave

A truly weird tale of a real account of mysterious old man and a half....

(c)Did You Know ? 2017

Published on Sep 11, 2017

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DISCOVERY: Is THIS the Oldest Portrayal of The Sphinx? | Ancient Architects

Err...no disrespecting towards the vid poster....but it was also the COMMENT SECTION conversation I really thought worthwhile to post to mention.

Personally, yes I think it had a lion head.

But what was the representation for?

I think of one of our ancestors, LYRANS. 

(c) Ancient Architects 2018

Published on Jun 3, 2018

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The Proof of Giant Trees Existed on Earth?

I have an issue with how we started to see things on Ggl Eth.

I reckon ALL nature contains "AS ABOVE, SO BELOW" patterns because we hold the formulas like chaos theory with Fractal design and the nature likes to copy and spit out Fibonacci sequence away from Golden Means, ALL NATURE WILL SHOW THE PATTERNS WE SEE ON DIFFERENT SCALES naturally.

And those similar patterns could be presenting different stuff like geological feature to mimic the pattern (because all nature encompass such formula naturally away from the Humans or Aliens for that matter), we may be getting fibbed into thinking in wrong path. (Sorry I may not make sense. IDK how I can explain this in concise manner....(´×ω×`))

Thus when we look at the stuff like this and say "this is huge", maybe that's just showing some similar patterns we grasped on our level of size that's going with the law/formula being applied to the nature, which means what we thought we are seeing may not be "it" as we imagine, and we are viewing something with incomplete understanding and believing in what we "see".

At the same time, I DO believe we had giants and large sized trees before. There are too many proofs!!!

Loooove how we cut through to these interesting points of Earth history, that's for sure! 

And pls check out the comment section. People are bringing in very plausible counter facts etc, we do need to dig down deeper.

Let's continue doing more research on this matter....!

(c)MrMBB333 2018

Published on Jun 15, 2018

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Mystery Debunked on Round Rock Balls Around The World?

http://www.sankei.com/premium/news/180617/prm1806170013-n2.html (There is a pic on the article with a small sized rock ball.)

According to this geologist in Japan, all those round (huge to small) come out of soil are a sort of GEODE containing ONE dead body of something.


(c) http://www.world-mysteries.com/guest-authors/stone-balls-spheres-costa-rica/

Basically, Earth encrusted a dead body of SEA CREATURE for each of the ball. Apparently, according to this geologist, this formation has been known among geologist for ages.


If above was the case, I'm so sure one of us would have already dug it up and presented with the rock balls to us, flagging hard that "yeeeey it's been debunked" before, right? I don't think I ever came across to this "fact" before. ....Well, maybe I didn't look around hard enough??



"When a sea creature dies, the dead body starts to rot by covered by mud and sand of the sea floor, then the organic matter starts to release acid made of such as carbon. This acid reacts with calcium in sea water, it becomes Calcium Carbonate. This reaction spreads equally to the surrounding, the ball of Calcium Carbonate is formed round and grow to wrap around the dead body.

The formation used to be thought that it'd take millions of years, however Calcium Carbonate has the nature to form very quickly. Even large sized ones only takes a few months to a few years to form in incredible speed." (Translated by unity from above sentence from the article linked on top.)

A dead body in the centre of those balls...!?

You know the sizes of those balls in Costa Rica? Maybe fairly large sized dinosaur babies or something is in the centre then.

BUT I still have problem with this.

WTH are the ones found in Russia? They were NOT round like Costa Rica ones. But flattened round like some typical UFO shape we can think of....are they still holding the same answer to the round balls...??

Maybe they got formed in very shallow water...?????



(c) Paul Seaburn 2015

We need to break them up or use imaging scanners to see the inside....................

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German version of Stone Henge: Wood Poles Were Used, Not Stone

140km from Berlin. They discovered about 30 Females and Kids sacrificed and dumped into holes on the site. I'm still trying to find the age of the site.


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"I AM WHO I AM. CREATOR OF ALL THINGS.": A Message Found Next To Giza Pyramids


Apparently according to Gary, the message was seen since 1999. I have to go into other photos to verify that so I'll just leave it as is for now.


Above image from http://midnightinthedesert.com/gary-parker/ (c) Gary Parker??

The original NASA photo here and it's full size: 

You need to see the whitish area, upside down. It's depicting a typical head gear worn Egyptian King.


↑(c) NASA 2012

(c) JoshTolley 2018

Published on Jun 15, 2018

Rabbis translation: "God's gonna return to the city of David in Jerusalem on 26th July 2022" and they went huh!? for it's NOT written in Torah. (And IDK what the word "God" implying here.)

.....REALLY? My skepticism kicked right in when I heard that. But I gotta point out that Gary said he hadn't been pulled into any religious views since the find.

My CT head thought straight away that this could be an inserted job from the Globalist agenda to suit their plot to continue oppressing us down. BUT we dunno the full picture of it yet. Very interesting to say the least.

...This story reminded me of how Bible Code came under the spot light in a way.

Picking up shapes out of the shadows of buildings to call them as Hebrew letters? However I wouldn't also discount the formulas in the nature showing as above and as below.....so I could also say "why not", too.

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Mysterious giant sarcophagus discovered in Egypt


"The tomb, which dates back to the Ptolemaic period between 305 B.C. and 30 B.C., was uncovered in the city of Alexandria.

In a Facebook post, Dr. Mostafa Waziri, general secretary of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, announced that the 6-foot high sarcophagus, which is 8.7-feet long and 5.4-feet wide, is the largest ever found in Alexandria. "

....Too huge for a human body....

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Michael Tellinger New Anunnaki Discoveries in Ancient South Africa 2018

There were some pretty cool info in the vid....! But I liked Michael always, so I might be biased. Please check it out.

Fossilised Anunnakine preserved and identified for the parts by a physician when Michael was there......

(c) Earth Ancients 2018 for the vid

Published on Jun 15, 2018

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Megalithic tomb uncovered in Ireland is the 'find of a lifetime': Detailed 5,500 year-old stone carvings discovered in the Boyne Valley are the 'most impressive in decades'

  • Experts made the discovery on farmland near 18th Century Dowth Hall in Ireland
  • It is situated in the Brú na Bóinne, or Boyne Valley Tombs, World Heritage Site
  • Two chambers were discovered inside the western part of the main burial tomb
  • A large stone cairn – 130 feet in diameter – was raised over the top of this tomb 
  • One kerbstone is heavily decorated with 'impressive' neolithic carvings


PUBLISHED: 02:15 AEST, 17 July 2018 | UPDATED: 23:45 AEST, 17 July 2018


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Mathematical secrets of ancient tablet unlocked after nearly a century of study

From August 24, 2017, but not on this thread  Maev Kennedy

"Dating from 1,000 years before Pythagoras’s theorem, the Babylonian clay tablet is a trigonometric table more accurate than any today, say researchers

Mathematician Dr Daniel Mansfield with the Plimpton 322 tablet.

 Mathematician Dr Daniel Mansfield with the Plimpton 322 tablet. Photograph: UNSW/Andrew Kelly

At least 1,000 years before the Greek mathematician Pythagoras looked at a right angled triangle and worked out that the square of the longest side is always equal to the sum of the squares of the other two, an unknown Babylonian genius took a clay tablet and a reed pen and marked out not just the same theorem, but a series of trigonometry tables which scientists claim are more accurate than any available today.

The 3,700-year-old broken clay tablet survives in the collections of Columbia University, and scientists now believe they have cracked its secrets.

The team from the University of New South Wales in Sydney believe that the four columns and 15 rows of cuneiform – wedge shaped indentations made in the wet clay – represent the world’s oldest and most accurate working trigonometric table, a working tool which could have been used in surveying, and in calculating how to construct temples, palaces and pyramids.

The fabled sophistication of Babylonian architecture and engineering is borne out by excavation. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, believed by some archaeologists to have been a planted step pyramid with a complex artificial watering system, was written of by Greek historians as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Daniel Mansfield, of the university’s school of mathematics and statistics, described the tablet which may unlock some of their methods as “a fascinating mathematical work that demonstrates undoubted genius” – with potential modern application because the base 60 used in calculations by the Babylonians permitted many more accurate fractions than the contemporary base 10."

The tablet could have been used in surveying, and in calculating how to construct temples, palaces and pyramids.

 The tablet could have been used in surveying, and in calculating how to construct temples, palaces and pyramids. Photograph: UNSW/Andrew Kelly



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Petroglyph in Japan That Made Researchers To Rethink The Earth History

This is one of the ancient petroglyph curved stones found in Japanese Shrines/shrine-yards that petroglyph researchers from the world went back flipping due to its age.

According to the people reporting about the researchers from EU and like Oz gathered in one place, and Jpnse researchers shared their knowledge with pictures of petroglyphs from all over Jpn the first time as professionals in the field, made the other researchers to seriously wonder if the oldest culture existed on Earth was in Jpn and then spread to Sumer and other places around the world.....

Heitate Jingu got 15000 years for its history. I didn't make a mistake in the number of zeros to be there. It's 15000.

(Another source <youtube.com/watch?v=pWc1M9HZh_c> states that the stone goes back 30~40,000 years with the inscription. But there could be mix up of info that though that source said it's from Heitate Jingu, but the writing is called Toyokuni Moji, and made me to think that the source could be talking about yet another Shrine, and about another inscribed rock. Yes they got loads more styles of characters, and it's said like 40+ different writings were found in Jomon culture.) 

Just wanted to share another interesting bit of history with you.

From the ancient time, some of the Japanese Shrines kept the ideology about "5 different coloured people gathering together to live peacefully" alive, which was apparently how it was on the Mu continent, located in the Pacific. (Happy people, yeeeey!!)

Then Mu land got sank under the water, and the people from there brought the ideology to the land of Japan after fleeing from the sunken continent. Wouldn't it be great if we could do that the same in today's world? No division among all of us.........

And did you know that Manchuria was the chosen land to establish such happy place by Japan, when Manchuria was a part of Japan?

Of course they included "real" J_wish people in the list. This is how Japan was taken into the "WW2" when they never wanted to go into a war.....

The Cs went nuts about the plan, and demolished that land (by using Communists) and made sure Humans to be split and to have more wars and other negative issues among us...... 

Below images are of the sacred body of the stone in the Shinto shrine.

It's NOT meant to be shown to the public but Jpnse public were spreading the images all over the internet anyway, so I take the opportunity to share them with you in CHANI.

May the energy of the stone help creating permanent peace in the world.......


Ahirugusa Writings(阿比留草文字) found in Hino Miya Heitate Jingu(日の宮幣立神宮)  

47 letters are the letters for Japanese language. The writing is forming story and every single sound used representing each character, NEVER to have any repetitions of the usage of characters. Kids could remember the whole lot easier for the sentences got meanings.  


Forst 2 (Left and middle)  Images sourced from here: http://shinsukek.ldblog.jp/archives/27905958.html

The 3rd and 4th image of Ahiru moji and the final image were sourced from here: http://shimo933.p-kit.com/yogenn-kanototori.html

↓The sacred stone was held up by Guji, the head of the shrine:


OK, cool stories about the inscribed stone.

Here as a CT head, I have issue just gulping down the whole stories as they were told.

How did they get the age?

The stone itself could be of 30~40,000 years old material.

But when did the INSCRIPTIONS were curved onto it??

I also have huge suspicion that the stone has DIFFERENT WRITING STYLES on the front to the back.

How the hell it happened? And Did both side got inscribed at the same time? Or the one engraved with more linear style of writing with surrounding line got engraved after the stone being passed around to different hands for years or something?

Knowing there were so many diverse languages existed in Japanese land, it reminded me of Oz with Aboriginal languages used to exist 300+....and I just can't find the answer to my Qs.

Do we have scientific way to tell the difference of age, exactly on where the inscriptions were made?

I hope so. Or it just ends up to be left as another mystery. (´Д`)

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Egypt's second sphinx FOUND: Ancient statue discovered during ROAD WORKS

August 9, 2018              LATIFA YEDROUDJ

"A SECOND sphinx from the time of ancient Egypt has been discovered, after workers accidentally dug up the renowned artefact during road works. 

Engineers came to a halt after stumbling upon the a large statue, which they described as having a "lion's body with a human head".

They soon realised they retrieved the world's second Egyptian sphinx, which originated as far as 2500 BC during the reign of the Pharoah Kafre in Egypt.

Mohamed Abel Aziz, the Director General of Antiquities, said the structure has yet to be removed from the ground, and remains embedded in soil until it can be properly excavated.

Members of the public can now visit the site where the sphinx was found, Antiquities Minister Khaled al-Anani said.

The Great Sphinx of Giza in Egypt is the largest and most famous sphinx in the world, and is situated at the Giza Plateau, on the west bank of the Nile River in Egypt.

It was carved from the bedrock of Giza plateau, made out of limestone, and is said to be one of the world's largest single-stone statues.

The ancient Egyptians regarded the sphinx as a symbol of royalty, and pharaohs would have their heads carved into stone which are then placed on their tombs.

This was known as a way to mark their relationships with Sekhmet, the solar deity, which was believed to be a lioness."

snip - images - short video at link


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3 Fingered Hand Print Mark/The Door Ways/ Something Makes Unable to Find Others Mere 30 Feet Away....and More Conspiracy

The images are screenshot from the vid link on the bottom of the post:

5b83b6c6608d0_3fingeredhandprint_Ireland_1.JPG.02f8e269d885d844b073069417deecc7.JPG 5b83b6d2c79cb_3fingeredhandprint_Ireland_CavegoneMissing_1.JPG.a10ab63a113f9ded3c3c78427e0f836c.JPG

This vid was MEGA interesting to me. Hoooray to Barry for his awesome research works he had done! He's the one brought us the news of 3 fingered mummies in Peru recently.

And yup! As you hear about the 3 fingers, I'm sure most of you are recalling the find in Peru with different sized Humanoids, which DNA analysis found them as Human remains, even though they have 3 fingers as their digits. And there are stories told by so called people who knew them were MADE UP by Human hands as show piece.

Well....I kind of feel that not the artifacts and the bodies, but SOMEONE trying to stop the people's interest spreading, and quite possibly paid the locals who made up LIES to discredit the Peru finds.

But this vid reveals the stories from Ireland and then connects to the Peru story.

The weird stories included in this vid shows how people could go missing in different locations, and old cave systems affecting our perception---or taking us to another location? And the case of only to discover the cave gone missing upon returning there for further investigation.............

The Cave-like structures and real caves, and the frequencies inside seem to do something to our perceptions. 

Fascinating accounts to say the least.

In mean while, because this is CHANI, I go even further....

Someone on our side once told me that be ware of the group where Barry's working for.(And I suggest you to avoid typing in the 3 letters of company name to anywhere on the net or on your phone...you might be followed by someone straight away.)

We are currently handled to trust them in totality because the info gathered by them are from all sorts of trustworthy people. 

But in the most critical timing, the trust may cause to wreck our understanding about the various subjects, cause us to split within ourselves.

Please make sure to have the idea somewhere at the back of your mind, and be on guard, just in case we get fooled full on suddenly by someone/something. They have also recently released a platform that we can gather and debate the info for Truther movement. Look at the company LOGOs and compare with. (The names differ.)

The faction behind the curtain is not the Cs.

An example:

Like the Daily and Metro news Co.s, though they are owned by you know who and we straight away think of the Cs, so we can't totally depend on their news all the time---we dunno when they slip in some BS direction to us quietly.

BUT so far, they have been the leading sources to release pretty critical first break of the news that makes CT heads go wow for at least the past 3 years. We are becoming used to see them reporting interesting materials that's worthwhile for us to read and debate about. It becomes more easy to fool us by gaining some "trust" as fast info releasers, but we started on the ground that we knew we can't trust them, because they were trending to ridicule us before.  

I think their tactics had changed. Why? I think it's to do with how fast our numbers had grown lately. Now adding more people into the Q movement as well, too many of us are around, and it had become harder to shut us down by ridiculing us.


To not to be betrayed badly in the critical moments, please be on guard when in situations like releasing info when the mass LANDING of ships happen, they might tell us don't trust the ones arrived, but in fact they might be here for a friendly contact. 

We just don't know.

Use your discernment and trust your gut feelings, not what's written out by some media sources. 

(c) Z. -o   ..har E...//nt...〇er// tainment From the "Awakening" Conference 2018

<Additional info>

44:00 into the vid, Barry starts to explain Concentric Circles on cymatic result on a particular frequency, and goes on stating that these concentric circles are on the walls of caves and shows Hypogeum site in Malta. End points out to non-concentric circles there. WTH I thought. Was this how he was meant to confuses us? Or he doesn't know the difference of concentric circles to SPIRALS?

They are different things, and works differently.... But saying that, YES I have known the concentric circles existing ancient walls inside sacred sites. So as spirals on different areas, sometimes both these types exist in the same site shoulder to shoulder. But they are different things. Colours used mean something, when they were painted, too.

So I'm not quite sure what he really pointed out as the "door bell location". All symbols like spirals and concentric circles work. But works differently for each. Direction of spirals means different effect, too. >

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An Ancient Egyptian Village That Is Older Than Both The Pyramids And The Pharaohs Is Found In The Nile Delta

The Neolithic village that was found in the Nile Delta in Egypt is 7,000-years-old and was in existence 2,500 years before the pyramids were constructed.


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7300 yo Sun Goddess/Priestess Figurine from China Which Just Looks So Much Like Japanese Jomon Sculpting Style

(c) New China TV     Published on Oct 1, 2018
The vid was published under the Chinese Communist Party agenda.
Sorry for the Chinese people but I got totally struck with how the figurine head looked just like that of Japanese Jomon dogu......the style and motif, just match with what Jomon culture had....
And the technique of making figurine and the style of Jomon changes in the later years as below:
Yup, dots on the face and the continuous eyebrow you can see....
Since some Jomon earthenware using Japanese soil got dug up on some Peruvian beaches, it's proven that the Japanese nation used their seafaring power and reached to Sth America way way back in the history, and considering the distance over to Sth America, going to the main land of China is just hop step jump for Japanese people.
Especially we already know that about 2500 years ago, Japanese nation settled on the peninsula. The archaeological digs had proven that.
Then it's not that mad to think that Jomon people went out to inland China along the rivers, and the place of the figurine appeared was sandwiched by 2 rivers, meaning the land was very rich and easy to cultivate.....meaning easy to settle down.
No way I'm denying the cultures existed on main land China for there are insanely amazing stuff with outlandish factors, but that figurine....I gotta say that's immersed in the Jomon Japanese style....
So what about this? Maybe someone from Japan arrived there, and died off. But other local people picked up on the style in neolithic time, copied it in their way, and created that head of figurine? That's also possible.
(It's important to remember that China was a SMALL country historically. They are showing such a huge bordering now but that's only achieved after rammed down the near by nations like Tibetans and Uyghur people. Minority people who had important artifacts like Dropa stones existed and now China claiming them as if the entire land and anything came out of there, they claim as their own---in actuality, it's NEVER so.)
The Mystery deepens....LOL 
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Iconic viking warrior was a woman, DNA test confirms

Published time: 8 Sep, 2017 17:34Edited time: 9 Sep, 2017 12:43


"The remains of a 10th century Viking warrior buried in Birka, Sweden have proven to be those of a woman, thanks to DNA evidence."

"“The results call for caution against generalizations regarding social orders in past societies.”" 

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New discovery throws light on mystery of pyramids' construction

Nov. 5, 2018          Kevin Rawlinson

Egyptologists stumble across ramp that helps explain how huge blocks of stones were hauled into place

Pyramids Egypt

 The ramp appears to date from about the same time as the Pyramid of Giza was built Photograph: Mark Brodkin Photography/Getty Images

"The mystery of how, exactly, the pyramids were built may have come a step closer to being unravelled after a team of archaeologists made a chance discovery in an ancient Egyptian quarry.

Scientists researching ancient inscriptions happened upon a ramp with stairways and a series of what they believe to be postholes, which suggest that the job of hauling into place the huge blocks of stone used to build the monuments may have been completed more quickly than previously thought.

While the theory that the ancient Egyptians used ramps to move the stones has already been put forward, the structure found by the Anglo-French team, which dated from about the period that the Great Pyramid of Giza was built, is significantly steeper than was previously supposed possible.

They believe the inclusion of the steps and the postholes either side of a rampway suggests the builders were able to haul from both directions, rather than simply dragging a block behind them. The team believes those below the block would have used the posts to create a pulley system while those above it pulled simultaneously.

They believe the find to be significant because they say it suggests the work could have been done more quickly, albeit still involving the heavy labour of a large number of people."



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