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Some new images to enjoy in the moment...

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Fairy developments since the immigration began.. I have been constructing fairy houses and chairs for a bit of light relief. this is the result thus far, cushions feathers etc still to be sourced




IMAG0348 (1).jpg


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A SPECIAL thanks to FRANK who has kindly donated some of his most beautiful blooms .. It is with great pleasure and reverence that his feathers have adorned the Fairy house as well as the special lounge chair for passing Fairies to take in some rays and rest a little.

I also have a very special little feather from his crown which I will make something unique on which it can be used... have to ask the fairies for advise on that one...








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Such a handsome guy, just love the electric blue of his crop... there are some very happy fairies I am sure... problem is I have to leave the door open they are just too good to put outside ATM weather wise..lol 


I am beginning to feel those around me think I have actually lost the plot... but they all love the chair and house especially now they have been feathered up. :)

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? Julia wasn't playing around with Jacques in the kitchen!


Hahaha. Watch the beginning of this video to see the context. I used to love watching Julia and Jacques.


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