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Some new images to enjoy in the moment...

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The way I feel today...

Maybe shared by quite few people?? ROFL

It's Mir the Cat.

Mir the Cat presented by MrPutin to Councilor of Akita Pref Jpn_16-12-2016.jpg


And lurking around in home in PJs...

pajama squids_1.jpg

(↑These little guys are called Pyajama sqid. )

I did not know today was a Public Holiday here till now....are we? No? Yeah? LOL

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Meet ‘Trumpapillar’: The Donald Trump of the Peruvian Amazon



" New pictures show a strange, big-haired creature skulking within the Peruvian Amazon. Although what researchers quickly noticed about the peculiar beast was its remarkable resemblance to a particular US presidential candidate. Or to be precise, the Republican’s legendary hair style."



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