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FEMA Camps and Full List of Where They Are [download doc file below]

This is the one in Beech Grove but It’s much sharper and larger. I did some research on the “so called” furnaces and the white AGA Gas Inc. Cylinder. The “so called” furnaces are exhaust fans. AGA GAS Inc. Sells mostly asphyxiation type gases…you can verify this by doing a search via dogpile for AGA GAS Inc. and the look for web site MDS and they will list the gases. In the video it shows a gas main, you can see there are 2 or 3 connections with regulators on top. Regulators are used to regulate pressure and gas mixtures. It seems that this is indeed a death camp, for those on the red and blue list. It can process 26,000 people every 24hrs. The site has since been cleaned up to look inconspicuous.

When I asked him.. whether or not he was an Intelligent Machine.. his reply.. "If I was an Intelligent Machine, I would deceive you"    {from THE KEY -Whitley Strieber}

This is DAR'S POST FROM TODAY  2/26/12


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FEMA Pushes Prepping for Pets and Disabled

FEMA just released two new videos encouraging pet owners and the disabled to prepare for disasters. FEMA refers to them as "Preparing Makes Sense" instructional videos.


One of FEMA's strong recommendations for prepping with pets is to microchip them.

"Microchipping is a particularly effective way to identify pets separated from their owners in an emergency," Jordan Crump of the Humane Society claims in the video.

Richard Devylder of the US Department of Transportation advises, "Prepare is if nobody is coming to rescue you."


But it seems odd that one federal agency would encourage prepping when other federal agencies deem it an act of potential terrorists.

What's more, Obama has expressed the position that "hoarding" will not be tolerated during national emergencies (which we've officially been in since 9/11).


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