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Cynthia: Flesh-Eating Synthetic Bacteria that has Gone Wild

Sept. 14, 2016

Jean P'erier



"The reports about tests on human beings that are being routinely carried out by certain Western corporations have become a sort of a trend these days.


Among others, one can recall the story about the long struggle between civil authorities of various states and the US chemical giant Monsanto provoked by research in the potential dangers of GMO products, and the Monsanto-produced herbicide Roundup in particular. The actual damage inflicted on the agricultural business of various states is yet to be carefully assessed, but even at this stage it safe to say that Monsanto’s expansion into India and surrounding markets resulted in deaths of thousands of people.


However, in the nearest future, the planet could face yet another “monster” that was bred deep inside US corporate laboratories. We are talking about the first synthetic bacteria – Cynthia, created “to combat oil pollution in the Gulf of Mexico” which, according to the various reports that are often ignored by the corporate media, has mutated and has started attacking animals and humans. Now this highly lethal microorganism is on its way to Europe.


One could recall that back in April 2010 an explosion at a British Petroleum oil rig resulted in millions of barrels of oil contaminating the Gulf of Mexico. Despite the drastic measures taken to prevent an environmental catastrophe, an oil slick produced by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill covered over sixty thousand square miles.


As one of the means of addressing the environmental catastrophe on their hands, Washington decided to take drastic measures, regardless of the possible consequences of those actions. It was at that time when an artificially created microorganism nicknamed Cynthia was unleashed, without any kind of examination of the possible threat it may pose to the environment.


Cynthia is the brainchild of the J. Craig Venter Institute — which was engaged in genetic engineering experiments since the beginning of the 21st century — and Synthetic Genomics Inc, and was created and funded directly by BP. It was believed that Cynthia feeds on oil, but it turns out now that it is equally willing to consume all forms of organic life as well…


In 2011, Cynthia was unleashed in the Gulf of Mexico and in its initial stages of life it was absorbing oil slicks at breathtaking speed. In January, 2011 the Register reported that scientists were particularly impressed by the speed with which the bacteria was eating up its “meal”.


But then this bacteria mutated and soon was feeding on organic lifeforms. Strange reports started coming from the US, like five thousand birds falling victims of an “unknown disease” in Arkansas, or more that a hundred thousand dead fish found off the coast of north Louisiana. It was also reported that a total of 128 British Petroleum employees that participated in the liquidation of the oil slick were struck by some mysterious illness. According to various sources they were forbidden to seek relief in public hospitals, to prevent them from talking to anyone about what has happened to them…


Soon it was recorded that the disease and the symptoms that are now associated with the coastal zone of the Gulf of Mexico began spreading to the continental United States – for example, people who were caught by heavy rains that came from the Gulf of Mexico were also exposed to it.



I'm sorry, but I believe this IS the organism itself, not a synthetic.  It's certainly easier to have us believe it's something the mad scientists created, rather than it's a living organism someone let loose deliberately in the GOM. (although I do feel bio/chemical warfare should be outlawed)


Tx Reddwolf


I found it interesting that I ran across the following article today also


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Wow, this is pretty frightening breezy.


“When you actually try to build something you can’t hide from your ignorance. It either works or it doesn’t.”



“We expected that maybe 5 percent of the genes would be of unknown function. We weren’t ready for 30 percent.”


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GEC-Marconi scientist deaths conspiracy theory


The above is only a small portion of info methinks.

About 25 Marconi scientists were infected by the Black Goo that escaped.

Those scientists were later found to commit suicides in incredibly painful manner, which human would not choose if you are to kill yourself (less pain would be better, right?), apart from religious activism.

The AI infected scientists' death list had been created apparently, but I haven't found the location of it yet. If you know, please post in the thread for us to follow up. (・ω・)ノ

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Heat Anomaly in Gulf of Mexico - 133!


Update: Gulf of Mexico Heat Phenomenon!


During Bezerk did we not find that there was a massive asphalt volcano, that covers most of the land mass under the gulf?  I seem to recall we also discussed the possible intent to kill the gulf in order to turn it into a growing area for algae that could be used to produce bio-fuel.  Seemed impossible.  This is air temps, wonder about water temps? Not normal for sure, and the organism likes heat. 

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Black Goo/ Falklands War/ direct eye witness

Posting this just for the record.

Lots people didn't find this particular caller helpful at all, for he has been dodging to say what he knows of....

Or...did he ever really seen it for real?? LOL

But the point is, like breezy was commenting, hell a lot of stuff get encompassed altogether within our scopes.

Falklands War, French connection, Black Goo, and hell a lot more. All are connected bits and pieces, making huge tapestry of massively connected planned moves, forcefully given to us..........

Where do we stand in that picture as the Humanity? Where do we go from here?

(c)The Bases 2018 Thank you for your tireless work, Miles!

Apparently, best to skip to 6:30~.


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Gulf of Mexico, Santa Barbara Asphalt Volcano


Posting this video from Mary Greeley that is opposing the two I posted above regarding the Asphalt volcano in the GOM.   She is saying the heat recorded is a hoax.  I recall hearing that the asphalt volcano in the GOM supposedly covered just about the whole floor of the gulf, but she says differently.  I often listen to both her and MrMBB333, so I'm not sure what to think about this heat phenomena he found.  I'd think it's possible that they are both right to a degree.  Perhaps it does cover the whole area but only erupts in certain spots, just as one above the ground can do.  In any case also find what she read about the oil/lifeforms/processing the oil from the volcano and living, interesting.

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Dont forget the tens of thousands of litres of corext that they pumped, sprayed and bio-distributed in the area. (regarding life forms etc)

The asphalt volcano was part of the Macondo salt dome, which was so weird that they felt the area stable enough to drill in.

But maybe they always knew it was a calculated risk. Heck, sub sea, deep drilling is such a crazy risk in itself, and the justifictions are so tenuous. A normal person ticking off a risk checklist would say no to it after about the first page....

They said a long time ago that the lowering of the BOP was a farce, and done at only ONE rupture site, whilst the still spewing oil at the other sites were somehow contained below surface.

Oil is hot too. A continuous bubble column of methane may end up creating a hot zone at sea level and just above. I wonder if it is a no fly zone there? Planes dont tend to fly so well in methane. Boats dont float well either. Hmmz that sounds familiar! It's the current Bermuda Triangle hot theory at present also.

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The bottomless 'jacuzzi of despair' that kills almost anything that swims into it: Researchers reveal massive brine pool off the coast of New Orleans

  • Researchers first discovered  massive brine pool in 2015 using a robosub
  • Now the first hi-resolution  map of it has been revealed 
  • The 19C circular pool is about 100 feet in circumference
  • Lies nearly 3,300 feet below the surface of the Gulf
  • Contains water four or five times saltier than the surrounding seawater


PUBLISHED: 10:28 AEST, 2 November 2016 | UPDATED: 00:21 AEST, 3 November 2016


Just got to this vid...

Anyway, highly salty? Requiring high conductivity for energy absorption?

(c)ShantiUniverse 2016

Published on Nov 2, 2016

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Interesting they use 'alien' so many times..... link it to space travel, future space etc...


OK, remember back to the subs perching on the 'rim'.

The rim to us, was the sea floor entry point into a collapsed salt dome, which led to deeper salt layers, used by the USN and other factions as tunnels to travel around the planet unseen, and at great speed. They traverse beneath many continents and are the primary reason subs are coated in D.D which creates a protective layer, and creates a magnetic field which repulses salt water. In thick brine, it does even more, creating a pulse wave that pushes the sub forward even faster. Prolonged usage however creates a residual magnetized 'space' is the best way to describe it, which dissipates. Remember the magnetized water?

The USN and linked corporations were using these passages to travel and parallel passages to 'steal' oil from  other countries reserves, and store under the US. Can it even be considered illegal if oil is 'just flowing' underground in a natural 'tube' from one place to another? Tough one eh? :)

But the collapse at Macondo, in the salt dome/tar volcano opened up the whole covert nature of what the USN have been doing, revealing the network. Still covered by deep water, but now open to the ocean.

This is the reason we eventually saw tidal action at the Assumption Parish site, as we will also see at other big dome sites that have not been sured up. The ocean actually flowed underground to the site from way out. Deep underground explosions anyone? Collapsing salt tunnels, land subsidence, sinkholes, for no apparent reason. Heck if you dig around for sink hole info and also loss of water info in Texas alone, you will see the scale of the issue.

The collapsing of salt tunnels is only a band-aid. It will eventually yield to the power of the sea's relentless, sawing action.

Edgar Cayce could never understand what he was seeing, or how it actually came about. The same will be said of Japan. But to protect the greater land mass, action will need to be taken. Now everyone knows what is going on, actions will be taken by any who see their own interests jeopardized.

So the above pic and post is, I believe another deep water dome collapse and connection to the deeper salt layers.

The clues given to the team were clear, especially the link to the article on the 'leaf' that travelled subterranian from PNG to half way into Queensland Australia.

That's just the mechanics of it. Now introduce the organism, and it's penchant to use oil as a medium/carrier, with free reign to roam subsurface to all the other illegally accessed oil reserve locations around the planet, covertly accessed by the US. They gave it a free pass. Big oil sickness also comes to mind.....

Time to zip it.



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Oh, one other thing to point out is the relentless and seemingly carefree  nature of the fracking phenomenon. It's so detrimental to people, living things, water tables, yet is everywhere. The toxic cocktails they pump below ground is to soften rock? Aha... it's to kill subterranean instances of the organism I'm betting. Any living thing needs to eat, and in doing so creates a by product. In this case it's methane and other hydrocarbons, and that is what they are siphoning off. Gives you an incite to how large the stolen reserves are beneath the US.

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Ocean outgassing causing strong odor in Oceanside, California – But it is unknown what’s behind the outgassing

Aug 2, 2018


The Black Stuff, the Ocean behaving weird.....ummmmm.

I will repost this to the Black Goo thread, too. 

Here's an incident from 2016 to compare with:

Outgassing? Mysterious 'rotten eggs' odor has homeowners worried in Richmond, Texas

Andy Cerota
KPRC Houston
Fri, 15 Jan 2016 18:39 UTC


And bringing in another link to look around wider possibilities to check:

Why Beaches Sometimes Stink—And Why It Might Mean Danger


Here's what Tylor gathered surrounding news as well.

(c) secureteam10 2018

Published on Aug 4, 2018

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Recent Development Re: Black Organisms

It's interesting even Richie is talking about the Black Goo. I feel Richie is on the "ride" at the moment, very closely receiving what the messages given by factions very intuitively. 

Published on Dec 26, 2018

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Whether the array the Chinese turned on was the Great Wall (actual) or Great Wall Antarctic base, or both, the later as a booster, it switched on a specific life form that responded and started to do it's thing. On the Bezerk thread, it seemed to work within the oil reserves and pipelines and used the leaking oils to work within.

There have been many threads on other monuments becoming active since that time.

With all that was going on with the original thread, not a lot of discussion was had on the ancient monument side of things. Could it be that whilst some were designed as on switches, others might have been designed as nullifiers? Mechanisms to block signals?

Over time, with the exacting geometries being slowly destroyed and repurposed in cities, could their productivity have been compromised? Could this have been the key factor in the Great Wall array receiving the signal and passing it on? That so many nullifiers were either in disrepair, or just gone. A critical low end mass was reached allowing a signal past.

So with the activation, and so many of these regions rich in oil, all interconnected beneath the ground, and above ground, and for that matter saturated by oil across the world, would it be difficult for the activated sentience to make its way to all the facilities that would ordinarily be used to nullify it's method of communication, both internally on Earth, but back to the heavens also via splash zones of mass congregation.

That this so-called (I have never liked the term) black goo is now showing up on/in/around many ancient sites says to me 'it' is trying to destroy said site, or take it over and re purpose it for its own use.

That so many wars are taking place in the ancient world might also be a tell. Aco did say that the Giza pyramids were pillaged by military forces during the Arab Spring controlled events. What was taken?

I dont begrudge any of these youtubers going there and mentioning the black goo, but it would be nice if they did just a whisker more research on the subject or a little more thinking other than re gurgitationg what has been around since Aco spilled the beans.

Yes, it's an ongoing release, all be it permanently stalled, but come on RRRs and kindred folk .... give em more breadcrumbs to follow!


PS - did you read that China has made a massive 'public' array bigger than NYC apparently. Does that make three now? or do they all link up as one big tool?


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The "Ping" Mystery

Good point to ponder about, Jammer.

And I still can't get this incident off my mind....what was this all about? It really felt like a "bell" ringing through Earth.

According to Simon Parkes, it was done by Earth itself to raise its vibration. (Perhaps shrugging off something she doesn't like?)

And considering it was "ringing through", it is quite possible that it activated something on Earth.

We just dunno wth got activated by the shakes.

Strange seismic waves that rippled around world baffle scientists

Updated 30 Nov 2018, 1:33pm


Strange waves rippled around the world, and nobody knows why

Instruments picked up the seismic waves more than 10,000 miles away—but bizarrely, nobody felt them.




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GOM Related Suspicious Change Happening?

I'll repost this to other relevant threads, too.

(c)MrMBB333 2019     Published on Jul 8, 2019
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