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  1. The Real Threat Remains: Signs, Signs, Everywhere Are Signs Posted By: Swami [Send E-Mail] Date: Thursday, 21-Sep-2017 01:15:50 The Real Threat Remains - Brandon Smith Warns "Do Not Be Fooled By The Fed's Magic Show" | Zero Hedge Authored by Brandon Smith via, I remember back in mid-2013 when the Federal Reserve fielded the notion of a "taper" of quantitative easing measures. More specifically, I remember the response of mainstream economic analysts as well as the alternative economic community. I argued fervently in multiple articles that the Fed would indeed follow through with the taper, and that it made perfect sense for them to do so given that the mission of the central bank is not to protect the U.S. financial system, but to sabotage it carefully and deliberately. The general consensus was that a taper of QE was impossible and that the Fed would "never dare." Not long after, the Fed launched its taper program. Two years later, in 2015, I argued once again that the Fed would begin raising interest rates even though multiple mainstream and alternative sources believed that this was also impossible. Without low interest rates, stock buybacks would slowly but surely die out, and the last pillar holding together equities and the general economy (besides blind faith) would be removed. The idea that the Fed would knowingly take such an action seemed to be against their "best self interest;" and yet, not long after, they initiated the beginning of the end for artificially low interest rates. The process that the Federal Reserve has undertaken has been a long and arduous one cloaked in disinformation. It is a process of dismantlement. Through unprecedented stimulus measures, the central bank has conjured perhaps the largest stock and bond bubbles in history, not to mention a bubble to end all bubbles in the U.S. dollar. Stocks in particular are irrelevant in the grand scheme of our economy, but this does not stop the populace from using them as a reference point for the health of our system. This creates an environment rife with delusion, just as the open flood of cheap credit created considerable delusion before the crash of 2008. Today, we find our economic fundamentals in complete disarray, but the overwhelming fantasy within stocks still remains. Why? Because yet again, for some reason, no one is ready to accept the reality that the Fed is pulling the plug on America's fiscal life support. Nary a handful of economists in the world think that the Fed will raise interest rates one more time this year if ever again, and the threat of a balance sheet reduction is the furthest thing from everyone's mind. Daytrading investors are utterly convinced they have the Fed by the short hairs. I say, the situation is actually in reverse. The minutes from the Fed's July Open Market Committee Meeting indicate that while the central bank has been the savior of stock investors for several years, the party is about to end. Comments on the risks a bull market might pose to "financial stability" have been more frequent the past couple of months Only a few weeks ago, former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan commented that bond markets could collapse and bring stocks down with them do to overvaluations and increasing interest rates. Recent spikes in markets despite a steady stream of natural disasters, threats of war with North Korea, as well as "increased inflation" (according to Fed models) due to the damage wrought by Hurricane Harvey suggest that the Fed will indeed continue hiking rates into our ongoing financial collapse. The next FOMC meeting will conclude on the 20th of this month, and the question is, will the Fed surprise with a rate hike and/or balance sheet reduction program? I believe the odds are much higher than many people seem to think. [ZH: we now know that The Fed did announce the start of the balance sheet reduction program as Brandon forecast] First, let's be clear, historically the Fed's predictable behavior has been to skip major policy actions in September and then startle markets with renewed and aggressive actions in December. People placing bets on a Fed rate hike in September would look at this pattern and say "no way." However, the narrative I see building in Fed rhetoric and in the mainstream media is that stock markets have become "unruly children" and that the Fed must become a "stern parent," reigning them in before they are crushed under the weight of their own naive enthusiasm. In my view, the Fed will continue to do what it says it is going to do — raise interest rates and reduce and remove stimulus, and that the mainstream narrative will soon be adjusted to suggest that this is "necessary;" that stock markets need a bit of tough love. More at RMN and Source
  2. This sound pretty right and same as I feel about ongoing slower changes, which is a good thing when you think about it. Psychic Focus Monday, September 18, 2017 September 23, 2017 Q. Hi Lynn, AT&T recently put out a documentary called The Sign. The story tells of all the biblical and scientific evidence that planet x will pass by earth, closer than it ever has on 9/23/2017 and it will begin Armageddon. Would you mind looking into this because I find it strange they would produce and market a documentary like this. Why did they do this and what is their goal - are they not a part of the PTW? Is there anything significant that will happen on 9/23/2017? If you look up this date many predicted the same thing would happen in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Are they just all getting the year wrong or hoping someday they'll get it right? A. When I tune into September 23rd, I get an anxious feeling as if I am on edge waiting on something to happen. It looks like a lot of things are building energetically (planetary and moon alignments). I don't see a full on apocalyptic event, but the Earth does look to go through a shift. I see the Schumann resonance picking up, and it looks like the Earth wobble is off more than ever due to the push and pull action of the astrological bodies. The alignment feels necessary on this timeline and is tied to the birth of the 4D Earth being created, forming another reality over our current 3D realm. On a worldly perspective, I see harsh and unusual weather starting a few days before the 23rd, and following a few days afterward. The strange weather patterns feel tied to wind, rain and water. The increased Schumann resonance also looks to create subtle earthquakes all over the world as the Earth expels excess energy. On a personal level I see many physical reactions. It mostly looks like flu symptoms including nausea, fatigue and even loss of appetite, with some people reacting more so than other. There can also be a lack of mental clarity, even confusion as these energies push and pull through our bodies. Regarding the movie, I do see the PTW (Powers That Were) involved. It looks like this movie serves two purposes. One is to propagate fear and feed the minds of those that are worried. The other is to share some truths in such a way that people are skeptic and doubting. The goal of the PTW is to keep vibrations low, and fear is a way to accomplish that. It is hard to narrow down the date of a mass event. I see Earthly changes occurring over periods of time, and not sudden or immediate (like a slow burning fire versus an explosion). We all have a subconscious nudge that change is imminent, so many of us are looking for a sign. The dates look to arise from the collective finding what appears to be a clue, and like the Law of Attraction, when something is found, you attract more and more of the same. Overall, I do feel some disruption on September 23rd, but together we will get past it. Take extra care of your mind, body and spirit during this shift of energy. And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you. Love and light- Source
  3. “Vladimir Putin and Russia versus Zionist Fairytales“ Source
  4. “Did the doomsday clock on the petrodollar (and implicitly US hegemony) just tick one more minute closer to midnight? … Venezuela has officially stopped accepting US Dollars as payment for its crude oil exports.” Source
  5. SURPRISE>> The Entire Volume of CIA Files On Lee Harvey Oswald, Set to Be Released in October, Has “Gone Missing” Posted By: Watchman Date: Monday, 18-Sep-2017 14:20:21 Countless concerned individuals are still searching for answers surrounding the mysterious death of the 35th president of the United States, John F. Kennedy. The official narrative, that a lone former Marine named Harvey Oswald assassinated him, is widely disputed. All available documents from all government entities are required by the Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992 to be released on October 26th of 2017. But if history repeats itself, the Central Intelligence Agency may not release an entire volume of documents on Oswald, known as “volume 5.” As Sputnik reports, the release in July of 3,810 CIA and FBI documents on the assassination by the Assassination Records Review Board threw up a number of revelations that JFK researchers have hungrily devoured and enthusiastically publicized. For instance, the mayor of Dallas at the time of Kennedy’s assassination, Earle Cabell, was a CIA asset in the 1950s, and his brother, Charles Cabell, a high-ranking CIA official until 1962. The release in October has been highly anticipated by those seeking answers. However, thanks to a deliberate fudging or records, or a conveniently timed clerical error, an entire volume may never see the light of day. Inside Langley Air Force Base’s CIA Headquarters is an office known as the Office of Security. The Office of Security maintains its own top-secret archives known as the Office of Security Archival Holdings and is a separate archive from the agency’s more frequently used facility located in Alexandria, VA known as the Agency Archival Record Center. As late as 1977, the entire 7-volume collection of documents was intact, having been checked out by Russ Holmes in the Office of General Counsel and noted the 7-volume series was all together, not missing any volumes. But when the CIA was asked to turn over the volume of documents on Oswald, the hitman in the assassination, it seems the agency stonewalled a bit, like a shell game according to independent investigator Malcolm Blunt. Blunt described the stonewalling: This huge search by CIA did not surface Oswald’s security files and the Assassination Records Review Board (AARB) remained uninformed about their existence. Not until 1997 when an ARRB staffer stumbled across evidence that two previous congressional investigations had access to these files did CIA “discover” them. The AARB eventually received the 7-volume set of documents on Oswald in 1998, but staffers quickly realized there was one volume missing—volume 5. An agency explanation was offered that volume 5 could have been continue: Source
  6. In Australia Govt child benefits have been taken away from parents refusing to vaccinate. According to Lisa M Harrison in her last vid she was saying 'catch up' vaccinations are all being given in one shot and children that were completely normal before are now far from normal. If true, this is criminal to say the least.
  7. That is interesting Kande because my 31 year old single daughter was telling me only this morning she had been seeing someone at work for a couple of weeks - and he was nothing like she thought she would want or end up with, but she has found him to be a really nice guy and they are thoroughly enjoying each others company. He even said last night he thought he was falling for her and she was happy about it, which is BIG if you knew my daughters lifetime lust for travel that has always outweighed her need for binding relationships! If the man you are seeing ticks the majority of boxes like treating you and others well, being kind and considerate, understanding your needs, enjoys the same sort of things as you do and your company then I say the Universe may well be telling you to get over the preconceived ideas we all develop and just go with the flow. When I met Ian he was tall, super skinny, had numerous holes in his ears from previous earrings and had a long plait down his back. Good grief, looking back I don't know how we actually ended up together - I think it was just that he thought so much of me he wouldn't go away!! LOL Sometimes the Universe knows better than we do what we really need and who can supply it.
  8. I agree with a lot of this. It has been quite a while since I was inspired by something and I can't remember when I gave up waiting for something to happen that would reinforce my belief that change is in fact coming. I will admit that the old saying that 'things would get worse before they get better' and the other one that before the changes 'people in the world would appear to go mad' are pretty obvious if one takes the time to look around lately. In fact, madness seems to be the norm at the moment. We are all either a changed person by now, or a complete robot formed and conditioned by social engineering to such a degree that they can't rationally think for themselves. Maybe we could take the signs that the word definitely appears to have gone made as a positive. I personally feel that there is no more work to do (for now anyway). I feel that everything that can be done has been done and other than the fighters still on the front line mopping up, the rest of us just need to sit back and watch the 'fireworks' or die waiting. That's how it feels to many at the moment anyway. Source THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE ‘MUST READ’. “Has There Been A Shift In The Collective Consciousness Of Humanity?” … “…The shift is palpable, but it is inchoate… But it is very unclear, and people are generally lost, waiting for someone or something to clarify it all.”
  9. Good to know its back Kande because that then leads me to think it has something to do with the 'wobble'. If the Earth is wobbling around then water would be temporarily removed from one location to another until the wobble reversed and sent it back. Just a thought.
  10. They always tell it like it really is Mulva, especially in songs, films, TV etc, but everyone just thinks its entertainment. haha
  11. I am still unmarried at 61yrs old Kande. I was single (with a beautiful child) until I met my current partner when I was 38 and he was 29. He was nothing like I would normally date and I really thought at the time it was going to be another short term fling, but here we are 24 years later still together, even though many tough times got us to this point. In the beginning he wanted to marry (asked about 4 times) before I convinced him that I did not need a piece of paper to validate who I am or what a relationship is or should be. Sometimes in life we find what we were looking for only once we stop looking for it Kande. Much love to you.
  12. No clue to the actual cause Breezy but I too have difficulty accepting the wind blew it away - away to where and why hasn't it come back? For me, an actual tilt of the Earth would be the only logical thing for redirecting where water sits on the planet.
  13. I was doing Quantum Energetic work on myself yesterday and it picked up with Geopathic Stress - Solar or Sun Spot Frequencies, which I found interesting as I have not noticed it come up in the 11 years I have had the system. Something definitely happening...
  14. Good old Graphene once again. Remarkable stuff aint it! Thanks Breezy.
  15. I am sure I read somewhere this morning that BRICS is on the verge of launching a new cryptocurrency or something but not sure where I saw it now. New financial system coming, or just another distraction. New Member of The BRICS Alliance Posted By: Mr.Ed [Send E-Mail] Date: Wednesday, 6-Sep-2017 04:12:44 Egypt is the latest member to be added to the BRICS Alliance. BRICS B = Brazil R = Russia I = India C = China S = South Africa E = Egypt (North Africa) Source