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  1. I am not going to llist any links, but The Twilight Zone episode called The Parallel is one helluva wake up call for it being back in 1963. very mandelish per se
  2. been away for awhile ,got a new one. I will let this one sink in. ok here is the one with the movie title being "on" the river ,not "over" the river
  3. I got a new one, somebody over at readit asked why was it only nelson mandela that died in prison There should be equal number of misremember died in prison accounts. Why specific actors rather than a broad distribution. so I looked up Al Capone (he died in prison for me) .Nope he was released and died at home
  4. Found this today at the flea market. Although it is spelled this way on the back cover it is also spelled with no S inside the box where it list actors and producers
  5. i am baffled at the moment. i just went on to check out the earthquake swarm in alaska, then i saw Iceland, it is almost a circle. what the hell.
  6. What color was JFK's limo, I have only seen black and white videos. What I have found seems off to me. I want to say it was black or a color so dark it looked black.
  7. I got a new one,the model 760 cross man pellet rifle from the 1970's is now crosman with 1 s .just doesn't look right