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  1. SA Particle accelerator/teleportation experiment Results in time/space grab - gone wrong Plane materialises deep below ground, in bed rock One woman survivor, in a void Profitable gold mine is closed, military controlled, as plane is removed, piece by piece, and sent via rail to east coast, then up to Tanzania Attempt to fix error recreates same issue, resulting in two planes, and two survivors We are currently following/talking about the second plane/reset China wants the second survivor/clone Plane parts will be found, heavily encrusted with barnacles/rock off Tanzania coast and down towards India
  2. Another joke that reminded me of Aco'.. "What kind of bee's produce milk"? "Boobees"
  3. Was watching the new 'Wonder Woman' movie, and a fella asks her "Where are we"? She replies "We're on Kira". Now some of you with good memories might find that interesting. A cloaked mythological island.... (K.I.R.A.)

    1. breezy


      How very interesting!!!  K.i.R.A. indeed! 

  4. The maker be makin'? Maybe. And I dont mean a bearded dude in a white gown. I mean the planet and it's originators. All the activity down there. If something is indeed growing, or terraforming, or dimensionally shifting, then 'they' would certainly be wanting to be first in line. Makes you wonder if the past 100 years has been about stopping this, or creating an environment to quicken it! Probably both, with two hidden factions duking it out.
  5. Here's a cigar and a single malt to you Aco'. Hope all is going well on the other side. We miss you. Thinking of you, and all my best to family, on this day. Jammer Aap
  6. Here's a cigar and a single malt to you Aco'.

    Hope all is going well on the other side.

    Jammer Aap

  7. MD, love your work! Acolyte mentioned Odessa, in regards to a specific thread, and faction, but the physical place also held his interest. The subterranean passages that submarines sneak through might be another place for the waters to recede through? A second drain point we are not so aware of? There was an amazing vid of a port in Brazil either flooding, or collapsing or something of that nature a few years back. Quite a busy port, on a river? Maybe that has some relevance to this? PS - I keep reading Dark Matter!!!! LOL
  8. Moon has been weird of late. Maybe it came in close? I have seen some threads on glup about a large object near or orbiting the moon. Maybe there is something to it? Might create a deeper tide?
  9. So... could this be an antenna or receiver Suuz'? 43°04'51.75"N 92°48'26.85"E
  10. Another Chinese grid/base/energy device? 43°04'51.75"N 92°48'26.85"E
  11. 'Torch' tower, in hind site....
  12. The original grille lines you showed in the Google Earth images. Um, bwahhaaahhaa, cat's out of the bag now...
  13. I agree Jess' - if only for that reason, it makes these vids a good thing. This guy wants it soo bad too! LOL that he makes fakes out of that want. A short sci-fi movie. I did like the other stuff on that guys vid too. This always leads to that!
  14. Oh you're good!!!!! But those original lines weren't faked. That still intrigues me no end!
  15. Damn... so it's fake. He's used similar situations in other vids. I cant get too mad. I've been asked to fake things for peeps before. Really good work. I'm gonna look for the chopper and C31 footage he originally used. Maybe Op' Spartan Pegasus? I soooo wanted to believe!!!
  16. Well, if I go with her explanation of where life starts, where the creation takes place.... I reckon a blend between (original) Total Recall machine, and Prometheus. Some kind of terraforming machine, and control centre, to seed life and life changes very slowly into a biosphere. Some thing to make a sad, bored planet happy with all kinds of life experiences to have. Something like that. The other place has a thread by none other than Trinity about Antarctica, and frustratingly, has zero comments by him, despite a 'big statement' at the start. Almost like he was trying to emulate Acolyte with the seed a little, and drag out the info through research. But failed... Having said that, there are some really interesting comments on the thread.
  17. If this is faked, it is very well faked.... but I have watched the first 2 minutes some 20 times now!!!!!!! See the vents? Is this maybe a promo for a movie?
  18. Thanks RS. The terraforming aspect.... maybe we're looking at giant airconditioning vents! LOL. Oh, wait, they did that with the original version of Total Recall. Remember the ancient 'device' under the pyramid mine. I'm a firm believer that our consciousness gets nudged by sci-fi and fantasy books, tales and movies. Maybe a wake up? to unlock the past. But the more I look at them, the more I see vents. OK, first thing that comes to mind is all the other ancient stone structures. Are they also related? Might be the control or balancing mechanisms? Getting verification on those images is totally frustrating. And it tells you that if they are so 'controlled' and likely manipulated (bar a few 'accidental releases') then they definately have something to hide. And just like the Gulf of Mexico operation, probably multiple operations taking place simultaneously. Just recently a 'well placed someone' told me that geostationary/geosynchronous satellites were not possible in Antarctica, as they have no orbital velocity, nothing to counter act gravity. Rockets constantly firing would be impractical. So what we have been seeing is a combo of flyovers, which is really difficult to specifically control, high altitude aircraft images, and high altitude balloon and 'platform' imagery. (platforms is a curious term dont you think? Captain Scarlet comes to mind! LOL) AND A TONNE OF CGI.
  19. Hey, something else to bear in mind. The images of Antarctica, are not all sattelite imagery. Some is from high altitude aircraft, as has been recently disclosed about much of Google Earth imagery. The orbit, and interference is quite odd, and the planet's orbit makes imaging odd. So this proves a great deal of aerial activity down there. This requires some control and management.... Maybe this is where all the black programs launch their space activities from? MIB base? Who would know.
  20. RS, I asked a 'friend' about this, and her explanation of it is 'steps'. I challenged this notion, and said they are flat and follow the terrain. She said that I was very one dimensional in my thinking...... (LOL) Came back with her phone, and played - "Stairway to Heaven". Went on to say "Figuratively speaking, we've been told when you leave this planet, you follow the stairway to the pearly gates, and meet your maker". The maker/creator not being a man with a long beard, but a place of creation where all life forms stems from and go back to. The magic mixer. Whilst I dont think they should look, I believe the answers are beneath this structure/place. I think the place is cold, remote and not easy for Humans to survive in for a reason. Mind you, maybe we have to reach a point in development to find it, and understand it, to them move along to the next phase? But it wont be understood with our current thinking and negative energy. As good as science is, we 'know' how life is made right? Science knows. Right? But ask any scientist exactly how and what happens when a sperm merges with an egg, and the cell splits.... they can describe what happens, but they cant explain life. When we/they understand this, maybe the place will make more sense. I think that's what the Vostok discovery is about too, and very much connected. Between the two of you, my wee mind is racing. BTW, I've discounted video deinterlacing, as it isnt in all areas in the pics and video.
  21. Holy Cow! This is crazy Renegade, and trumps any of your Mars or Moon pics. Makes you reconsider the NZ air crash at Mt Erebus. They may have been taken down because too many witnesses saw something they should not have. Being from down unda, it kind of resembles a giant BBQ plate! I'd hate to see the size of the shrimp that gets thrown on it! OK you certainly got my attention. I'll start looking myself at these amazing co-ords and pics. My puny brain is struggling with the scale, and what they could be used for. Found any nazi submarine bases? Jammer
  22. Any Chanites going to X-US conf in Sydney Australia?

    1. deekin


      Sadly no.  Too much on.  You going?

    2. JammerAAP


      Duncan has reduced prices to $90 for two days. I'll ring on the day I think and see if anything is left. I'm surprised it hasnt sold out with only 160 tickets.

  23. Hi Mate, although an interesting thought on it, it's much more commercial! LOL. I really enjoyed the movie Arrival, and did some research into the fella that created the Heptapod language, and his process is fascinating. The symbol is what the Heptapods used for 'Human'. (at least I think I am...) YT on it -
  24. The slow moving dragon... complete with battle armour... playing the long game... with (7) sided scales on it's shell. The look on Valéry's face? is he working out the symbolism? or does he know full well what it represents and is playing out the various scenarios into the near future? Love your stuff T, so many layers.
  25. Happy May 15th folks. Well yesterday for the OZ crew.