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  1. Hi Renegade Son, The dark shadows are exposing the true nature of our reality?! This is twisted and I can't get the right words to explain what I want to (chronic illness messing with the old nut) but what if this time the dark is being the light, illuminating what needs to be seen? ( Also the yin/yang symbol comes to mind with the circle of black in the light and vis versa. Maybe the photo of the clouds triggered this, with illumination happening in the dark and the white cloud is covering/hiding.) Anyways thanks again.
  2. Renegade Son, just a thought that popped up: if you built a circuit board based on this design what would it reveal?🤔 Also, to me, the complex isn't being replaced, it is being built on. I can see parts of the first in the 2nd. (Terraforming the matrix?) Regards and thanks, lots of food for thought here!
  3. Renegade Son, just a thought that popped up: if you built a circuit board based on this design what would it reveal?🤔
  4. @unity yes, hope this war never eventuates! But my first thoughts on reading your above post was , 'But all this talk of war is good for business!' Regards Rose (Aquinas)
  5. Breezy, any updates what it could have been? Interesting!
  6. FYI (not sure where to place this? Mods) Interesting considering what is happening in the world this week. - Received a test Message from the Emergency Alert System - Wed. 26/04/17 at 11.44 am Australia. On mobile phone. Regards Rose (Aquinas)
  7. Thanks Jessica! Very interesting! In regards to anxiety and the Schumann response: Maybe we have to learn to embrace our anxieties and not dampen them down with pills? Mmmm?! Very interesting, have to think more on this. As the young man says, We have to unlearn to learn? Regards Rose (Aquinas)
  8. Glad you are ok Cosmic Dreamer! House ok? What about local wildlife? Keep us updated! Take care!
  9. Thank you for the links Landdownunder re: cyclone Debbie floods.?
  10. Unity, just reading about the 1950's nuclear weapon being found and nuke materials decaying fast. I always wondered how the Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki were rebuilt and people living there with no Ill effects. I always thought the site would be contaminated for a very long time. Peace, Aquinas
  11. Thanks @breezy! Hubby doing better than expected! And am enjoying all the info you dug up! But you know what it's like, one piece of info sends you off chasing something else!
  12. Gosh @breezy! Thanks. Lots to read and watch.. Haven't been here for a couple of days, Hubby had a shoulder reconstruction. Anyway, watched 'Packing for Mars'. Don't know what to think of this doco. It irritated me for the most part. (don't know why?) Most interesting part was the Time travel 'Jump Rooms'. Has anyone else watched this doco. on REELHOUSE. I went to pay for it, but downloaded for free! Also will look into everything you have posted Breezy, thanks again!
  13. Thanks everyone for contributing to this discussion. And thanks Unity for putting up the link to the PDF. Don't know how to do these things.
  14. Hi, I am reading the PDF of the book 'Alternative 3' by Leslie Watkins. It was about the 1977 television documentary that was screened as factual, like War of the Worlds and then it was suddenly declared a hoax. It was about America/Russia working together to colonise Mars, as it was believed that because of the atmospheric atomic testing, the Magnetosphere was collapsing. Mankind needed a new home. People from all walks of life were also disappearing under strange circumstances. Mankind had three alternatives. Alternative 1. To build large particle colliders to fix the problem. Not sure about Alternative 2. Alternative 3 was to Colonize Mars. Very interesting, in light of what we know now about the space programs of America and Russia. People claiming to have been to Mars. The weakening of the Magnetosphere. Climate change. Missing People. Graham Watkins (I think the son of Leslie Watkins). Has released a movie/documentary in 2015 'Packing for Mars', continuing on from Alternative 3. Can watch it on REELHOUSE. Look up Anyway, all very interesting and I was wondering if anyone had any additional information, thoughts or comments on all of this. Thanks!