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  1. I haven't remembered dreams in ages but last night's I did. I'm always on my own and was travelling with my car or bike, some sort of vehicle. At a junction to a sort of mountain, on the descending side, a lot of traffic was stopped, including big trucks. I found out there was a long wait for getting down the mountain or through a point so I got out of my car and wandered into a drab looking building. It was almost like a black and white movie at this point. I found some stairs and used them - they went down for 20 or so steps, then up again, and down, and up - such a waste of energy I thought. I was the only one using them. The word 'Illuminati' was inscribed at the base of them! Finally I got to a floor, all very b & w and grey, office-like. I decided to lay low and try to get out of there. I was directed and lead to another set of stairs, more like a huge wooden pallet at a very sharp angle. It was suspended over another floor, a more colourful shopping centre. I hate heights and there was no railing, so I climbed down by hanging on by my fingernails to reach the bottom of these 'stairs', still a few metres off the ground. My guide suggested I drop to the floor but I thought I'd hurt myself, so I took off flying/gliding right out the building! Very exhilarating feeling!
  2. 2 Barry Eaton's Radio Out There programs, both about Nex's recent Ancient Australia conference, Duncan Roads and Steven Strong: PROGRAM 710 DUNCAN ON A ROLL! June 22nd, 2018 by Barry Eaton and PROGRAM 709 ANCIENT SKULLS AND PROPHECIES June 8th, 2018 by Barry Eaton
  3. Thanks EagleWings, I've been following this too and as much as I'd like to attend, I might instead purchase DVDs of it later - then I can rewatch, unlike real life! Nex was interviewed by Barry Eaton last week - 1st half is on magnesium and iodine, 2nd about this upcoming conference. PROGRAM 704 THE LATEST FROM NEXUS May 5th, 2018 by Barry Eaton
  4. Welcome you 96 guests - must be party time!

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  5. Thanks phil. Maybe too much info, but my cough always started as an uncontrollable tickle until it ran its course, always dry. I went o'seas and told people I met that if I started coughing, don't offer water, it will just stop, and it always did. I'm saving that tequila I didn’t know what to do with to gargle next time!
  6. Unity, this is a recent video by Rachel and in it she says she gave it to Richie because he would get more views with it. As a plug, she has an animal TV show on US ABC and is a comedian (separate to the TV show) - but serious about many of the things we are here at chani.
  7. I like and trust Rachel's video above and she has been sick lately, coughing. She usually appears weekly on Scarabperformance's Mandela Effect channel (Monday pm - US time). Certainly a lot of unnecessary negative comments. Last winter just after I noticed many heavy chemtrailed days, I developed a cough that lasted 3 months - a record for me. Eventually it went, but it was draining.
  8. This looks like a new tack. Lots of live sites have come up on the sidebar, fewer people watching TV? Fox 24/7!
  9. Thank you for this unity - been following up for the past 2 hours! The idea surpasses the sun simulator I've been going with, especially when the sun seems to morph in and out.
  10. Good program (going to listen again ; ) Lots of 'new' food for thought. Thank you, Phillip.
  11. Foop, have a look at the video I posted above yours. Start well into it for the Obama part. Amanda believes his work isn't finished and Antarctica gets a mention too.
  12. This seems to be a new one - Taj Mahal. And there are more people talking about the ME - and what it might mean - on Youtube. I'm enjoying Jynx Cat's I've just discovered from about a year ago, working my way through them now.
  13. I came across Amanda a little while back and she presents information by her readings of people, situations, etc. She's onto world leaders and this is the 3rd video. Start at 54 min in. The earlier part is interesting too, as well as the other 2 videos. (Oh my! Compare the shot here with unity's last post picture.)
  14. Sad news. I've just heard that the bloke who invented predictive text has pissed away. His funfair is next monkey.
  15. And what about that cloud above? I can't remember where I heard it yesterday (been on a lot of sites lately), but someone said there was a battle going on. Could have been Simon?
  16. from Simon Parkes - damage to LHC.
  17. Live interview just now from Unbiased and on the Fence:
  18. I'm posting my sun photo, taken today here. I was looking for a 'regular' looking sun and took a series this morning at sunrise. It was only when I enhanced the pic by pulling down brightness and highlights, and putting contrast and shadows up, and then later using the Windows outlining, that I saw the 2 suns. Didn't show up in the other pics this morning, but we did have cloud.
  19. from Bryan: I cling to the belief that our individual thoughts and intent play a role in our future and in our past. If we collectively hold the intent that we want to live in a world of peace, harmony, and tolerance ... From my understanding, (and it's simple but not easy), we have to instead of wanting something - which means the universe keeps us in that state of wanting, we have instead to believe that we already believe we live in that world of peace, harmony and tolerance - and that will be our experience.
  20. Funny about the bananas. Hubby used to eat them a lot and has recently gone off them completely. Me - I've kept eating them. Did I miss a list of foods to avoid (other than the usual suspects), that hadn't usually been classed as toxic whether one is taking C60 or not? And what about RICE? From anywhere?
  21. This recent radio program came up - an interview with Darryl Anka, Bashar's channel. (3 hours long and a lot of ads that drove me mad.) Start at 33 min in. The 'timeline choices' has been popular for a long time and it's Bashar's mantra. And because he's spoken of with Edgar Cayce (whom I'm less familiar with), and Seth (who I think is his cousin ; )), I like his information. Life is really just as simple (but not necessarily as easy), as making all those choices that give you the greatest joy. Cutting through the imposed beliefs, thoughts, etc, is the tricky part. Darryl discusses the Greys, pyramids, hybrids and his previous agreement to channel Bashar, and a lot more. Ep. 801 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Darryl Anka : First Contact : Bashar : LIVE
  22. Okay, on my way to purchase the latest Nexus mag, I drove into my regular parking area (been parking here for 25+ years), and noticed a "new' large Hazchem sign in red letters on the parking area sign that also had open times, and other rules I was familiar with. I thought there must have been an accident in the parking lot or there was some clean-up in the shopping centre. I approached the dept store I'd been going to (again 25+ years) and saw 2 of the same red signs in a window at the front of the shop. I asked the security person at the door if there was some hazard. She said "No", she thought it was to signify a sort of centre to come to in case of one, but she wasn't really sure, said the sign had been there for the 18 years she'd been working there. I asked her if she'd heard of the Mandela Effect and she had, though she'd never experienced one - so now she knows more about it! I also asked the cashier across from that shop if the sign had always been there and he said it had, but he hadn't heard of the ME. So I read a little of the Nexus article by Richard Alan Miller and already I have to disagree with his thinking that the timeline not pursued sits idle and only the one we're experiencing continues on. According to Peter Smith in his quantum hypnosis, major choices can take 2 paths and he cites the woman who stayed in a loveless marriage and had no children who was able to 'meet' an alternate version of herself who chose not to marry that person and married someone else, had a couple of kids and a happy life. I have more to read, so there may be other theories. And again, in one of Jane Roberts' Seth books, Jane and her husband go out for a meal and are feeling quite down with illness. They see versions of themselves across the room. Those 'future' versions are sad and so forlorn, that Jane and Rob immediately take up dancing and begin to head down a different path. Seth used this as a teaching point for them in the early days. Of course, the poorer, future versions of themselves could have shrivelled up and died, their timeline no more. Who's to know?
  23. So many people are coming at the 'why' or 'how' of the ME with their different knowings - everyone has a piece. Currently I'm following Clif High, Dani, Lisa (when she goes public), Susso and scarabperformance. All are past the 'it's really happening', and are more focused on why, what's really happening? Consensus leans towards each in his/her own bubble theory, we are able to chose those timeline bubbles, and they are collapsing. Some ideas resonate with me, others less so, but I know I look at the world in a very different way than I did only a few years ago. I certainly thought many more people would have experienced it by now, particularly family, but not so - it's not their time.
  24. @unity - sorry to hear about your pain, but it may be the C60 and/or time line jumping that's giving better results. Have you considered daily recording your thoughts, time for meds in a recorder to play back at the end of the day and evaluate again? Could be interesting. @Cosmic - I haven't gotten my latest Nexus, so thanks, looking forward to it. You know he started off this thread in 2012 and it didn't get much traction until later. He hadn't experienced it himself at that time and I'm wondering if everyone will, since immediate family and friends still haven't and think I'm nuts.
  25. I don't know if I overlooked this series if it came out earlier and it's already posted here. A friend emailed this today by Ty Bollinger, who's previously done a very informative one on cancer in 2015. It looks like it will only be available for a little while: