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  1. Thanks breezy, it was slow to load but it came up.
  2. When I clicked here, See more about this is what came up:
  3. Some old names that haven't come up in a while. 1 hour 50 min.
  4. And to add, not vaccine related, but "It's okay to take, very rare reactions..." I woke up a couple of weeks ago with vertigo - never had it before, couldn't function when I moved my head, or even when I didn't. I'm thinking brain tumour with my other cancer spreading. Went to emergency, then my GP and eventually signed up for a CT brain scan with contrast dye. Apparently very few people react and if you do it's immediately. All good for me - and I continually drink a lot of water - until 4 days later. Measles-like rash appeared, not too itchy, but annoying and hard to tell if I'm feverish or because it's so hot here. The good news is that my brain is fine, I'm still breathing and I still have spots but I'm sure they're on the way out. My point is, I must make a note to my GP and to the clinic where this was done and many people may neglect to when they've recovered, or the information is tossed. I wouldn't choose to have the dye again, but then it's usually pretty serious when you need that procedure.
  5. Tequila!! Finally I can use that little bit someone left last year. I had a tickle and coughed for nearly 4 months this past winter, after I noticed heavy, constant chemtrailing. Thank you Bryan.
  6. And a very Happy Birthday from me too! Thank you for all you do and for being you.
  7. These could go into a better subject area but I'm in a hurry to get out the door! They were made just a few days ago and just feel to be uplifting. Alison Coe's is the first. Linda M Howe, well known by all of us I hope, has put her thoughts together from all her years of investigating and her own experiences in this 40 min video. I stumbled across it on my tablet and cannot find it on the PC - said it was unavailable, so I'm sending a screenshot and hope you can access it if you choose. Happy Hols!
  8. Current Program 684 Week Commencing December 15th 2017 Duncan Roads – Healing Powers of Brown’s Gas, Ancient Giants, CoEvolution Update and more…
  9. I was reading through some of the early comments on this thread and I think it's as much of a mystery now as then. Read some of your own comments and see if you can get the feeling you had when you wrote them. Or do you feel you've changed since then? And if you feel you've changed, what does that mean? One of my earliest memories as a child is that "Everything will be okay." I'll have rough patches through my life like everybody else, but in the end it will be okay, I'll be okay. Maybe the ME is a gift (and Personal Growth) and we don't realise it. I imagine it would feel like this to people who have prophetic visions and are berated and shunned when they express them, especially when they come true. That's really the same thing we're experiencing with the ME. So now I know I might just mention some change to family members and see the reaction without pursuing it. They're still my family, and we love each other dearly, but life goes more smoothly when I hide this 'superpower'! Are we learning to accept the larger aspects of others and ourselves when different aspects arise, and we think they aren't the same people? But they/we are in reality?
  10. Not saying I'm obsessed, but I've been completely intrigued w the ME for 2 years. Several forums/sites are trying to work out what it is and why it's happening. Orion, you're not alone, and you are not crazy, but you are probably like me and haven't got immediate support. The internet is my lifeline for this. In my social groups, including family, it continues to amaze me that even when people agree with me on a difference, they DON'T CARE! The fabric of reality is shifting, or so it seems, and they don't get it. And after a while, and sometimes immediately, they become angry - and where's that coming from? More than 20 years ago I read many of the Seth books and I'm slowly revisiting them. He often talks about parallel and probable realities and with my ME experiences, I want to reread with new eyes. Jane Roberts and hubby Rob Butts began their work in the late 60s when channelling just began (again), and I questioned where the info was coming from. Seth was never about setting up any sort of religious structure and said so, he just felt like a personality (one of us? an extension of our own soul group??) who had lived here many times before and now had a higher perspective of the 3D world. Many of you here have come across this work in the 70s, but I was late to follow. Apart from a few discussion sites, being one I frequent, there are others out there. His shows go for a couple of hours at least often with a lot of light hearted chit chat w his guests. Often about an hour into the program they're seriously talking about it. But he does have a strong Christian leaning. Lynn, from psychicfocus has done 3 readings. If you connect to this you can link to the earlier ones. Effect This excerpt is from July 2017:
  11. When I crossed my eyes they popped out - and now I cannot unsee them. Thanks Phil. As an aside, I always wondered what that Magic Eye thing was about in the 90s. I loved working out the images and some were harder to do than others. What was the point in such a burst of it at the time? Surely more than just making money... At this time, looking into other realities seems a real possibility.
  12. Thank you for your analysis, PE. You've got the gist of it I think. I was driving home at the end of a busy day and my thoughts turned to that dream. The news came on and first up was the Matt Lauer, sexual harassment story. And that's it!- not just his story, but the whole male cover up/big boys club/harassment side of the world is going through a watershed loss of that side of humanity, at least in the western world. The rain might have been tears - enough to create a landslide. And as I was typing that dream, breezy was posting the story in Swamp Things.
  13. I dream a lot but usually awake and the dream door slams shut, so no memories. I remembered last night's though and when I thought about it later, Bingo! I think I got the message. I won't say yet, but I'd be interested if any of you interpret the way I did. There were no terrifying overtones to this dream, just a matter-of fact feeling. There must have been a lot of rain and there was a sort of landslide and at my feet I found a severed man's head - no blood. I just noted it, didn't even look to see who it might be and I didn't touch it. Later the rest of the body was discovered, clothed in jeans and my male friends/family knew about it or maybe who it was. Again, no horror, just factual. I did feel a little surprised that my friends and family might know this man. Then I woke up. Comments?
  14. This item came in earlier in the week and I was sure someone would be 'onto it'. 357 years, Royal Navy, Changing of the Guard, Buckingham Palace... It only took 357 years, but Royal Navy sailors have for the first time performed the tradition-laden Changing of the Guard ceremony outside Buckingham Palace in central London.