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  1. 10 Out Of 10 Coldest Places In The World Are In Canada Right Now This morning we stumbled upon a post on reddit that said 9 out of the 10 coldest places on earth were in Canada right now. But when we went to check those stats, they had been updated. And it's worse than we thought. Im nearly as south as you can get in Canada right now and it's -22 here
  2. Merry Christmas everyone I traded the snowy Canadain Christmas for a Bahamian Junkanoo
  3. Unstoppable bitcoin rockets to $11,000 in massive sudden spike
  4. Bitcoin breaks past the 10,000 mark
  5. A US Navy destroyer has collided with a Japanese tugboat in Sagami Bay, off the east coast of Japan, making it the fifth such incident involving the Pacific Fleet this year. An official statement from the US Navy's 7th Fleet said the tugboat lost its propulsion and drifted into the USS Benfold on Saturday, sustaining minor damage.
  6. After 37 years, rule of Zimbabwe’s Mugabe appears to be over Zimbabwe’s military was in control of the capital and the state broadcaster on Wednesday and was holding President Robert Mugabe and his wife under house arrest in what appeared to be a coup against the 93-year-old Mugabe, the world’s oldest head of state. The military was at pains, however, to emphasize it had not staged a military takeover, but was instead starting a process to restore Zimbabwe’s democracy.
  7. 6.5 Costa Rica
  8. When the string of the violin was being tuned it felt the pain of being stretched, but once it was tuned then it knew why it was stretched'. So it is with the human soul. While the soul goes through pain, torture and trouble it thinks that it would have been much better if it had gone through life without it. But once it reaches the culmination of it then, when it looks back, it begins to realize why all this was meant: it was only meant to tune the soul to a certain pitch. Tagore.**
  9. It his is from late aug. I think we spoke of it at the time but good to remember , something is up maybe some gravitational pull Major water receding again: Ocean mysteriously disappears in Brazil and anomalous tides in Chile cliff high talks of this at the 20 min and some seconds mark
  10. This goes with another thread were we talked of something similar but I can't recall where, and if this field can effect genetic material for the positive than what we are bombarded with daily with wifi and cell towers muat have the opposite effect Effect – Altering Genetic Expression with Electroculture “Primeval Code” reactivated: Living archetypes of plants and animals created at the laboratory In laboratory experiments the researchers the Dr. Guido Ebner and Heinz Schürch exposed cereal seeds and fish eggs to an “electrostatic field” – in other words, to a high voltage field, in which no current flows. Unexpectedly primeval organisms grew out of these seeds and eggs: a fern that no botanist was able to identify; primeval corn with up to twelve ears per stalk; wheat that was ready to be harvested in just four to six weeks. And giant trout, extinct in Europe for 130 years, with so-called salmon hooks. It was as if these organisms accessed their own genetic memories on command in the electric field, The Swiss pharmaceutical group patented the process – and then stopped the research in 1992. Why? The discovery was soon forgotten, without the global scientific community taking any notice. But this changed: In collaboration with the researchers involved – or rather their sons – author Luc Bürgin has for the first time now disclosed in detail how the principle of this revolutionary bio-experiment works.
  11. A student found an ancient Canadian village that’s 10,000 years older than the Pyramids hundreds — perhaps thousands — of years, generations of the Heiltsuk Nation, an indigenous group in British Columbia, have passed down the oral histories of where they came from. The nation claims that its ancestors fled for survival to a coastal area in Canada that never froze during the Ice Age. A new excavation on Triquet Island, on British Columbia's Central Coast, has now backed up that claim, according to local news outlet CBC. Archaeologist Alisha Gauvreau, a doctoral student from the University of Victoria and a scholar with the research institute Hakai, led a team that excavated the site in late 2016. They discovered several artifacts from what appears to be an ancient village, including carved wooden tools and bits of charcoal, in a thin horizontal layer of soil, called paleosol. audio interwiew in link below