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Human Lifespan = 660 years; a Spoon Bender Doc's Theory

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Human Lifespan = 660 years; a Spoon Bender Doc's Theory

This is a thesis written by a Japanese doc, Toshio Namikawa (並河俊夫) who also studied the Eastern Medicine in the US, and is a spoon bender. He does Qi Gong, too.

The way how he views world of allied health is using this formula: did that theory really worked in the end? And if the answer is no, he thinks that's a wrong approach taken to correct our health.

He started to explain about the blood pressure guide line given out by the WHO, currently set around 130/85.

The number was gathered by putting a human's life lived at a "constant speed". In other words, the theory had been applied to both young and old, while the fact is that as we age, we start not to be active as much as when we were young. Then why are we using the exactly the same numbers for all ages for blood pressure?

The idea is basically shown in his thesis mentioning about the human lifespan to be 660 in the end, not like current 80-120.

The same application of viewing about Japanese doctors saying to everyone to reduce salt intake, because that'd affect to have high blood pressure and rubs against to what WHO says.

Well, I got classified to have one.

I can add my personal experience about it. When I was having close to 200 reading on systolic end, I really was experiencing NDEs, due to my thyroid problem I had at that time. I thought I was going to die, and almost died lots times in short period of time.

So yes, too high is dodgy and it was deathly feeling to swim through. Not a fancy experience.

But what really is "too high" for everyone? Everyone IS DIFFERENT to start with. For that point, I think we all can agree.

In old time, it used to be said to add 90 to your age is what looks like appropriate rate of blood pressure to that individual. That might work for the older population.

Not only this Eastern Medicine doc, I also came across to a scientist talking about the exact point, and for him, 180 systlic reading was actually good for him and said he could be very productive physically.

My personal current PREFERRED blood pressure is near 150. NOT 130.  

WHO has been saying that in between "120/80 to 140/90" being the best. 

When I was hitting around 120/80, I was almost passing out as I was walking the streets. I was in late teenage then, but that rate was NOT appropriate for me then.

Mr. Namikawa is deeply questioning the numbers pushed by WHO.

WHO's nutrition level given out to the world was also questioned by none other than the doc who presented the proof to WHO back in the 60's that it was upping nutrition that was important for human health. Against his will, WHO gave out the LOWEST, SURVIVAL rate of numbers to the world to follow.

...By now, I'm sure most of you reading this would be going like "Aha, WHO....yeah they want to reduce the general population of the Humanity, and they lie about many things so the people would continue to have health problems, thus the Big Pharma would continue to get paid by our suffering."

We got lots things wrong.

That also apply to what we eat.

European people grew up with alkaline based soil grown food and able to tolerate meat diet far more than people like Japanese whose land was more acidic, and able to intake loads of salt....but as I wrote before, current approach in the Japanese medical field is to keep people to have lesser and lesser salt.

But full on amount of salt is used when your gut gets opened on a surgery, washed by saline solution that contains heck a lot of salt, yeah? 

When IV needs to be done, we also pour hell a lot of salt into our body. No questions asked about that.

So Mr. Namikawa looked into the rate of people ending up on dialyses at old age after following "less salt" food intakes----the number of people didn't decline and ended up getting hooked onto the dialysis machines a lot anyway.

Mr. Namikawa thought the approach of telling Japanese people to have lesser salt amount is going nowhere.

What he thought was it was wrong to take unnatural "table salt" that lacks minerals, and when you take that a lot like how Japanese people used to do in natural choice of their food intake, they became ill. So he's suggesting to take the mineral filled natural salt instead, and go for it as much as your body craves. (For once it reaches to satisfactory level of salt in our body, naturally the body stops craving for it anyway. But I guess we also need to redevelop body-intuition again; listen to the body when to stop.)

In long history of Japan, people were eating lots of fish and cooked veggies (NOT salads), have cultivated land and grew rice (said to be even older than China) , and ate some nuts off the trees, and their body has acquired natural affinity to that style of meals. Not really lots of meat.

But it was the "globalisation" policy run by the Cs took over such basic requirements, and made Japanese people go for the fast food.

Despite the country has high rate of "longevity", in reality, it is basically painting the picture of older people suffering longer life span with deteriorating health issues.

In other words, we gotta go back to what our ancestors used to eat, if we want to regain better health, by the look of it.

But the issue comes up---what do we do about the people living overseas for studying and working, and staying in far away places from their birth places for a long period of time?

....I guess we can't stop the flow of people going around the world. But now at least there are food outlets we can choose to visit accordingly to the physical requirements in large cities, I guess.

What are other problems about that would be the transported food being irradiated at the borders.

So as the whole planet, we need to overhaul the system of how to share the food etc....


By the way, this doc is a spoon bender. I saw what he did on a vid that captured the action with witnesses in front of him. The spoon that was really hard to twist or bend, being bent in his hands like a soft candy.......

Interestingly, he went on board of US Kitty Hawk before. See the pics here:

Anyway, we need to rethink what really is appropriate for individual health, but perhaps we gotta look into our ANCESTORS' FOOD LISTS. Not just generalising it for the whole Earth like Paleo Food, but find out from which country we came from, by looking at what sort of food used to be grown and ate back in ancient time.


P.S. There are loads of great threads sharing info in CHANI's Health related threads!

CHANI certainly have awesome threads to keep on going back and read the old ones!

Thank you for everyone who contributed for the discussions and creating the important threads for all of us!



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Wow, unity, thanks for this post!

I'm in my late 20's and I've seen my parents age. They used to look like me now when I was a toddler, but a bit older because of their heavy meat diet. I went vegan and alkaline (not excluding honey because honey stems from plants) and I hear quite often from people I interact with that I look young for my age!

Some guessed I was 19. So going back to how our ancestors did will definitely improve public health!

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@PE I was born there, but currently in Oz.

Away from chasing the ancestral food range, I got my own theory about the difference of physical hardships from diseases intensifying etc by choosing to move from Northern Hemisphere to Southern Hemisphere, visa versa, too.

It'd be great if people could chip in to figure out this; I'm suspecting it'd be easier to relocate ourselves within the same hemisphere than to relocate to opposite hemisphere.

Moving from opposite hemisphere might cause far more destructive effect to our physical bodies. Healthy peeps probably could take it all ok, but for the frail ones, may affect greatly.

I don't think anyone has studied that effect scientifically yet, but from my own experience, I suspect crossing the equator and locate towards opposed end of the Earth poles might do something to our subtle electromagnetism we got. 

Mega big question about it is...our physical body regenerate hell a lot of cells each and every day. So in theory, in 7 years time, your body got a new body, I thought. If the body totally changes, then I thought it doesn't really matter to live anywhere on Earth. But it seems to be not so. 

The reason why we still gain a better health from following ancestral food patterns must be to do with DNA/RNA level of info that surpass the surface level change of cells, yeah? I'm suspecting that in DNA/RNA system, we got info to align our electromagnetism to where we were born....

So in future, if that causes to pose negative effects to our health, maybe we can develop a gene therapy to change that subtle level of adjustment for some people who have to relocate to opposite hemisphere with heavy duty illnesses, because it's those who already have health problems that cop difficulty to adjust, and if adjusting can be managed to be easier, then that'd help that person to get healed faster.

(Not that I would like to be demanding to that far but if health gets bad by moving from one end of pole to another, then that sort of remedy might be a helpful for some heavily ill people who need to move to other countries to get health help for specific situations.)

Another thing is about WATER within our body.

Different countries got differently characterised water, I feel....that's only from my experience but how long does the body take to exchange from one sort of water to another? What kind of issues are there by consuming waters from different sources in one location? (Like Mt. Kaiser then Evian then Fiji name it, those bottled waters.) 

These points are so subtle but I feel they also touch something very basic structure of our physical health.

Just my 2 cents for the day.

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Hi Unity,

Great thoughts, and a bit more on what you are saying about salts and minerals...

Some years ago, in another 'life-frame', I was a dairy farmer in West OZ. Anyway, I bought some lovely Jersey cows from a farmer not far from the Barossa Valley in South OZ.

Well, he had a Selenium problem on his farm - too much, as it was killing his lambs.

We got the cows back to West OZ, and had to give them mineral suppliments, to compensate - the West OZ soils are very old, and have very few minerals in them.

Anyway, what we discovered (the cows taught us) - that it doesn't really make a great difference on how much salt or minerals we ingest (provided it is within a basic range), as the body adjusts it's metabolism to adjust - on how much is absorbed, and how much is shed.  It can take 2-3 years for a 'body' to make a full adjustment, but it will happen.

As an aside - what I ended up giving the cows was a spoonful of dried, ground seaweed each milking - and did that give the cows a boost. Selenium is measures in parts to a Trillion, and even then, the amounts are so low, they can't be measured in the soil, only from plant tissues.

So I am thinking - there are other other minerals lacking - but in amounts far below what we can currently measured.

And as for energies - yes, they also have a big role to play - my current partner got sick visiting Angkor Wat, and also the My Son temples in Vietnam (near Da Nang).


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@EagleWings Thank you for chipping in your testimonies!!

Great to learn from the real accounts, and we need more of them for sure!

More I research, more I feel we dunno anything much at all...(´Д`) But no way to stop learning, that's for sure.

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