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pre-Q intel drops.

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It always struck me as incredibly coincidental when the double photo fit of purportedly one man wanted for questions around the Madalene McCann disappearance was suggested to look a lot like the two Podeata brothers suddenly appeared in online chatter channels.

It was totally new to many people. I wasn’t something I’d ever seen discussed online in the alternative places.  

That it was such an out there connection. Anchored to the start date of the leaked wiki emails, Podesta trips to Portugal the Sinclair Freud villa close by and the supposed offer of lunch/support to the parents by Sinclair was all very weird indeed.

It makes me wonder is this an example of pre Q intel drops/influence being used and tested before full on Q campaign. Calibrate efectivness and roll out techniques. 

I wondered who might have that level of info to make such an left of field association.  It could only be intel agencies who I imagine may have been monitoring the Podestas and Sinclair’s of this world.

That’s my guess but we also have to consider  it could have been was pure myth building to play to people’s bias also laying the ground work. 

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Interesting thoughts PE.  What I find interesting in all of this, is that there is special intel section designated strictly to the President.  That is Section 17. 17=Q.  So then, one has to consider that previous Presidents would have also had this department of intel at their disposal also.  Get my drift?  In other words,  in possession of all sorts of information.  DJT said, back in the 80's that he would consider running for the office, but hoped he never felt the need to do so.  He spent his life rubbing shoulders with all these people, so I'm very sure he knew exactly what they were all up too and things they'd done in their lives.  Imagine what all he was already aware of. Considering all of the negative happenings that had taken place in the previous years, regarding immigration, (pedophilia included)wars, military being dismantled and defunded, senior officers fired under strange allegations of wrong doing, defunding of our space program, suspicions of voter manipulation, ie: illegals being told to go vote, that it was ok, selling of our uranium to Russia, the list goes on and on, and that list is of serious concerns regarding the weakening of this country.  I would have to believe that the special section, was very aware of all of it, and most likely much more we don't even know about.  Is that section, military?  I have no clue, but it's been said that the military are the ones who asked DJT to run, and convinced him it was time. There were/and are true patriots in the military and intel depts., who were well aware of all the underhanded, nasty goings on, patriots who seriously felt real change had to happen, now, if this country was going to survive.  

So could the Podesta bros.  Madeline McCann situation been a runup to Q?  Maybe?  All this talk about debunking Q is foolishness. Why, for what purpose?  No matter who Q is or is not, all "he's" done is made many wake up and smell the coffee, ask questions that caused people to research for the answers, and start  to really see what's going on around them.  Made everyone pay attention to Fake News and the MSM, and to stop allowing them to create our reality for us, the part social media plays, and the corruption involved.  Even in the Kev Baker show, in the very last minutes said most likely an intel group pulling Q strings.....gave me a bit of a chuckle.  It's a well known fact that intel groups and think tanks use these types of forums to release information, to their own people around the world (understand our comms) and the regular man in the street.  

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So this is interesting - more so the timing, 6 days after I mused out loud I wasn't expecting this Aug 16th Q drop


Mistake in photo collage posted.
Ref to McCann was not intended.
No connection.

I am not viewing that as confirmation one way or the other of my OP. 

Here is the image Q drop refers to:


 I'm taking a view that well, I don't know if Q makes mistakes (or was the image compromised).

There is maybe meaning behind a purposeful mistake. That has been the pattern. 

Time will tell I guess but I feel my thread was justified posting the thread a few days in advance now (without fully understanding) but the reasons are still no clearer exactly if you only seek the literal. 

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