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3 hours ago, deekin said:

YouTube playing up for the past few hours for me.  500 Internal Server Error on this page, (not sure if they were videos, just jumbled text) other videos not playing.  Anyone else?


The video-sharing website experienced a service disruption across the northeastern United States, as well as parts of the West and East Coasts. Users in Australia, Mexico, Brazil and the EU have also been affected, according to thousands of reports on the Down Detector monitoring site. YouTube videos began returning errors around 9pm EST. The site infrastructure was still loading for users, but the videos themselves did not play and were replaced by error messages imploring users to “please try again later.”

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8 hours ago, deekin said:

YouTube playing up for the past few hours for me.  500 Internal Server Error on this page, (not sure if they were videos, just jumbled text) other videos not playing.  Anyone else?

5G Testing? New Targeting? WTH...

I caught the end of it. (I went WTH as I saw all YT vids were not playing, too! It taught me that HOW MUCH I'm relying to the net use to absorb info....it's scary.) And I was glad to see it working.

OK, so we received the warning about the net down for 48 hrs before. It was over the weekend for Oz I think....3 days ago?

Not that Oz got affected by it then, I suspect something happened to us in Oz today.

The thing is....after the YT got back, which was about 3:30pm Melb time, it was 4pm Melb time that all of sudden, my pc went into the weird BLUE screen....the horrid blue screen TBH.

It had shown a message that I had NEVER seen before, and it said (I should have taken picture of it!! Damn!!) that something very wrong had happened and the computer was requiring to be rebooted. It should happen after the info was gathered to be sent for the analysis. And it had % status how far the info was being fished out of my computer. And a QR CODE....WTH!? More alarming was that as soon as the blue screen came up, from my speakers, there was this high pitch single tone was loudly coming out....which I had never heard from this pc doing it before.

I got really alarmed for this weirdness, straight away I forcefully rebooted my pc. (I didn't take off the power code...damn I should have! Urgh!!)

It got back ok and was behaving as normal.

But then....about 8:30pm Melb time.....I DISTINCTIVELY noticed full on EMF/RMF appeared.

My head was like wrapped by it and started to feel weird continuous zapping feel around the head, especially at the back of my head---it was also like having a ring of something encasing the head as if I'm wearing a head band around the fore head and going at the back of my head. It's a weird sensation.

I get that when I'm close to an emitting point. And the change was so noticeable, not funny.

Stood up, no change. Moved away from all in-house emitting points...no change.

Maybe someone near by started up their router? But I had never felt this much of distinctive feel on my head before.

Is local network testing 5G? ......IDK.

Or am I being targeted? ...IDK but plausible.

Anyone else got such change of sensation?

I am kinda wondering with the timing.

(c) Dr. Jay Davidson 2016             Published on Aug 10, 2016
After hearing the description given by Mr. Shwaebe, ummmmm....sounds like I'm copping EMF fog.
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5G:s antenna has definitely been rolled out in the region I live in Sweden. I know this because they are marketing 5G here on public screens.

They've tried out their new frequency weapons a few times already since winter. I know this too because I got attacked by their new toys.

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Oct 17 2018 posted to World News

Attack In Crimea School: 'There are bodies of students everywhere.'

"Eighteen people were killed and at least 40 were injured in a gun rampage at a school in Crimea today.

Vladislav Roslyakov, 18, stalked his college halls with a shotgun, shooting 17 dead and then killing himself in the school library.


It's the 18th here. 6 6 6.

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GODZILLA, Starship Enterprise, Einstein become Gamma Ray Constellations

(c)Kowch737 2018        Posted on 2018/10/17



OMG just check the new ones....PROPHETIC meanings everywhere......

Because of official state, adding to the 88 previously set older ones which we are very used to mingle with, I actually felt the Gamma Ray constellations are telling stories just like Ee..// lumean\./ A T cards!!! You can see they added obelisk-phallic symbols, not just one as obelisk but with others just trying to add more power to the Cs stand...Saturn V rocket directly referencing towards Satanic energy, Tardis and Shreddinger cat used for the cube energy references, black widow Spider used for Ahhhh! corn reference, the Golden Gate---sacrificial reference etc etc...I went speechless....

Nazsa being a full on C lurking place....I highly suspect this is their new spell casting trying to create their preferred future.

And the Gamma Ray triggering the Black Goo yeah? So all tie in full on.....

Can we trash them? Of course YES. But this Mar.// Jeek is pretty strong I suspect. Let's be on guard.

https://fermi.gsfc.nasa.gov/science/constellations/pages/godzilla.html (Love the fact that they used the Original Gojira reference....!)

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Is This the Black Vault THE Black Vault We Used To Know...??

I need your help...

I'm totally baffled.

I thought the Black Vault guy used to be far more "usual guy" not as eloquent as a radio show host like how he sounds in the YT channel under the same name. 


OK, the guy sounds like getting 9000 documents under the release. But I thought the guy I used to know had heck a lot more documents under his belts for he was doing it since in his teenage.....

Gone to the site, and does remind me of the original site that I used to go (I hadn't been there for ages!), with the same vault pic and the font used for the name....

But how the layers were made look so commercialized, and he sounds as if show off the Coast to Coast!!

I listened to his old interview with Kerry Cassidy, and he definitely was not sounding like this. Could I recall the guy's name Kerry used on her vid? Nooooo....so I'm stuck unable to fish it out from her archive.

So.......I'm wondering if the site was sold off to this script writer, and he took it over.

Or is this Mandela Effect of a sort!?


Top page: http://www.theblackvault.com/


I'd appreciate it if anyone could throw in THE addy to the real Black Vault that I used to know......and please tell me if the guy actually brushed himself up to not to sound like a researcher but a radio show host sometime ago. I'm shaking my head over this find....

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