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UNICEF "Children's rights campaigner" - Is Jailed For Rape of Boy, 13. Why It's Tough To Find An Honest Charity & What We Can Do To Help Fix This.


This is also one of the reason why I wish UN to be demolished, so we all can create something that we can agree to run cleanly, actually to be helpful for us, the Humans.

No way leaving these horrid idiots lurking around under the power and recognition given by the UN umbrella.

Enough is enough.

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Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State


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Hollywood---Child Actors---The Pattern of Deaths----involving REALLY famous Producers and Issac Assimov

A Warning.

This vid sounded like very well researched material being presented, but I cannot be absolutely sure for ALL info to be true.

That's because I have my own independent info sources and some stuff didn't add up to what's been said in the vid.

But I leave it there, so you can all decide whatever you get out of this vid....

Plainly speaking, I felt the vid poster really tried the best to come up with evidences as much as he could. Well done for his effort!

...You might feel like never to watch anything coming out of Hollywood again, after viewing this vid.

I can only cry for the abused, and considering abusers were also abused, we got huge mess.

We NEVER should cop such destruction against us, collectively.

(c) Mr. Gunk 2018 Published on 2018/02/20

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Is IT From The Invader's Genes?

I seriously started to wonder.

We got hell of a loooooong history of sodomy to child abuse cases and anything in between.

Especially for the Pedophilia side of issue, I wondered if it's been descended from the alien source.

I shouldn't be also naive to shovel off anything gross and call it as someone else's fault.

But I just feel there's something really weird about the trend.

Then the idea struck my head and staying with me for now. 

I thought I'd better share this idea with CHANI peeps.


Well, it was the nasty beings with huge sized bodies messed the Human females up, impregnating them.

No one really knows how the hell they managed to have sex with small sized females, but that's exactly the point I wanted to make. Just try to juxtapose females to children, giants to adult humans in size. Start to see the same sort of image I hope...there's that pattern of what it looks like as if "pedo" stuff going on.

(On world wide classical stories show the Gods of large sizes to SHAPE SHIFT into ordinary human size and copulate with women. Especially Reptilians shape shifting into a big guy and have sex with females have been left in old stories globally.)

On the point of our female ancestors having sex with huge bodied beings, did that experience get stamped into our genes and being passed on??

What happened then was a humangus shock to our system of being.

Just imagine it yourself.

Lots of you haven't met physically present "aliens" right in front of you, otherwise you just can't remember about that experience (lol it happens often), right?

You feel pretty shocked to see someone so different to you, beyond of your imagination.

Maybe those females felt just as if they went through such emotional shock to the core of their beings.

As if that was not enough for the day, the giants came and pick you up and take you to a huge bed and sleep with you. What do you get? A shock for sure. (Many of our ancestors left such old stories passed down by mouth for millennials, world wide.)

If that shock was carried onto all offspring of the human females, then we all carry the scar.

The point is, our DNA/RNA might got taught to accept large beings to have sex with.

In return, humans to carry the scar of "feel affinity to little people→wanting to form sexual relationship with children", which starts to create the CULTURE that's lasting thousands of years which Pedophilia is accepted through out our history......

Also the Fallen Angels that took up on human females to copulate then produced giants, weren't the Fallen Angels also "huge/giant-like"??

Those Human females didn't win, regardless of which direction they turned their heads, hey...(´Д`)

I felt this picture actually fits into how the humans dealing with the child sexual abuses, how it emerged, how long it's been going on for, how deeply we are scarred by this. 

I'm saying that maybe Humanity got TAUGHT to LOVE PEDO SHIT.....

Pretty unsettling feeling hovering around me....ummmmmmmmm.


But this isn't the only idea I got.

Look, so called the Fallen Angels actually were here because they were asked to check on us.

Which they found out that....we got so "stomped on growth" badly that wasn't funny.


In the process of settling their info in many ways, they left their own genes to the Humans, which was actually NEVER ALLOWED TO INTERFERE that way, if higher laws were applied.

The Vs and Dracos had messed Humans up already by then.

But as they believed they are giving the BEST PROTECTION for the Humanity, they decided to splice their own genes to us, hoping we, the Humanity, will have chance to stand up to fight against the oppressors.


So I'm suspecting that we had been scarred many times by different beings over and over, even it's done for the protection of us but retaining awfully painful process anyway, away from any humanly-atrocities we created, and that had nudged us to be who we are now. We can say we are damaged. Not willingly. No way.

Some presenting how far they got fragmented by the oppressors, how damaged balance they have to carry...as psychopaths.

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Twin Peaks documentary: the owls are not what they seem (variation on a theme by Kubrick)


I wonder how many more hidden messages are left in this...↑ Screenshot from the vid.

This vid was a deep and info-packed research gone into it, which ends up in child trafficking.

(c) david losers 2017

Published on Aug 18, 2017


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Big Lies about Little People: The War Between UNICEF and the Orphanages, Battleground Haiti

Timothy T. Schwartz PhD    from May 11, 2015

snip  image

"Following the January 2010 Haiti earthquake there were a lot of exaggerations, truth-twisting and outright lies. But perhaps none exceeded those that came from the mouths of child protection workers and orphanage owners. With UNICEF and Save the Children leading, orphanages fanning the flames, and the press publishing almost anything anyone said–no matter how scant the facts–the scramble to save Haiti’s children took on apocalyptic dimensions. They told us that there were over 1 million lost, separated or abandoned children, conjuring up images of little children aimlessly wandering through the ruins of Port-au-Prince. As time went on the experts added images of sexual predators and slave hunters prowling the rubble in search of the children. They told us that people were selling children for $50. It came to be known around the world as the “Haiti Orphan Crisis.”

Almost none of it was true."



under Research, White Papers-page 3  Lots of info on this site. 


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Britain's 'worst ever' child grooming scandal exposed: Hundreds of young girls raped, beaten, sold for sex and some even KILLED

SPECIAL SUNDAY MIRROR INVESTIGATION: Authorities failed to act over 40 years - despite repeated warnings to social workers - with up to 1,000 girls, some as young as 11, abused in Telford

  • 22:00, 10 MAR 2018


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Peter Scully: Accused pedophile's legal bills footed by Australian taxpayers

6:53am Mar 13, 2018


We are so tested to figure out what we believe as "right tactics" to deal with "them".

Probably we all end up looking into the "monsters" lives, then realise they themselves are sick and abused before.

I'm putting the foot down to not to let go of such action of abuses to stop the chain reaction. Simple as that.

But if to follow the current "flavour" in what we believe is justifiable processing of laws, the emotional concern pops up like the article shows.

What do we do then? 

Emotional and rational levels must be critically watched out for what we put out as what is "right", for it may be also rubbing against what we believe as a humane lawful society.

This is a very important point for all of us to question ourselves with, methinks. 

We really are asked to grow up collectively very fast....wow.

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so was watching "Last week tonight with John Oliver" last night and saw this about EOS and Brock Pierce.  look at around the 20 minute mark



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76 Arrested in Multi-State Child Exploitation Operation Named “Operation Southern Impact II”

March 16, 2018               


Decatur, GA – A total of 76 people were arrested and 13 children were rescued or identified as victims during a mutually coordinated operation between eight (8) southeastern states. The joint, proactive operation, Operation Southern Impact II, was coordinated by nine (9) Internet Crimes Against Children Task Forces in those eight states and focused on persons who possess and distribute child pornography and those who are sexually exploiting children in other ways using technology and the internet.  The planning for Operation Southern Impact II began approximately 4 months ago and culminated in 2 days of investigative actions to include search warrant executions, undercover operations, and arrests in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia. A total of 222 law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies participated in the operation.

The arrestees, ranged in age from 17 to 72.  Some of their occupations included postal worker, non-profit employee, small business owner, store clerk, mechanic, daycare administrator, pastor, construction worker and magician.   During the operation, 136 search warrants were executed and 100 knock and talks were conducted in those eight (8) states. During those search warrants and knock and talks, 736 digital devices were previewed and 1,255 digital devices were seized.  Of those devices seized, 235 were mobile phones.  These investigative actions resulted from both reactive cases such as cybertips received by each ICAC Task Force from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and proactive cases such as peer-to-peer investigations and proactive, on-line undercover investigations. 

During the course of the operation, some of the investigations extended to other states including Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee.  Leads were sent to these additional states and their respective ICAC Task Forces followed up and assisted or developed their own investigations.  The continued collaboration among the national network of ICAC Task Forces is one of the most successful partnerships in the history of law enforcement."



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Thanks for the link, breezy! A punctuating great news to see the check mate is happening against the death pit.

13 children rescued

76 arrested-->7+6-->13

Come to think of it, 2018 is becoming really tough year for the Cabals. The power of 18 has been really cancelled out by our (Humans) power. (When we, the Humanity, claim ourselves as the Time Lords properly, we go surpass such low level of frequency-dealings. We exist BEYOND of such childish spell casting wars.)

Dunno about Vs, but effects are for sure about the Cabals.

Basically, the majority of us will realise that taking down the Cabals is NOT ENOUGH to eradicate the horrid situation on Earth. We got more to prowl through. 

And you know what? After that, we will then realise the same problem is existing lots other planets in our local Universe.....

The Cleansing act continues.


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