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How to Avoid Being Killed 

I almost thought about setting up an independent thread for this matter, but for now, I will just jot down what I did to save my self from the multiple oppressors here. If I get requested to get up a separate thread, I will do so.


1) Make yourself to connect with MULTIPLE alien races.

Though I have tonnes of respect to other humans, the info we get from another human being is not exactly "clean" if you just depend on the account from another human being. That's why it counts to be an EXPERIENSER yourself to get the DIRECT info.

I'm suggesting you to go for the next up cleaner source of info, which is the ALIENS themselves.

And just communicating with one is NOT ENOUGH.

Well, you might develop a tie that's to do with your soul connection, and gets deeply involved in with that particular alien group. That's ok.

But they are only talking about what they know and how they think.

It means it's just one particular way of thinking and viewing.

So it becomes very useful for us to learn to gather lots more of different understandings from different alien sources, in order to get to the truths.

And becoming connected with multiple alien races all in one go (I mean, to do the whole range of contacting within 1 week, not leaving days in between to establish the contacts, because you need to focus on one race at one time. You need to be in relatively good health to achieve the lot in one go.) creates a safety for you to be who you are, instead of being engulfed by one particular alien source. They are most likely to have their own agenda, if they are dwellers of 4D range....and they know how to lie like humans do.

The only way to manage the safety for you is to connect to wide range of alien races, then you get the same effect as I'm getting. That is by having opposing races as your friends, you get to hear range of ideology as to understand why they do what they do.

And add to that, make sure you include races from 5D and above as well as the ones from 4D. By doing so, 4D range of races that are known to be nasty can't really mess you, because they don't know what the opposing race might do to them if they mess with you, and the 4D range of race would stop and think before they act, if they should mess you up when they know they are also monitored by 5D range of races.


2) How to find them

Sometimes the 5D+ range of races open up asking for anyone wanting to have direct contact. When you hear that mentioned, go for it.

I have heard of it when Alex Collier spoken about it ages ago. So I started to contact with Andromedaians and then Plaiadeans. (Sorry if spellings are not correct...)

If you haven't come across to such open invitation when it's declared in real time, you are on your own to make the way to contact them. Be brave. It's ok. Asking them about it won't hurt you. If you get turned down, so be it. But it doesn't hurt to ask, at least. Best to try rather than not doing it at all.

Once you connect to 5D+ range or races, then seek out 4D range of races. I suggest to contact Mantids, which Simon Parkes have a lot of affinity to. He also mentioned that they were open for communication long ago, so I connected with them then.

But I don't suggest going for the Dracos (especially not the ones on Earth who went nuts) in the first place. They can lie to you. And lie really well....

I mean, all 4D range of races have the chance to fib you, because they operate like our reality...got pros and cons for the physical situations and what's happening with their exopolitics. 

The thing is, when you meditate and "knock on the door" trying to make communication with 5D+ range of races, these 4D range of races could pick up your heart waves (because you are shining it out like a beacon in the darkness, according to the Mantids) and PRETEND to be one of the 5D+ range of race.

How you dodge the deceits?

Use your own gut feelings. Your heart knows the truths. You must learn to trust your own heart.

Another thing I requested was to meet up with someone who was darn far from how humans look like. I wasn't interested in humanoid shaped beings. And....I met with someone looked like a triffid of a sort.....absolutely nothing to do with humanoid shape. It was funny to observe myself how freaked out I was, but I was adamant to show respect to that being with honoured feel. Thank you for giving me the chance to meet. 

Practical Solutions:

  • Start contacting from (said)  5D+ range of races. Then go down to low 4D range of races.

If you are already contactee of the 4D range of races, this rule doesn't apply.

But I can say that if you are doing it the first time with intention, doing it the other way around could cause unnecessary difficulties for you might cop 4D range races making up lies to you in the first place. To avoid such issues, start contacting very high up in frequency, trustworthy honest people.

However, I think all contactees of 5D+ range of races kinda state the same thing; they don't come to help us any of the physical issues we got.

That's to do with the law of no interference. By strictly sticking to the law, no matter how you ask for help e.g. about health, finance and any other stuff in 3D, they don't do anything for you. It's 4D range of races who can do something for you.

Well, of course. We are here to learn how to defend ourselves, how to stand up with our own legs to walk to evolve. Not to be cuddled up all the time and become lame as non-thinking idiots. So don't expect them to do anything other than giving us great advises...they leave all the decision makings up to us, and we are the ones who must work towards changing the negative situation by ourselves.

Also please note that while I'm generalising "5D, 4D 3D" range of races as such, the fact is that we got far more complicated situation about the diversity of races that made it to 5D+. Some of the 5D+ race has the Drop Out Blood liners per se. The Thugs.

Original race which some of the Drop Out Blood liners came from might well be existing in 5D range now, but there are some who are still stuck in 4D range.

If you think of how humans are, you know there are cases such as an incredibly genuinely kind family might have a psychopath as a part of their family.... So don't get fooled by these "assumed" status, and always stick with your gut feeling. 

● Meditate and call out to them. Make sure you create your own bubble of safety before you do that. Remember that we got amazing power via INTENTION that alters reality around us. Intend that the bubble will create a powerful, safe, and sacred space for you to be in.

Trust yourself when establishing the safety bubble around you. And locate yourself in the centre of the safety bubble. I go for not egg shapes but the perfect round ball. It's to do with sacred geometry and it contains full power to brush off external influence. 

I also intend humongous number of bubbles to be placed on top of each other, making the safety bubble invincible by anyone/anything. (Intend so.)

●Do the sky watch (at night is easier to concentrate, and you might catch some UFO sightings) and reach out in your imagination

If you are lucky, if you are doing it in night time, you might see the lights blinking at you. Or can be a "UFO" showing up.

By all means, you can do this during the daytime, too. 


3) Ask for the PROOFS of their presence

Did you think I just mentally talk with them and believe in them? Noup. I asked every single races to show me the proof in physical reality that I can understand/sense/feel/see. (I'm demanding. But unless doing that, I couldn't believe what I was experiencing. I'm just a total skeptic in nature. But I think it make sense to lots of other people, too.)

Well, I'm chickened from seeing them in real form. I got traumatised from really nasty abduction case back in 1994.

So when I was asked by them, if I wanted to meet with them seeing their bodies as who they are, I had to turn the offer down.

I asked them that not to see using my physical eyes, but to be able to feel them touching.

OMG was only what I could say at my first experience. I really could feel them. What they did was they said they would turn down the sensation to like 40% of what I could really sense, then touched me wherever they wanted to touch. Because I wasn't seeing them, I could sense where I got touched, be it my face, arms, back of my head, back....


Another proofing was to do with allied health.

I was asking Mantids for help for my health. I was going through really tough time in my physical body. So I asked them for the medical help.

They did.

Trough the blood test I did on the following day after I met them and received their operation, the blood test result had shown insane change from the data from previous one, and showing miraculous turn around in me, bettering my health. I was almost back flipping when I got told the news, and my doc was almost falling off from the chair. She couldn't believe what she was looking at, so she said openly at that time. Anyway, it was the blood test which was showing the result. No one could argue about it in the human society-----I reversed one of my medical condition.

Also I noticed that I had a weird marking on skin around my neck. I had shown them to 2 doctors, neither could define wth they were from. The neat lines of skin became whitish compare to the other areas are curving around the neck in different angles around the front of my neck, and ending on the shoulders. To me, it looks like something broad was pressed against my thyroid area and surrounding area in totality. It make sense for I had really bad thyroid problem that made me almost die in 2004. And there's a dent on my fore head, as if a needle got pressed in to reach pituitary gland region in brain. All these markings became proof of their existence, too.

Some others asked for different proof and got items.

John Lennon received a golden egg from aliens and apparently feeling uneasy to keep it with himself, he gave it to Uri Geller. Uri still has that golden egg.

Some others asked for certain thing to happen at certain time, and when you see what you requested actually come true, that becomes a proofing.

So go for whatever that make sense with you as the proof.

But I don't suggest you to ask for a red sports car or the latest computer as a present. Don't take the opportunity and turn it into ugly childish demand. We are already demanding, asking them to give us proofs. Be reasonable and respectful when you ask them to do it for you.


<Warning> When you do the proofing strategy with low 4D races....you might get BRANDED. Be aware. (Yeah yeah, the real branding!!! No good...) Be specific about how you want them to prove their existence. Some cases they might even tell you "why should we?" and drag you into a long conversation that meddles your intention. Be tactful. Always monitor your gut feelings. Don't let them to handle the situation with upper hands. Your gut feeling is like an ultimate compass. 

And NEVER GIVE OUT the PERMISSION from yourself that they can do whatever they want to do. Make sure to be aware of this point, and take control over it. Once you give out that right....they will start doing anything they want to do to you, not what you want. That's how much you need to be precise with 4D range of races.

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In a dream of mine an alien race was trading bitcoins off me.

I think the dream showed me that human DNA is being traded as a currency in higher dimensions and that blockchain is an alien invention.

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The REAL Targeting Example on 30 July 2018

It just happened, and I dunno for how long it's going to last for.

But I was not going to miss this chance to share the CREEPY crap I cop.

Please look at the number of messages in INBOX, with the TIME indicated on far right bottom of the screenshots. 

The images are from my Gmail page.

I copped weird behaviour as local time hit 2am here. No internet connection warning came up. So I went to reboot router. Then after a short while, opened tab of YT suddenly indicated "not safe connection-someone maybe trying to get info about you" content, then it had the option to click to send the info of the pages I opened to be sent to Microsoft periodically to endure safety. 

No way. So I closed the tab, instead of clicking the permission to Microsoft.

Then I noticed this on my Gmail's email page....

(1) Inbox number I realised it's indicating 14,444.

Immediately thought of 144000. That many 4s, maybe someone out there wanted to make me to feel uneasy with 4 lots of 4, which is like showing "DEATH" to be firmly established, if to think from Jpnse point of view. Well, it doesn't really do anything for me. I've been through handful of NDEs. What's new...

Once I said to a dear alien race member, "The strongest soldiers are the ones who don't fear death."

On top of that, if I depart from this physical body, I become unstoppable....they don't know what they are unleashing.... 

If they kill me physically, the work I'm to do will kick start immediately. 

If they interfere with any of my family members, the same thing starts, and their "waiting time" will be shortened hell a lot.

And they don't know what they are to face to when the work gets start rolling.....enjoy the fear you yourselves had created.

"Love you all, but things gotta be changed." 

Don't mess with the Humans.

Take this, whoever intended to hack into my account...


We will not just roll over to die as you want us to.

But anyway, I smelled the Cs creepy stench, otherwise it's another AI e-harassment of a sort.  


(2) This is the partial view of the sight I had in front of me. Note the inbox # is 14,444. Please check the time shown on the far right bottom.

This is before I did anything to the situation.


(3) I'm about to delete the top email and ticked the box to get onto it to see if Inbox # would change after that action. This is just before doing that. I'm sorry peeps, if deleting stuff from Social/Promotion section doesn't get counted its action in the number appearing in the Inbox. I don't have other devices to check the system how that bit works, so all I can do is to take steps that's skeptic as much as I can be, and keep on testing....


(4) I deleted it. See the Inbox # hasn't changed?


(5) Right-all, I just ticked another email I was to delete, to repeat the same procedure.


(6) Did that. See the Inbox # hasn't changed? Please monitor the time on far right bottom. It's progressing.


(7) I thought maybe I needed to reload the counter to be changed, so I reloaded..........Inbox # still not changing.


So this is one form of e-harassments T.I.s cop. 

It's creepy, isn't it?

I wonder how long they are going to retain the Inbox counter number for.....

MODS, please please make sure to save all the pages of CHANI frequently, by keeping them in unattached external HDD, if possible. They might start coming down far more full on, as the timing is indicating a "WAR"....

It will pass. But for now, please be careful, everyone.


2:55am now. LOL they gave up on their idea. Now the inbox shows 5 at the end conveniently by having a new email arrived.

The thing is, if I delete stuff from the inbox, it should show the deduction of number, yeah? It didn't do so for a few times I tried. OK, if that's the case for the Social/Promotion section, fine. I tried the same for the Primary.

The below showing "1 new", I deleted it then the counter had went down. I followed it with the below msg which became on top. Deleted that--the counter was still on 14,444 as it should be......(and stupidly I forgot to take screenshot of it!!!!!!!)


But as if they realised that I was doing the testing, 3rd time of deleting messages from the Primary section, suddenly the counter started to behave.

So this is that screenshot of the latest counter...pretty stupid that it was 3rd time deleting, yet the counter is showing below number....as if I only deleted 2 emails.....it should have been 14,442, not 14,443 as it's showing in the screenshot! ROFL


And this is the final proof to you.

I opened the BIN to see what they got.

This is what's shown on the screenshot. Only indicating the 1st email I deleted, and not showing other 2 emails I had deleted before I moved to the bin page.


I was so skeptic about it and stood on skeptic position about my situation to debunk myself.

But the Bin page says it all....

So yes, I was copping e-harassment. Period.

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A General Warning: Your Computer Is Under The Threat

Before you go to bed/stop using your computer, please remove the power cable completely off from your computer, and if it's a lap top etc and got ways to remove the battery, please take them out.

That's to stop the factions get into them when you are asleep.

I noticed my computer had retained all the pages open the next day, even after logged off and turned off the computer, when I turned the computer back on.

It means shutting it down is not enough. Someone is monitoring your passwords and other activities you do on your computer.

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Had this happen to a friend a couple of days and not aware of it until now.

MY Fakebok page was hacked a while ago with offensive inages bein substituted ( Hitler as my main image and a black boy as personal image).

I'm sure it's connected with phone hacking here , as friends report muysyerious occurences on theri phones: calls being made with anyone dialling etc.

There are dire consequences to this continued interfernce in Sovereign Beings' lives, but somehow I think they're tooo stupid/evil to get that.

Too bad.




I took a break to have a coffee at a local cafe. They have  a free stuff stall nearby and I checked it out.

I've been sort of looking for two of Cathie's books for a while.

On the stand: Harmonic 33 and Harmonic 695 which I grabbed.

Checkiing my Gmail account.....





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Being honest-two false alarms. I was at Adele's place and logged on to FB: she accidentally used my FB to post on that site.

The photos sent to Gmail were innocent too, sent by HF's friend to my account.

I was however told, in a "friendly " fashion by one of the people who has threatened to kill me, yesterday, that he knows I spend a lot of time travelling around the city.

It's amusing in a grim way: I lead them on wild goose chases just for my own entertainmemnt now, and I do have things to do.

One side effect is gathering of knowledge: who and what they are (very stupid for one thing) and the implemenation thereof.

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So glad to learn they were false flags! That's FAR better than them being real threats to you.

Today's the WAR day. Please be safe. Sending healing thoughts to the kids, mum and friends there.

Da kat with me is on guard and often sitting in front of my door through out the nights now, I found.(・ω・)ノ (I gotta be careful not to stomp on her as I get out of my room. ROFL)

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Jim Curry: The Man Whom Actually Negated "Them"

Some of us might went YEWWW as you had seen what Jim Curry was doing on the MSM show as below.

Both screenshots are from the vid I attached to this post.



And Jim himself calling that symbol being the "all mocking tongue" of Lu./min.  Ati.

NO he didn't call the symbol as how the original symbol was called.

No he didn't call out THE group's true name by ommitting "I" at the beginning.

And note he repeated that sign he was making 3 times.

A real s/society protocol when showing that you are a member of the group.

I understand most people who already know the original symbol being used in a horrific manner on the dollar bills etc, so it's popular enough to make sure people connect what Jim was doing to the original symbol.


...Why I think so?

Because of what he said on the footage, and how neatly he created the symbol of ▽within the hand shape making △.

He was neutralising the original symbol by inserting the Female/Goddess energy sacred-geometrical shape within it.

He might had to enter the world govern by the Cs and that helped him make his name huge, but he had learned what goes on with their rule, while seeing others being wiped out around him, and probably had deep thinking about what he needed to do as a human. 

....I shower the praise to him for standing up and declared what he declared.

I hope he also aligned himself with the help-lines.

(c) StrangerThanFiction 2018

Published on Jul 8, 2018

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Ex-Big Named Being Targeted

From the Publisher's Note:

"Eddieisok, and ex lead singer of East 17's Brian Harvey talk about Brian's recent plea to the UK public for help, and why Brian has been a prisoner in his own home for the past 5 years. Brian takes Eddieisok through the tip of the iceberg of his mountain of evidence against Rupert Murdoch, Bill Maloney, Ian Puddick, and many more. He has a wealth of evidence that he claims has put his life in danger, and explains SOME of his evidence in detail. Also here is a link to the original video, Brian Harvey makes plea to the UK public for help."

(c) Brian Harvey 2018

Published on Jul 13, 2018

It was a hefty thing to watch. Hell a lot of dates, names, connections, and hooray to Brian who did all that hard work by himself. He had no choice but to do it by himself, too.

When you are targeted, life becomes very tough.

The thing is, it's not only the targeted person being bombarded by horrid daily life. But T.I.'s family and friends also cop targeting. In his case, his family members were dropping down one by one since his disclosure.

And even after hearing all the story, you still might have doubt.

After seeing the next vid to the end, I suspect lots of disbelievers might end up turning their tables and believing in Brian. His expressions towards the end of the vid was something truly hard to pretend, I felt. If an actor could achieve showing that much of intense feeling when a man facing to a death threat informed by cops and taking the news in should receive an Oscar. I really hope Brian will get the public support for his ordeal.

(c) Brian Harvey 2018

Published on Aug 2, 2018

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Reposting from Cyber Security 101 thread.


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British conspiracy theorist who died suddenly at 39 in Poland after vomiting black liquid 'had his laptop wiped by authorities before they returned it to his family'

  • Friend found Max Spiers dead as the UFO expert was attending a conference 
  • The conspiracy theorist had messaged his mother to tell her he was 'in trouble' 
  • UK hospital unable to find death cause, Polish authorities cited 'natural causes'
  • Pre-inquest review today told that contents of his SIM card of particular interest 


PUBLISHED: 03:16 AEST, 11 August 2018 | UPDATED: 08:23 AEST, 11 August 2018


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This technique is what Fiona Barnett suggested to the victims of targeting to use, instead of things like NLP (created by no other than See.  //eye// .Aye. and used by them, now used by court system even, and it does work....to DISSOCIATE from the problem---according to Fiona who also studied psychology, as a victim herself, dissociation techniques like Meditation, Mindfulness and NLP like approaches only cap the problem, not resolving the issue!!! Whoa... Can you please note how widely these techniques are accepted world widely for treating trauma of human psyche? Her info was a huge eye opener for me).

I am not sure if this vid is "the best" in the field at all, so please do your own search as well. It's a start.

(c) stark23x/ his wife 2016

Published on Mar 4, 2016

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The Story of a Nun Whom Was Targeted:

The Military Grade Nano Weapons Used Against Her Can Go Into Your Drinks & Food When You Don't Know......And They HACK You


I wasn't sure where the story was going to go at first, then it became a wild wild trip. I appreciate Sister Keri's brave and astute attitude dealing with the hell she went through and being a strong whistle blower. A Gutsy move, for sure, and the info she shares are chilling.....and mind boggling how solid Sister Keri is. She has ALL the copies of documents that "they" wanted to confiscate off her. They got them, but she also kept them everywhere so there'd be no missing bits when "they" didn't return them to her. As I said...she's SOLID. 

I am so glad she is on our side, not theirs, as it often happens, when someone very brainy turns up....

She refused the 100 million bucks to shut her up, and she's sharing the hell of all info with us now. It was very worthwhile to listen to what she got to say.

Targeted to Free: Jesus Defeats Nanotechnology Weapons FULL MOVIE


From the Poster's Note for the above vid:

"True Story From Targeted to Free, Visit www.clergyvictim.com The CWH (Christ the Wall Hermitage) Team offers consulting alongside a proprietary Action Plan Program that is a state of the art, multi-faceted, cross disciplinary approach to developing a personalized strategy and practical steps, based upon a risk assessment and impact analysis. Our goal is to assist the client to assist themselves to be free from specifically identified, unwanted interference from hostile programs that are violating their rights and negatively impacting their life. Our program is based upon experience achieving documented success. NOTICE: We cannot guarantee results since each case is distinctly unique and requires its own level of customized analysis. We have found that those who do not quit achieve the results they seek.Take NOTICE: Confidant understands consultants herein are not offering legal, tax or medical advice and agrees to seek these modalities of counsel when deemed necessary. We reserve the right to reject any requests upon receipt with or without cause and have no obligation to perform services. If request is rejected any funds sent along with the request will be returned to sender. The concept or image of Christ as Wall has developed and become an expression of my own unique spirituality. Having experienced extremely unusual and unique challenges, facing them and experiencing the success I was seeking, I hope my experience can be beneficial to others. I wish to extend my understanding of Christ as a Protector to those who wish to experience healing, strength and empowerment in their lives. If you believe you are a target of weaponized nanotechnology or similar technologies and wish to be accepted for consideration into our program, please email us. We operate on a "first come first serve" basis. We look forward to being of service to you in this courageous journey to freedom, wholeness and restoration. Please email us at: ctwh@protonmail.ch for more information to begin the process for acceptance. If you have any email issues, it is best to create your own proton email as a means for contacting us. To do so go to www.protonmail.com a free encrypted email service."


Err...first time ever possibly to listen to the guest without Kerry asserting herself often. It was something amazing in itself....the feel shared by some other viewers, too. (Don't get me wrong! I love Kerry's style, too! It was just a very different feel of drive in this vid she made.)

But anyway, Sister Keri reveals whole heap of Targeting happened and what went on for her case in the vid. 

(c) Project Camelot 2018

Streamed live on Aug 29, 2018

Finding Remedies for Nano Materials:

Below link of YT gets you to see the whole lot of vids made by Tony Pantalleresco, whom Sister Keri informed us of how to clean up ourselves by his knowledge. The help is out there. BTW he made a vid on C60, too.


www.augumentinforce.com---lists are shown of transcripts of his pod casts. Massive info there.

On Nano Domestic Quell Infection Rate:

The Basics: "The news had gone viral several years ago in the CT field---Nano paraticles cause "Flu Like Symptoms", die in 10~12 days, 98% of people are already infected, activated by signals-----the Mobile Towers are Installed, now 5G is coming to our way.....Remote Turn On of the stuff, And We All Die from Auto-Immune Complications......"






Published on 2013/10/08

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Warning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Contains graphic and disturbing content.

This the story of Cheryl Hersha.




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Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford ran mass “hypnotic inductions” of psychiatric subjects as part of mind control research funded by foundation linked to “computational psychosomatics” neuro-hijacking (UPDATE 1)

Monday, October 01, 2018 by: Mike Adams


Did they really think that we won't take notice on what's happening in front of us?

Their use of tactics started to look very STUPID and I feel lots of us share that feeling by now......... 

If they thought they can keep on using old tactics, they need to rethink and think hard.

We have learned, watched enough of the crap tactics, and we can think ahead now, too.

With or without 5G, the Humanity WILL break away. Time is up, and the time has come, as tide has turned firmly. The End Game for them.

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Monarch Butterfly Massively Dying Off (&more)

The vid perhaps should be located in the Animal Mass Deaths thread.

But due to the bit about Monarch Butterfly mass die off story, I just wanted to drop it here.

Monarch Butterfly is THE symbol used for Monarch Mind Control.

Though on surface it sounds like as if "something in the air is killing them off" physically (and other birds might copped invisible ships' radiation or unknown fumes released around the mid air caused them to die...never know) but I wanted to point it out that symbolically it's telling the story of how the crappy mind controlling done against T.I.s for sex based tactical approach for the benefit of the faction is FALLING APART because we are waking up collectively very fast, and making it harder for them to continue on with the same old tactics.

I send my healing thoughts and love to all those who are affected by such mind controlling. Let's be stronger and stronger as the united humanity.  

(c) secureteam10 2018

Published on Oct 8, 2018

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I have a suggestion, perhaps we should be imagining we are seeing the bodies of humans lying in the roads and on the beaches, instead of birds, fish, and butterflies.  Sobering thought isn't it?  That is, after all, the end result desired, isn't it?  I am always reminded of Acolyte's warning about how we'd be caught in the middle, and it would not be a good thing.  Perhaps the beginning of this, is what we're seeing.  Someone somewhere knows exactly what's going on and what's causing these mass deaths of lesser life forms, that we humans cannot live without.

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This is How One of Us Gets "Done"....

A serious docco gathering loads of info about T.I.s, starting from the Mass Shooters "Hearing Voices in Head" to have done what they have done.

(BTW Dana is a Christian. You might not like that particular taste/point. But to me, what she had come to think after gathering the info, it was like the understanding didn't require religion to be there...we know what is wrong in our core.)

I have seen and heard other accounts parallel to what are gathered to be shown here, such as an account of a mother of a blood liner who lost her daughter from "said" suicide, behaving just the same manner of disastrous daily life who were under many Harassments, and in the end, to save herself....she committed suicide. The life of a T.I. is NOT EASY at all. I cry for our sisters and brothers who are under such a torture.

The technologies developed are so cruel and twisted, they do not belong to human-way, IMHO.

And please notice that how many of us are hit by "pain" daily? I'm talking about physical pains like Fibromyalgia (the disease Dady Gaga also copped), already noticed by the allied health. These are PANDEMIC where mobile towers are present, and we are now facing to 5G roll outs around the world....we all are under target from military level of attacks, whenever "they" want to us to become submissive to "them". 24/7 we are facing to the threat silently, yet we are pushed to pay money to chip in to hurt ourselves, like by paying smart phone contract. WTH.... OK, you might call it "your own choice". What about the children at schools facing to really strong WiFi?

...No way such ALIEN crap should be pressed on against us. We are here to be who we are naturally, not to be shaped the way "they" want us to be. It's time for us to FULLY recall our true power....to regain our peace and freedom.

(c) Dana Ashlie 2018        Published on 2018/03/30
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